When most of us were kids, birthday parties were all about a cake with candles, a plastic tablecloth, balloons, paper streamers and the “Happy Birthday song.”

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It’s all about the kids

Before we begin, we want to warn you of a hidden danger. Parents today want their kids to have the biggest and best. They take mental, note. If Billy, down the street got a radio control jeep for his birthday, Your kid must have a drone for his birthday. The kid may be too young for it, or they may have asked for a particular action figure. But mom and dad couldn’t be outdone.

Duel themes

There are ways to give your child a unique and special party, without dipping into their college fund. We will share a few of these ideas with you below. Before we begin, we would like to point out that we are not going back to the plain traditional party, we will be pushing against tradition here. For example, instead of a sheet cake that costs a fortune, we suggest buying candy from an online supplier. Make goodie bags that match the theme of your party. If your party colors are blue, get with your supplier. Order online and get any candy you want with a sweet delivery. Save the cake for your family dinner that is in honor of your birthday child.

Set up one long table or two smaller tables. Select the two colors you will be using to separate the themes. Maybe Billy’s theme color is green, and Milly’s color is red. Place a piece of material or felt over their table (or their half of a large table. Make the corner triangle to hand down the front in a point. Then cover their tablecloth with a plastic theme tablecloth. This separated the table well. If you want to, you can have one theme facing the opposite.

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Water balloon roundup

Now that it is  warm outdoors have some fun. Be sure to remind them to bring extra clothes. Buy some green and red balloons and fill them with water. Put the balloons all over the ground. Make two lines for a green team and a red team. Place two empty tubs as far across the yard as possible, but you only give the five minutes. When you say go the team will run to find a balloon in their color and run as fast as they can and put it in tub. If it pops, it no longer counts. At the end of the game, the winning team gets a prize.

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Animals in a bag

Place scraps of paper in a box, On each piece of paper put a sticker of an animal, You may have to do it a couple of times to show them how, but they are to act like the animal while the others guess what it is.

Photo Booth

If you have one of those instant cameras use it, set up a photo booth. You can use dark blankets hung from a tree teepee stye. Make sure you can spread it out enough for a chair for the kids to sit on, and pin an old towel with a hole cut for the photographer, Use the instant camera for their take home. But also snap a couple of pictures with your phone so you can shoot photos to post on social media.

Taking Candy Home

Be sure you provide plenty of goodie bags so your guests can take the candy home. This saves you the money of plastic party favors and you will not have tons of candy.

Keep in mind, there are children who need sugar-free, gluten-free, and kosher. You can get these selections with your order. Just have some special take home bags for those who need t


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