The Story Behind Baby A & Baby B and the Twin Feeding Set

Feeding time was a struggle for me when my twins turned 6 months old. My boys were born at just 31 weeks and I wanted to do everything in my power to help them grow, develop, and stay as healthy as possible. Feeding time was very stressful for me and my boys. I couldn’t figure out how to feed them both easily, quickly, and safely. It was impossible for me to use two bowls and two spoons because they got so impatient between bites and I hated sharing utensils. Sharing utensils is dangerous for preemies and I wanted to protect my boys from germs especially when exposure was something I could control. I looked for an existing product that I could use to make feeding time easier, but I could not find anything. So out of frustration I looked into creating something myself. I started researching ways to design a specialized spoon that would have two mouthpieces. That week I also discovered that my son was allergic to apples and pears (my other son’s favorite foods). This made finding a solution for feeding time even more important.

I thought if I could put two spoons together that were easy to hold in one hand then feeding my twins would be easier. In creating the spoon, I realized the solution for feeding time would also need a custom bowl. The bowls would need to fit the spoons and be easy to hold. I reached out to several doctors and twin experts to ask for their input. The spoons and bowls needed to be marked so that it would be easy to remember whose was whose.  Creating a product requires you to pick the look, the materials, and the people who will make it. I started looking for a local manufacturer that could help me create the product. I found a company that had a great reputation and was a small business. They had worked for major baby brands with great reputations for quality and safety. This made me feel comfortable in moving forward, but it was not an easy process.  I wanted to pick the highest quality materials available that I trusted for feeding my twins. It was incredibly important that the materials I used were safe because my babies would be using this product. 

I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur, but the twin feeding set had helped me and I thought others might be looking for a way to simplify feeding time as well. Starting a business is scary and I did not have the resources like major baby brands do. So, I had to research and take a risk by investing my time and money in hopes that this product would help other twin families like it had helped us. Being a mom pushed me to start because I wanted to show my boys that I was not afraid to follow a dream. 

The first twin feeding set was created and was used by me and my twins for 7 months before I thought about selling them online. When the first model was developed and it arrived at our home I was so excited and nervous. When we tried it out and it worked I was thrilled. It made feeding time easier, faster, and safer which is what I was hoping to accomplish. Even my husband loved the Twin Feeding Set and how it kept the boys engaged during mealtime. He noticed and loved how our boys ate more because they were less distracted. It made feeding time a family activity that was fun. Our first customer was my 94-year-old grandmother which proves you never truly out grow the twin feeding set. Everyone in my house still uses it. It is perfect for snack time and for moms that don’t always get to sit down to enjoy their snack.

I decided to call the company Baby A & Baby B because all twin mothers know those names. It is a name filled with hope and love. That is why our goal is to also give back to help twins and a portion of all our sales goes to the Twin to Twin Transfusion Foundation for research and support. Inventing the twin feeding set has changed my life, it has taught me so much. This opportunity has connected me to mothers of twins from around the world. I love meeting and talking to other moms. It has taught me so much and I thank everyone who has purchased our product. It means so much to me and my family that you have tried and used the Twin Feeding Set for your feeding time. Thank you for letting us be apart of your meal time.


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