Twin Feeding Set Story

We were so excited when we found out we were expecting twins. The news came as a big surprise and so did their arrival. Grant and Gavin were born at just 31 weeks after I developed preeclampsia. When they were born, I did not get to hold them. They were rushed immediately into the NICU and I remained in the operating room praying. That day started my journey as a mother of twins and the experiences below gave me the idea for the Twin Feeding Set. Stopping the Spread of Germs: When we were... Read More

Baby A & Baby B Review: Twin Love Concierge

Twin Love Concierge review Twin Love Concierge reviewed one of our products, the Twin Feeding Set: From the review: Why We Chose To Review? Every parent of multiples will tell you that there are unique challenges that we face with twins in just about ever facet of their day and feeding time is no different. If only one parent is available during feeding time, the challenge is easily identified as one pair of hands to feed two mouth just isn’t easy! The Twin Feeding Set is claimed to ease... Read More

Twin Feeding Set- now available on Zulily

Yellow & Green Twin Feeding Set now available on Click to purchase our Yellow & Green Twin Feeding Set from Baby A and Baby B Product Description: With the essentials you need, this baby-feeding set lets double-duty parents feed two little ones without using separate bowls and spoons. Includes spoon and bowl set Spoon: 5” W x 8” H Bowl: 7” W x 3.5” H x 2” D Plastic Dishwasher-safe Imported Click to purchase our Yellow &... Read More

Help for the Unexpected

Two and a half years ago we anxiously awaited the arrival of our twin boys (Grant & Gavin). Wondering what they would look like, what they would be like, and if they would be ok. I dreamed of the first moment I would hold them and get to kiss their tiny faces. Our birth story is similar to other twin birth stories in that our miracles arrived much earlier than expected. They were born two warriors arriving at just 31 weeks. My husband and I were both scared, happy, and overwhelmed with... Read More

You Can Do It!

My wonderful family, friends, husband, and the internet (LOL) really helped me though the first year of parenting twins. I always enjoyed searching for tips and suggestions online during my new schedule /free time (3:00am, 5:00am, etc) and I wanted to share three of my favorite pieces of advice: 3) “Don’t let other people’s advice worry/bother you. Most people only had one at a time. It’s much different with two! Never feel like a bad parent because you aren’t doing what parents of... Read More