Help for the Unexpected


Two and a half years ago we anxiously awaited the arrival of our twin boys (Grant & Gavin). Wondering what they would look like, what they would be like, and if they would be ok. I dreamed of the first moment I would hold them and get to kiss their tiny faces. Our birth story is similar to other twin birth stories in that our miracles arrived much earlier than expected. They were born two warriors arriving at just 31 weeks. My husband and I were both scared, happy, and overwhelmed with love. We are forever thankful to the exceptional doctors and nurses that took care of them and enabled us to bring them home safety after 3 weeks for Gavin and 6 weeks for Grant. Each moment of their first months (and even to this day and ongoing) will be forever saved in my heart….. The first time Gavin smiled and when he kept waving and cooing at his brother’s photo while sleeping in his NICU crib. His first word…dad, his great laugh, and his love of books. Grant doing his exercises, his sweet smile, his strength, and his determination to get the toy he wants at the moment he wants it.

I think all parents might feel a little alone and struggle with a lot of strong feelings that their hearts endure when in the NICU or preparing for a different arrival for their babies than expected. I wished during those first weeks that I had somewhere to go where I felt known and seen to share my experiences and hear other experiences. So I will be starting a monthly newsletter to discuss different birth experiences, parenting experiences, and pregnancy experiences that are different than planned. A little “Help for the Unexpected” that will hopefully help us all. I hope everyone will submit stories via Facebook or my email (babyababybllc@gmail). Although we might never get to all meet face to face lets work to help each other. We are all a member of a twin family and all a member / visitor of this page, so let’s try to take our “Facebook Friendship” or “Our Like Button Hit” up a level to helping, supporting, and friendship. Who’s with me?

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