Adjustable baby feeding chair

10 Best High Chairs with Adjustable Footrests

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A good high chair with an adjustable footrest is recommended by most feeding experts and occupational therapists. High chairs with proper foot rests help babies and toddlers sit correctly at the high chair and eat better. Here are the best high chairs with adjustable foot rests we found!

After realizing that our son had eating issues as a baby and toddler, we started searching for answers on the internet to see how we can help our toddler son learn to eat better. We found this Picky Eating workshop and course, which was a life-saver. After taking the course and reading more information online from baby feeding experts, I learned how important it is to have a good high chair for your baby that supports your baby properly and helps him or her be more comfortable. 

And as you can imagine, if someone is comfortable then they are more likely to sit longer and enjoy their food more! So it's no wonder our son was not eating that well when he couldn't even reach the foot rest in his high chair.

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High chairs with foot rests

One of the best ways to get children to stop wiggling and sit in the high chair is to make sure the high chair has proper support for their feet. And since babies and toddlers grow and change so rapidly, an adjustable-height foot rest is the best invention ever to make sure that your child continues to sit properly and comfortably in the high chair.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular high chairs that we see in stores and on Amazon do not have an adjustable foot rest! So I wanted to write about this to bring to your attention if you are looking for high chairs for a new baby, or trying to improve your child's eating.

So take a look at these high chairs with adjustable foot rests, and then keep reading below to learn more about proper high chair posture and more tips for getting babies and toddlers to eat well!

Proper high chair alignment and posture

Many brands of high chairs boast features such as reclining back and foot rests that can be extended for napping and resting. However, babies and toddlers should never eat in a reclining position. Not only is that a choking hazard, but it is also not very comfortable! Just look at adult dining chairs - there's a reason they are designed the way they are. 

Proper high chair posture means that your child should be sitting with all 90-degree angles. They should sit up straight so that there is a 90 degree angle between their upper thighs and their stomach: the weight of their torso and head should be directly above their hips/pelvis. And their feet should be resting on a foot rest so that there is a 90 degree bend in their knees. This way their feet are supported and children are comfortable in the high chair. Otherwise, their feet would be hanging if the foot rest is too low, or their knees would be bent too much and bunched up if the foot rest is too high. 

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More picky eating tips

If you came across this article because you're looking for ways to get your child to eat better, here are a few resources:

  • 20 ways to get your child to eat when they refuse
  • 7 easy family rules to reduce picky eating
  • Free picky eater food worksheet (this was SO HELPFUL for us!)
  • Feeding therapy for picky eating

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14 Best High Chairs 2022

14 Best High Chairs 2022 | The Strategist

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

People’s Choice

Welcome to People’s Choice, where we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing reviews. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

People’s Choice

Welcome to People’s Choice, where we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing reviews. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

Photo: Amazon/Joovy

Having a sturdy, easy-to-clean high chair can be the difference between a manageable mealtime and a full-blown mess in the kitchen. And while we’ve written about lots of things to keep toddlers (and their parents) happy — including expert-recommended baby monitors, baby soaps, and baby-shower gifts — here, we’ve rounded up the best high chairs, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

From $65

4.6 stars, 17,449 reviews

From $65

Reviewers could barely contain their enthusiasm that a high chair this durable and compact could exist at such a reasonable price. “Lightweight, easily cleans, sturdy, portable to Grandma’s house and easily folds for storage. I love this high chair I bought for my Grandson. The tray is easy to clean as well, the pattern is cheery too,” raves one reviwer, adding, “I would buy another in a heartbeat should I be blessed with another baby in our lives.” Another reviwer calls this “by far the best high chair on the market.” “I have 5 children and needed to find something that was quick, easy to use and folded up for storage. This does all those things and more,” says another. Another reviewer used all-caps font multiple times to express how pleased she was: “I bought two of these chairs for my twins and they’re PERFECT. It’s a GREAT price and it came ALREADY PUT TOGETHER. I literally had to put the triangle things on the feet and it just folded out ready to go!”

From $65 at Amazon


Graco Simple Switch Portable High Chair and Booster

4. 7 stars, 5,213 reviews


Easy is a word that comes up in hundreds of reviews of this high chair and booster seat, starting with putting it together. According to one reviewer, “I assembled it in about 15 minutes with two children under two in the room. The instructions are clear and easy to understand and there aren’t any small, mystery pieces.” Dozens of other enthusiastic reviewers were equally pleased with how easy it was to clean this high chair after inevitable messes. One happy mother remarked, “The best part is the ease to clean; the seat cover is one piece (so no rogue food bits hiding underneath) when a simple wipe down isn’t enough the whole seat cover easily comes of and goes into the washing machine, even the straps easily come apart and can be thrown in the washer; air dry it all and the high chair is good as new!” Aside from its functionality, reviewers praised the high chair’s adorable appearance, with one going so far as to say her son “looks SO comfortable in this chair we say he looks like a king on his throne.

$166 at Amazon


JOOVY Nook High Chair

4.7 stars, 4,482 reviews


Reviewers of the Joovy Nook were thrilled about this high chair’s large and functional swivel tray, a feature that came up in hundreds of reviews. According to one very enthusiastic reviewer, “The swing out tray is an absolute lifesaver, no running back and forth to get the high chair ready and then grabbing the baby — I just put him on my hip, and I can swing open the high chair tray with one hand, it’s amazing.” Other reviewers agreed with this happy mom, who explains that the tray’s plastic top which is very easy to remove and wash: “The removable tray is a great feature, especially for messy meals. Just pop it off and you have less the mess.” The seat is also easy-to-clean. As one parent attests, “The seat cover is SO nice - I wish my car’s upholstery was made out of this stuff. It wipes clean but has this really cool leather look to it.”

$140 at Amazon


Graco Slim Snacker Ultra Compact High Chair

4.8 stars, 18,119 reviews


You can open and close this high chair with one hand, which means one reviewer “can easily maneuver with the chair while wrangling my wiggly 8-month-old, and folding it down is a breeze.” The folding design makes it easy to store in limited space, which one small-apartment-dweller appreciates. She also describes both feeding her son and cleaning the aftermath as “easy” with this chair: “My son sits comfortably and is at a level and height I can easily feed him. Cleanup is easy; a wet cloth or Clorox wipe, and all is right in the world.” The plastic tray and seat pads are easy to remove, which helps with that cleanup. “It survived our daughter’s first-birthday smash cake,” writes one reviewer, who says this “easy-to-wipe down” chair is also “pretty durable,” seeing as she has used it for both of her children. Even though it folds up at the yank of a strap, she adds that the chair’s tray still has “a ton of room for her food, and room for a slap on suction cup tray toy.”

$70 at Amazon


Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair


4.7 stars, 765 reviews


“Hands down my favorite baby item I’ve ever purchased,” says one reviewer, who bought this hook-on high chair as a last-minute purchase for travel but has been using it in lieu of a standard high chair ever since returning home. “I use it at the table when we eat as a family and I’ll attach it to my kitchen bar. My daughter loves to sit in it and watch me wash dishes and cook,” she adds. Another parent hooks the chair “to our picnic table when we eat dinner outside,” and a pleased grandparent bought it “to have a place at the table for my grandson without adding furniture to my kitchen. Easy to store when he isn’t here. Easy to wash too.” Because it’s so compact, with no legs, it’s “easy to store” yet still “really secure. My 9 month old, 21 lb daughter loves bouncing around in it, but that sucker is so tight on the table that there are no worries.”

$50 at Amazon


Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair, Bobble Heads


$70 now 14% off

4.7 stars, 3,755 reviews


Reviewers love that this versatile Baby Trend high chair features six different heights and three recline adjustments. “My daughter is 7 months old. She sits in the seat comfortably with room to grow,” writes one reviewer. “Adjustable heights mean I can push it up to the kitchen counter for my daughter to watch me cook, lower it for her to join us at the dining room table, or feed her while sitting on the couch.” The height adjustments were also a bonus for another reviewer, who says you can “feed if you’re standing or sitting” and likes to lower it so their “other child can play with the baby at his height.” And one reviewer proclaims it to be “the perfect high chair” for its “easy-to-use lock-in seat belt” and “adjustable height and adjustable seat, which really comes in handy when you are teaching your little one how to use a sippy cup and they have to tilt their heads way back.” The chair’s detachable components mean it’s “super easy to clean from top to bottom,” they add, and when you’re finished with it, “you simply pull the handles up on each side and it folds to a smaller size for storage.”

$60 at Amazon


Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair


4. 7 stars, 9,829 reviews


This legless high chair securely attaches to other chairs of various sizes — including office and dining-room chairs — something that’s appreciated by more than 200 reviewers who live in small spaces. “This is great!” writes one reviewer whose cramped apartment didn’t have room for a full-size high chair. “We can use it on the floor and in a chair at the table. [It’s an] inexpensive option for a serious space saver.” They’re especially a fan of the chair’s adjustable back, which came in handy when their son “was starting to eat at 5 months but couldn’t completely sit up on his own yet.” Another reviewer calls it the “perfect solution for a small space,” as they don’t have a formal dining room. “A traditional high chair was a no-go!” They say this chair “fits nicely on our kitchen counter and is low profile enough to slide under the cupboards when we’re not using it. ” And a third reviewer even went so far as to declare there’s “no reason to ever buy a huge, expensive high chair” after they purchased this one. They say this booster has worked wonderfully for their five daughters because “it does not take up any extra space, it just sits in a chair we already had. My [youngest] daughter is happy and comfortable in it and I could not be happier.”

$54 at Amazon


Evenflo Convertible High Chair


4.7 stars, 4,645 reviews


“It’s a sturdy highchair (I was worried about how stable it would be, and it’s very stable), and converts to a perfect toddler size table and chair,” explains one reviwer, who notes, “I wish I’d had this for my other 3 kids. ” Another reviewer reiterates the sturdiness, despite the convertible, two-piece design: “I have hyper dogs that run into it and I don’t worry that they will knock it over or collapse it like other ones. I like how it converts to a smaller high chair for when we eat in our living room (football games and such) and then into a toddler table and chair for later.” The multipurpose functionality also means this is a high chair that can grow with kids. “We began using it around four months and are still comfortably using it at over a year old,” says one parent. “The straps are convenient for keeping little one in a chair while we hangout outside, and the table allows him to do crafts and eat ‘like a big boy.’”

$70 at Amazon


Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair


4.6 stars, 2,343 reviews


“Love that this chair rolls from room to room and that it can lean back,” begins one shopper, who appreciates that she can move around the house doing dishes or laundry while her daughter can “lie back or eat a snack.” Those easy-to-move wheels come “with locks that can easily be fastened to disable moving,” adds another parent, who uses this chair daily and likes that the “legs of the chair are set very wide apart for maximum stability.” Many reviewers describe this chair as “stable,” including one who points out that people with especially squirmy babies should keep an eye on the chair when it’s in use but still feels her child “is safe and secure while in this seat, and he is quite all right with sitting in it.” Given its lower price point, some customers were initially skeptical about the quality, but at least one is now “pleasantly surprised!” They add, “It is well made, lightweight, and very easy to assemble.

$110 at Amazon


Joovy Foodoo Reclinable High Chair


4.5 stars, 453 reviews


This Joovy high chair can recline into one of five positions with the press of a button, a feature many reviewers say makes feedings much easier. “I can feed my baby a bottle … And give my arm a rest,” writes one customer, who appreciates that the height of the chair adjusts for “standing or sitting” feedings. Another shopper, whose child holds his own bottle, “can give him a bottle while he’s in it, recline [the] seat, and go about what I was doing.” On top of all the functionality, this high chair actually looks nice. One parent found it “surprisingly hard to find a reclining high chair that looks nice at a decent price,” but this one ticks all the boxes and has a safe five-point harness system. “You only have to do one simple click,” they say. “I can comfortably cook with hands free and have my child pulled up within arm’s reach and have her feeding herself a bottle [while] watching me cook, and I know she’s safe. That is priceless.”

$270 at Amazon


Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

$200 now 30% off

4.8 stars, 10,411 reviews


“This awesome offering from Graco knocks everything else I’ve ever seen out of the park,” writes one reviewer of this convertible high chair. “Versatile is the key here,” they continue, explaining, “There are six settings that will, in principle, get your baby not only in a chair for feeding but also up to the table when the time is right. ” Many other reviewers voiced similar compliments, praising this high chair’s versatility and ability to serve a variety of functions as a baby gets bigger. A mother of two says that after a year of use, her 16-month-old is “transitioning to the booster seat, so that her baby sister will be able to use the highchair function while she uses the toddler part.” Another happy mom appreciates that this high chair “eliminates the cost of a booster seat and table seat down the road.” Plus, the wheels mean “Baby can eat anywhere, even with mom and dad as they watch the game.”

$140 at Amazon


Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair


4.8 stars, 1,404 reviews


“Most high chairs are extremely ugly, clunky, or look like something you’d sit on at the hair salon. I wanted something that wasn’t such an eyesore AND easy to clean,” one reviewer begins. They say they love the “super cute” design of this Stokke chair — and that they can get any food spills off it with just “a few swipes with a damp cloth.” Though it is certainly not cheap, another reviewer says the Tripp Trapp is very durable and can endure years of daily use. They’ve used it for six years and “stand behind the investment 100% … It truly grows with your child and it looks cool.” And a third happy reviewer thinks that this chair “is worth every single penny … It is a beautiful modern chair that actually looks nice in your kitchen (not an eyesore like every other high chair).” But they add that the “best part” is that “my child loves sitting in it! She hated sitting in her previous high chair. Tell every new mother to register for this chair!”

$299 at Amazon


Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

$250 now 20% off


Many parents looking for more supportive high chairs turn to this wooden one, like one who explains, “We had a different high chair but my 12-month-old has never looked very comfortable in it from day one. He would slump sideways when eating and fuss to get out of the chair as soon as possible. With this chair, he sits with great posture and will now spend 45 minutes at the dinner table just sitting in his chair and playing with his food.” And many people like the natural wood finish, citing it as a draw. “I still love the look of this high chair and ease of clean up compared to plastic and fabric chairs,” admits one reviwer, while another says, “This is a well-built solid wood high chair. Its simple design makes for easy cleaning and use.”

$200 at Amazon


$200 at Amazon


Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair


$64 now 6% off


“This is hands down the absolute best highchair purchase I have ever made. It’s quick, easy, and so portable,” raves one reviwer, noting, “It fold up to the size of a fold up chair that you would use at a sporting event or camping. This highchair is so good, that it has replaced the actual highchair at our house and has become our primary one.” Several reviewers admit to keeping it in the trunk of their cars, so it’s always on-hand, like one who explains, “I have been asked many times where I got this as it’s such a handy thing to have! We just keep it in the back of our van so we always have a highchair on the go. I use it in restaurants (verses using the restaurant ones that are often times not the cleanest), at friend’s houses, camping - you name it!” And many other adventurous parents like bringing this along for camping, with one reviewer even noting its the thing that helped her friend actually take her baby into the great outdoors: “ She was worried bringing her baby camping. He loved it, she was calm and it was the first time in a long time the baby slept for 9 hours straight and he needed a nap in the middle of the day. The chair made camping so much easier as he sat around the campfire with the rest of us.”

$60 at Amazon


$60 at Amazon


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The Best High Chairs on Amazon, According to Reviewers

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Performed Children's Stools - Articles

Choosing furniture for the baby, it is necessary to give no small importance to what there will be a baby chair. The reason is concern for health and comfort, because with the right choice of product, you can not only create comfortable conditions for practicing, eating, drawing and much more, but, first of all, take care of the posture of the crumbs, and our children's wooden chair will contribute to this. In addition to a reliable, stable design that will not roll over or fall, even if the child is overly active, it has a footrest, a support that can be easily adjusted in height, choosing the best option for the comfort of the baby. Such adjustable children's chairs will not lose relevance as the child grows and will give all the same convenience. nine0003

The presence of a table and straps for the little ones is another proof that this is not just a children's chair, with this type of chair the baby will receive maximum comfort and freedom of action, while being fully protected. The product has no chemical smell, as it is made of solid birch. This environmentally friendly product has a rigidly fixed back with an anatomical bend, and the children's wooden high chair itself can withstand a load of up to 120 kg, even an adult can easily sit on it. nine0003

Specify the color of the chair

You can order two color options, the final choice you can make at the time of delivery. In this case, when placing an order, in the "Comments" section, specify an additional color (for Moscow and Moscow Region).

Choose the color of the chair:

Natural, clear varnish RUB 6950

Cherry, light brown nine0329 6950 rub

Wenge, dark brown RUB 6950

Mahogany, mahogany RUB 6950

White 7450 rub

Pink 7450 rub

Blue 7450 rub

Green 7450 rub nine0003

Step 1 of 4

Choose the color of soft cushions:

"Jungle" 1200 rub

"Polyanka" 1200 rub

"Herbarium" nine0329 1200 rub

"Fern" 1200 rub

"Magical forest" 1200 rub

"Starfall" 1200 rub nine0003

"Tulips" 1200 rub

"Cars" 1200 rub

"Autumn flowers" 1200 rub

without pillows nine0329 0 rub

Step 2 of 4

Select optional accessories:

Table (in the color of the chair) 650 rub

Strap 5-point 650 rub

Strap 2-point (white) nine0329 250 rub

Strap 2-t (black) 250 rub

Toy bag (color of pillows) 1500 rub

Without accessories 0 rub nine0003

Step 3 of 4

Enter your details :

Step 4 of 4

Where it is profitable to buy a children's chair

When choosing which children's chair to buy, the product of our company will be the best solution. The organization of the place of the baby, who has just learned to sit or went to school, is extremely important. For the smallest, parents often choose a children's wooden table with a chair, because this is the most convenient design, suitable for board games, modeling, drawing and other things. Our high chair can be adjusted in such a way that a child of any age will feel comfortable at any table, and for the smallest we will offer a table in the kit. nine0003

Our wooden children's high chair and table will last a long time, because it is made of quality materials, you can also choose from many useful accessories, including pillows made of natural fabrics in different colors. Such a variety allows an already stylish product to fit into any interior, instilling a taste in the baby from early childhood. It is easy to assemble, any adult can handle it. And, thanks to its compact size, the highchair can easily fit in a room of any size. nine0003

Comfortable baby chair in Moscow inexpensively

Children grow up quickly, and therefore the right decision would be to buy a baby chair in Moscow (you can also order delivery throughout Russia and even to another country), which will grow with the child. There are many reasons why you should choose it, and the main one is the need to maintain the correct posture. The presence of support, the convenient location of the table allow you to form the habit of sitting straight. The joints of the knees and hip area are at an angle of 90 degrees, which affects the development of the habit and keeps the baby healthy. The correct and comfortable angle in the elbow of the child is about 120 degrees. If you buy a children's wooden high chair, you can see how children stop messing around at the table, because now they feel like they are on an equal footing with adults. They quickly get used to independence, pleasantly surprising their parents day after day.

Even years later, you can use only one design that will replace a high chair, a hobby piece of furniture, a children's desk, and even a computer chair, because if you buy a wooden children's chair, then you won't need to invest in replacement. This will significantly save the family budget, and the remaining funds can be spent on other purposes.

Learn more