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25+ LOVELY Bullet Journal Ideas for Families

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Couples and families who bullet journal together, stay together.

While I can’t back up that statement with any statistical evidence, one thing I can say for sure is that no matter your stage or role in life, incorporating these ideas to bullet journal for moms and dads, baby, kids, or what-have-you will, at the very least, keep your family on the same page.


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  • Keep the love alive and reach couples goals with this awesome list of date ideas*
  • Tying the knot? Amazing discounts and freebies with an Amazon wedding registry* and Target wedding registry*.
  • Addition to the family? Fantastic discounts and freebies with an Amazon baby registry* and Target baby registry*.

And be sure to check out the BEST recommended bullet journal buys by your favorite bullet journalists or this comprehensive bullet journaling roadmap with printable bujo pages!

Bullet journal for relationships

First comes love, then comes marriage…

Date night

Keep the passion going in your relationship with a list of date ideas to spend with your partner. Find 175+ date night ideas to add to couples bucket list. (via @the.petite.planner)

What is love

Perfect way to log and appreciate all the little things that show how you’re loved or how you love your partner by keeping running log of the actions you do for one another in the form of simple doodles and phrases. (via @the.petite.planner)

Wedding planning

When things get serious, you’ll definitely need a place to help keep your wedding planning together.

Here’s a spread for an overview of the details with your to-do list, wedding dress, color theme, food, songs list, decorations, and honeymoon. (via @the.petite.planner)

Don’t forget the Amazon wedding registry* and Target wedding registry* as well as a record of it in your bujo. (via @little_coffee_fox)

Bullet journal for new moms, pregnancy, and baby

Then comes baby… (Well, totally optional, but in case it is applicable to you…)

Bullet journal pregnancy tracker

Growing another human being is no easy feat. You'll definitely need to pay attention to health. A spread like this can keep you on top of pregnancy-appropriate exercises, tracking your weight gain, and keeping a list of what foods you should consume more of and which to avoid. (via Page Flutter)

Pregnancy timeline

There’s lots to do in preparation for welcoming your new bundle of joy. A timeline overview like this will help you map out what and when tasks need to be done. (via Page Flutter)

Prenatal doctor’s appointments

Keep a log of the many appointments you’ll need to go to during pregnancy and any questions you have for your doctor. Much easier to record what needs to be or has been discussed at your appointments than to try to remember all the little things you want reassurance on. (via Pin source)

Baby registry

Babies need a lot of stuff. Don’t forget to sign up for the Amazon baby registry* and Target baby registry* because frankly, they’re lifesavers during this time.

So convenient, lots of awesome freebies and discounts, and a wonderful return policy so you can buy everything you think you need, and then return about half of it because you realize you didn’t actually need to use it. (via @french_dreamer_life_lover)

Baby names

Here’s a fun spread for the baby name. If you’re okay with input from family member and friends, create a bracket system to choose which names advance to the final round to narrow down the choices that you and your partner choose from. (via @bujoforsanity)

Baby care

A succinct spread to track all the important things for your new little one: feeding, diapers, sleep, tummy time, and medication.(via Sunny Day Family)

Diaper bag checklist

The diaper bag* is a must-have to carry everything that you need when you and baby are out and about. Make sure you’re not missing anything with a detailed diaper bag essentials checklist. (via @everydaybulletjournal)


If you choose to breastfeed, here’s a way to log your feeding times. (via Pin source)

Lactation tracker

Got milk supply issues? Keep track of the time between consumption of milk-boosting products. Many go for lactation tea*, or these wonderful lactation cookies*. Personally, I went for practical with these fenugreek pills* because it was affordable, easy to find in stores, and all I had to do was pop them (no preparation required). (via @bolf_ish)

Baby bullet food journal pages

As your little one graduates to solids, you’ll need to know what’s appropriate for his/her tummy to handle with a table like this of baby first foods. (via @illustratedgrey)

Bullet journal baby milestones and achievements

You’ll definitely want to keep track of the little moments, achievements, and milestones that your little one hits. You can record a memory each day with an easy, pretty spread like this. (via @decadethirty)

Baby album

First piece of advice: take lots of pictures…and video. You think you’ll remember what your baby sounded like over the months, but they grow so fast. You won’t regret the number of videos and pictures you take, but you will if you take too few. Second piece of advice: A checklist like this will help you keep track of the must-have pictures and videos. Plus, if you do choose to make an album, it’ll be so much easier to prioritize what should go in it. (via Pin image)

Other bullet journal ideas for moms and dads

And then they kinda get older…

Pet info

Who says your baby has to be human? Keep a record of your pet’s info, like birthdate, likes and dislikes, immunizations, and memorable moments. (via Pin source)

Potty training

Use a unique bullet journal habit tracker to track kid’s behaviors or skills you are trying to have them develop. Love how this one is themed like the weather, lol. (via Pin source)

Bedtime routine

Kids do better with routine and consistency, so putting together a schedule for how evenings go down in your home will help you stick to it. (via

Kid quotes

Kids say the darnest things. Some that you’ll want to keep record of. It’ll be so fun to flip back to this page when your kids are older. (via @Homeschool On)

Bullet journal family schedule

As your kids get older and more involved in extracurricular activities, you’ll definitely need a space to keep track of everyone’s schedules. Use these post it tabs* as a bullet journal key to color code by family member or type of activity. (via Bullet Journal)

Household bullet journal

Find a whole list of bujo ideas for the home. I’ve dedicated an entire post to bullet journal housework, cleaning schedules, maintenance, upgrades, moving, finances and much more.

Things you love about partner or kids

Let’s be real, some days your patience will run thin and you’re just not feeling your family. But if you have a spread like this to look to, you’ll at least get over the crummy mood you may be in at that moment as you’re reminded of the better qualities of your partner and kids.

Also, helps you to think about the little things you may take for granted, so actively thinking about it and writing it down would do you good. And nice, bold hand lettering definitely helps the message hit home. (via Pepper and Twine)

Best things about being a mom

And of course, a spread like this will remind you of how important your role is in the family and why you’re even a mom in the first place. Nothing wrong with a little bullet journal TLC to give yourself affirmation, and a little boost. (via @pepperandtwine)


Can’t forget about everyone’s birthdays! Log them with a cute themed tracker like this. (via @bujo_blossoms)

Phone numbers

Having a spread with important phone numbers in your bujo is a great back up to when your phone runs out of battery. Good ole’ fashioned pen and paper record ensures you’ll still have the key info available to get in touch with your contacts. (via Christina 77 Star)

Family tree

This is a cool spread to track your genealogy. (via @paperinkandco.heidi)

Bullet journal for kids

As your kids get a little older, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of bullet journaling. Here are a few kid bullet journal ideas to give them the taste of bujo:

  • Things about self
  • Books read
  • Money saving log (or other bullet journal budget and finances)
  • Gratitude log (and more ideas for bullet journal mental health and self care)
  • Places traveled and want to travel to (among other bullet journal travel log ideas)
  • Seasonal bucket list
  • Food tried (find more ideas for bullet journal food log ideas)

(via Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls)

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And there you have it, tons of great family ideas to bullet journal for moms and dads, baby, kids to bring your family closer together.

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12 paper magazines for children that are still interesting to read aloud in the kitchen - until paper publications have finally sunk into oblivion, you can do it right now.

We have selected 10+ of the most interesting paper magazines for children. They can be touched, read and smelled.

  • Young naturalist

    When age doesn't matter

    In July 2018, this youngster will turn 90 years old. In the beginning, there was a biological station, the first out-of-school institution in Russia for children who love nature. After 10 years of successful work, a biology teacher and part-time founder and ideological founder of the station proposed to publish the journal "Young Naturalist" in order to publish the work of biology teachers and articles by children from all over the Union. For almost a century, great writers, academics, famous artists and even astronauts have been collaborating with the magazine. In the "Reserved Paths" section, the editors describe their own travels to the most incredible corners of the world - from Bali and the New Siberian Islands to cycling along the entire Anatolian coast. There is a “Why” section, where they will answer a question of any complexity, and a “Spring” section, where you can send your own story about the experience of growing butterflies at home or a story about interesting places you have visited.


  • Kvantik

    For children of all ages

    About mathematics and physics, about linguistics and life. About krypton in light bulbs and yttrium in monitor screens, about chess tricks and Hottabych. Pleases not only with a pleasant design, but also with intriguing headlines - the article “About the dead loop of flying rotating cups” immediately makes you want to read. In general, your eyes run wide, you don’t know which page to start from: read about Jupiter, where the clouds are stretched along the entire border, or run to guess riddles on a sports theme?
    The most interesting mathematical problems from the best Olympiads are solved and discussed in permanent sections and competitions in the Russian language are held. Quantik also publishes stories and comics for young readers. The magazine is designed for children from the 4th grade, but according to reviews, both first-graders and their parents read it with great interest.

    Buy now

  • Cool magazine

    News digest for children

    Weekly magazine about novelties of children's cinema, literature, computer games, scientific discoveries and generally about the latest news of the modern children's world. Each issue contains a poster, a fairy tale, puzzles, rebuses and crossword puzzles. For children 7-14 years old.


  • Murzilka

    Domestic Smurf

    Murzilka's fascinating journey to the pages of a Soviet magazine began at the end of the 19th century, when the Canadian artist and writer Palmer Cox came up with a cycle of poems about a little man. Later, the Russian writer Anna Khvolson wrote a cycle of stories about a little forest man renamed Murzilka and his friends. Then Murzilka was with a monocle and in a tailcoat. At 19In 24, Murzilka turned into a white puppy and appeared in a pair with the boy Petya. The famous image of a yellow fluffy creature in a beret, scarf and with a camera over his shoulder, which has come down to us, was invented by the artist Aminadav Kanevsky in 1937. In Murzilka, Marshak as a children's poet, Agniya Barto, and Sergei Nosov began their careers. The pages of the magazine are still filled with the best examples of modern Russian literature. Here you will find interesting sci-fi stories and detective stories. Headings about art, Russian history, educational games - "Murzilka" is true to its traditions and from this it still resonates in the hearts of young boys and girls spoiled by technological progress and an overabundance of information.

    Buy now

  • Chitaika

    For those who love to read

    Chitaika magazine wants to return the attention of boys and girls to good literature, to instill the habit of opening a book and being alone with their imagination. Literary crossword puzzles, riddles, biographies of classic children's writers and, of course, their works.


  • Young erudite

    A little bit of everything

    A magazine for inquisitive children who are interested in everything at once: from the design of machines and mechanisms to predicting the future. Entertaining stories about great scientists and discoverers are diluted with headings about the structure of volcanoes and space. In almost every issue, it is proposed to conduct fun physical experiments, solve puzzles and think about puzzles.


  • For future writers

    A magazine for children and their parents - family quizzes, etymology of different words, interesting articles like "How the Golden Key was Found" or "Who the Musketeers Really Were". There are columns on general topics: about art, scientific discoveries, columns on geography and history. The Luchik magazine is also one of the founders of the prestigious Gorky Prize for poets and writers under 18, so if you notice a literary talent in your child, do not hesitate to send his writings to the publication’s mail, and perhaps you will give the country a great writer !

    Buy now

    lychik-school. ru

  • Ponimashka

    Riding a pony into the world of new knowledge

    Entertaining magazine for young children. The main character - a pony named Masha - from room to room teaches kids to read, write, craft and even cook. There are three main headings in the magazine: strokes and coloring books train small hands to hold a pencil tightly and prepare the child for handwriting tasks, labyrinths and quick wit tasks develop thinking, logic and attentiveness, comic and easy counting tasks will teach the child to add and subtract, and colorful pictures with different tasks will develop the child's speech and concentration.

    Buy now

  • Masha the girl, Natasha the doll and everything

    Archive of the magazine "Veselye Kartinki"

    The old, kind, most Soviet magazine with a lot of bright pictures and good poems. In the book you will find a collection of stories and poems (with pictures, of course) from the archived editions of the Funny Pictures magazine. It will be interesting for children to look at the bright drawings of the best artists of the Union, and adults will have time to play around and feel like a Soviet child again, solving funny puzzles and guessing Soviet riddles.


  • Learn to think

    New for Russia (published since last September) "Think" is actually published in 14 countries of the world and is primarily devoted to science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technologies, geography, social studies, medicine and space. Of course, this list is not complete. From the name it is clear to whom the publication is addressed - to everyone who wants to learn how to learn: both adults and children, and especially teenagers. And, by the way, there is no competition with the network: the magazine contains only verified information, no fakes, and simple, understandable illustrations. The main thing is to teach teenagers to think, to search for and verify information, to get involved in interesting things. How to colonize space, how not to get lost inside a fractal, how to understand a gorilla - you will read about everything inside. The magazine is supported by leading educational projects: for example, Coddy and the Letovo school.


  • EZH magazine archive

    How to make a crossbow

    EZH, it’s not really prickly with needles, it’s just a “Weekly magazine” - 7 years : from 1928 to 1935. But there is no better way to find out what they thought, dreamed about, what children lived ten years after the revolution. EZH is a real time machine: ethical questions of the pioneers, a summary of Capital for children, biographies of prominent scientists and public figures, puzzles, science news and, of course, visual drawings of do-it-yourself models - from a birdhouse to a car. Just read and do.


  • Murzilka archive

    Open the veil of time

    Surprisingly pleasant, weighty edition of the best materials of one of the main children's magazines in the country. It is a little pity that the issues are not published in full: the collection includes separate, best, in the opinion of the publisher, materials. But even so, flipping through the pages, one never ceases to be surprised: the events from the history textbook appear here in a completely different light. A language that is not only no longer spoken, not even written, a special manner of illustration - and all this is about the events of the most controversial period in the history of the country: the first volume includes materials 1924–1954.


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theater premieres for children and teenagers in December

Non/Fiction 2022: things to do with children

interesting workshops for children in St. Petersburg

the best animated series for learning English


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  • Kopaysk,
  • Kopeca,
  • Korolev,
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  • Korole Koryazhma,
  • Kostroma,
  • Krasnogorsk,
  • Krasnodar,
  • Krasnoznamensk,
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  • Kronstadt,
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  • SHICS,
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  • Shakhtovs,
  • Shakhtovs,
  • Shakhtovs,
  • Shakhtovs,
  • of the Shakhovs,
  • of the Shakhovs. Our magazines A A-

    For kids

    • Category: Our magazines
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    For adults

    • Category: Our magazines
    • Views: 3529

    Human child

    Magazine about children for adults. Lessons for moms and dads, advice on relationships between parents and children and more - that's what awaits readers on the pages of this magazine.

    Published since 1997. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    The oldest Russian magazine for motorists. The latest news and interesting facts of the automotive world, the history of the car, test drives, reports from exhibitions, tips for drivers - all this you will find on the pages of this magazine.

    Published since 1928. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Schoolchildren's health

    Magazine for parents about children. How to prepare a child for school? What is the right way to talk to teenagers? What to do with your child after class? What movie to watch in the evening with the family? The answers to these, but also many other questions, concerned parents will find on the pages of this magazine.

    Published since 2006. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Scientific and methodological journal for teachers of Russian literature. The authors of the journal - professors, professional teachers, philologists and writers - share their experience, their own work experience and educational materials with colleagues.

    Published since 1992. Frequency - 1 time in two months.

    Green light travel

    Road safety guide for preschool children. On the pages of the magazine in a playful, entertaining form, both the official rules of the road and practical advice on safe behavior on the roads are given.

    Published since 2010. Frequency - three times a year.


    Historical popular science magazine for the widest range of readers who are not indifferent to issues of national and world history.

    Published since 1989. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Reading together. Navigator in the world of books

    Book magazine for the widest range of readers. The latest book publishing news, reviews and reviews, interviews with writers, editors, critics and translators - all this and much, much more awaits book lovers on the pages of Reading Together.

    Published since 2009. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Physical culture and sports

    An illustrated magazine about physical culture and a healthy lifestyle, aimed at children from 12 years old and their parents. The magazine publishes tips for beginners and professional athletes, interviews with celebrities, the secrets of proper nutrition and much more that you need to know for those who want to stay healthy, vigorous and full of energy throughout their lives.

    Published since 1922. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    schools and libraries. Inside: scenarios for mass events and educational and entertaining games, ideas for holidays and competitions, as well as tips for organizing and holding them.

    Young travelers

    • Category: Our magazines
    • Views: 2782

    Around the world

    The oldest Russian universal popular science magazine. The topics of the articles are geography, travel, ethnography, biology, astronomy, medicine, culture, history, biographies, and cooking. The magazine is aimed at the widest range of readers.

    Published since 1861. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Picturesque Russia

    Geographical magazine oriented to the widest range of readers. Each issue is dedicated to a separate region of Russia. Inside, readers will find information about the cultural and historical sights of a particular region, about the small peoples inhabiting it and reserved places. The authors of the articles are well-known geographers, professional writers and journalists.

    Published since 1999. Frequency - 1 time in 2 months.

    Backpack. World of travel

    Cognitive and game magazine for children 7-12 years old. Each issue is dedicated to a particular country. The children will learn about the history and traditions of the country, about natural monuments and famous personalities, and will also be able to test their knowledge by solving interesting riddles that can be found in any issue.

    Published since 2009of the year. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Young local historian

    Popular scientific local history magazine for children aged 10-15. The journal publishes articles on memorable events and dates in the annals of our Motherland, biographical essays, as well as the work of readers: travelogues, excerpts from travel diaries, photographic materials, amateur research in the field of ethnography, history and cultural studies, reviews of books of a local history nature, and more much, much more.

    Published since 2005. Frequency - 1 time in 2 months.

    http://young-local historian.rf

    Uralsky Pathfinder

    Literary-journalistic and popular science magazine for children from 12 years old and their parents. Here you will find: informative articles about history and travel, interesting interviews, wonderful color illustrations and a unique literary-fiction supplement "Aelita", which publishes works of both emerging and famous writers.

    The magazine has been published since 1935. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    These amazing animals

    • Category: Our magazines
    • Views: 3872

    In the world of animals

    Nature magazine for children aged 6-12 and their parents. A serious, but nevertheless incredibly interesting magazine, designed to tell children and adults about the animal world around them in as much detail as possible. Zoon news, interviews with famous scientists, informative articles about nature, tips for aquarists, announcements of Animal Planet TV shows and many other interesting things - animal lovers will definitely like it!


    A magazine for dog and cat lovers aged 12 and over . In each issue of the magazine, young animal lovers will find funny news from the world of our smaller brothers, as well as a bunch of useful information: informative articles about purebred cats and dogs and how to properly care for them, photo reports from exhibitions and much more.

    Published since 1990. Frequency - 10 issues per year.


    Magazine about cats for preschoolers and their parents. Interesting facts about cats, care tips from professional veterinarians, stories about breeds, contests, puzzles, riddles - literally the whole wonderful world of cats under one cover.

    Published since 2013. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Pulse of Nature

    Educational magazine about nature for children aged 6-12 and their parents. Inside: curious and funny facts about the life of animals, riddles, puzzles, charades, funny comics and much, much more.

    Published since 2014. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Backpack. Cheerful zoo

    Educational magazine about animals for children 7-12 years old. On the pages of the "Merry Zoo" children will find the most interesting and most entertaining facts from the life of wildlife. The authors of the articles are famous biologists, and all the photos were taken by professional animal photographers.

    Published since 2009. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Children's environmental magazine for family and school reading. Inside each issue, young readers will find informative articles on ecology, biology and natural science, as well as works of art - novels, poems and stories - dedicated to the theme of nature and the place of man in it. The main audience is children 12-15 years old.

    Published since 1994. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Nature magazine for children 6-12 years old. Each issue contains informative stories about animals and plants, funny riddles and crossword puzzles, educational games, coloring books and much, much more.

    Published since 1997. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Toshka. Funny Animal Magazine

    Animal magazine for children aged 5-10. Toshka is a friendly puppy, with whom young readers get acquainted with the wonderful world of animals, play games, solve crossword puzzles and learn how to care for pets.

    Published since 1999. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Let's get to know the world

    • Category: Our magazines
    • Views: 2935


    Children's magazine about science, technology, nature, travel and much, much more. Descriptions of various homemade products, informative comics about science and famous people, intellectual puzzles, essays on Russian and world history - all this awaits young readers on the pages of the magazine “Why?”. The main audience is children from 6 to 12 years old.

    Published since 1991. Frequency: 1 time per month.


    2 Popular science magazine for schoolchildren and their parents. The journal publishes articles on physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geography, social science, technology, space, medicine and other relevant and interesting topics. All articles are not only beautifully and figuratively written, but also colorfully illustrated. The main audience is children from 12 to 16 years old.

    Published since 2019. Frequency: 1 time per month.

    Think kids

    not boring talks about science and technology, animals and plants, space and medicine. Primary audience: children 6-12 years old.

    Published since 2022. Frequency: 1 time per month.


    Scientific and educational magazine for children 7-13 years old. The journal publishes articles on the natural sciences, holds competitions, and gives advice on conducting physical and chemical experiments. The journal will be of interest to all children interested in science, as well as their parents.

    Published since 2012. Frequency: 1 time per month.

    Computer Mouse

    Educational magazine about computers and modern technologies for children aged 10-14. Journeys through the history of the personal computer, reviews of hardware and unusual gadgets, tips on their practical application, as well as reviews of new items from the world of video games… Young computer scientists will not be bored!

    Published since 2015. Frequency: 1 time per month.


    A specialized science and entertainment magazine about space for children and teenagers. The journal publishes articles on astronomy, astrophysics and natural science, interesting puzzles for intelligence, as well as fantastic comics and stories. The main audience of the magazine is children 8-13 years old.

    Published since 2015. Frequency: 1 time in 3 months.


    Named after the fairy-tale hero of the same name, a skilled blacksmith who managed to shoe a flea, the Levsha magazine is a real storehouse of knowledge for young technicians. Descriptions of various homemade products are published on its pages: toys, active and bench models, as well as radio-electronic devices and tools. The main audience of the magazine is children aged 12 and older.

    Published from 1972 years old. Frequency: 1 time per month.


    A popular science magazine for children of all ages, the authors of which tell readers about the most diverse wonders of our universe in a simple, understandable, and most importantly, NON-BREAKING language.

    Published since 2014. Frequency: 1 time per month.

    The world of technology for children

    Educational magazine for children aged 12-16 about technology and its history. On the pages of the magazine, inquisitive readers will find many interesting facts about various technical devices, as well as diagrams, plans, models, drawings and much more!

    Published since 1999. Frequency: 1 time per month.

    Wise Owl

    Law magazine for children aged 7 and over. The wise owlet will teach children the basics of legal literacy, teach them to stand up for and defend their rights in the face of others, and in an unobtrusive, entertaining way will tell about all the current news in the world of jurisprudence. Learning the basics of law has never been so easy, simple and fun!

    Frequency: once a month.


    Why and why

    A fun educational magazine for children aged 6-12. Which of the fish is a real chameleon. What is the music of fiddler crab? How do chimpanzees teach politeness? Why is snow squeaky? Young readers will find answers to these and many other questions on the pages of the Why and Why magazine. In addition, the magazine is waiting for them: funny Russian language lessons, crossword puzzles, riddles and rebuses.

    Pionerskaya Pravda

    Illustrated Russian newspaper for children and teenagers of all ages. Inside: reports from the largest children's events and competitions, articles about famous children and teenagers, announcements of interesting competitions, as well as materials sent by readers, both young and adults - poems, stories, chapters of novels. The library stores all issues of newspapers, starting from 1956!

    Published from 1922. Frequency: 4 times a month.


    Entertaining and educational magazine for children aged 6-10. The protagonist of the magazine, the dog Spasaikin, will tell young readers about safety rules and how to behave in case of a life threat, and his friends - the cat Spacey and the owl Mabu - about culture and etiquette, a healthy lifestyle and, of course, about love for the motherland.

    Published since 2005. Frequency: 1 time per month.


    Educational and entertaining magazine about the world around for children aged 6-12. Inside: unusual and interesting facts about nature, the history of science, geographical discoveries, animals, plants and much, much more. Curious people will not be bored!

    Published since 1964. Frequency: 1 time per month.

    Hat: English for boys and girls

    Do you speak English? Not? In this case, get acquainted, the magazine "Hat" is your faithful friend and indispensable assistant in learning English. And a whole bunch of interesting headings will help to gnaw through the granite of linguistic sciences as quickly and fervently as possible - from short, illustrated stories written in pure English to funny tests and word games. The magazine is intended for adults to read to children.

    Published since 2007. Frequency: 1 time in 2 months.

    Young erudite

    Children's scientific and educational journal. The main audience is children 12-16 years old. In an entertaining way, the magazine will tell inquisitive readers about the history and the present day of science and technology, about outstanding scientists and discoverers, about famous philosophers, writers and painters.

    Published since 2012. Frequency: 1 time per month.''Yunyy_erudit''/_''YuE''.html

    Young technician

    Why are there spots on the sun? How will we live on Mars? Does it snow? An inquisitive reader will be able to find answers to these and many other questions on the pages of "Young Technician" - the most famous children's magazine in Russia dedicated to science, technology and fantasy. The main audience of the magazine is children aged 12 and older.

    Published since 1956. Frequency: 1 time per month.



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    Entertaining magazine for preschoolers. Inside: funny riddles, puzzles, crafts and tests - and all this together with the heroes of the children's cartoon of the same name.

    Published since 2012. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Stylish, fashionable and modern magazine for teenagers aged 12-15. Inside - only what interests modern boys and girls; movies, music, video games, comics and high-profile novelties of modern literature.

    Published since 1991. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Funny Pictures

    Humorous illustrated magazine for children aged 6-12. On the pages of the magazine, young readers will find funny comics about the adventures of the Merry Men Club, stories from the pen of leading children's authors, as well as funny riddles, puzzles and crafts. It never gets boring with "Funny Pictures"!

    Published since 1956. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Literary and entertaining magazine for preschoolers and children of primary school age. Funny and informative comics and stories, funny puzzles and puzzles, coloring books, riddles, crossword puzzles and a whole bunch of everything - young readers will simply never get bored with the Hedgehog magazine.

    Published since 2016. Frequency - 1 time per month. Barbie

    A fun, stylish and bright magazine for girls. Together with the main heroine of the magazine - clever Barbie - young readers learn new things about the world around them, learn to understand music and fashion, and just have fun!

    Published since 1998. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Cool magazine

    Modern entertainment magazine for children 7-12 years old, one of the most popular in Russia. Each issue contains the most interesting and up-to-date information for young readers: reviews of novelties from the world of big cinema, video game news, funny comics, entertaining puzzles, puzzles and tests.

    Published since 1999. Frequency - 1 time in 2 weeks.

    Kuzya and friends

    Entertaining magazine for children aged 6-12. Together with the cheerful grasshopper Kuzey, the children will complete and solve a wide variety of puzzles: from simple and unpretentious crosswords and puzzles to cumbersome, intricate labyrinths. With "Kuzya" it is never boring!

    Published since 2017. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    Romantic, musical, fun and fashionable illustrated magazine for girls aged 12-18. The pages of the magazine present the whole range of issues that interest a modern teenage girl: thematic headings tell about beauty, health, celebrity life, travel, professions and, of course, relationships.

    Published since 1991. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    The world of children and teenagers

    Magazine about children for children. Inside: funny anecdotes about school life, humorous comics and stories, crossword puzzles, puzzles, stories about famous people of Russia ... In general, everything that can interest a young reader.

    Published since 2006. Frequency - 2 times a month.


    Illustrated literary and educational magazine for children aged 6-12. Funny comics and stories, funny puzzles and puzzles, poems, songs and coloring pages - all this, but also much more, awaits young readers on the pages of Misha.

    Published since 1983. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Our Philippok

    An entertaining and educational magazine for children aged 6-13. In each issue: amazing news from all over the world, curious and funny facts about science, life and the world around us, a creative workshop, funny riddles, puzzles and tests - you definitely won't be bored!

    Published since 2014. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    An entertaining and educational magazine for preschool children. Each issue is a separate funny adventure from the life of a pony named Masha, with whom the guys will learn to read, write, count, craft, draw and cook.

    Published since 2006. Frequency - 2 times a month.

    Romeo and Juliet

    An entertaining and educational magazine for the most romantic girls. On its pages, only what really interests modern teenage girls: fashion tips, interviews with celebrities, funny tests, heartfelt conversations about love and much, much more.

    Frequency - once a month.


    Entertainment magazine for girls aged 6-10. Funny comics, funny English lessons, simple but interesting puzzles and tasks, tests - all this awaits young readers on the pages of the Snow Maiden.

    Published since 2015. Frequency - 1 time in 3 months. Tom and Jerry mouse Jerry.

    Published since 2001. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    An entertaining magazine for girls of preschool and primary school age. Together with the heroine of the animated series of the same name - the Tinker Bell Fairy - young readers get acquainted with the amazing fantasy world of fairies, play games, solve crossword puzzles, read comics and take part in various fun contests.

    Published since 2006. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    literary gazebo

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    Children's reading for the heart and mind

    Literary and art magazine for children aged 6-12. The magazine publishes selected works of Russian classical and modern children's literature, fairy tales of the peoples of the world, as well as poems.

    Published since 1997. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Ivan da Marya

    Literary magazine for children aged 6-12, published under the auspices of the "Orthodox Educational Association". The magazine publishes stories, novellas, novels and poems about love and family life, written both by professional authors and directly by readers - children, teenagers and their parents.

    Published since 2014. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    One of the oldest literary and art magazines in Russia, aimed at children aged 10-15. It was on its pages that such famous works for children and youth as "Two Captains" and "The Tale of Lost Time" were first seen. Now the magazine publishes excerpts from the works of contemporary children's writers, entertaining and educational essays on art and science, as well as the work of readers - poems, stories and drawings.

    Published since 1936. Frequency - 1 time per month.


    The oldest of the currently existing Russian children's literary and art magazines. The main audience is children 6-12 years old. The pages of the magazine present the best examples of modern Russian children's literature, as well as informative, educational and entertaining headings - in general, everything that will not let a young reader get bored.

    Published since 1924. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Orthodox rainbow

    A magazine for reading to children aged 6-12 in the family circle. Literary Orthodox magazine that acquaints readers with the Christian world on the examples of good and instructive tales, poems, parables.

    Published since 2002. Frequency - 10 issues per year.


    Journal of children's literary and artistic creativity, published directly by the Perm Regional Children's Library. L.I. Kuzmin with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Perm Territory. On the pages of the magazine, young readers will find poems, stories, drawings, reports and riddles specially invented for them by their peers - children aged 7-12. There are many children among the authors of the magazine - winners of city, regional and all-Russian literary competitions, and Lev Ivanovich Kuzmin himself, the famous Perm children's writer, was listed as the editor at one time.

    Published since 1996. Frequency - 1 time per year.


    Literary and local history magazine in Komi-Permyak and Russian for children aged 6-12. Inside: interesting facts about the Perm region and the amazing people inhabiting it, works by Permian Komi children's writers, as well as a whole scattering of poems, riddles, fairy tales and funny puzzles - in general, everything to make the study of our small homeland interesting and not boring .

    Published since 2010. Frequency - 4 issues per year.


    Modern literary and art magazine for children aged 6-10. The heroes of the magazine - the inquisitive Chitaika and his friend - the wise Owlet travel from issue to issue through the wonderful world of the book, revealing to young readers all the wonders of modern and classical children's literature, tell in detail about the life and work of famous children's writers and arrange a variety of fun contests.

    Published since 2006. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Miracles and adventures for children

    Literary and educational magazine for children aged 6-12. Interesting and funny stories from the best children's authors, crossword puzzles, puzzles, logic puzzles and informative articles on a wide variety of topics - all this awaits the children on the pages of CHIP.

    Published since 2007. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Our magazines

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    Our magazines

    creative workshop

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    Girls-Boys. School of crafts

    Children's creativity magazine for teachers working with children and parents. Includes photo workshops on various decoration techniques, decoupage, scrapbooking, plastic appliqué and other types of arts and crafts.

    Published since 2010. Frequency - 1 time per month.

    Collection of ideas

    Art magazine for children aged 6-12 and their parents. Together with the hero of the magazine Tim the mouse, the guys make all sorts of things with their own hands - from funny crafts made of paper and plasticine for games to home interior decorations.

    Published since 2016. Frequency - 2 times a month.


    Educational magazine about art for children aged 6-12. Biographies of great artists, famous buildings and great paintings, contemporary art and computer graphics - young readers will find this and much more on the pages of the magazine. Designed for students of art schools and all those who are fond of art.

    Published since 2000. Frequency - 1 time per month.


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