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How to Feed Crickets and What to Feed Them

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Crickets, also known by their scientific name of Acheta domesticus, are insects known for their ability to jump high and for their trilling, chirping sounds. Some people keep crickets as pets. Most often, they are kept in the home to be fed to reptiles as prey. Crickets can be bought in bulk from pet stores or can be bred at home with proper set-up.

Whether you are keeping crickets as feeder crickets for your reptile or as pets, it is important to feed them a high-quality diet. If your crickets are feeder crickets, a proper diet will also help provide your reptile with proper nourishment.

Cricket Diet

Crickets are omnivores. This means that a natural cricket diet consists of plants and meat and includes protein, grains, and produce. In the wild, crickets will consume a wide-ranging diet including insect larvae, aphids, flowers, seeds, leaves, fruit, and grasses. 

If your feeder crickets are healthy, then they will provide your reptile with the most nutrient-dense meal possible. Their diet in captivity should provide them with the same nutrients that they would find in the wild.

What crickets eat. If you are keeping crickets as food for another pet such as a gecko, snake, or bearded dragon, keep in mind that whatever you feed your crickets will also be providing nourishment to your pet. The process of feeding prey crickets nutritious food is known as "gut loading." When feeding your crickets, you can select from a variety of nutritious foods, including:

  • Fruits, such as apples, oranges, and bananas
  • Vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, squash, and leafy greens
  • Grains, such as alfalfa, wheat germ, and rice cereal
  • Other packaged pet foods, including fish flakes, dry cat food, dry dog food, and reptile food
  • Commercial food made specifically for crickets

If you are feeding your crickets pure fruits, vegetables, and grains, and no supplemental pet food, provide them with a nutritional supplement of some kind to make up for any gaps in the diet. A reptile nutritional supplement can be sprinkled over the cricket's food supply.

How to feed your crickets. Ensure that your crickets have consistent access to food and clean water. Crickets will self-regulate their food intake. There is no need to measure exact quantities of food. Be sure to check at least every 2 days to make sure your crickets still have plenty of food and water. Whole vegetables and fruits can be placed in the cage. Dried pet foods and grains can also be served in shallow dishes or lids.

Common Concerns Feeding Crickets

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when it comes to feeding crickets. These will help your crickets remain as healthy as possible and provide a nutritious meal for your reptile. You will want to ensure that you provide a living situation free from mold and humidity, and that your crickets have safe access to food and water.

Preventing mold and humidity. Crickets require proper air circulation and fresh food to thrive. When humidity levels are too high, your crickets may not survive. It is recommended to store your crickets in a deep container or terrarium with a lid and proper air ventilation. The ideal temperature for crickets is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

To keep your habitat as hygienic as possible for your crickets, dedicate one side of the habitat to food and water. Check frequently to make sure that the food is still fresh and free of mold. Grains and dried pet food can be provided consistently. These will not mold as quickly as fresh produce, which should be offered more moderately.

Providing a safe drinking and eating environment. Crickets are not very tall, and can easily drown if drinking water is too deep. To provide a safe drinking environment for your crickets, consider filling a shallow lid, such as one from a yogurt container, with a few small rocks or fish tank pebbles and some water. This will provide the crickets with a safe way to access their drinking water while keeping a firm footing on the pebbles.  

Some cricket owners will submerge cotton balls in water and place those in the habitat. This provides crickets with a safe way to stay hydrated. For food supply, it is recommended to keep the food separate from the water source so that grains and dry food do not become damp and more prone to mold.

How To Raise Baby Crickets – The Critter Depot

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Whether you accidentally placed an order for the incorrect cricket size, or are actively breeding your feeder insects, the care for your pinhead crickets can be a bit of a mystery. Baby crickets are quite tiny, generally tiny enough to escape from the usual enclosures one might use for their bugs, and so there’s a little bit of specialized care that goes into caring for them.

Pinhead Cricket The Enclosure

As we all know, even with the best of enclosures, sometimes your crickets will figure out something you didn’t think of. This goes double for the newly-hatched guys, unlike mammals bugs hatch with pretty much all the smarts they need and their tiny size can put them at a pretty large risk of flight.

One of the first things you might want to try is to line the tub they’re in with something smooth so they can’t climb it like they would normal plastic. A lot of people recommend using packing tape since their feet won’t be able to grip it.

Closing the lid while providing adequate ventilation can be hard with the smaller crickets. Your best bet is to get a container deep enough they can’t jump out of, but screens can also come in handy here. If you use a screen, try to stick with metal, as crickets are able to chew through fiberglass and you can end up with quite a commotion on your hands if it happens and takes some time for you to notice.

Some people recommend using saran wrap for the top and poking tiny holes, but if you have the time and patience for it dotting the tops of the enclosure with a heated leather sewing needle is probably a better permanent solution. Alternatively, you can put normal sized holes and place some amount of steel screen material over them to ensure your youngsters can’t escape.

You can raise the temperature to around 82-84°F in order to help them grow a bit faster as well if that’s your goal. If you’re using the pinheads to feed smaller critters and don’t want to encourage growth a temperature of about 72-74°F is appropriate as it will keep them active without actively making them larger.

The final thing to keep in mind for their enclosure is that you’ll have much better results with a highly humid environment, something like 85%. This will help keep them hydrated and you’ll see a lot less of these fragile babies dying off.

Food and Water For Pinhead Crickets

Pinheads will eat just about anything that the adults will eat, but for the best results you’ll want to feed them something high in protein to encourage healthy growth. You can also add some fresh fruit like oranges to supply moisture and help keep the humidity levels up enough that they’re good for the babies.

You might want to look into commercial food and hydrating gels as well. The important thing is that you might want to grind up any dry foods you put in. Try a mixture of different foods, things like dog food and fish flake are ideal and by grinding them together you can provide quite a varied diet.

Remember to remove any food that begins to smell, and any vegetables or fruits that are showing signs of rot as soon as it happens, pinheads are a little bit more susceptible to disease than the adult form and it’s just good critter keeping practice anyways.


As you can see, raising pinheads is mostly about securing the enclosure and maintaining adequate humidity. With those two factors in place, you’re sure to be able to get your crickets off to a healthy adulthood, or even just make them some healthy treats for your pets. It doesn’t take much extra effort over raising regular crickets and you’re sure to have some healthy adults.

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    "We play ourselves, we support ourselves." How cricket survives in Russia | Other types | Sport

    Softball and baseball sister

    Before the start of the Moscow Open Cricket Championship, President of the Russian Cricket Federation Sergey Kurchenko rolls the lawn with his car. The stadium, which hosts the next series of games within the framework of the national cricket championship, is not a specialized field and belongs to the Karacharov Mechanical Plant. The workers used to play football here. Now there is not even a gate on the field. The benches on the wooden stands are upholstered in iron. There are no changing rooms or showers. Elevators are made in the workshops in the neighborhood, but the workers of the plant are indifferent to sports. Sergei Kurchenko and Ashwani Chopra had to work hard to put the leased area in order. But cricket fans are ready to continue to change the situation on their own.

    President of the Russian Cricket Federation Sergei Kurchenko watches the competition. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    “All over the world, cricket is moving towards becoming an Olympic sport,” explains Alexander Yesin, a member of the Russian cricket team . "Moskvich was the first in the Soviet Union in baseball, and now the first in cricket," Kurchenko draws historical parallels. Cricket is not his first passion in his sports career. Initially, it was baseball. Now Sergey Borisovich simultaneously coaches the Moskvich baseball club, the national team Russian Federation for cricket and heads the country's cricket federation. According to Yesin, the vast majority of Russians came to cricket from softball and baseball, such a symbiosis.0073 Indian Ashwani Chopra and his friends started playing cricket in Moscow back in the mid-1990s. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    “We needed to make grounds for the Russian baseball championship,” says Kurchenko. - After such a stadium was found, it quickly became clear that more people were needed to make it easier to pay the rent. Attract cricketers. We tried to play with them — we liked it.”

    The baseball players got involved so much that they are now planning to build another cricket stadium and maybe even open a sports school. However, people come to cricket not only from similar sports. So, for example, the bronze medalist of the Athens 2004 Olympics in the triple jump Danil Burkenya . “Unfortunately, it’s too early to talk about large-scale recruitment into teams,” says Kurchenko. - You need to get people interested. For now, we are forced to promote cricket through active baseball players.

    Moskvich cricket club is one of the strongest teams in Russia. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    A purely English sport originated in the 15th century, conquered the former British colonies from Australia to New Zealand and reached Russia by the beginning of the next millennium. "At 19In 1995, we decided to start playing in order to somehow keep ourselves busy in the summer,” says Ashwani Chopra. - In 2001, they organized a small tournament in which three teams played - Australia, India and the rest of the world, which included all the other players. The tournament was very successful, and from that moment, one might say, it all started.”

    The rules and nuances of cricket are easier and clearer to comprehend in practice. From the outside, for the uninitiated, a cricket match looks like a shamanic dance. One can only guess who is in the lead by the cries of the players and their reactions to the actions of rivals. There is no rush here. nine0073 In 2012, at the competitions in Bulgaria, the cricket team of the Russian Federation took 6th place out of 12. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    “Cricket is a “lord's” game,” the captain of the Arbat sports club shares with correspondent Rahman Khalil . - It is not for the lazy, but not for the especially active either. For average, rather. Not everyone can run for 90 minutes like in football. Cricket has long breaks "for tea, coffee, water". There is even a lunch break. We even joke sometimes that cricket is a 'picnic game'." The minimum cricket match lasts 3.5 hours. nine0073 There are few dangerous moments during the game, but protective shields and helmets are required. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    Arbat players, meanwhile, are resting in the shade of a concrete fence under a tree. The lack of cricket fields forces several matches to be played on the same day. While Moskvich is competing with New Power, Arbatovtsy are free. After the game, one of the teams will remain on the field, the second will take the place of the loser or the winner. Someone is talking lazily and discussing the latest news. Two people are watching the final match of one of the cricket championships on a tablet computer. Pakistan and India are playing. A huge stadium is visible on the screen, filled to capacity with people. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the reference football derby between Spartak and CSKA, but the main difference is that tens of thousands of people gather for almost every cricket match, even if they are not the leaders. nine0073

    In Russia, the cricket movement is represented not only by Moscow, but also by Rostov, Krasnoyarsk, Nakhodka, Sverdlovsk region, Tver, Ryazan. Despite the fact that the national team in this sport appeared relatively recently, the Russians managed to achieve some success. In 2012, at the competitions in Bulgaria, the team took 6th place out of 12. The collections say that they shocked not only professionals, but also themselves with the result. Our team lost to the Polish team, which became the champion, on points with a slight margin. In October 2013, the national team will play in the third European division. The Russians will compete with the Spaniards and Croats. nine0073 The receiver, or "batsman" (English batsman) is one of two positions in cricket. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    A woman joins Moskvich on the field. In cricket (at least in its Russian version), mixed teams are a normal practice. The women's team is still in the formation stage, but Diana Gomenyuk does not lose heart. The girl came to cricket from softball. “I like to play with men, but girls also play cricket. Mixed teams are fine. They don’t kill me here,” Diana laughs, and at that moment a cricket ball hits the seat next to her with a clang. During the entire game, there are few such dangerous moments, but still protective shields and helmets for the receivers, or "batsmen" (eng. batsman), and the servers - "bowlers" (eng. bowler) are an indispensable element. “The ball is very heavy, they make it by hand. God forbid, get one in the eye,” says Ashwani. Diana is sure that this game is ideal for children: “Movement, coordination, attention develop. Plus, you don’t need to be an athlete and have some superb physical qualities. And life is just interesting," she sums up. nine0073 Attributes for the game are mainly brought from abroad. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    There are no professional cricketers in Russia, cricketers earn their living by working hard at ordinary jobs. Gomenyuk is an advertising manager in one of the Moscow printing houses, Esin is a businessman, and there are doctors and even aviation technicians.

    Cricketers do not receive state funding, but not so long ago, Kurchenko, according to him, had productive negotiations with the head of the Moscow Sports Committee Nikolai Gulyaev . The sponsors are the players themselves. Attributes are brought from abroad. “It is both cheaper and easier,” says Rahman Khalil from the Arbat team. We bring, we distribute, we give. He confesses that he has a talent for teaching people cricket. The Pakistani proudly notes that Russian players are trying and playing better every year. “When the Russians started playing baseball 22 years ago, everyone was laughing,” said New Power team captain Ashok , backing Rahman. “But now they are playing at the European Championship, and moreover, confidently.” nine0073 The term "legionnaire" of Russian cricketers, unlike the RFPL participants, is not shocking. Photo: AIF / Roman Kulguskin

    Ashok's son plays in the team. “He is already Russian,” says Ashok, most likely referring not only to citizenship (there are many naturalized players among cricketers), but also to nationality. About 4–5 Russians by birth and up to 8 by passport play for New Power (as for other metropolitan clubs). It turns out that the number of "non-legionnaires" exceeds 50%. The term "legionnaire" of Russian cricketers, unlike RFPL participants, is not shocking. While those who can play Everyone understands that Russian players have not yet reached the point where they can pull the whole game on themselves. nine0073

    Olympic prospects

    The Russian cricket team, like most teams, is still deprived of fans. “We get sick ourselves, we play ourselves,” the players joke. They explain the lack of interest in tournaments with insufficient propaganda in the media. Pakistanis and Indians have no question of interest in cricket. “It is in our blood, we are born with it. One of the first gifts for a child is a bat. It is impossible to imagine that it would be otherwise,” they say. There are no such devoted fans in Russia yet, but almost everyone is sure that they will appear. nine0073 The Russian national cricket team, like most teams, is still deprived of fans. Photo: AiF / Roman Kulguskin

    Fans of the game are waiting for the appearance of cricket in the Olympic program by 2020 like manna from heaven. It is quite possible that Russia is capable of winning gold awards there. “Now we have a full-fledged professional Russian team, and we are playing better at international tournaments,” Ashvani rejoices.

    “There are prospects, even though few people know about the Russian Championship.

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