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Baby Bottle Sets: Feeding & Sterilizing

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Get bottle feed-ready in a flash with these super practical starter sets. Within this range, there’s something for everyone.


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Eat Sets from Lalo | Perfect for Starting Solids

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Feeding set for newborns in the category "Clothes and shoes"

Feeding set for newborn animals (pacifiers 2 pcs)

In stock in Zaporozhye

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Happy Pet!

Dinosaur baby feeding set, pink Wee Baby

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Dinosaur baby feeding set, blue Wee Baby 9Ol000 Delivery across Ukraine

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Wee Baby feeding set with amulets from the evil eye

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Dr. Brown's, Natural Flow, Newborn Feeding Set, 1 set - Original

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FAIR - original clothes and shoes

Dr. Brown's, Natural Flow, Newborn feeding set, 1 set DBW-00240


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1 561.30 UAH


⭐fresh⭐-naratal preparations and cosmetics

Tommee Tippee starter feeding set from 0 months. (73469)

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4 700 UAH


SAT-LLITE.NET ➤ Internet Supermarket

A set of baby silicone dishes for feeding newborns 8 items unbreakable

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Internet-Shop "Natalex"

Gift set of baby silicone tableware for feeding newborns 8 items unbreakable

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newborns 8 items unbreakable

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Online store "Natalex"

Cream set of baby silicone dishes for feeding newborns 8 items unbreakable 9Ol000

Online store "Natalex"

Feeding set (spoon and fork)

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Kidstyle children's clothing online store

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96 96 GRN

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EcoMama: maternity clothes, nursing underwear, maternity bag, clothes for newborns

Blue baby care set, 10 items, hygiene and baby care.

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set for hygienic items, newborn care, blue 10 9Ol000

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Online Store "Natalex"

Baby high chair 2 in 1 (chaise longue for newborns) CARRELLO Indigo CRL-8402 Ash Green Mint 9Ol000 -8402 Sand Beige Beige

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6 000 UAH

4 260 UAH


Kidsklad 🇺🇦

Dishes for children -why are they convenient and convenient and why they are convenient and convenient how to choose?

When a child begins to eat on his own, he moves on to a new important stage in his life, in which he should have his first own dishes. The question arises: is it worth buying tableware separately or buying a whole set? What material should the dishes be made of, what color, size and shape is it best to choose dishes for a child?

Cookware selection criteria

  • First of all, any dishes must be safe: do not contain harmful substances in their composition, for example, Bisphenol A and Phthalates.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight, so that the child can independently hold it in his hands. This is especially true for mugs and cups.
  • Children's dishes should be resistant to different temperatures so that they can be heated in the microwave oven or stored in the refrigerator.
  • It is important that the dishes keep the food warm, but do not get hot..
  • The attention of the child is more attracted to dishes with an unusual shape and interesting patterns.

In the photo: Liewood cookware

Benefits of the set

Complete sets of dishes are convenient in everyday life, since mom does not need to “allocate” a separate plate, spoon, mug for feeding. She always has a one-piece set at hand, which belongs exclusively to the child, and cannot be confused with the main dishes in the kitchen. If there is more than one child in the family, it is convenient to purchase several sets at once, so that everyone has their own individual set at their disposal.

The child perceives reality in a playful way, so the process of eating for him is a game. Dinnerware with the same style, pattern, or shape can provide a framework for developing a child's imagination and making dinner fun. Mom does not have to use auxiliary techniques (cartoons, toys, etc.) to attract the attention of the child and feed him.

Choice of cookware based on appearance and functionality

In addition to its main and primary task, dishes help parents achieve several more important goals, and one of them is to instill in the child a sense of style and form a good taste, so you need to carefully choose a set for your baby. It is best to focus on calm pastel colors with a simple clear pattern. Too bright colors will only irritate the child's nervous system and distract him from eating.

In the photo: Liewood cookware set wheat mix

There are various thematic sets with a stylish unusual design and thoughtful functionality. For example, sets where the plate is divided into several sections or cells, each of which can contain individual products. This option will allow the child to independently organize the space, choose products that he likes more and create new combinations.

In the photo: Bamboo tableware Love Mae

Buying one set does not mean that you need to use it everywhere and always. Some sets are more suitable for home use and daily feeding of the baby, while others will be more appropriate as a hiking option, for outdoor recreation or a picnic.

In the photo: Liewood children's dinnerware set, gray-blue

The number of items in the set also depends on the age and needs of the baby. If your child is just starting to eat complementary foods, then a plate, spoon and cup will suffice. If the baby is already older, then you can choose a set with more items of various sizes.

In the photo: A set of children's bowls Liewood "Cosmos"

Advantages of different materials

The choice of materials is great. Some parents still prefer to purchase glassware or chinaware, but many are already switching to safer materials for children's tableware, which are much easier to handle and care for.


Silicone products are absolutely harmless and safe for the child, as they do not contain bisphenol and phthalates. They do not slip on the table and do not break when dropped. Silicone utensils are very easy to clean. It can serve both hot and cold food without fear that it will go bad. It is silicone dishes that are chosen for babies who are beginning to introduce complementary foods and for children 2-3 years old. A set of silicone dishes can be taken with you on the road and on a picnic, as it is very light and takes up little space.

From PLA

PLA is a food grade plastic that is made from corn starch or sugar cane. PLA dishes can be purchased for the smallest and older children. In terms of properties, this material is almost identical to silicone, but is biodegradable. Like silicone, it does not absorb odors and is odorless itself. Dishes made of PLA do not break, do not slip on the table and in hands. If it accidentally falls on the floor, it will not break, so it will serve you for a long time.

In the photo: A set of children's dishes Liewood "Bear"


Bamboo tableware is universal for all ages, but is more suitable for children 6-7 years old. Bamboo cookware is light, durable and eco-friendly. The natural composition of bamboo and wood fibers with the addition of corn starch makes it 100% biodegradable.

In the photo: Love Mae "Jungle" plate set


Stainless steel cookware is very practical for any age. Of the options listed above, this is the only material in which you can reheat or cook food in the oven, which is certainly its advantage. Stainless steel cookware is safe and won't break or deteriorate over time.

Care of dishes

How to take care of baby feeding utensils? There are several general recommendations. Never use food-grade plastic and silicone utensils in the oven, as the plastic may melt. Unlike food-grade plastic, silicone can be heated in the microwave and used at temperatures up to 230 degrees. Dishes made of both materials can be placed in the freezer at a temperature of up to -20 degrees and washed in a dishwasher at a temperature of no more than 65 degrees.

The rules for caring for bamboo cutlery are very similar. The main thing is not to use them in the microwave and oven, as natural materials do not withstand high temperatures.

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