Baby food for 1 year in india

Indian Diet Plan for Toddlers (1 to 3 years)

The best indicator that your toddler is getting adequate nourishment is her regular weight gain, growth, general appearance and contentment.

Thinking of which foods are healthier for your baby will be much easier for you by now, as you will be an expert on which foods your child is best able to cope with. All the foods groups, viz. cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables and milk are equally important and are extremely healthy for your child.

An adequate amount of these food groups will ensure a healthy growing child. Very few of us really know the intake required by our little toddlers. The daily food guide that follows will help you to know the right amount of food for your child.

1. Cereals and their flours : Whole wheat, unpolished rice, jowar, bajra, ragi (nachni), bulgur wheat (dalia), buckwheat are some healthy cereals which should be included in your toddlers diet.  Include at least 5 to 6 servings per day. Use them to make Mini Bajra Oats Uttapa and Multigrain Palak Paneer Roti for Toddlers and Kids.

Mini Bajra and Oats Uttapa

2. Pulses and Dals: Whole Moong, chawli beans, rajma, chick peas (kabuli chana) etc. Sprout them to make them easily digestible for kids and also to get enhanced nutritional benefits. Also include moong dal, toovar (arhar) dal, masoor dal, chana dal, urad dal etc. Their flours like moong dal flour, chana dal flour (besan) etc. also form a part of this food group. Include at least 1 to 2 servings per day. Make their food interesting by serving them Moong Sprouts Dosa and Rajma Salad for Toddlers. Form a habit of family dinner and boost them to eat on their own.

moong sprouts dosa for kids recipe | healthy sprouts dosa recipe | sprouted mung beans dosa for kids | how to make sprouted moong dosa |

3.  Vegetables: These include greens like spinach (palak), fenugreek (methi), lettuce, radish leaves, coriander, cow pea (chawli) leaves, colocasia, cabbage etc. Use them to make a small meal like Dal and Vegetable Soup.  Other veggies like carrot, beetroot, cucumber, brinjal, French beans, cluster beans (gavarfali), cauliflower florets etc. also form a part of this group. Include at least 2 to 3 servings per day.

dal vegetable soup for babies and toddlers recipe | healthy dal vegetable soup for kids | moong dal mixed vegetable soup | how to make healthy dal vegetable soup for babies |

4. Fruits: Pineapple, sweet lime, orange, guava, watermelon, mango, apple etc… so many colourful fruits are available. Use a new fruit daily. Include at least 2 fruits a day. If your child doesn’t like whole fruits, serve them in the form of Chana Salad for Kids and Toddlers.

Chana Salad for Kids and Toddlers

5.  Nuts and Oilseeds: Almonds, cashewnuts, walnuts, sesame seeds (til), peanuts, dates, figs, apricots etc. Include a few of them for sure. They are a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Try Til Chikki. Make small pieces and let them nibble on it. Be careful that it doesn’t choke.

til chikki for kids recipe | til chikki with jaggery | healthy sesame bars | Indian sesame chikki |

6. Dairy Products: These include milk, curd, paneer and cheese. Most kids grown up drinking at least 2 glasses of milk per day. Teach them to include curd in their diet. It is probiotic and good for their digestive system. Serve them chaas in an attractive glass. Use paneer to make Paneer Vegetable Paratha for Kids. Include at least 2 servings per day.

paneer vegetable paratha for kids, toddlers recipe | healthy vegetable paneer paratha for kids | mixed vegetable paneer paratha for kids | healthy vegetable paratha for kids |

7.  Fats and Sugar: These are ghee, oil, butter, sugar and jiggery. Although there is no specific recommendation for this group, approximately 2 tablespoons of fat and sugar can be consumed as per your paediatricians advice. Prefer jaggery over sugar in the form of Jowar Golpapdi for Kids.

jowar golpapdi for kids | sukhadi for kids | golpapdi for toddlers

Daily Food Guide for Toddlers

FOOD GROUPS Number of servings per day What makes 1 serving Suggested Recipes
Cereals and their flours
Whole wheat, unpolished rice, jowar, bajra, ragi (nachni), bulgur wheat (dalia)
5 to 6 servings 2 phulkas (30 gm)*
1 chapati (25 gm)*
1/2 cup cooked cereals or whole wheat pasta (60 to 80gm)*
Mini Bajra and Oats Uttapa,

Multigrain Palak Paneer Roti

Moong, lobhia beans, rajma, chick peas (kabuli chana),etc.
Moong, rajma, matki etc.
Moong dal, toovar (arhar) dal, masoor dal, chana dal, urad dal etc.
Moong dal flour, chana dal flour (besan) etc.
1 to 2 servings 1/ 4 cup raw whole pulses (35 to 40 gm)
1/2 cup cooked whole pulses (70 to 80 gm) *
1/2 cup of raw or cooked dals (70 to 80 gm) *
1/2 cup of flours (40 to 60 gm) *
Rajma Salad,

Moong Sprouts Dosa,

Sprouts Khichdi,

Mini Mixed Moong Dal Chila

Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, brinjal, French beans, cluster beans (gavarfali), cauliflower florets etc.
Leafy Vegetables
Spinach (palak), fenugreek (methi), lettuce, radish leaves, coriander, cow pea (chawli) leaves, colocasia, cabbage etc.
2 to 3 servings 1/2 cup raw vegetables (50 to 70 gm)*
1/2 cup cooked vegetables (50 to 70 gm)*
1 cup raw leafy vegetables (15 gm of vegetables like mint, coriander, fenugreek and 40 to 60 gm of other leafy vegetables ) *
1/2 cup cooked leafy vegetables (15 gm of vegetables like mint, coriander, fenugreek and 40 to 60 gm of other leafy vegetables ) *
Paneer and Vegetable Paratha,

Beetroot and Carrot Raita,

Dal and Vegetable Soup,

Cheesy Corn and Vegetable Cutlets

Pineapple, sweet lime, orange, guava, watermelon, mango, apple etc.
Dried fruits Almonds, cashewnuts, walnuts, sesame seeds (til), peanuts, dates, figs, apricots etc.
2 servings 1/2 cup chopped fruits (50 to 60 gm) *
1 big piece of fruit e.g. melon wedge (100 to 130gm) *
1/4 cup dried fruits. (20 to 30gm) *
Fruity Chana Salad
Milk, curd, paneer
2 servings 1 cup milk (200 ml) *
1 cup curds (200 ml) *
1/4 cup chopped paneer (35gm) *
1/4 cup grated cheese (35gm) *
Multigrain Palak Paneer Roti,

Paneer and Vegetable Paratha,

Chickoo Milkshake

Ghee, oil, butter, sugar and jaggery
** Although there is no specific recommendation for this group, approximately 2 tablespoons of fat and Sugar can be consumed as per your paediatricians advice. ----


* The weights of all the foods mentioned in the above table are approximate values.
** Fats should be consumed in moderation as some foods like walnuts, sesame seeds and even cereals contain invisible fats which are also a part of our diet. Excessive fat can disturb the absorption of important nutrients like calcium in your little one's body, apart from increasing the risk of obesity later in life.

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indian diet plan for toddlers (1 to 3 years)

Baby food chart with recipes for 7 months to 1 year Indian baby & toddlers

By Swasthi on August 6, 2022, Comments,

Indian baby food chart along with a list of tried & tested 60 Indian baby food recipes. Thanks to the readers who led me to this post on Indian baby food chart. Before I take you to the details of the food chart and the food recipes, please be informed that this post is based on my experience. I have honestly expressed my views and opinions on easy baby weaning so that it could be helpful to new mothers.

Please read the comments below before posting your queries since similar queries may have been answered.

Well, some of my tips might look like old wives tales since they are based on Ayurveda, but I do trust them in growing healthy and happy babies. However I suggest consulting your elders or pediatrician before you follow any new foods or tip that have been mentioned here.

For the past several years, I have been consistently sharing & updating baby recipes especially for a good weight gain. You can find all the latest recipes or ideas on the baby toddler recipes section.

Readers who have been asking for suggestions on foods to gain weight, please check this detailed post on best foods for weight gain in babies & toddlers.

Is this baby food chart suitable to my Baby?

This Indian baby food chart is a generalized one suitable for most babies. However i suggest you to use your judgement whether to include or not, certain ingredients in your babies diet based on your babies allergies, intolerance, appetite, likes and dislikes.

I have tried to link most Indian baby food recipes that I have posted earlier on this blog. Many were written almost 5 years ago and are updated regularly with new tips based on the readers reviews.

This Indian baby food chart was developed by me based on what i fed my 2 kids, whose birth weight was 3.3 kgs and 3.4 kgs. The ideas were basically drawn from the health and baby weaning booklets that were given to us during our visits to the singapore clinics, hospitals and few from clinics in Bangalore.

This chart is also suitable to babies who were preterm born or were underweight. However I suggest mums with such babies to consult a pediatrician if you are skeptical about these foods.

This post will be updated, to include tips and other information. You can leave a comment here if you want to know anything specific which will be answered. Please feel free to share or discuss your experiences, views, problems that you encounter while weaning your babies in the comment section. It could be helpful to other readers, it’s through sharing we can learn.

When to introduce food to baby – 6 months to 1 year

Here is a brief guide on the right time to introduce foods. But how to introduce them can be found in the recipe posts. Example: Oats or oatmeal – I have mentioned clearly how to choose them and the kind you can use and how to prepare it for a baby.

You can find a a detailed baby food chart for 6 months old baby here along with recipes.

This Indian baby food chart and the baby food recipes have been developed for a good weight gain in babies.

Indian baby food chart for babies above 7 months or from 8 months

Wake up – 6 am
Milk – (skip milk if baby wakes up after 8 am, make a milk based breakfast from breakfast section)
Breakfast – 7. 30 to 8 am
One of the following:

 Egg, (Fully boiled or scrambled in very few drops of oil)(babies above one year)
 IDLI with rasam or sambar (sambar for babies older than 12 months)
 VEGETABLE OATS PORRIDGE(blend it in a blender till smooth)
 RAGI MALT with badam powder
 CHICKPEAS SOUP (babies older than 15 months)
 BARLEY VEGETABLE SOUP (blend till smooth)
 SWEET CORN VEGETABLE SOUP(blend till smooth)

Quick fix breakfast (for 8 to 18 months):

 Nestum rice (stage 1) with ALMOND MILK
 Nestum rice with homemade curd (plain yogurt), add water as needed while mixing

Mid-morning – 10 to 10. 15 am
One of the following:

 Steamed apple (raw apple for babies older than 12 months)
 Banana or steamed kerala banana (if baby has cold)
 Chikoo (sapota)
 Other fruits like watermelon, pears, oranges
or 2 tbsp of fresh HOMEMADE PLAIN CURD / YOGURT (3 times a week, avoid when the baby has cold & phlegm, prefer room temperature. As the baby grows you can increase the quantity)

Lunch for baby – 11.30 to 12.30 pm
Try using whole grains like

 Broken wheat (daliya).
 Half basmati brown rice with half white rice.
 Soak them for about 2 to 4 hours in warm water before cooking. Discard the water.

Try one of the following

 DALIA KHICHDI (vegetable broken wheat food)
 VENN PONGAL(skip pepper, hing)
 DAL KHICHDI with one of the vegetables: spinach, methi, pumpkin, carrot, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, tomato
 TOMATO DAL KHICHDI (no veggies)
 SWEET POTATO RICE (make the same way as potato rice, you can add a bit of jaggery instead of salt)
 PLANTAIN RICE RECIPE (raw cooking banana with rice)
 CHICKPEA TODDLER MEAL for toddlers not for babies
 INDIAN BABY FOOD with chickpeas and methi leaves (11 months, only for babies not having colic)
 Dal & mashed rice with TOMATO RASAM, RASAM made with RASAM POWDER
 mashed rice with MOONG DAL RASAM or dal ka paani (bassaru)
 Soft mashed rice withDRUMSTICK SAMBAR or SAMBAR (15 months and above,mash up the veggies along with the rice, try using homemade sambar powder)

For a lighter meal, if the baby has colic

 mashed rice with dal ka paani with a pinch of ajwain(strained dal soup)
 Soft Mashed rice with milk
 Mashed rice with yogurt (avoid this frequently)
 Soft Mashed rice & banana (if needed puree)
 Mashed rice with TAMARIND / DANIYA RASAM
 Soft cooked carrot, mashed rice with daniya rasam
 sabudana porridge with salt and ajwain (vaamu / carom seeds) powder
 rice porridge with salt and ajwain powder

Mid noon – 2. 30 to 3 pm
Fruits or steam cooked mashed veggies
Evening snack for baby -5 to 5.30 pm
One of the following:

 Large serving of Milk
 whole grain cereal
 RAGI MALT WITH MILK (almond powder can be included)
 Millet porridge (will post the recipe shortly)
 ALMOND MILK with powdered corn flakes or nestum rice (stage 1)
 CARROT BABY FOOD (can skip almonds)

Dinner – 7 to 7.45 pm
Please Note:
Feeding late can cause indigestion and the infant may not sleep due to colic. Avoid feeding heavy foods. Dinner should always be light, nutritious, mostly vegetable based.

 For babies from 10 to 12 months prefer light foods from breakfast section. Avoid egg & nuts.

 Babies above 12 months : Any foods mentioned in the breakfast and lunch can also be served for dinner.

Other options

 mashed rice with dal ka paani (strained dal soup)
 Soft mashed rice with milk
 Mashed rice, carrot with daniya rasam
 rice porridge with veggies
 Rice with dal ka pani (bassaru) and light cooked vegetables.
 Soft Rice with tomato rasam and light steamed or cooked vegetables.

Bed time – 8.30 to 9 pm
Large serving of Milk. Make sure there is a gap of at least 1 hour 30 mins in between the completion of dinner and milk. For babies above 12 months: If the baby is still hungry after the milk, can feed some light crackers.

Related post: how to make ragi flour for babies or toddlers’ porridge

Tips to increase the appetite in babies

1. Try to serve fruits 1 ½ to 2 hours before a meal. They tend to make the infant feel hungry naturally. Do not serve fruit with a meal.

2. Do not mix fruits with dairy especially milk. It leads to indigestion.

3. Babies need exercise, let them play and crawl or run around. Don’t confine them to a small area. For toddlers / babies who can walk, a small walk in the neighborhood before a meal can make them hungry.

General Tips:

1. If you have a very fussy baby, avoid milk in the early morning and serve milk based breakfast mentioned in the table.

2. Serving bread or any other baked stuff to babies, leads to colic or bloating due to the ingredients like baking soda, powder, yeast etc.

3. Limit crackers or biscuits to only once a day, avoiding is however better.

About Swasthi

I’m Swasthi Shreekanth, the recipe developer, food photographer & food writer behind Swasthi’s Recipes. My aim is to help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested recipes. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook I am sure Swasthi’s Recipes will assist you to enhance your cooking skills.

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Business dialogue “An hour with the Trade Representative of Russian Children’s Products Industry: Russia – India” took place at the XII IDT Congress

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Within the framework of the XII Congress of the Children's Goods Industry, an online business dialogue "An Hour with the Trade Representative of the Russian Children's Products Industry": Russia - Delhi" was held, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises. The main speakers of this session were Evgeny Ostapkevich, Head of the Operations Department of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India, Anna Krotova, Head of the International Economic Center, and Nikita Semenov, member of the Board of Directors of the Topol Group of Companies. Anastasia Vasilkova, co-founder and head of the direction for the development of export of goods and services of Choupette, moderated the hour with the trade representative. nine0035

Yevgeny Ostapkevich, Head of the Operations Department of the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India, spoke about the specifics of interaction with Indian partners and measures to support exporters provided by the Trade Mission of India. The speaker spoke about the general economic situation in India and the state of affairs in the Russian-Indian trade and economic cooperation, with a special emphasis on children's products that could be in demand in India.

The expert named two categories of goods: children's toys and baby food, and explained why, according to the trade mission, they will be in demand in the growing Indian market.

India's children's toy market reached US$1.2 billion in 2020. Of these, only 20% are produced in India, 80% are exported from other countries, primarily from China: the export of toys from China reached 600 million US dollars. According to analysts' forecasts, the children's toys market in India will grow by another 12% over the next 5 years. nine0003

The Indian government is trying to stimulate its own production of toys, in particular, protective import duties. For some goods, the duty rate reaches 60%.

Basically, toys in India are produced by small and medium-sized businesses. Clusters in which producers work on favorable terms are usually created by the states and they operate on the basis of a common message - "Make in India". Indian authorities give their producers significant preferences. nine0003

In this regard, the Trade Representation recommends that Russian companies enter the Indian toy market, taking into account local realities - the prospect of localizing production in India, which will help to avoid barriers in the form of high duties and expensive logistics.

The second interesting niche for export is baby food. The mentality needs to be taken into account here - Indians have a traditional way of thinking and don't really trust packaged baby food, especially for babies. But at the same time, the demand for baby food is growing along with an increase in the birth rate. nine0003

In addition, in India, the number of working women who have to look for a replacement for traditional nutrition is constantly increasing. The main export segments, as seen by the Trade Delegation, are milk formulas, cereals for baby food and ready-made mixtures of vegetables and fruits. These prepared food segments are the fastest growing and are expected to grow by another 22% in the near future.

Baby food, like toys, is subject to high import duties. The import of food products in India is controlled by a special division, and a license will be required for a particular manufacturer or supplier. nine0003

In general, for all comers who would like to enter the Indian market with Russian goods, a "field" or "desk" study will be mandatory. If you come to the conclusion that your product will be in demand, study the sales channels - they often do not coincide with Russian ones. The third step is to bring products in line with international and Indian standards and identify partners correctly. The most reliable payment system when dealing with Indians is a letter of credit.

The Indians discuss each clause of the treaty for a very long time, they do not make hasty decisions. When entering the Indian market, one should not expect an instant result, one must be prepared for lengthy negotiations, including on opening part of the production in India and creating jobs there.

The Trade Delegation is ready to advise anyone who would like to enter the Indian market and can provide a partner search service with a preliminary check of interest. Together with the REC, the Trade Representation organized a special export support group. nine0003

The recording of the event is available at the link.

A conversation about how to properly enter and promote Russian manufacturers of children's goods in different countries, not only in India, will be one of the topics of discussion at the Secrets of Children's Marketing forum, which will be held on March 16-17, 2022.


The Children's Goods Industry Congress is the main industry event of the year, which is held to organize a dialogue between business and the state, popularize the best practices of industry leaders, and form new tools for international and scientific and industrial cooperation. The event is held with the assistance and support of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Natural Resources and other departments. nine0003

Representatives of the Russian and international children's goods market, industry experts and organizations were invited to participate in the XII IDT Congress in 2021. Participation in the event is free.

The main topic of the XII Congress of the children's goods industry was the concept of sustainable development in the interests of childhood, which is reflected in the Action Plan ("road map") for the development of the children's goods industry until 2024, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1813-r of 07/11/2020. and determining all the important and complex tasks of industry for a given period. nine0003

Goa resorts with children

For those who come here with children for the first time, everything usually starts like this.

Ksenia Lobachevskaya blog freeliving

Any mother brought up on the ideals of total hygiene and boiling would make her hair stand on end in India. Even I, who, it would seem, had already seen different India, when I got here with a child, at first there was a culture shock - I probably lost the habit in a couple of years. After arriving at night, we settled in the same room as the first time upon arrival in Arambol 6 years ago. Small, dark, and now also very dirty (obviously, it has never been renovated). nine0003

But then life gradually gets better:

We washed everything and everything there, ourselves and the refrigerator — and finally exhaled. The slow cooker took its place of honor, the stock of food was bought and our first quiet family wintering in Goa flowed like a river. Day after day, month after month.

Whether to go to Goa with a small child is a rhetorical question. Forums explode from discussions. Someone thinks that experiments on the immunity of children are a dangerous business, and such trips are against. Others are sure that unsanitary conditions can be encountered in their native Anapa, and boldly pack their bags. nine0003

But Goa has two weighty arguments that you can't argue with: warm sea and endless beaches. If you have made a choice in their favor, we will tell you in which villages it is better to settle with a baby, is it possible to find cottage cheese and kefir in Goa, is it worth taking a stroller with you and how to place an order in a cafe so that the food is not fiery spicy.

How to get to Goa
    Where is it better to live with children
    • North Goa
    • South Goa
    How to feed a child
    • Where to buy milk, baby purees and other
    • How to feed a child in a cafe
    How to entertain children in Goa
      What you need to know about medicine in Goa

        How to get to Goa

        There are three routes to fly to Goa.

        Tatyana Solomatina blog otdoxnite

        talks about the first option:

        Direct charter flights fly from Russia to Goa during the tourist season. Such a flight from Moscow to Dabolim Airport takes about 7 hours. However, the trouble is that it is almost impossible to buy charter tickets during the season. Moreover, if tour operators throw them on the market, it is by no means at a “charter” price. However, this is the easiest way to get to Goa, so it is worth keeping an eye on such offers. nine0003

        Photo by Tatyana Solomatina

        It is convenient to get from Dabolim Airport by transfer. Why?

        • easy to book and pay online;
        • you can order a child seat, booster and even a car seat in the salon;
        • the driver will meet and escort you to the car. After a tiring 7-hour flight, you simply put the baby in the car and go to your vacation spot, rather than running around the airport looking for a taxi.

        The next two ways to get to Goa are to fly to Mumbai or Delhi. If you take a ticket with a transfer in Istanbul or Zurich, you can save a lot. nine0003

        From Delhi and Mumbai you can get to Goa by plane, train or bus. In the first case, it will be expensive, By bus - long, but cheap. When traveling by rail, it is important to match the schedule with the time of arrival, as trains do not run at night.

        Photo by Tatyana Solomatina

        ❗You can also drive from Delhi to Goa by rented car. You can take it directly at the airport or even at home online. Most importantly, do not forget to indicate in the application that you need a child seat or booster.

        Where is it better to live with children

        Map of Goa

        Goa is divided into two parts, north and south. You will not find large cities on the seashore, but there are many small villages.

        Experienced traveling mothers talk about the difference between northern and southern Goa.

        Svetlana, guest at economlegko:

        I have been to GOA five times, for a period of two weeks to a month. And always with children, starting from the age of three. For holidays with children, you need to go only to the south. There are no anxious men, no such dirt as in the north. And, of course, there is no entertainment either. Get ready to entertain the kids yourself. And the rest - GOA - it's a great vacation. nine0003

        Maryalice13, user otzyv:

        If you are a fan of absolutely seal rest and complete relaxation, if you do not get tired of eating in the same restaurant, if you are a champion of one hundred percent cleanliness and order, then you should definitely choose one of the hotels in the south of Goa. We rented a motorbike and rode up north for fun. I can’t say that the distances there are gigantic, but you still can’t run into a child, so this time I knew for sure that we would go to the north of Goa. nine0003

        Site author indianochka:

        If you need peace and beautiful nature, then welcome to South Goa. But you will most likely not see any fun holidays and unusual people here. North Goa is saturated with the color of a mixture of cultures, noisy youth, the atmosphere of an eternal holiday, but the beaches and hotels here are objectively worse.

        ❗ The stroller is only needed to move around the airport. It will be difficult with her in Goa, because there are no sidewalks and good roads. nine0003

        North Goa


        In Arambol you can stay in a guest house, rent an apartment or find a bamboo bungalow right on the seashore. True, in the latter case, you will have to live without hot water and a kitchen.

        These are the same bamboo bungalows

        There are many cafes and restaurants in the village.

        Alexander and Natalia blog "Life with a dream"

        tell where in Arambol you can feed the whole family with borscht or dumplings:

        For those who miss Russian cuisine, Pirozhki cafe. It is located 3 minutes drive from Arambol towards Mandrem on the right side. Stylized as a simple garage, to the melodies of Soviet songs, you will be fed with borscht, dumplings, dumplings, pies and compote. Everything is exactly like in Soviet times. nine0003

        You won't be able to relax on the main beach in Arambol. And here's why:

        If you walk towards the Mandrem beach, you will find quiet and suitable places for swimming.


        The quietest area in the north of Goa. At this resort, you will not suffer from noisy night parties under the windows. The beach here is one and a half kilometers long. The entrance to the sea is gentle, there are no big waves. There are vegetable shops and grocery stores.

        One of the minuses of the village is its remoteness from the sea. On a bike, you can drive to the nearest beach in 5 minutes or walk for 30–40. In addition, bloggers note that the houses here are very dark and the light has to be turned on even during the day. nine0003 Site photo goavilla

        Mandrem is popular with tourists, it is better to book accommodation here in advance.


        If you are afraid of the language barrier, go to this village. Many tourists from Russia rest here, and in the cafe you can easily order lunches from the Russian-language menu. True, prices here are higher than in other villages of North Goa. But there are also fewer tourists. In addition, if you rent accommodation in advance, you can save a decent amount.

        An additional argument in favor of Morjim is a three-kilometer beach with fine sand and a gentle entry into the water. nine0003

        Maryalice13 with otzyv vacationed in Morjim with a 3-year-old child and shares advice on where to swim:

        If you are facing the sea, then on the left the beach strip is narrower, where rolling waves flood the first row of sunbeds, not entirely, of course, but somehow it's not very cool.

        On the right, on the contrary, you have to cut 20-30 meters to the sea. We spent time here. The child calmly dug in the dry sand, not fearing that his toys would be carried away by the oncoming wave. And if the daughter wanted to run along the beach, we had no fear that she would somehow accidentally end up in the sea without us. nine0003

        ❗There is even a kindergarten here. Babies from one and a half years old can be left for several hours or a whole day.


        Polina spent the winter in Goa with her husband and a one-year-old child. On the detkitur website, he tells what is good about Kerim and what are his disadvantages:

        North Goa's most recent beach, surrounded by pine trees that provide amazing shade. It is very sparsely populated and more one feels unity with nature. And here is the only equipped embankment: you can walk along the sea along the asphalt alley in the shade of tall trees, sit in the little squares by the sea on the benches. But Kerim has a very steep entry into the sea and a narrow sandy strip. Our child almost did not swim, mostly played near the sun loungers in the shade of the canopy. At the very beginning of the beach there are several cafes, all of them without a soul. nine0003

        You can rent accommodation in Kerim on the spot, but with a child it is better to rent it in advance.

        ❗Where you don't have to go in North Goa , says the same Maryalice13 with otzyv:

        For holidays with children, I do not recommend choosing the following beaches - Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna and Vagator. I don’t recommend it for the following reasons: on some of them, rather sharp stones complicate entry into the water, and algae come across (my child categorically refused to enter the water when he saw algae, “dirty water” and that’s it), these beaches are popular with the Indians themselves that does not add to their purity. nine0003

        South Goa


        This area includes 11 villages.

        Pavel Laputskov on travelask advises where to find the best beach:

        Geographically, the settlement of Majorda includes three beaches - Utorda, Majorda and Colva. The last beach is considered the most popular among locals and Indian tourists, so it is always noisy, crowded, and sometimes dirty. For relaxation, it is best to choose Majorda Beach or Utorda. These two beaches have amazing sand, there are several seks where you can have a delicious meal, and it is also not very crowded. nine0003

        Photo by travelask

        There are many accommodation options in Majorda, it is better to book a hotel or apartment online even before the trip.

        Iskra website MAKE-TRIP

        tells what will attract this village:

        Benaulim has a relaxed atmosphere. The main contingent of vacationers are Russian tourists and Europeans of retirement age. There are no noisy clubs, but there are small cafes. Life here starts early and ends early too - by 19:00 everything is already closed. The nearest shops and other benefits of civilization are in the neighboring villages of Margao and Colva. nine0003

        Photo courtesy of new-traveler

        As in other resorts, it is better to rent accommodation in Benaulim in advance.

        Pavel and Alexandra Volkov website

        stayed at this resort for a month, and here's why:

        We traveled all over the state and from the resort areas we liked South Goa the most, namely, the Palolem area - the cleanest, calmest and most picturesque part of the resort state. The beach here is the most pleasant, the water is clean, good infrastructure. nine0003

        Accommodation in Palolem can also be rented online.

        Photo from the site Forum Vinskogo

        How to feed a child

        Where to buy milk, baby purees and other

        In stores you will find the usual flour, oatmeal, rice, semolina and pasta. There will be no problems with milk and sour milk either: there is sour cream, yogurt, milk and cheese.

        Natalia Lyubimova tells how things are in Goa with baby formula and canned puree:

        Artificial nutrition (mixtures) is available in pharmacies. I have not seen canned purees, and there is no need for them. A blender costs 700 rupees (350 rubles), there are more sophisticated ones for 1000-1500 rupees. Vegetables and fruits most suitable for mashed potatoes are zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, avocados, etc. Fruits - papaya, mango, watermelon, bananas - great for kids.

        How to feed a child in a cafe

        Forum member Maryalice13 recalls that there were no problems with baby food in the cafe:

        Almost all cafes have porridge on the menu, simple oatmeal, either with fruit (and there are many fruits in it), or with banana, rice porridge, pancakes with various fillings. Everything is delicious! The child ate with pleasure. We dined, as a rule, in cafes on the beaches. There you can safely order chicken soup or soup with seafood (if the child eats it), most importantly, specify what it is for the child and ask to do not spicy. A separate topic is the local Naan flatbreads, they are of several types, with garlic, garlic and cheese, etc. , they can be eaten endlessly! Very, very tasty! The daughter ate by herself and fed the beach dogs.)

        Inna Cherepanova, the author of economlegko, doesn't have such a rosy idea about catering in Goa:

        In Goa, food adapted for tourists, there is a cafe with Italian, Russian, American cuisine. But as soon as you move a little further from the central beaches, the problems of “what to eat” begin. My husband and I on trips calmly, and sometimes with pleasure, ate at local eateries. Tali and dosa - and no diarrhea! The main ingredient is rice. And if the child does not like rice? You won't have to travel far from the tourist spots. Someone would not really want to, but we always like to climb into remote or simply unbeaten paths for tourists. If rice goes well with your children, you will not be lost in India. nine0003

        She also warns:

        Never drink water in jugs. In Indian eateries, jugs of drinking water are always served. This is included in the price of the order. All the locals drink. I do not advise you. And don’t let a child near these jugs at all! Dysentery can be easily caught.

        How to entertain children in Goa

        Here are some interesting places for children:

        • Bigfoot Museum
        • Cotigao Nature Reserve
        • Anjuna Water Park
        • Goa Aviation Museum
        • Aguada fort
        • Redi fort

        If you want to dilute your beach holiday with excursions, you can go crab fishing on the Nerul River with the whole family under the guidance of a Tripster guide.

        What you need to know about medicine in Goa

        In order not to overpay for the services of doctors and medicines in an unfamiliar country, be sure to buy medical insurance for the whole family. Keep all receipts and checks - then show them to the insurance company for reimbursement. nine0003

        Grab a discount! With promo code TRAVELBLENDER2020 , insurance will come out 10% cheaper than .

        Tatyana Solomatina recalls how she called the doctor to her son, who had a high temperature on vacation:

        Less than half an hour later, a shiny new local ambulance drove into the area. The car was really cool, fully equipped inside (specially looked when seeing off the doctors).

        Photo from explore-knowmore

        Two people entered the room, as I later realized - a doctor and a nurse. Both are young, about 30 years old, with a smile conducive to communication. They wiped their hands with alcohol wipes that they had with them. The doctor carefully examined the child. They spoke in English. The diagnosis was poisoning, they left six local preparations: for fever, absorbents, antibiotics, enzymes for the stomach, some kind of powder, such as rehydron and vitamins. The temperature dropped in the evening and did not rise again. nine0003

        Ksenia Lobachevskaya talks about her acquaintance with a pediatrician:

        The nearest clinic accepting insurance policies turned out to be in Mandrem - Sofiya Clinic. And during this season we got to know her doctor Dr.Ravinder Singh Chhikara. He made a quite good impression, he knows a little Russian, he is ready to meet, he goes to the house. A visit to his clinic costs 500 rupees, a home visit costs 2,000 rupees. Our insurance paid off. Prescribes a list of medications. Antibiotics do not recommend, but do not delay. Almost all medicines can be dispensed on the spot. In general, medicines in India are very affordable and, according to reviews, are of very high quality (fakes are rare). nine0003

        What to watch out for


        There are 5 types of venomous snakes in India. There is an antidote, but you need to have time to see a doctor. Tell your child not to touch snakes.


        The same applies to jellyfish. You can not touch them: there will be a burn. If contact does occur, take the child to the doctor at a run.

        Drinking water

        Do not drink or cook with tap water.

        Learn more