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Immediate ban issued for self feeding pillows due to 'risk of death'

The HSE has issued advice on best practice around feeding your baby


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  • Self-feeding baby pillows have been banned for sale in Ireland (Image: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission)

    Self-feeding pillows designed for babies who cannot yet hold bottles have been issued with an immediate ban by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) due to the "risk of death or serious harm" they pose to infants.

    What are self-feeding pillows?

    Self-feeding pillows are devices designed to help prop up a bottle of milk for a baby to help them keep it in their mouth free of their parent's hand, helping the baby to feed itself.

    Common designs, such as ones sold on Amazon, work by having a pillow which is placed around the baby’s neck, then a piece of elastic holds the bottle in position, allowing the baby to suck on the bottle without a parent holding it.

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    However, the CCPC has warned that when using a device like this, the baby is unable to control the flow of milk. As the baby is unable to move the bottle, milk may continue to flow even if the infant is not swallowing, which may lead to choking.

    The commission further warned that if choking occurs, the child may be silent as a baby may not have the ability to let the parent or caregiver know that they are choking.

    While the CCPC stressed that they have not seen any product like this for sale in Irish stores, many online retailers stock different versions of self-feeding pillows.

    What has been said?

    CCPC director of product safety Clara Thornton said in a statement: "Baby self-feeding pillows present a risk of death or serious harm from choking or aspiration pneumonia.

    "They are dangerous and go against HSE advice on safe bottle-feeding. If any consumer comes across these products, they should report them to the CCPC."

    HSE child health public health lead Dr Abigail Collins added: "Never leave your baby to drink a bottle on their own. Propping or leaning the bottle using a pillow, self-feeding pillow or any other support can be dangerous. Doing this could cause your baby to choke."


    According to the HSE website, the best way to feed your child is to sit in a position that is comfortable for you and your baby and hold your baby in your arms and hold the bottle in your hand.

    The HSE also advise that you never leave a baby to drink a bottle on their own and never prop or lean the bottle against:

    • pillows
    • a self-feeding pillow
    • any another support

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    Details about the twin nursing pillow

    Breastfeeding twins or twins is quite a challenge. Separate feeding implies inconvenience for the mother. Children will be awake and sleep at different times.

    The twin nursing pillow can solve all your problems. There is no doubt that this device, which is widely used in foreign countries, will also be widespread in Russia.

    Benefits nine0009

    Benefits of a twin nursing pillow include:

    • Feeding will become a very comfortable process. You no longer have to bend the body. An excellent option for relieving stress from the spine;
    • You can synchronize the biological rhythms of babies. After feeding, the kids will immediately fall asleep. You can have a good rest at this time;
    • The cushion can be fastened with Velcro. Thus, with its fixation there will never be any problems. nine0014

    Cushion structures

    Roll pillow allows you to sleep in any position. The top edge should be under the head, and the bottom edge between the knees.

    Maternity pillow can be used even during childbirth. In this case, the spine will not be under load. A pillow to get rid of edema is often placed under the legs.

    A model that resembles a table with rounded corners may also be the best option for you. An additional pillow is provided for back support. You can put napkins or towels in a special pocket. nine0003

    Using a twin nursing pillow

    The woman lies on the floor or on the couch. The pillow is on your knees. The position "from under the hands" will definitely appeal to you. Each baby will be applied to a separate breast. You only need to hold their heads.

    Be sure to change breasts while breastfeeding. The same baby should not be applied to the same breast all the time.

    Which upper material should be preferred nine0003

    It is best if the products for pregnant women and babies are made from some natural fabric. Linen, calico or cotton will be ideal options for you. As for the color, the shades should be muted. Pillows with fun children's drawings are also suitable.

    Some mums use plush and faux fur pillows. It is important that the pillow has a removable cover. Thus, you can easily monitor hygiene.

    Ideal fillers nine0009

    The nursing pillow should not be too soft. It is important that it easily takes the desired shape.

    Your best bet is Styrofoam . Do not worry - it does not pose any danger to you or your children. You should be reassured by the following fact: the presented material is actively used for the manufacture of disposable tableware.

    Styrofoam is in the form of small balls. This allows for the production of truly durable nursing pads. nine0003

    When your pillow is a little smaller (this is due to the flattening of the elements inside), you can replace the Styrofoam. You can easily find it at any hardware store.

    Today, holofiber is also actively used to stuff the described pillows. The list of its advantages includes the following: durability, hypoallergenicity, springy structure. These pillows are washable. At the same time, after washing, they do not lose their original appearance. nine0003

    As for cheap materials, the emphasis is often placed on foam rubber . When buying such a pillow, make sure that the store has all the required product certificates.

    Pillows with buckwheat husk can create additional problems for you. And all because such material makes too much noise. Moreover, such pillows are usually very hard. The process of feeding in such a situation will not be comfortable for you.

    Experts do not recommend purchasing latex and santonin pillows. And all because they quickly lose their elasticity. If there is no certificate for the pillow, then do not buy it. Such products may be hazardous to your child's health.

    Cushion versatility

    Nursing pillows can be used in a variety of ways. For example, such devices are very useful when carrying a child.

    When you bring your baby home from the hospital, you will need to protect him. The world around the little man seems incomprehensible and frightening. The nursing pillow will define the boundaries you need. Your baby will sleep peacefully in the center of the soft cushion. nine0003

    The products described are also often used for laying babies on their tummy. It is very safe and helpful. With the help of a pillow, the baby will be able to take a sitting position. In this case, it will be possible to feed him with a spoon.

    When your child is a little older, you can put a pillow under the back. Thus, the child will not roll over in a dream.

    How to make your own nursing pillow

    If you like to sew, then you can easily solve this problem:

    • The first stage is sketching. You must clearly and clearly understand what form you want to get at the output of the "production process". An ideal option for you would be a pillow in the form of a horseshoe;
    • Find a pattern on the Web;
    • Procure the necessary materials. Try to keep the top part natural. As for the inside, then, as mentioned above, you will have to go to the construction department of a supermarket for polystyrene foam. If you decide to give preference to holofiber or synthetic winterizer, then pay a visit to the needlework department; nine0014
    • Immediately after making the pillow, sew a pair of covers. As you understand, it is imperative to take care of cleanliness in such matters.

    Important note : It is quite possible to use down from an old duvet when sewing a nursing pillow. Thus, you do not have to run around the shops in search of the right material.

    The final stage is the purchase of Velcro. You can also use semi-automatic fasteners. nine0003

    Remember that the twin nursing pillow really makes it easy. Your life after buying it or making it yourself will become much easier.

    LEN nursing pillow gray 60x50x18 cm

    Perfect match

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    Product information Store location Care instructions Useful information Material and environmental information Contact us

    Product Information

    Safety and comfort are important to you and your baby, especially when breastfeeding. This pillow lifts your baby up, reducing stress on your shoulders, arms and back.

    The support pillow can be used from the very first feeding until the moment when the baby begins to take the first independent steps. nine0003

    This comfortable cushion stays in place even when you have to move a little.

    The cover is made of cotton and lyocell, soft and natural materials that provide comfort to the baby's skin.

    Soft, recycled polyester filling - comfortable for you and your baby, made with nature in mind.

    Easy to keep clean: cushion and cover are machine washable (60°C).

    The Linen pillow will make feeding your baby easier and more enjoyable. The cover is made from natural materials and the filling is made from recycled polyester. Soft, comfortable and environmentally friendly. nine0003

    Assembled size

    Length: 60 cm
    Width: 50 cm
    Height: 18 cm
    Filling weight: 1030 gr
    Total weight: 1125 gr

    Package size and weight

    Item number: 204.002.430052

    1 x LEN pillow for feeding Item number: 204.002.43 1 package(s)

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    Care instructions


    Machine wash 60°C.


    Do not bleach.


    Tumble dry at standard temperature (max. 80 °C).


    Do not iron.


    Do not dry clean.

    Cushion cover

    Shrinkage: max. 4%.

    Cushion cover

    Machine wash 60°C.

    Cushion cover

    Do not bleach.

    Cushion cover

    Tumble dry, low temperature.

    Cushion cover

    Iron on high temperature.

    Cushion cover

    Do not dry clean.

    Good to know

    Never leave your baby unattended with a nursing pillow.

    Recommended for children from 0 years old.


    IKEA of Sweden


    IKEA has stopped using chlorine-based bleaches in the production of textiles and paper, which have a negative impact on the environment. IKEA complies with strict regulations regarding the use of phthalates in products. The use of phthalates in children's products and products in contact with food has been completely phased out. From 1996 IKEA textiles and leather products do not use harmful dyes, such as azo dyes.



    55% lyocell, 45% cotton

    Inner fabric:

    100% cotton


    100% hollow polyester fiber (100% recycled).

    Bedroom and nursery

    When the family grows, the bedroom often becomes a nursery. Convenient for parents, because at night you do not need to go far, and the child feels completely safe. nine0003

    You can change your mind!

    If you are dissatisfied with an item you received when buying online, you have 90 days to return it unopened, unused and unassembled.

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