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5-Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Food Puree

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by Michele Olivier on March 23, 2017 (updated Feb 26, 2021)

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This 5-Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Food Puree is super tasty and also packed with nutrients that help with bone, heart and brain development! Bonus – it’s so easy to make (less then 5 minutes from start to finish) that even the most sleep deprived moms will have the time and energy to make this super-powered meal for baby! Great for 6+ months and up.

Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Food Puree

This beautiful purple puree is not only loaded with nutrients and is delicious but it also only takes 5 minutes to make! That is what I call a triple-threat!

Ingredients in this baby food puree

Here’s a little list of the nutrients that are in this super puree –

Bananas – are filled with vitamin B6, manganese, potassium and fiber which aides in developing cardiovascular health, helps improve digestion and supports baby’s heart.

Blueberries – are a superfood that are loaded with fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and antioxidants that help ward off illnesses, aides in the development of healthy bones, prevents cancer and helps promote healthy cognitive function.

Avocado – are known for being an almost perfect food because they are filled with a ton of vitamin E, potassium, iron and healthy fats that are important for the development of the central nervous system and brain in both babies and toddlers.

So, if we combined all of that together we get a fun puree that is helping baby develop a healthy heart, bones, central nervous system and brain! All of that amazingness in one tasty puree!

How to Make this Puree

There really is only one step to making this easy-peasy healthy puree – toss everything into a blender and puree!

Seriously, it’s that easy!

No cooking. No steaming. No roasting. Just blending and done.

I will say that to get the blueberry peels broken down enough for a smooth puree you will need to scrape the sides of the blender down every 20 seconds and puree for at least 90 seconds. It took me a full 2 minutes of blending to get the smooth puree pictured above. But 2 minutes of paying somewhat attention to what you are doing, is totally worth it. This puree is made for all of us sleep deprived moms out there!

And since it is a copy-cat puree, I spooned this puree into my favorite reusable pouches and handed them out to my girls for snack time at the park. They devoured them in seconds and have been asking for more ever since.

So, the only downside to this amazingly easy puree is that you will be making it all the time:)

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  • 1 cup blueberries if using frozen, thaw first
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado peeled
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • Place all of the ingredients into a blender and process for 1-2 minutes on high speed, scrapping down sides every 30 seconds helps puree the blueberry peels. If puree is super thick, add 1 teaspoon of water in at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

  • Serve and enjoy!

Age: from 6 months and up

Yield: 8 ounces

Storage: Fridge – store in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Freezer – can be frozen for up to 4 months (this and this are my favorite freezer storage containers).

Favorite Kitchen Tools: Get a list of my favorite kitchen tools to make the best baby food here!


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Organic Bananas, Organic Blueberry Puree, Citric Acid.

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10 minutes 10 minutes 9000


This wonderful smoothie is good in every way. In addition to the fact that the taste is awesome, it contains so many vitamins that it is difficult to overestimate. Blueberries contain many trace elements, vitamins A, C, B1, B6, PP. It is a powerful antioxidant, it is used to boost immunity, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, sore throat, cough, diseases of the cardiovascular system, to lower blood sugar. Banana does not lag behind in its usefulness - it contains natural sugars and fiber, the protein tryptophan, which turns into serotonin, improves mood and increases the feeling of happiness. Bananas are recommended for mental stress, they reduce swelling, are useful for patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis, diseases of the stomach and intestines, they help to quit smoking (!), because. contain B1 and B12, which, together with K and Mg, fight nicotine. And yogurt is useful for all ages, especially since it is better absorbed than milk in older people. Convinced you to try this smoothie? Then let's get started! 62 g

% DV




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age, weight and activity. It is a reference information.

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Ingredients for




2 pcs.

I have homemade yogurt without sugar.

In the bowl of the bender, introduce all the ingredients and mix them. For those with a sweet tooth, you can add sugar or honey of your choice.

Pass our yummy through a sieve to remove the pits and skins. Another plus - ready in an instant!

Help yourself and be healthy!

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Blueberry Banana Smoothie - step by step recipe with photo

insinuatingness, a certain childishness . .. But it is so. Smoothie is a light, delicate, enveloping drink, reminiscent of childhood dreams, a thick cocktail with juicy contents. The main advantage of a smoothie is that the benefits of this drink are quite equivalent to the taste. And the ease of preparation rivals the almost total absence of calories. And it captivates with the fact that it can be successfully prepared from any fruits and vegetables. And almost does not require additional "chips". For example, a banana-blueberry smoothie contains, in addition to the banana and blueberries mentioned in the name, only cream, honey and coconut topping.

Ingredients Calories How to cook Similar dishes Comments

Ingredients for the dish

  • Energy value (beta)
  • Total weight of ingredients: 474 g.
  • Calories per 100g: 68 kcal
  • Calories per serving: 160 kcal
  • Whole meal calories: 321 kcal
  • Proteins: 6. 7
  • Fat: 1.1
  • Carbohydrates: 119.1
  • Blueberry


  • Banana


  • Yogurt

    2st. l.

  • Water


  • Honey

    2h. l.

  • Ice cubes


How to Make a Banana Blueberry Smoothie - step by step

1Prepare the ingredients for the smoothie.

2Wash the blueberries thoroughly and place them in a blender.

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