Best containers for homemade baby food

Buying Guide 2022: Best Baby Food Storage (6 expert tips)

The Best Baby Food Storage Containers for storing and freezing homemade baby food. Plus – 6 expert tips on how to store baby food, as well as a how-to guide on freezing and thawing your own baby food, FAQs, pros and cons and so much more!

Medically reviewed and co-written by Lauren Braaten, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT).

Best Baby Food Storage Containers

Want to make your own homemade baby food, but are not sure the best way to store it?

Then this post is for you!

Regardless if you are making homemade purees or going with the baby-led weaning approach to feeding your baby, you will need some small fridge and freezer-safe containers to store your baby’s food in.

Below you will find my tried-and-true storage containers at all price points, along with my guide on how to freeze and thaw baby food purees., FAQs, pros and cons of each container, as well as 6 tips on the best way to store baby food.

How to Make Baby Food Video

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make and store your own baby food!

Top Baby Food Freezer Storage Containers

If you just want to cut straight to the chase – these are our absolute favorite storage containers for baby food.

Baby Food Trays

WEESPROUT Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray – great 10-sectioned baby food tray that holds 1.5oz each, but has a 1 oz fill line for smaller portions. Is made out of premium food-grade silicone and has a plastic lid for easy stacking. These trays or worth their price and we would recommend getting a couple of their fun color trays so you can easily stock up on your homemade baby food.

4 Pack of Silicone Ice Cube Molds Tray with Lid – This is a newer purchase for us and so far the quality has been great and you can’t beat the price for 4 trays! The trays are made out of food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic and each cube gives you 1oz of baby food.

Glass Baby Food Storage

WEESPROUT Glass Baby Food Storage Containers – We absolutely love these jars! You get 12 colorful glass jars that hold 4oz each. Great for storing baby food purees as well as yogurts, overnight oats, chia seed pudding for toddlers and kids. While the price is a little high, you will get many years worth out of these jars. Well worth the investment in our opinion.

Babymoov Glass Food Storage Containers – I love that this set comes with two different sizes of containers – 4oz and 8oz. This is great if you have a baby that is a bigger eater and needs more than an ounce or two of purees at each meal.

Plastic Baby Food Containers

WEESPROUT Leakproof Baby Food Storage – just as amazing as their glass jars, just with a smaller price tag! This set comes with 12 colorful 4oz jars made out of BPA free high-quality polypropylene plastic. I also love that this plastic version is easier (and lighter) to toss into your diaper bag for a quick baby meal on the run.

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – a great smaller set that contains 4 – 4oz PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free jars and a storage tray. Great space-saver system that helps keep your jars of baby purees organized and tidy. Plus, you can easily stack more trays on top of each other if you need a bigger freezer stash.

Full Review of each Container: for our full reviews on each of the above products, including pros and cons, go to the end of this guide.

Other Helpful Tools
  • Stasher Bags – these silicone reusable bags can hold your frozen cubes of baby food purees.
  • ZipLock Bags – another option for storing your frozen purees in.

How to Freeze Baby Food

When making homemade baby food purees, your freezer is about to become your best friend, allowing you to keep several weeks’ worth of baby purees at the ready.

For more information on how to make your own baby food, check out my Ultimate Guide on Making Your Own Baby Food!

  • After making your puree, let it cool until just warm.
  • Spoon the puree into your choice of baby food storage container.
  • Cover your container with a lid or plastic wrap, and place in the freezer.
  • Let the puree freeze completely before you crack the purees out of the tray and place the cubes into a plastic freezer zip-lock or stasher bag. If using jars, the frozen purees would stay in the jars.
  • Label each bag or jar with the name of the puree and the date you made it.

How to Thaw Baby Food

Thawing may seem like a no-brainer, but it never hurts to know your options. There are three different ways to thaw purees:


Take the frozen puree cubes that you want to serve out of your freezer, place them in a glass container, and microwave in 20-second increments, stirring every time. The puree is ready when it is just warm to your touch.

Grab two clean spoons, one for you and one for your baby, and test your puree before serving.

Some infants like their puree cold, warm, or really warm, and some will devour it no matter the temperature. You will get to know your baby’s personal preferences as the two of you bond over food.


This one takes the longest time, but it is a great alternative to using a microwave.

Take the frozen puree cubes you want to serve out of your freezer, and place them in glass containers with airtight lids and leave in the fridge for 12 to 16 hours. Do not leave the puree in the container to thaw on the counter or anywhere out of the fridge, as bacteria will start to grow at a rapid rate – which is definitely not good.

The puree will be cold but thawed, so if your baby likes her puree warmed, you’ll have to finish the job using the microwave or stovetop method.


In the smallest saucepan, you can find, place the frozen puree cubes you want to serve, and gently thaw them on medium-low heat until warm, stirring occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you store homemade baby food?

You can store homemade purees in the fridge for up to 5 days or up to 4 months in the freezer. For small finger foods, depending on the item, you can store those in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Is it better to store baby food in glass or plastic?

You can do either! Just make sure to use plastic containers that are BPA-free and container no scratches or dents. To keep the plastic in tact, be sure to wash the containers by hand and do not place in the microwave.

6 Expert Tips on Storing Baby Food
  • Do Not Overfill: it’s important not to overfill any baby food storage container as the purees will expand slightly when freezing.
  • Label Purees: in order to know what you are feeding baby, it’s important to label your purees while they are freezing in the storage containers and when they are stored in freezer bags. Make sure you put the name of the puree as well as the date you made it on. Putting the date on it helps you remember when the puree will expire.
  • Keep Some/Freeze Some: whenever you make a puree, put several ounces in the fridge for your little one to enjoy that week, then freeze the rest of the batch for her to finish up at a later date.
  • Dedicate Space in Freezer: I found it helpful to dedicate a certain space in the freezer (a shelf or drawer) just for your homemade baby food purees. That way you don’t have to go rummaging around your freezer trying to find a puree when your baby is already hungry for dinner. I also found this helpful so that I could take a quick look in my freezer to know exactly how much purees we had on hand and when I would need to make some more.
  • Have Multiple Storage Containers on Hand: while not cheap, having multiple storage containers on hand is really needed to be able to have a good freezer stash of your own baby food. I usually recommend having at least 4 storage trays or 2 sets of jars. This way you can make and store a good amount of purees for the weeks ahead. With the trays, you will freeze the purees in them and then once frozen you can pop out the cubes and place them into a freezer bag, thus leaving you with more trays to work with. For the baby food jars, you will freeze the purees in the jars but they do not pop out, you have to thaw and serve the purees in order to get the jar ready for the next round of food. Either work great, just depends on how you work in your kitchen.
  • What to Look For: regardless of which jars or trays you go with, look for a freezer-safe and dish-washer-safe brand, cuz I know you have better things to do than handwash dishes!

More Resources

Here are some more in-depth guides that will help you feed your baby!

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  • Best Baby Cereals
  • Beaba Babycook Neo Review

Key Features

  • Includes 10 sections that hold 1. 5 ounce each, with a 1-ounce fill line for smaller portions
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Reinforced bottom with a sturdy build for stacking multiple trays
  • Non-stick for easy food removal
  • Easy clip-on lid provides coverage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in a variety of fun colors

Why Our Experts Love it

No more time spent looking for lost container lids! We love this compact, all-in-one baby food storage design. It’s ultra-durable, unbreakable, and made with 100% food-grade silicone, which means no harmful chemicals contacting your baby’s food.



  • Multiple sections make it possible to mix and match flavors for a balanced meal
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Sturdy design makes it easy to stack multiple trays at once
  • Comes with easy clip-on lid
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Lid is made of plastic, although contact with baby food is minimal to none, depending on how full you decide to fill containers

Parent’s Review

I’m really pleased with the baby food cube trays. I’ve now been using them for 2 weeks to do my batch cooking for my baby boy. They’re fantastic, good portion sizes, easy to remove and clean, great clip-on lid to prevent food from spilling out before frozen. I will most likely invest in a couple more trays in the near future.


WEESPROUT Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

No more making baby food every day or cleaning multiple containers throughout the week! Batch prep baby food, purees, breastmilk, and more – then store your food in the tray or transfer to a Ziploc bag for easy meals.



Key Features

  • Food grade silicone
  • Comes with removeable lid
  • Easy to stack and store in the freezer
  • Dishwasher safe

Why Our Experts Love it

The quality is great and you can’t beat the price for 4 trays! Each cube gives you 1 ounce of baby food for perfect portion sizing to help minimize waste.



  • Great price
  • Each tray has 14 small sections, giving you plenty of space for different baby food flavor combinations
  • Small portion size can be useful for other items, such has freezing bone broth, fresh herbs in olive oil or candy molds


  • Not made with the same high-qualilty materials as the trays marketed for baby food – which may not last as long.

Parent’s Review

I bought the trays to freeze my homemade baby food (thanks to COVID-19, I needed to save money and had the extra time). These trays are AMAZING! The lids made for easy stacking in the freezer. The cubes were very easy to pop out, definitely more sturdy than they feel, easy to clean, great colors, and can’t beat the price for he quality. I highly recommend this product!! Thank you!!


4 Pack of Silicone Ice Cube Molds Tray with Lid

These silicone ice cube molds are quite the bargain! The flexible silicone material shapes the bottom well, making it easy to release baby food.


Key Features

  • Set of 12 glass baby food storage containers with lids
  • 4-ounce capacity jars with measurement markings
  • Made of food-grade glass
  • Airtight, twist-on lids
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher friendly
  • Also available in 8-ounce capacity

Why Our Experts Love it

We love these colorful, eco-friendly glass jars. They are great for storing baby food purees as well as yogurts, overnight oats, and chia seed pudding for toddlers and kids. They also come in a BPA-Free plastic version – WEESPROUT Leakproof Baby Food Storage.



  • Ultra-durable glass jars
  • Airtight twist-on lids helps keep food fresh
  • Convenient measurement markings lets you control the portion size
  • Jars are stackable for space saving


  • More expensive than other storage containers, although many reviewers feel their durability makes the investment well worth it

Parent’s Review

I’m thrilled at this product. I was looking for non-toxic, non-plastic container options to store baby food and to take to daycare. This has been an awesome solution! I love that I can store in freezer, write on lid, and thaw food in warmer without worrying about heating up plastic. The glass is sturdy, they look great, and I can reuse for more than just baby food. I’m really happy with this purchase. The package came safe with thoughtful minimal packaging. Love this eco-friendly, zero waste baby product. Wee Sprout has been excellent to work with and offers amazing customer service.


WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

WeeSprout Baby Food Storage Containers make batch preparing baby food quick and easy. Airtight lids keep food fresh, nutritious, and delicious longer.



Key Features

  • Set of 8 glass containers and lids (four, 4 ounce and four, 8 ounce containers)
  • Measurement markings on the jars
  • Leak proof lids
  • Made of environmentally-friendly glass, BPA and Phtalate free
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe

Why Our Experts Love it

We love that this set comes with two different sizes of containers – 4 ounce and 8 ounce. This is great if you have a baby that is a bigger eater and needs more than an ounce or two of purees at each meal.



  • Multi size pack provides convenience
  • Airtight screw top keeps food fresh
  • Stain resistant and free from harmful components
  • Stackable for easy storage


  • More expensive than other storage containers, although many reviewers feel their durability makes the investment well worth it

Parent’s Review

I bought a set to test out as reusable containers for my breast milk and I am not disappointed!! I love that they’re able to hold a good quantity of milk even more so than the baggies and the main reason I got them is because I can easily just wash them and reuse them…. they fit perfectly fine and could be easily stacked so I’d say they’re the perfect size!! The lid is a twist on so you don’t have to worry about leaks at all which was another important thing for me very easy to use clean and reuse… the best part is I can use them for this now and later on when needed I can use them for other things so I’ll be getting my money’s worth with them.


Babymoov Glass Food Storage Containers

Provides a healthy and easy way to store your baby’s meals, in addition to preserving the taste of food for longer. Stackable for easy storage and microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.




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Key Features

  • Set includes four, 4-ounce containers and stackable tray
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Measurement markings indicate portion sizes
  • BPA free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Also available in 2-ounce capacity

Why Our Experts Love it

The OXO Tot Baby Blocks are a great smaller set if you don’t plan on making a lot of baby food or only making baby food occasionally. The space-saver system helps keep your jars of baby purees organized and tidy.



  • Airtight, watertight, leak-proof seal prevents spills in freezer or diaper bag
  • Stackable tray keeps containers stable and organized in the freezer
  • Measurement markings make portioning simple


  •  Some reviewers find that taking apart 3 pieces to wash can be tiresome, but does allow for a thorough cleaning

Parent’s Review

The quality of these containers is definitely much superior than the other cheap ones we see here on Amazon. Why buy a cheaper thing to your baby if you will be using these containers over an over again? Also they are beautiful and very easy to clean. They are so good that I decided to buy more sets, I have 2 of 4 oz containers and 2 of the 6 oz containers. For now, that my baby is 8 months old his meals are 4 oz but might improve in the future so I decided have those bigger ones and fill with whatever quantity I want now.

– Renata

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

Baby Blocks are airtight, watertight and leakproof for safe storage and spill-free outings. Blocks fit into the freezing tray, and multiple trays can be stacked to save space in the freezer.




7 Best Baby Food Storage Containers (2022 Reviews)

Whether you’re making your own baby food or storing store-bought baby food, you want containers that will keep it fresh and safe from harmful chemicals, prevent freezer burn, and be easy to use and clean.

As baby food storage containers come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and formats, it can be challenging to know which containers are worth buying. But we’ll make it easy for you. We’ll explain the advantages of the different types of food storage containers and how to use them to store your baby food safely.

We’ll even compare the top products and give you our reviews of the best baby food storage containers for storing and freezing homemade baby food purees for use at home or on the go.

Our Top Picks

We love honesty! Mom Loves Best earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you.



Product Comparison Table


Best Glass Storage

WeeSprout Glass

  • Measurements on the container
  • Set of 12
  • High-grade, food-safe glass

Check Price

Best Budget Pick

Sage Baby

  • Lots of jars for a good price
  • BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free
  • Reusable

Check Price

Best Freezer Tray

Kiddo Feedo

  • Includes baby food e-cookbook
  • Silicone is durable
  • Tight clip-on lid

Check Price

Best Plastic Containers

Tovla BPA Free Plastic

  • Travel size
  • Attached, leak-proof lid
  • BPA-free plastic

Check Price

Best SnapLock Containers

OXO Tot Baby Blocks

  • Includes carrying tray
  • Extra-secure lids
  • High-quality materials

Check Price

Best Food Pouches

Wee Sprout Reusables

  • Extra wide, double-zipper bottom
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Multiple sizes available

Check Price

Best Large Containers

Collapsible Silicone

  • 3 large sizes to choose from
  • Collapsible design
  • Airtight lids

Check Price

Table of Contents

  • Our Top Picks
  • The Best Baby Food Storage Containers of 2022
  • Types of Baby Food Storage Containers
  • How to Store Baby Food Safely
  • Storing Homemade vs. Store-Bought Food
  • Making Your Own Baby Food
  • The Bottom Line

The Best Baby Food Storage Containers of 2022

These are our favorite baby food storage containers.

1. WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

Best Glass Baby Food Storage

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If you are making baby food for the first time, this glass container set will be a great purchase. We like that it takes the guesswork out of storing baby food and has everything a beginner needs. Glass is also one of the safest materials to work with because it is so easy to clean and sterilize.

Choose from a set of 12 4-ounce or eight 8-ounce microwaveable, dishwasher-safe jars. Each jar includes measurement markings on the side so you can portion your baby’s meals and track how much they eat.

All of the products are 100% BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free, so you don’t have to worry about your little one being exposed to questionable chemicals.

These glass baby food storage containers work best for small-batch baby food prep. If you prefer to make large batches of homemade baby food, you may want to purchase several sets.

  • Set includes 12 4-ounce or eight 8-ounce containers.
  • Measurement markings on the container.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Jars may crack if introduced to sudden temperatures changes.

2. Sage Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

Best Baby Food Storage Jars

Check Price

Baby food has traditionally been stored in tiny glass jars because jars are portable and strong, and they hold a tight seal.

We searched for the best large-quantity, high-quality set of baby food storage jars to use at home and found this great set from Sage.

The 12 reusable 4-ounce jars are made of glass, are safe to use in the microwave and freezer, and come with tight-sealing lids and a marker.

With 12 jars for one great price, this is an excellent option for moms on a budget who want to make baby food in bulk.

  • Lots of jars for a good price.
  • High-quality glass material.
  • Reusable.
  • BPA-, phthalate-, lead-, and PVC-free.
  • Takes up storage space.
  • Prone to breakage.

3. Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray

Best Freezer Tray for Baby Food

Check Price

Silicone is the king of the freezer! Foods won’t get stuck in silicone molds and will pop out easily. Silicone is washable, stain-resistant, and won’t scratch or scuff over time.

Freezing larger batches of baby food is a popular way to cut down on time in the kitchen for busy moms. This silicone freezer tray makes it easy to make baby food in bulk, then store it in the freezer to use as needed.

Each tray comes with nine food pods that can hold up to 2.5 ounces of food. Each pod has individual measurement markings and a unique clip-on lid that prevents spills, protects against freezer burn, and makes stacking easy.

Purchase several trays in different colors and freeze different food types in different-colored trays to easily decipher which food you’re grabbing at a glance. Once your baby food is frozen, you can leave it covered in the trays in the freezer and pop out a serving whenever you need one. Or transfer the frozen food to zip-top bags so you can reuse the tray.

Our favorite thing about this freezer tray is the downloadable 47-page e-cookbook and instruction guide that comes with your purchase. If you are nervous about storing baby food in the freezer, the cookbook can give you some ideas on the best recipes to use.

  • Includes baby food e-cookbook.
  • Silicone is durable.
  • Tight clip-on lid.
  • Strong silicone scent.

4. Tovla BPA-Free Plastic Baby Food Containers

Best Plastic Baby Food Containers (BPA Free)

Check Price

Plastic containers have a lot of positives. They are generally less expensive than glass containers, easier to purchase in a wide variety of sizes, and fairly indestructible if your child gets a hold of them.

However, many concerns have been raised about the types of plastics used to make baby food storage containers. Low-quality plastics can actually leach harmful toxins and chemicals into your food and your baby’s body (1).

One of the reasons we like this set from Tovla is because their plastic containers are food-grade safe and free of BPA. If you are a health-conscious mom who wants the convenience of plastic without the fear, this set may be just the thing.

This is the best set for on-the-go moms who may sometimes want to dispose of their baby food storage containers while they are out without breaking the bank. But don’t worry, they’re recyclable!

Each of the 50 plastic containers in the set holds approximately 3 ounces of food. The attached lids hinge and snap closed, meaning you will never lose a lid again.

  • Travel size.
  • Attached leakproof lids.
  • BPA-free plastic.
  • Not microwaveable.
  • The thin plastic can be squashed easily.

5. OXO Tot Baby Blocks

Best SnapLock Baby Food Containers

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View on BedBath&Beyond

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Sometimes you need to take your baby food on the go. Whether you are traveling to another state or just down the street, containers with snap lids add more security so your baby food stays right where it is supposed to be.

We are big fans of these special “baby blocks” storage containers, available in multiple sizes in a single set. They have a range of high-quality features, including BPA-free plastic and airtight, watertight, leak-proof snap lids.

They are freezer and microwave safe, making it even more convenient to feed your baby. What we most appreciate is the included carrying tray.

The carrying tray is made of plastic and holds all the containers. This means you can safely transport all the baby food you need without having to stuff jars in a diaper bag or have them floating about your car. It also keeps them in place if you’re freezing baby food and don’t want the trays tipping before the food is frozen.

  • Includes carrying tray.
  • Extra-secure lids.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Hard to stack without the tray.

6. Wee Sprout Reusable Food Pouch

Best Food Pouches

Check Price

Does the idea of using food pouches for homemade baby food intimidate you? Many mamas feel that way, thinking a food pouch is something only hip food companies use. However, we think they are an excellent tool for helping children feed themselves and gain some independence.

This double-zippered pouch was designed to make the process easy. The best part is the extra-wide zipper opening on the bottom. Simply unzip the bottom, pour the food in, and seal it.

Because the space to fill it is so large, you don’t have to worry about making a mess when filling it up. One of the biggest concerns we have with food pouches is having food get stuck inside them, but the unique zip-open feature allows water to run right through it, so clean up is a snap.

  • Extra-wide, double-zippered bottom.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Zippers can be hard to seal.

7. Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers

Best Large Baby Food Containers

Check Price

If you are a mama who makes baby food in bulk, a large container will save you time. Instead of carefully portioning everything you’ve made into multiple tiny jars, you can put it all in one large container and portion the food out.

These collapsible silicone containers from Wamery are best for baby food storage because they work for many situations. The largest container expands to hold up to 40.5 ounces, but you can convert them to whatever size you need.

The amount of food you need to make may vary depending on your baby’s appetite, health, and growth rate. Use these containers to hold whatever amount of baby food you choose to make, and then store them away easily when you’re done with them.

  • Three large sizes to choose from.
  • Collapsible design.
  • Airtight lids.
  • Made of easy-to-clean silicone.
  • Not designed specifically for baby food.
  • No space to mark expiration dates.

Types of Baby Food Storage Containers

There are many types of baby food storage containers available, each designed to help moms. Here is an overview of the types of containers available and some of their benefits.

Glass Baby Food Containers

Glass is a popular choice for baby food jars for a reason. Glass is easy to sterilize, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching into your baby’s food.

Baby Food Storage Jars

While baby food containers come in many shapes and sizes, jars are perfect for those looking to store small amounts of food they can easily carry with them.

Freezer Trays for Baby Food

Do you love making homemade baby food? Then you’ll appreciate the convenience of freezer trays. Freezer trays allow you to make and store homemade baby food for a long time without any hassle.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are more affordable for moms on a budget. However, you will want to look for plastic containers that are free of BPA and other harmful chemicals.

SnapLock Containers

SnapLock containers are designed for heavy-duty storage and longevity. Food stays fresh thanks to the airtight and waterproof seal.

Food Pouches

Food pouches are fun for both children and adults. Just squeeze and go! Most food pouches don’t require refrigeration, and children can use them to feed themselves.

Large Baby Food Containers

Sometimes you need to make a lot of baby food at once. Large storage containers can help you keep it all contained without spoiling it.

How to Store Baby Food Safely

You don’t have to be a food science expert to figure out how to store baby food safely.

Just follow these six tips (2):

  1. Never dip a spoon directly into the baby food storage jar: If you dip your baby’s spoon into a jar of baby food, put it into your baby’s mouth, and then place it back in the jar, saliva has now contaminated your baby food. If your baby does not finish a jar of food with saliva in it, you should throw it away. The bacteria in the container will continue to grow during storage, causing the food to spoil. Instead, open the jar, pour a little food into a bowl, and feed your baby from that.
  2. Never leave food out for more than two hours: Once a jar of baby food has been opened, you can safely leave it out on the counter for up to two hours at room temperature. After that, bacteria can grow, especially if it is hot and humid. To be safe, we suggest never leaving opened baby food jars out on the counter. Always refrigerate them!
  3. Opened baby food jars last up to 3 days in the fridge: Make sure you keep the lids on tight and no saliva has gotten into the baby food. Even if it hasn’t been three days and the baby food looks or smells questionable, throw it out.
  4. Freeze baby food for up to eight months: The amount of time you can store baby food in your freezer depends on what type of food it is. Anything with meat or eggs in it can be frozen for up to two months, while fruits and vegetables can last up to eight months. Homemade baby food you’ve pureed yourself generally lasts between two and four months in the freezer.
  5. Wash your storage containers thoroughly: No matter what type of storage container you use, wash it carefully with hot soap and water. Food that is stuck inside can spoil and mold.
  6. Write dates on the jars: Keep track of when you have bought, made, or opened a baby food jar by writing the date on the jar. Many jars come with a spot for a date and time, or you can purchase labels and stickers.

Storing Homemade vs. Store-Bought Food

Do you like to make your own baby food at home? Many moms do. It can be a more affordable, healthy option than factory-made baby food.

However, there are a couple of differences between storing baby food you make at home and baby food you buy in the store.

Most importantly, you need to keep everything clean (3). This includes your storage containers, all utensils, and your countertop space. It is also essential you wash your hands before and after the food-making process.

The shelf life of homemade baby food is also generally shorter than that of unopened store-bought baby food. This is because homemade food uses fresh ingredients and contains no preservatives. As a general rule, you should store homemade baby food for as long as you would an opened jar of store-bought baby food.

Making Your Own Baby Food

There are a lot of benefits to making your own baby food. You can control the ingredients and the portion sizes and save some money.

However, a new mom making baby food for the first time can be easily overwhelmed by the process. Did you use the right ingredients? How long will it last? Will your baby hate it and end up throwing most of it on the floor?

We don’t have all the answers, but we think every mom should give it a try! The journey will be one of exploration and experimentation. But it can become a fun experience and a deeper way to feel connected to your child as you move on to the next stage of feeding and begin introducing different foods into their diet.

The Bottom Line

The WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage is our pick as the best baby food storage container as they come with everything a mom needs for making and storing her own baby food. Life is hectic enough, and WeeSprout’s simple system of glass jars with airtight lids helps alleviate stress and keeps you and your little one happy.

If you can store your baby food safely in the best storage containers, a new world opens up for you to explore. Taking care of your child by making homemade baby food can be a delightful experience.

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Monbento Original

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Monbento Original

Always tasty and healthy

Monbento Original is French quality and style in one bottle. Or rather, a container. It is created from special environmentally friendly TPU plastic, which does not contain any additional harmful impurities and is quite suitable for use by both adults and children. Two 0.5 l containers and a container for sauce or other spices are great to diversify your dinners without mixing food with each other. And special sealed lids and silicone rims will protect your bags from leaking out the contents of lunch boxes. Both containers have double lids. The first lid seals the containers tightly, pressing down on the sauce container so that nothing leaks out. The second lid already completely seals the sudok. Between them there is a niche in which you can put bread, napkins, cutlery and other little things you need during lunch. It is also worth noting the suitability of vessels for heating food in a microwave oven. There are special holes in the bottom covers through which steam escapes when heated. Thus, the containers retain their integrity.

Note that the containers are made of durable plastic, which means that they will withstand any test that you give them. It can be taken absolutely everywhere without fear of shock or moisture or air getting inside. The containers do not absorb odors and do not deform during long-term daily use. They are also easy to wash both by hand and in the dishwasher.

Monbento has taken care of personalizing your lunchbox. If you order food containers on the official website, you can choose the color of each part of the product yourself, adjusting it to suit you and your lifestyle. Thus, your food will always be fresh and different, framed in bright packaging.

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Emsa Clip&Close Micro

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Emsa Clip&Close Micro

Raspberry is a dinner hit

Emsa Clip&Close Micro is a handy 1 liter container that holds one serving for the average adult. Also suitable for children, as it is made of special plastic that does not contain BPA and other harmful substances. Thanks to a special clip, food can be heated in the microwave without removing the lid. A wide range of operating temperatures will protect the lunchbox from deformation and loss of appearance during constant heating of the plastic, as well as its hypothermia. The container also has a pleasant bright crimson color, which makes it attractive and pleasing to the eye even on a gloomy day.

The advantage of this model is the measuring scale inside the tank on the wall. With it, you can control the amount of food you eat. This solution is ideal for children or people on a diet and watching nutrition - this container will help to avoid possible overeating.

Unique streamlined shape and fasteners make this model easy to care for. It is easy enough to wash the container by hand, as well as in the dishwasher. Due to the absence of additional grooves, dirt is easily washed out and does not accumulate, which is very good for a thing that is designed to store food.

Thanks to its excellent tightness, the bowl can even be carried on its side in a bag without fear of leakage. If you are an active person, this container is perfect for any outing: whether it's a hike or just a walk, you can always take a hot homemade snack with you. And for greater comfort during walks, we recommend that you use special water bottles in which you can carry and store any drinks. Among them there are also models in which you can brew tea and coffee on the go. Anywhere and anytime you can enjoy your favorite drink and homemade food, all in a compact way in your travel or carry-on bag.

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Neo Way GL9002-B

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Neo Way GL9002-B

More and more variety

The Neo Way GL9002-B set of four containers of different capacities will help you bring new notes to your everyday nutrition. All containers are sealed and designed for any type of food: salads, fruits, vegetables, soups, side dishes and more. Therefore, you can safely collect the first, second and compote with you on the road.

The operating temperature of the containers is +120° -20°, which allows you to heat food in them, as well as simply store it in the freezer. A special hole is designed to release steam, so you can reheat food without removing the lid. We advise you to pay attention to the fact that such sealed containers are perfect for freezing a variety of berries and fruits in them. This will be a great idea for making all kinds of fruit teas, drinks or smoothies during the cold winter season when fresh vitamins are not available.

Thanks to a special manufacturing technology and complete tightness, the containers do not let in odors, moisture and keep meals fresh longer than ordinary lunch boxes. Note that all containers have special silicone inserts for greater stability on horizontal surfaces. And thanks to the transparent plastic, you can always see what you were lucky enough to taste for lunch. The set is very convenient and practical in care, as the manufacturing technology eliminates the impact of oils and fats on all containers, which means that they are easier to wash both manually and using a dishwasher.

Note that the containers have different volumes, so you can easily distribute the amount of one or another food that you will take with you on the road. Containers from the largest at 1.7 liters to the smallest at 0.36 liters can be useful for the whole family, regardless of age and preferences. And now everyone can eat healthy homemade food, regardless of place and time.

Luminarc Pure Box Active

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Luminarc Pure Box Active

Glass strength

The Luminarc lunchbox is made of heat-resistant glass that can withstand high temperatures, so it does not lose its appearance during the heating of food in the microwave. And thanks to a special manufacturing technology, the container does not change color and is not saturated with odors. Such features make this container an excellent option for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer. In it, you can absolutely safely freeze vegetables, berries and fruits, which will definitely come in handy during the cold season. For carrying food, this model is less successful, since the glass will be heavier than similar plastic containers.

The rims are filled with silicone for extra sealing. The lid fits snugly to it, which eliminates the possibility of the vessel leaking. It can even be carried sideways in any bag or package. Even with the longest shaking, the entire contents of the container will remain in it. And thanks to the simple design, it is very convenient to wash it both by hand and in the dishwasher, since the container does not have any hard-to-reach places and, therefore, the dirt will be washed out more easily. The container has heat-resistant properties. Due to its increased tightness, the food inside the lunchbox stays fresh longer, cools down more slowly. In winter, when going far from home, you can take freshly prepared hot soup with you on the road, and it will stay warm for a couple of hours. Therefore, when you get a little cold, you can always enjoy warm homemade food. A good addition to such a container for food would be a thermos. It helps to keep any freshly prepared drinks hot for a long time. For example, you can pour coffee or tea into it and take it with you. Such a duet will help you to always stay in shape in any weather and in any conditions.

Emsa Dino Variabolo

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Emsa Dino Variabolo

Cartoon Lunch

Emsa Dino Variabolo is an excellent food container not only for children but also for adults. Its peculiarity is that the lid is covered with drawings from popular children's cartoons. Such a colorful detail will be interesting not only for kids, but also for creative adults, which will surely attract the attention of others. Let your kid stand out among their peers! A formidable blue dinosaur or a funny red fox, cute purple monsters and other heroes of the cartoon world will delight children of preschool and school age, awakening their imagination and appetite.

Lunchbox has a removable plastic membrane designed to divide one common section of the container into two parts. This feature will allow you to combine different types of food in one bowl, while avoiding mixing it with each other. Note that the food container tends to open on both sides. It is also very handy if, during the swaying in the bag, the food turned over and stuck to the back side. In this case, we can easily open the bottom cover without spilling a single piece.

Pay special attention to the material from which the container is made. By virtue of its design, the container is suitable for a younger age. This means that the plastic itself must be safe for storing food in it. Emsa Dino Variabolo has just such a composition. It is completely made of environmentally friendly polypropylene, which does not emit any harmful elements over time. And thanks to a special manufacturing technology, the plastic does not turn yellow or crack over time. And does not lose shape when heated in the microwave, if you use it constantly.

Additional information


What is lunchbox

In the modern world, when the rhythm of life is very intense, we often do not pay enough time and attention to our nutrition, and instead of enjoying delicious and healthy food, we have a snack on the go in cafes or fast food restaurants. However, this can negatively affect health and well-being. After all, what could be healthier than a home-cooked meal? Therefore, in our time, lunchboxes have become so popular - containers for storing and transporting food, which are convenient to take with you anywhere and have lunch when you feel hungry. Thanks to lunch boxes, the child will be full and satisfied during his stay at school, and you will be able to control his menu. They will also be a great solution for office workers, because nothing is more uplifting than enjoying food cooked at home with care and love. And another additional advantage of lunchboxes is saving you money, because lunch in a cafe or a school cafeteria will cost much more.

To take along not only food, but also drinks, sports water bottles will be a useful attribute, which will help replenish fluid losses in the body in any situation. And in the hot season, it becomes relevant to stock up on soft drinks and keep food fresh. In this case, we recommend paying attention to cooler bags, thanks to which you can enjoy cold tea or a drink on a hot summer day. You can easily take them to the beach or on a hike without worrying about the safety and temperature of the food.

Comparison characteristics

Lunchbox capacity

To choose the right lunchbox, first decide on its capacity. If you need a container to put your child's lunches to school, then there will be just right small models. Adults, on the other hand, will need to fit into the lunchbox for adults the portion they need to fully satisfy their hunger. If the lunchbox has only one compartment, this will only allow you to put one dish in it, and it can be difficult if you want to diversify the menu and put the main course and dessert there. For such purposes, models that have several departments available will be very convenient. This will help to store and transport several dishes at once in one container. For example, it can easily accommodate the main course, salad, sauce and dessert at the same time. With this lunchbox, eating will never be monotonous!

Material and microwave suitability

This is also an important factor. After all, the container must be safe for health and not emit toxic substances in contact with products. When quality materials are used, food that will be stored in it for a certain amount of time will not absorb foreign smell and taste, as can happen with low-quality lunch boxes. Today there are models made of plastic, glass or even metal. However, the most common are plastic options. They have a number of advantages: firstly, plastic itself is a durable, lightweight and durable material. Secondly, such a lunchbox can have a variety of shapes and designs. And, thirdly, when heated or cooled, they will not be deformed, which is extremely important. After all, the presentable appearance of the lunchbox will stimulate the appetite, which is especially important for children. Also, the material affects the possibility of heating food in a microwave oven, since not all materials are resistant to temperature changes. If the lunchbox is opaque, this will be another advantage, as such a container will prevent direct sunlight from reaching the products, which in turn will extend the shelf life. And lunch in it will be as fresh and tasty as if it had just been cooked!


When buying, also pay attention to the convenience of the lunchbox, because its operation and transportation should not be difficult. If the lid is airtight, it will allow packaging not only dry food. For example, you can put yogurt or applesauce in such a container for your child and not worry about the spill. The presence of a seal under the lid will avoid mixing different dishes located in the sections of the lunchbox. Since children lead an active and mobile lifestyle, the rubberized housing will add strength to the lunch container and extend its service life. The presence in the design of various handles, latches, shoulder straps will greatly simplify the use of the lunchbox. And the presence of a bottle for liquid will make it possible not only to have a delicious lunch, but also to drink food with a drink or juice. If the container can be washed in the dishwasher, this will simplify care. Keep in mind that kids love to turn everyday lunch into a fun process, and having illustrations along with a bright design will not only stimulate their appetite, but also emphasize their individuality. Even when choosing a lunchbox, take into account its weight and dimensions: a light and compact model is convenient to put in a bag or backpack, where it does not take up much space.

If the use of lunch boxes for eating homemade food at work, at school or in kindergarten becomes a habitual thing for you, it will positively affect the health of your family, as well as significantly save money.


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