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baby foodlizenzfreie Stock- und Vektorgrafiken. Oder suchen Sie nach babybrei oder brei, um noch mehr faszinirende Stock-Bilder und Vektorarbeiten zu entdecken.

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bio-baby-lebensmittel-banner-vorlage, gesunde erste mahlzeit für kleinkinder der runden form vektor illustration - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Bio-Baby-Lebensmittel-Banner-Vorlage, gesunde erste Mahlzeit für...

kinder ernährung set - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Kinder Ernährung Set

babys und mutterschaft verwandte objekte und elemente. handgezeichnete vektor-doodle-illustrationssammlung. handgezeichnete symbole gesetzt. - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Babys und Mutterschaft Verwandte Objekte und Elemente....

Babys und Mutterschaft bezogene Objekte und Elemente. Handgezeichnete Vektor-Doodle-Illustrationssammlung. Handgezeichnete Symbole gesetzt.

kleines baby lebensmittel auswählen. - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Kleines Baby Lebensmittel auswählen.

illustrationen verschiedener babyprodukt-sets - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Illustrationen verschiedener Babyprodukt-Sets

baby - dünnlinien-vektor-symbol-set. pixel perfekt. bearbeitbarer strich. das set enthält symbole: kind, baby boys, baby girls, babykutsche, babynahrung, babyflasche, gummiente, babykleidung, krippe, windel. - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

BABY - Dünnlinien-Vektor-Symbol-Set. Pixel perfekt....

BABY - dünnes Linien-Vektor-Icon-Set. 20 lineare Symbole. Pixel perfekt. Bearbeitbarer Gliederungsstrich. Das Set enthält Symbole: Kind, Baby Jungs, Baby Mädchen, Kinderwagen, Babynahrung, Babyflasche, Gummiente, Babykleidung, Kinderbett, Windel.

minimal niedliches baby-icon set - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Minimal niedliches Baby-Icon Set

kinder-food-menü hintergrund vektor-illustration - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Kinder-Food-Menü Hintergrund Vektor-Illustration

baby-food-platte im hellen, flachen stil - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Baby-Food-Platte im hellen, flachen Stil

Babynahrungsteller im hellen, flachen Stil. Geeignet für Werbung oder Infoplakatgestaltung

baby produkte - übersicht-symbol festlegen - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Baby Produkte - Übersicht-Symbol festlegen

baby-symbol-set. enthalten eisern symbole wie neugeborene, säugling, kind, kinder, eltern und vieles mehr. - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Baby-Symbol-Set. Enthalten eisern Symbole wie Neugeborene, Säuglin

magic sommer vektor gestreift hintergrund für kindermode. nahtloses muster mit niedlichen sommer-symbole. doodle space himmel mit regenbogen, wolken und sterne. süßes essen, früchte und beeren - baby food stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Magic Sommer Vektor gestreift Hintergrund für Kindermode....

72.138 Baby Food Stock Vector Illustration and Royalty Free Baby Food Clipart

9 cute happy babies and his daily routines, baby diapers, fever babies, sleeping babies, baby noodles, cartoon vector illustration, set, set, isolatedPREMIUM

Mother feeding little baby with milk porridge.PREMIUM

Baby feeding. milk cereal porridge for baby.PREMIUM

Baby icons of nursery items to care for an infant or newbornPREMIUM

Feeding with milk. father feeding baby with bottlePREMIUM

Baby food tableware set. vector illustration collectionPREMIUM

Set of products for baby food. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Breastfeeding. mother and new baby in bed.PREMIUM

Ram sheep lamb farm mammal black silhouette animalPREMIUM

Mom and baby girl. mom and baby in various actions. lovely family.PREMIUM

Set breastfeeding position and comfortable posePREMIUM

Breastfeeding. mother feeding newborn baby boy or girlPREMIUM

Baby accessories icons set. contour with fill style vector illustration. suitable for advertising or webPREMIUM

Floral cake with unusual flowers and branches on white background. it can be used for web banner,invitation,cards,apparel,home decor,fabric.vector illustrationPREMIUM

Set of realistic banana and baby bananas isolated on white background. tropical fruits. 3d vector illustrationPREMIUM

Foods for baby. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Baby feeding. frozen milk for baby feeding. PREMIUM

Cute cow chefPREMIUM

Little girl eat sweet candy and feel happyPREMIUM

Pregnant woman craving cupcake and pickles vector cartoonPREMIUM

Happy mother feeding her baby solid food with a spoonPREMIUM

Food for baby icons set. flat style vector illustration. suitable for advertisingPREMIUM

Baby drinking milk bottle. mom is feeding baby food. vector illustration isolated on a white background.PREMIUM

Cute child astronaut on alien planet with sweets and candies around. space party, birthday celebration, baby cosmonaut in suit and helmet on extraterrestrial landscape, cartoon vector illustrationPREMIUM

Breastfeeding. mother and new baby in bed.PREMIUM

Farm animals silhouettes isolated on white - collection of black illustrations, vectorPREMIUM

Cute baby drinking water, juice or something. and related items. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Baby eating baby food. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Little boy baby eating noodles, drinking water, noisy, happy, green jumpsuit, baby food supplies setPREMIUM

Pregnant woman dieting. bad and good food during pregnancy. pregnant family diet vector infographic. illustration of woman pregnancy diet, healthy food for motherPREMIUM

Happy cute kid drink and eat vector illustrationPREMIUM

Good habits - drinking waterPREMIUM

Little girl feed boy with spoon of toy food.PREMIUM

Cute little baby girl eat porridge in bowl with spoonPREMIUM

Healthy infant food isometric compositionPREMIUM

Baby food in a plastic bag. grated applesauce. flat vector illustration.PREMIUM

Yoghurts in a cup with a spoon. blueberry, raspberry, peach, yogurt, dairy product, healthy food. flat, cartoon style. color vector illustration isolated on a white backgroundPREMIUM

Cute crying babies and their daily illustration set, baby eating baby noodles with forkPREMIUM

Vector illustration of cartoon rabbit holding a carrotPREMIUM

Baby refusing medicine or food for bad taste vector cartoonPREMIUM

Vector flat cute baby chicken small funny chick hatching from egg set. flat bird animal, isolated illustration on a white background, poultry, farm kids design object.PREMIUM

Healthy infant food isometric composition with milk powder biscuits banana puree bowl baby spoon background vector illustrationPREMIUM

Vector illustration on the topic of breeding poultry on a farm.a set of illustrations with chickens, geese, egg nests and a chicken coopPREMIUM

Breastfeeding, baby food vector flat line icons. feeding elements - pump, woman, child, powdered milk, bottle sterilizer, nursing pillow. maternity. pixel perfect 64x64.PREMIUM

Mom is feeding up the baby with a spoon.PREMIUM

Set baby bib, speech bubble dad, absorbent diaper, newborn baby infant swaddled, bathtub, toy train, rubber duck and bottle icon. vectorPREMIUM

Healthy baby food icon setPREMIUM

Set baby bottle, inside heart, shoes, cake with burning candles, on shield, hat and dummy pacifier icon. vectorPREMIUM

Sketch of a package with yogurt on a white background in a vectorPREMIUM

Family parenting setPREMIUM

Copy the picture and color apple. complete the picture. finish the image. coloring book. educational drawing exercise game for children. vector illustrationPREMIUM

Cute happy big dumpling characterPREMIUM

Set baby crib hanging toys, classic steel safety pin, hands print, shower invitations card, poster, party hat, teddy bear plush, bottle and footprints icon. vectorPREMIUM

Cute kitten sleeps dreams of goldfish. home pet isolated on white background. sketch. vector illustration art. realistic portrait of animal style vintage engraving. black and white hand drawing of catPREMIUM

Cute rabbit character or mascot, lantern festival or winter solstice with glutinous rice balls, glutinous rice sweet food in asiaPREMIUM

Cute food icons, signs, outline symbols, concept linear illustration line collectionPREMIUM

Funny brown monkey with prehensile tail sitting and eating banana vector illustrationPREMIUM

Foods for baby. vector illustration.PREMIUM

Cute funny mango fruit. vector hand drawn cartoon kawaii character illustration icon. isolated on white background. mango exotic baby fruit character conceptPREMIUM

Mother feeding a newly born child or baby with breast. mother and children health care. world breastfeeding week vector illustration.PREMIUM

Set lollipop, candy, baby stroller, pyramid toy, crib hanging toys, monitor walkie talkie, rubber duck and bathtub icon. vectorPREMIUM

Cute little cat with sandwich kawaii character vector illustration designPREMIUM

Baby kitchen icons set. outline set of baby kitchen vector icons neoncolor on blackPREMIUM

Family parenting setPREMIUM

Baby meal icon in vector. logotypePREMIUM

Little girl holding fresh tamarind fruit from farmPREMIUM

The mother is feeding her child while sitting of illustrationPREMIUM

9 cute happy babies and his daily routines, baby diapers, fever babies, sleeping babies, baby noodles, cartoon illustrationPREMIUM

Vector icons on the theme of the newborn boyPREMIUM

Baby feeding with formula. father feeding baby. PREMIUM

Baby girl activities set. baby acting. baby development and milestones.PREMIUM

Cute children drinking coconut water. isolated cartoon person illustration. flat style sticker element vectorPREMIUM

Sketch deep plate with yogurt and berries on a white background in vectorPREMIUM

Pregnant women and nutritional balancePREMIUM

Cute little white bunny chef in two design option. high quality cartoon mascot design.PREMIUM

Cute cartoon panda holds a watermelon. vector illustration of animal with fruit.PREMIUM

Cute cartoon dim sum on wooden box. traditional chinese dumplings with funny smiling faces. funny asian food. vector cartoon character illustrationPREMIUM

Bowl of cereal for babies isolated on white background. vector illustrationPREMIUM

Cute babies with healthy vegetables and fruits, comic cartoon vector characters setPREMIUM

Curios child with finger in mouth choosing food.PREMIUM

Cute baby eating, dirty, daily life, cartoon vector illustration, set, isolatedPREMIUM

Set of simple baby goodsPREMIUM

Set speech bubble dad, baby bathtub, ultrasound of baby, hat, dummy pacifier, clothes pin and icon. vectorPREMIUM

Set of realistic banana and baby bananas on checkered transparent background. tropical fruits. 3d vector illustrationPREMIUM

Vector seamless pattern with desserts, donuts and cupcakes. beautiful junk food sweets. unhealthy food. appetizing backgroundPREMIUM

Happy baby craving for fruits vector illustrationPREMIUM

Complete the picture mushroom chanterelle. copy the picture and color. finish the image. coloring book. educational drawing exercise game for children. vector illustrationPREMIUM

Cute funny pear fruit character. vector hand drawn cartoon kawaii character illustration icon. isolated on white background. pear fruit character conceptPREMIUM

Tomb-sweeping day shepherd boy herding cattle country tide illustration spring cattle herding baby playing flute posterPREMIUM

Cute happy fried egg and spoon on plate characters vector design vector design, can be use to make posterPREMIUM

Vector set of cute vegetables. coloring book for kids. PREMIUM

Vegetables flat line icons set. fresh food - tomato, broccoli, corn, pepper, carrot, pumpkin vector illustrations. outline pictogram for vegetarian grocery store. pixel perfect 64x64. editable strokesPREMIUM

Vegetable salad illustrationPREMIUM

Cartoon monster strawberry cupcake with a heart for helloween sticker and decorationPREMIUM

Complete the picture mushroom chanterelle. copy the picture and color. finish the image. coloring book. educational drawing exercise game for children. vector illustrationPREMIUM

Children. school and kindergarten. healthy food and drinks. kids cafe. fruits and vegetables. boys and girls eat healthy food and snacks. vector doodle preschool pattern with cartoons kids drawingPREMIUM

Set of realistic banana and baby bananas on checkered transparent background. tropical fruits. 3d vector illustrationPREMIUM

Baby shop selling tool collection icons set vector. baby diaper and sterilizer bottles device, newborn educational toy and carousel per crib. black contour illustrationsPREMIUM

Happy motherhood and childhood concept. young and happy mom mother woman cartoon character standing holding her baby little newborn son or daughter vector illustrationPREMIUM

Cute funny macaroni pasta,cheese character. life is better with pasta quote. vector cartoon kawaii character illustration. isolated on white background. cute macaroni, cheese cartoon card conceptPREMIUM

Proper baby food

The first rule: “eat breakfast yourself”

Breakfast is a key meal for a child. His admission, most likely, will adversely affect the well-being of the baby during the day. By evening, the child may be too hungry to fall asleep quickly, or too tired to have dinner. Perhaps you do not want to see your baby tired and hungry?

In the course of numerous experiments and studies, it was found that a full and balanced breakfast improves the well-being of the child, his thought processes. Such studies were conducted in relation to schoolchildren, but the results are applicable to children of any age, including newborns. nine0005

There is a widespread opinion that babies under two years of age are most often hungry. It is important that the child's breakfast includes protein and is energetically valuable. Only in this case, eating will give the baby strength in the morning. Take care of your child's breakfast in advance. There is a risk that the baby will simply lose the habit of eating breakfast, and it will not be easy to instill this useful habit in him.

Second rule: every bite counts.

What a child eats must be not only healthy, but also nutritious. Toddlers often show inconsistency in food choices and are often capricious. And your task is to make sure that the child's food is really healthy. If the baby agrees to eat just a couple of pieces of boiled potatoes at dinner, this means only one thing: he had a snack or a hearty breakfast shortly before dinner. nine0005

It is important to remember that a child's stomach is quite small. Choose your baby's diet wisely. Ask yourself questions - is sweet cookies or chocolate so healthy? Should I choose these foods as a snack between breakfast and lunch? Of course, it's nice to see a contented, happy baby eating sweets. However, junk food is far from the only way to bring joy to a child. There are many other, much safer, and, importantly, affordable options. nine0005

Third rule: Avoid the concept of "dessert" and use the verb "treat" sparingly.

Desserts should be associated in a child not only with pleasant emotions, but also with benefits. And these are not mutually exclusive concepts. An example is nuts, fruits, natural yoghurts. All this should become a basic element of the children's diet, but not a reward for the salad, soup and the second they ate. Foods that are very healthy for a child can become a treat. And we are mistaken, believing that only something harmful can be tasty. nine0005

If you refuse harmful products, then their energy value will be automatically deducted from the child's total diet - subject to the second rule. Who offers treats, sugary and fatty desserts to kids? Only parents. In fact, a child wouldn't be upset if they didn't find out what a fat chocolate buttercream pie tastes like.

The fourth rule: be consistent, but not pushy.

Habit is a matter of time, and getting used to a new diet is no exception. The best option is to add something new to the usual children's diet gradually. The baby should have enough time to get used to new foods. Not the best option is to force the kids to try those foods that he is not interested in. It is a completely vicious practice to force a child to finish eating all the food to the very end. Breakfast, lunch, dinner should not become a battlefield. If the child needs it, he will definitely eat everything that you offered him. He will not go hungry. nine0005

What can a fight with a child for every piece of food lead to? First of all, to the fact that such battles will last a long time. Your goal is a healthy, complete diet for the baby, and not at all the formation of a connection between the concepts of “control” and “food”. By the way, that is why it is better to introduce the baby to the basic principles of a healthy diet as early as possible.

Fifth rule: our parents' experience is not dogma

Do you remember how mothers put piece by piece into our plates, and patiently waited for us to deal with all this? Do not forget that we are talking about the affairs of bygone days, when there were practically no problems about food. The children of previous generations knew perfectly well: if you don’t eat what you are supposed to, you will leave the table hungry. A couple of episodes were enough for the children to learn this rule and eat everything without any objections. nine0005

That this practice has a negative effect, we begin to understand only today, when we have problems with digestion. Many of these problems "come from childhood", this is a well-known fact.

Try to remember that the taste preferences of your children may differ significantly from your preferences, from the preferences of your relative, work colleague. At least sometimes, but be sure to give up the rule of "meal with the whole family." Your kid can independently compose a menu, compose a recipe for a dish using healthy products. It is only important to take into account his taste preferences. And let everyone else eat what they want - spicy curry, meat stew or diet casserole. If the food the child prefers is healthy, and if the child has the occasional opportunity to experiment with his diet, no problem should arise. What can not be said about the situation when you would follow the traditions adopted in your childhood. The benefits are obvious: the child begins to appreciate really healthy food, and does not experience any negative emotions in the process of eating it. nine0005

The sixth rule: children have a lot to learn

Children understand much more than it might seem at first glance. The baby's stomach will tell him exactly the time of eating, its volume. Let your child listen to his body. Remember that there are no universal rules: all children are different. Try to follow the example of your child: you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.


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