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Riddles about animals

  • Thick grasses are entangled,
    Meadows are curled up,
    Yes, and I myself am all curly,
    Even with a curl of a horn.

  • He is very, very curly,
    Doesn't want to become a shish kebab at all,
    There is a giant among the bright women,
    What is his name?

  • He has a huge mouth,
    He is called …

  • I wear a fluffy fur coat,
    I live in a dense forest.
    In a hollow on an old oak tree
    I gnaw nuts.

  • From branch to branch,
    Fast as a ball,
    Jumping through the forest
    Red-haired circus performer.
    On the fly, he
    plucked a bump,
    Jumped on the trunk
    And ran into a hollow.

  • Who deftly jumps on the trees
    And flies up to the oaks?
    Who hides nuts in a hollow,
    Dry mushrooms for the winter?

  • On the trees, hop-hop,
    A click-click nuts.

  • We will recognize the animal
    By two such signs:
    He is in a gray fur coat - in winter,
    And in a red coat - in the summer.

  • Who from the tall dark pines
    Threw a bump at the kids?
    And into the bushes through the stump
    Flashed like a flame?

  • There are workers in the river
    Not joiners, not carpenters,
    But they will build a dam -
    At least paint a picture.

  • Working animals
    Building a house in the middle of the river.
    If someone comes to visit,
    Know that the entrance is from the river.

  • There are lumberjacks on the rivers
    In silver-brown fur coats. nine0004 From trees, branches, clay
    Build strong dams.

  • All my life I carry two humps,
    I have two stomachs!
    But every hump is not a hump, a barn!
    Food in them for seven days!

  • I'm a humpbacked beast,
    And the guys like me.

  • He looks like a sheepdog,
    Every tooth is a sharp knife!
    He runs, baring his mouth,
    Ready to attack the sheep.

  • The hedgehog grew ten times,
    It turned out ...

  • From kolobok needles.
    Who is curled up here?
    You won't understand where the tail is, where the spout is,
    He carries food on his back.
    In general, you won't understand right away.
    Who is this anyway?

  • Here are the needles and pins
    Creeping out from under the bench.
    They look at me,
    They want milk.

  • Lying between the trees
    Pillow with needles.
    Lying quietly,
    Then she suddenly ran away.

  • Curl up into a ball,
    And you can't take it.

  • Touchy, full of needles,
    I live in a hole, under a Christmas tree.
    Although the doors are wide open,
    But animals do not enter me.

  • Crawler is crawling,
    Needles are carrying.

  • Thousands of needles are sticking out all around me.
    I have with any enemy
    The conversation is short.

  • Under the pines, under the trees
    There is a bag of needles.

  • Needles on the back
    Long and sharp. nine0004 A will curl up into a ball -
    No head, no legs.

  • Angry touchy
    Lives in the wilderness of the forest:
    There are a lot of needles,
    But not a single thread.

  • It is easy for us to recognize him,
    It is easy to recognize him:
    He is tall
    And he sees far.

  • Which animal is very beautiful,
    The tallest, the longest?

  • He walks with his head up,
    Not because he is an important count,
    Not because he has a proud disposition,
    And because he?

  • The scythe does not have a lair,
    He does not need a hole.
    Legs save from enemies,
    Bark saves from hunger.

  • White in winter,
    Gray in summer.
    Does not offend anyone,
    But he is afraid of everyone.

  • What kind of forest animal
    He stood like a column under a pine tree
    And stands among the grass,
    Ears bigger than his head?

  • Not a lamb and not a cat,
    Wears a fur coat all year round.
    Gray fur coat - for summer,
    For winter - a different color.

  • Horses put on
    Sea shirts.

  • What a horse! -
    Andreika exclaimed. -
    Like a big
    Lined notebook!

  • With a beard, but not an old man,
    With horns, but not a bull,
    They milk, but not a cow,
    A bast pulls,
    But he does not weave bast shoes.

  • In autumn he climbed into the cabbage:
    horned and shaggy and with a long beard

  • Not a mustache, but a beard0004 And angry at all the guys,
    But he's not a grandfather anyway.
    Guess who, kids?

  • Not a plowman, not a carpenter,
    Not a blacksmith, not a carpenter,
    But the first worker in the village.

  • Red Dairy
    Chews by day, chews by night.
    Grass is not so easy to transform
    into milk!

  • Hungry - mooing,
    Full - chewing,
    to all the guys
    Gives milk.

  • She is motley, eats green, gives white

  • What animal is playing with me?
    Doesn't moo, doesn't neigh, doesn't bark,
    Attacks balls,
    Hides claws in paws!

  • He combed his hair without a comb
    And washed himself without water,
    Climbed into an easy chair
    And sang in every way.

  • I will take a nap and sing
    My song to you.
    But when I'm hunting -
    I'm not lazy at work.

  • He arched his back,
    meowed. Who it?

  • Eyes, eyes,
    Claws, tail,
    A washes all cleaner.

  • A log floats on the river -
    Oh, and it's furious!

  • In the rivers of Africa lives
    Evil green steamer!

  • Long ear,
    Down ball.
    Jumps deftly,
    Gnaws carrots.

  • Guess,
    Whose fluff is on sweatshirts,
    On hats, gloves
    Does it suit you guys?

  • Digs, digs,
    Underground builds,
    Digs, builds deftly
    Bedroom and closet.

  • I, friends, an underground dweller
    I am a digger and a builder,
    I dig the earth, I dig, I dig,
    I build corridors everywhere,
    And then I will build a house
    And I live quietly in it.

  • In rich clothes,
    Yes, he is blind.
    Lives without a window,
    Never seen the sun

  • He dug everything - both the meadow and the garden -
    An earth-moving machine.
    In the dark during walking hours
    Dug alleys under the field. nine0007

  • They always call me blind,
    But it doesn't matter at all.
    I built a house underground,
    All storerooms are full in it.

  • When he is in a cage, he is pleasant.
    There are many black spots on the skin.
    He is a predatory beast, although a little,
    Like a lion and a tiger, he looks like a cat.

  • Red-haired cheat,
    Cunning and dexterous,
    Got into the barn,
    Kur counted.

  • Which of the animals
    has a fluffier and longer tail? nine0007

  • Touching the grass with hooves,
    A handsome man walks through the forest,
    Walks boldly and easily,
    Spread his horns wide.

  • They look very wonderful:
    Dad has curls in waves,
    And mom goes with a short haircut,
    What she is offended by.

  • Walks in the woods in summer,
    Rests in the den in winter.

  • Who lives in the deaf forest,
    Clumsy, clubfoot?
    In summer he eats raspberries and honey,
    And in winter he sucks his paw.

  • The beast is waddling
    Raspberry and honey.
    He loves sweets very much,
    And when autumn comes,
    Climbs into the pit until spring,
    Where he sleeps and dreams.

  • Small stature, long tail, gray coat, sharp teeth

  • This little baby
    Even bread crumbs are glad,
    Because it is dark
    She hides in a mink.

  • I'm scratching under the floor,
    I'm afraid of cats.

  • What a beast,
    Tell me, brothers,
    Can he climb into himself?

  • Doesn't spin, doesn't weave,
    But clothes people.
    He takes off his fur coat twice a year.
    Who walks under a fur coat?

  • He wears it in the forest all day
    Branched horns....
    Take off his horns even at night
    He cannot, being afraid of the enemy.

  • Believe it or not:
    An animal ran through the forest.
    He carried on his forehead for a reason
    Two branchy bushes.

  • Like a royal crown,
    He wears his horns.
    Eats lichen, green moss,
    Likes snowy meadows.

  • Ser, but not a wolf,
    Long-eared, but not a hare,
    With hooves, but not a horse.

  • He has big ears,
    He is obedient to his master.
    And although it is not big,
    But it carries like a truck.

  • He holds his ears up.
    His tail is crocheted.
    He puts his paws on his chest:
    - Give me a little bit of sausages!
    Lick on the cheek and nose
    My shaggy friend ...

  • A smut is lying
    In a bristly shirt.
    Pretzel tail,
    Piglet nose.

  • Hook instead of ponytail.
    Piglet instead of a nose.
    Piglet with holes,
    A swivel hook.

  • Less than a tiger, more than a cat,
    Tassel-horns above the ears.
    He has a huge nose,
    As if the nose has grown for a thousand years.

  • In the zoo,
    Believe it or not,
    Wonder Beast.
    His hand is in his forehead
    It looks like a pipe!

  • Tail wagging, toothy, not barking.

  • Befriends the owner,
    Guards the house,
    Lives under the porch,
    And the tail is ringed.

  • Sensitive upturned ears,
    Hooked tail,
    I won’t let a stranger into the house,
    I feel sad without a master.

  • The living castle grumbled,
    Lie down at the door across.

  • It's not a bird,
    Doesn't sing,
    Whoever goes into the house,
    She lets you know.

  • Stroking - caresses.
    Tease - bites.
    On a chain, sitting,
    Guarding the house.

  • Smooth, brown, clumsy,
    He does not like the cold of winter.
    Until spring in a deep hole
    In the middle of the wide steppe
    The little animal sleeps sweetly!
    What is his name?

  • I am the most thrifty of all:
    My cheek, my friends,
    Like a bag for nuts
    Or, let's say, a knapsack.

  • I settle down smartly:
    I have a closet with me.
    Where is the pantry?
    Behind the cheek!
    Here I am, what a sly one!

  • A ball was buried under a stump with needles.

  • The humpback bridge stands on four columns.

  • In a cage, at home, a friend lives.
    He gnaws grains, seeds,
    He likes to stock,
    Carrying supplies behind his cheek.

  • This beast is very scary,
    That he sleeps - do not believe him,
    He swims along the Nile River,
    Toothy, formidable -....

  • Who knows how to wash himself
    Without water - with his tongue?
    And meow and caress,
    And chase after a ball?

  • Big-headed, thin-legged,
    And yet hornless,
    He grazes in the meadow
    And he calls his mother - "Moooo!"

  • It is wild and vicious,
    But it is quite edible. nine0004 There are virtues
    Even such a pig!

  • Makes everyone laugh,
    Because it's not in a hurry!

  • The grid on it is clearly drawn.
    And the grill suits the cannibal very well!

  • Our ancestors, your ancestors
    They were swinging on one branch,
    And now they keep us in a cage ...
    Is it good, children?

  • Get into the habit of a poultry house - expect trouble.
    Covers his tracks with a red tail.

  • Jumping on the branches, but not a bird,
    Red, not a fox.

  • Sleeping on a pillow
    Small ears,
    Soft paws,
    Scratchy claws.

  • Not hearing the waves of the ocean,
    Not knowing the expanse of the sea,
    In the distant African steppe
    The sea vest sports.

  • Even on an iron roof
    Walks quietly, quieter than a mouse.

    will go hunting at night And, like in the daytime, he sees everything.
    Often sleeps, and after sleep
    She washes herself.

  • Behind the trees, bushes
    A flame flashed quickly,
    Flashed, ran -
    There is neither smoke nor fire.

  • In summer he wanders without a road
    Between pines and birches,
    And in winter he sleeps in a den,
    Hiding his nose from the frost.

  • Lives calmly, not in a hurry,
    Wears a shield just in case,
    Under it, knowing no fear,
    Walks around...

  • They look very strange: shorn,
    As if offended.

  • Three sons and a daughter were finally returned to the father of "forest children" after a year and a half of litigation

    Recently, the reunited family moved to the house they gave them in the Zhytomyr region.

    I am not a superstitious person, but I saw a sign of fate in the fact that the village of Abramok, Novograd-Volynsky district, Zhytomyr region, is neither on the road atlas nor in the GPS navigator database. It’s right, I thought, that the children who, with a living and loving father, spent so much time in the orphanage, are now hidden so securely. True, it was not easy for me to find them myself. Even grandmothers in the villages closest to Abramka could not show the right way. I got to the village itself late in the evening. I drove slowly along a dark, crooked and bumpy lane and wondered how I could find the Melnikovs' house. But this just turned out to be easy. As soon as I heard the noise of my car, four small shadows rushed in front of me with joyful cries - 10-year-old Tolik, eight-year-old Olya, six-year-old Ilyusha and five-year-old Dobrynya hugged me, hugged me, greeted me, laughed. The kids remembered that I came to visit them both at the socio-psychological rehabilitation center in Kopylovo and at the Aspern children's center in Kyiv, they knew that I was very worried about them and now they shared their joy with me: that here they are together with dad in your own big house, and the dogs bark in the distance, and the stars overhead shine low, low. I listened to them, hugged them and cried with joy. nine0007

    “It's hard to believe they never went to kindergarten or school. They are healthy, developed and sociable”

    Let us remind the readers of the story of the “forest children”, which stirred up the whole of Ukraine a year and a half ago. In September 2013, in a dense forest not far from the railway station named after Georgy Kirpa (former "Bortnichi"), mushroom pickers met a little boy who was mostly alone, but did not look lost or frightened. He calmly approached strangers, said that his name was Ilya and he was four years old. When asked what he was doing here, he replied that he lived in a forest halabud with his brothers, sister and father. nine0007

    - Ilyusha called his sister, six-year-old Olya, to us, - then said one of the mushroom pickers, a resident of the Boryspil district Vladimir. - The children explained that dad was gone now, he had gone to the city, but they, they say, everything is in order. We wanted to take the guys with us - well, don't leave them alone in the forest! They didn't go. They offered them money, but the children reacted as if they had never seen such colored papers and did not know what to do with them.

    The mushroom pickers hurried back to the village and informed the police about the children living in the forest. The operatives immediately rushed there. Seeing the poor environment in the oilcloth-covered halabud - smoked pots, wooden flooring instead of beds, a pile of children's clothes and shoes on the floor - the children's service officers, who arrived with the police, took Tolik, Olya, Ilya and Dobrynya without talking. nine0007

    This story caused a stormy reaction from the public, outraged by such "inhuman conditions for keeping children". “Another Mowgli,” the journalists delivered a verdict, referring to the Lviv Kuchumov family, where the father and mother raised two completely wild boys who lost their human appearance. But the Borispol "forest children" had nothing in common with those unfortunate children: to the great surprise of the teachers and psychologists of the Kopylovsky rehabilitation center, they were healthy, developed and sociable. nine0007

    “It's hard to believe that they never went to kindergarten or school,” Igor Filippov, director of the social rehabilitation center, said at the time. “Sometimes so-called domestic children are brought to us, who are much wilder and unadapted to life. These same brothers and sisters have concepts of personal hygiene, they wash themselves, dress themselves, use the toilet carefully. They don’t look thin, hungry or exhausted either - they don’t pounce on food, they skillfully use spoons. Three of the younger ones can draw, and the eldest Tolik can read. nine0007

    It was not easy to find out how these children ended up in the forest halabud - their father, angry at both the police, the children's service, and curious journalists, did not make any contact. We managed to convince him to meet only when we offered to take him to the children in Kopylov. I still remember my first meeting with Volodya: I expected to see a dirty, overgrown savage in rags (I thought that this is how a person who has lived in a forest hut for years should look like), but a slender, trim, clean-shaven man in polished shoes came out to meet me. Vladimir looked much younger than his 55 years. nine0007

    On the way to the rehabilitation center, the father of many children said that ten years ago, his passport was stolen from him, then a resident of Shepetovka, Khmelnytsky region. It took a very long time to restore it without a bribe - Melnikov went to the passport office 43 times. And when, with a brand new passport, he went to Kyiv to get a job at a company selling timber, a borset with all the money and documents was stolen from him right at the station. In desperation, the man got on the train and drove aimlessly. He found himself in a forest near Boryspil, made himself a halabuda and began to live there. Like many local residents, he often collected grass for bouquets, took it to Kyiv to florists and thus earned himself a piece of bread. nine0007

    Here, in the forest, Volodya met a local resident Svetlana, who was twenty years younger than him. Love broke out immediately. Soon Sveta became pregnant. The common-law husband offered her to move to the village and rent a house there, but the woman liked to live more often, away from people, houses and cars.

    “I decided to give them my parents’ hut, which I was going to put up for sale before that”

    Vladimir and Svetlana lived in the halabud for eight years. During this time, they had four children. Volodya himself gave birth to his wife. Despite the lack of the benefits of civilization, the family lived happily: mother worked with children, read fairy tales to them, cooked food on a small stove, washed clothes in water brought in bottles from the railway station. Dad took the kids to the forest, taught them to understand berries and mushrooms, and also seriously engaged in physical education with them: by the age of eight, Tolik did push-ups and pull-ups on one arm two hundred times, and six-year-old Olya stood on the bridge and sat on the twine. A seemingly strong family fell apart in 2011. Svetlana left with her lover, leaving four children to Volodya. It was very difficult for him to wander to Kyiv every day with trunks of grass for sale, chop wood, carry water from the station, cook, and even devote time to children, but he managed, although sometimes he did not have time to eat, and slept no more than four hours a day . nine0007

    After Tolik, Olya, Ilyusha and Dobrynya were taken to the orphanage, Vladimir lay in bed for the first two days and nearly turned gray in despair. And then he pulled himself together and decided to return them at all costs. He made truly titanic efforts for this. He straightened out documents for himself and his children (after all, the kids did not have metrics, and he himself did not have passports), for several months of hard work, he wiped his palms with blood, earned twenty thousand hryvnias on the sale of grass, necessary for conducting a DNA examination, which was required by the court . Volodya was torn between courts and guardianship authorities, and at the same time, every week he dangled from the forest, where he continued to live, to Kyiv - he brought gifts, clothes, fruits to his children. In the end, his zeal was appreciated by the administration of the children's center, and the service for children, and even the prosecutor's office. On January 22 of this year, a long-awaited event for the Melnikov family took place: the Darnitsky District Court of Kyiv recognized Volodymyr as the father of his four children. nine0007

    A week ago, the family finally reunited: the capital's children's commission allowed Volodya to pick up the baby from the children's center.

    “They couldn’t have acted differently,” smiles Vladimir Melnikov. “After all, I did everything that was required of me: I officially got a job (I am now a private entrepreneur and will be engaged in blacksmithing) and provided documents that I already have housing.

    A neat one-story house, a barn, a summer kitchen and 56 acres of land were presented to the Melnikov family by a complete stranger - a resident of the Zhytomyr region Pavel Sokolovsky, himself the father of eight children. nine0007

    “I heard a story on TV about “forest children” and decided to give them my parents’ hut for free, which I had planned to put up for sale before,” said Pavel Sokolovsky. “My wife and I know well how difficult it is to raise children. And here is a single father who doesn’t even have a place to live, but he tries his best to do everything for his children, loves them so much, takes care of them . .. I found Volodin’s number, called, then we met, I showed him the house. He is a very pleasant person. And his kids are good. We will help him in any way we can. nine0007

    Pavel fulfilled his promise: he not only gave the house to a large family, but also completely renovated it - whitewashed, painted, brought in furniture, hung beautiful curtains on the windows.

    “I climbed trees, and climbed onto a harvester, and jumped from the roof. And Olya and I rode a horse. Fun!"

    The room is too hot. Potatoes are being cooked on the stove. On the table are sausage, cheese, bread, canned fish, fragrant coffee and fresh tea. Taking my hands, Ilyusha and Olya lead me to show the house - their beds, a corner with icons and a statue of the Mother of God. Then the younger ones, despite their father's protests, lay out the puzzles I brought on the floor, and the older ones talk about the new life. nine0007

    “The school here in Abramka is even better than in Kyiv,” Tolik states categorically. And, of course, it's great that you can run as much as you want. I climbed trees, climbed on a harvester, and jumped from the roof. And Olya and I rode a horse. Fun!

    — There is a forest nearby — in the summer we will go picking mushrooms, and there is a lake — you can fish, — Olya says. - And dad promised to take me to Novograd-Volynsky to pierce my ears. Then I can wear those strawberry earrings that you gave me. And we will be allowed to take a kitten. nine0007

    “We will definitely take a kitten, only a little later,” Vladimir reassures his daughter. “Let me get settled and sort things out first. And then after all, I flew after you like a fire. My lawyer friend Yuri Nechaev called me in the middle of the night and said that he had found a car for us and I could pick up the baby from the orphanage. I hastily packed up and went to pick up the children in the morning. I hugged them, stroked them and thought that now I am absolutely happy. We stuffed their things into the trunk, managed to put the bicycle presented to Olya into the cabin and drove to Abramok. At first, the children were a little taken aback - Tolik even burst into tears that he was parting with his friends. But when I saw the house, the yard, I realized that we were all together, then, of course, I was very happy. nine0007

    “We plowed the garden,” Tolik boasted. “We have already sown carrots, onions, beets, dill and parsley. And the neighbors said to plant potatoes when the swallows arrive.

    - My children are golden - they help in everything, - says Vladimir. - And plant a garden, and clean the house, and wash the dishes. I was sick here for a couple of days - the temperature rose. So the older children prepared food for me, and made tea, and looked after the younger ones. We have huge plans! I need to bring water into the house, otherwise I have to bathe the kids in a zinc bath. I’ll build a bathhouse, maybe I’ll buy a washing machine. There is no money for this yet, but I will submit documents so that I am paid child allowance. If I manage to get paints and plaster, in the spring I will make repairs in the summer kitchen.

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