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57 Baby Names Inspired by Food

Question: Where were you when you found out Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their eldest child Apple? FWIW, I was in a corner deli with my dad on a Sunday morning and read it on the cover of the New York Post. It’s stuck with me ever since.

While The Post roasted the now “consciously uncoupled” couple’s choice, the name was the talk of the town for…ever, really. I mean, we’re still talking about it now! And it’s actually hella cute.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity of Gwyneth caliber to give your baby a name inspired by your favorite fruit, herb, or five-course meal! In fact, names inspired by food are probably more common than you think. I mean, it’s hard picking out a name for a tiny person you haven’t even met yet. So why not give them a name inspired by something you actually know and love? Like cheese. No, I’m not telling you to name your child Parmigiano. But Brie? Now that’s adorable as f*ck and the star of every charcuterie board.

Below, find 57 of the best baby names inspired by food that aren’t weird (no one’s gonna name their kid Broccoli).

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1. Rye

A cute gender-neutral name for bread lovers everywhere. It’s usually short for Ryder, but Rye is cute enough to stand on its own.

2. Plum

This fruity name just oozes chicness in a way that other food-inspired names don’t. I know I’m right. Bonus points if you dress them in purple.

3. Poppy

Whether you’re a fan of the British socialite Poppy Delevingne or you really like poppyseed bagels, this choice is aggressively cute.

4. Java

I know you’ve joked about naming your firstborn Coffee during an 8 a.m. meeting, but what if I told you that you actually could without getting weird looks? Java is the perfect ode to your favorite beveragino.

5. Lemon

Perfect for a summer baby. According to, around 25 babies are named Lemon every year. But I’m really in it for the matching outfits à la Kris Jenner and Penelope Disick.

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6. Julienne

Okay, not technically a food but it’s a tangentially related technique! This French name means “youthful” or “sky father” and looks so elegant written on the page.

7. Graham

This super-popular name most recently ranked #180 in the U.S. It’s short and dignified, and it will always remind you of your favorite snack: Teddy Grahams.

8. Honey

This sweet name may have been made famous by Honey Wilkes, Ashley Wilkes’s sister in Gone With the Wind, but Susan Sarandon brought it back to life when she revealed that her granddaughter calls her Honey instead of Grandma.

9. Melina

If you’re not ready to fully commit to the food name with Honey, then go with this one! “Melina” actually means “little honey” in Greek. It’s perfect for that little touch of sweetness.

10. Maple

Currently, Maple sits at #801, but given that Jason Bateman named his second daughter after the tree in 2012, Nameberry predicts the name will continue to rise the ranks in the coming years.

11. Colby

This cute and quirky name means “from a coal town,” but most importantly, it’s a semihard cow’s milk cheese.


A famous block of Brie.

15. Clove

This spice-inspired name is short and sweet, and it will certainly keep you inspired in the kitchen.

16. Ginger

If you’re not intimidated by the idea of giving your baby the same name as a Spice Girl, Ginger is an adorable name for any child.

17. Dijon

A sweet and spicy name, Dijon is the capital city in the Burgundy region of France, which is famous for its wine and, yep, mustard.

18. Basil

Sitting at #431 is Basil, which, as we all know, tastes delicious on all the things, including pastas, salads, and pizzas. Not exactly mainstream yet, the name Basil, which means “royal and brave,” has been cropping up recently.

19. Charlotte

Yep, the über-popular name Charlotte is actually a dessert involving ladyfingers. Currently, it’s ranked #6, which is pretty dang high! And it’ll likely only continue to gain popularity thanks to Princess Charlotte.

20. Barack

The first name of our former POTUS—a name he inherited from his Kenyan father—is also a Hungarian brandy made from apricots.

21. Coco

Parents, including celebs like Courteney Cox and David Arquette, often opt to spell Coco without the “a” at the end, but the name sounds the same any way you spell it. Coco is ranked #499. (And for moms and dads who aren’t sure they want to commit, don’t forget that you can always use Coco as a nickname.)

22. Jasmine

Often associated with Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Jasmine, which was ranked #136 in 2015, is the name of a spice and a Persian flower.

23. Bartlett

Fine, it’s not the same as naming your kid Pear, but it is a variety of the fruit. It also means “son of the earth.”

24. Madeleine

Calling to mind those pretty French cookies (and also meaning, quite literally, “woman from Magdala”), Madeleine is ranked #376. Note though: If you’re looking to name your baby after the girl in the old house in Paris that was covered with vines, she spells it without the second “e.”

25. Amandine

This name isn’t particularly common in North America, but it’s actually a French derivative of a name that is definitely familiar to you: Amanda. Amandine is a culinary terms that simply means something is prepared or garnished with almonds.

26. Bran

Whether you’re a fan of the fibrous cereal ingredient or the Game of Thrones character, Bran is a cute gender-neutral name that’s been growing in popularity in recent years.

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27. Tamarind

This sweet-and-sour fruit is a relatively uncommon name, but that’s what makes it special. The name translates from Arabic to mean “date from India,” so your little Tamarind might have some traveling in her future.

28. Angelica

Ranked at #546, the herb Angelica makes for a pretty name. And no, you don’t have to scream “CYNTHIAAA” if you’re named this like Angelica from Rugrats did, but it certainly helps.

29. Fig

If you’re a literary buff, you’ll know that Fig was the name of a character in Curtis Sittenfield’s novel Man of My Dreams.

30. Roe

Whether or not you’re a fan of the classic sushi accoutrement, Roe is a truly adorable name.



While the drink has remained consistently popular, the name for babies peaked way back in the ’60s. But that just means there won’t be three other kids in the same class with the same name.

32. Candy

With a name like this, you’d really have no good reason not to blast Aaron Carter’s “I Want Candy” 24/7.

33. Harissa

The spicy chili pepper paste is a staple in North Africa, and it’s also a very pretty name.

34. Daisy

Daisy originally was primarily seen as a nickname for Margaret, but thanks to loads of pop culture inclusions (The Great Gatsby, Driving Miss Daisy, Mystic Pizza, to name a few), it’s now a popular name all on its own. Coming in at #169, a daisy is an edible flower that makes for a tasty addition to any salad.

35. Juniper

Channel your love of gin and tonics in a slightly more subtle way. Juniper ranks at #281 and is a great nod to the earthy, piney flavors of your favorite drink.

36. Anise

The spice anise tastes similar to black licorice (which is underrated!), but the sweet name is definitely a gem.

37. Dill

Not just your favorite kind of pickle. Dill is a solidly cute name that, of course, was held by Dil Pickles from Rugrats. (His full name was technically Dylan, go figure.)

38. Cinnamon

The perfect baby name for the parent who rushes out to get a PSL the second Starbucks starts offering ’em. Cinnamon isn’t super popular yet (it’s not even ranking on Nameberry), so if giving your kid an unusual name is important to you, you should definitely consider it.

39. Katniss

The name is famously associated with the badass Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Hard-core fans will remember that she was named after an edible plant.

40. Cherry

Cherry is a sweet name for a baby, although it has fallen in popularity over the years. But here’s hoping that the Harry Styles song of the same name boosts its popularity again.

41. Pepper

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, you’ll recall Pepper Potts, played by the queen of food names herself, Gwyneth Paltrow. We love.

42. Reese

Okay, first of all, let’s not even pretend that Reese’s aren’t the best kind of candy. And it makes for a cute name for everyone. It ranks at #159, and I assume we have Reese Witherspoon to thank in part for its success.

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43. Benedict

Benedict Cumberbatch is the only person I can think of right now with this name (even though it ranks at #981 in popularity), but I can easily think of at least five kinds of eggs Benedict I’d love to devour right now.

44. Chip

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the best character in Beauty and the Beast AND the most delicious form of snack food?

45. Quince

The quince fruit itself may be a bit lumpy and oddly shaped, but it sure does make for a cute name for babies of any gender.

46. Barley

A subtle nod to the unsung hero of grains that brings us the magic that is beer.

47. Hazel

If the prettiness of the name itself doesn’t convince you, consider that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski named their first bb Hazel. The rest of the world has followed suit, and now the name ranks #42 in popularity.

48. Reuben

Yes, the Reuben is a delicious smoked meat sandwich, but who could forget the iconic season 2 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard? If you’re looking for a relatively uncommon name, know that Reuben ranks only #927, so you’re good there.

49. Lotus

The flower and its tubers are a staple in salads, soups, stir-fries, and teas, but it’s also a delicate name for an infant.

50. Saffron

British actress Saffron Burrows may have put this name on the mainstream map, but Saffron, which currently sits at #714 on Nameberry’s list, has seen an increase in popularity over the years.

51. Kale

No, it isn’t just the leafy green that’s having a moment. The name Kale is having one as well. The name peaked in the U.S. in 2008 after Shia LaBeouf played Kale Brecht in the movie Disturbia, but according to the Social Security’s baby name database, it ranked #972 in 2014.

52. Clementine

Both model Claudia Schiffer and actor Ethan Hawke chose the name Clementine, which means “peace and happiness,” for their baby girls. Clementine is sweet and unique, but considering it ranks #685 on Nameberry, don’t be shocked if there’s another Clemmy in your daughter’s school.

53. Peaches

Popularized by the late Peaches Geldof, the British TV personality and model, this name is both hip and cute.

54. Nori

Thanks to Kimye’s eldest daughter, North West, Nori has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few years. Traditionally thought of as seaweed used for sushi, Nori is being used as a name for both boys and girls.

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55. Kobe

As the story goes, basketball star Kobe Bryant was named after a Japanese steakhouse, which, obviously, served Kobe beef. Clearly, the name has resonated with people, as it’s currently #574.

56. Olive

After Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive, the world seemed to let out a collective “awww.” And then everyone immediately copied the actress. The Social Security database shows that Olive had a banger year in 2014, coming in at #282.

57. Rosemary

The deliciously scented herb is also a perennially popular name. Although you might think of Rosemary as rather old-timey, the name has had a resurgence recently—as recently as 2014, it was ranking #454, according to Social Security.

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15 food-inspired baby names - Today's Parent

Trying to pick the sweetest name for your wee one? Why not take baby name inspiration from these delicious foods!

Photo: iStockphoto

Have any weird or constant food cravings during pregnancy? Why not toss around the idea of naming your sweet babe after one of these delicious foods. At the very least, this list of food-inspired baby names could prove helpful in figuring out what to have for a snack.

1. Barry/Berry
Like most names, this one has different meanings in different cultures. In Gaelic, Barry is a male-given name meaning “spear.” In English culture, the rugged name means “fair-haired.” We like to think of it as meaning “fat, juicy fruit.”

2. Clementine
Meaning “mercy” or “clemency,” this is one sweet name. It’s a classic, old-timey name, too. Does the lyric “Oh my darling, Clementine” ring a bell?

3. Cocoa/Coco
Perhaps most well known as the moniker of the woman behind the French design house Chanel, this name originated as a pet name—oh, my sweet Coco! Fun fact: Coco Chanel’s real name was Gabrielle Chanel.

4. Kale
Traditionally, this name has been the shortened version of Kaleb and Kaley. But thanks to the popularity of the leafy superfood, many parents are naming their sweet babes Kale.

5. Hazel
Okay, maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but we derived Hazel from hazelnut and think it’s so adorable. The old-fashioned name means “commander.” Julia Roberts’s daughter dons the name and, more recently, Emily Blunt, chose this name for her new babe—she says her and her husband like “old-lady names.” In pop culture, the heroine from The Fault in Our Stars rocks the name.

6. Chuck
Commonly a shortened form of Charles, this name has English and German roots. Famous Chucks include rock ’n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry and basketball player Chuck Taylor, who inspired the iconic kicks. It’s also the name of a delicious cut of steak. Mmm!

7. Sherry
In French, chéri means “dear one” or “darling” (Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour,” anyone?). For our purposes, it’s a Spanish wine. Treat yourself to some after you get that baby out, Momma!

8. Colby/Colbie
Does anyone else get hungry when they meet someone with this name? If you weren’t already aware, Colby cheese (named for the city in Wisconsin where it was invented) is delicious. The name itself definitely isn’t cheesy—just ask Colbie Caillat.

9. Cherry
This name doesn’t really have any profound meaning beyond “delicious, pitted fruit.”

10. Reuben
The Hebrew name means “behold, a son.” More commonly—like, say, at the deli—a Reuben is warm corned beef with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese sandwiched between toasted rye bread. Having a craving? Sorry….

11. Olive
Olive is the female version of Oliver, and we think it’s beyond adorbs as a baby name. Famous Olives include Drew Barrymore’s daughter and Isla Fisher’s babe.

12. Peach/Peaches
Known mostly as a nickname, Princess Peach from Nintendo’s Mario is one cool chick.

13. Rosemary
The old-timey name is Latin based and mentioned in Greek mythology and Shakespeare’s Hamlet. George Clooney’s aunt (who was quite famous in her own right—White Christmas, guys!) wore the name well. Horror buffs will be familiar with the moniker from the book/movie Rosemary’s Baby. And foodies will be familiar with it as a fragrant herb.

14. Maple
Known for their hearty strength and sweet syrup, maple trees represent great traits for a little lady. This name isn’t very common—yet—but it was catapulted into the spotlight by Jason Bateman after the arrival of his little girl, Maple Sylvie, in 2012.

15. Benedict
Hearing the name Benedict used to conjure up thoughts of brunch and the weekend, but now it probably makes your knees tremble as you picture heartthrob and good guy Benedict Cumberbatch. The name itself is ancient—it’s a Latin name meaning “blessed.”

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Food names for cats and dogs

Contents: []

  • Popular names
  • Alcoholic names
  • Acute nicknames
  • Sweet names
  • Tasty names
  • Fashion Names
  • Unusual names

If you or your favorite are born gourmets, as about to come up with gastroNomic nickname? Questions will help here:

  • What name of an unusual dish do you personally like? What does your dog or cat like to eat? nine0006
  • What does a pet look like? Brown as a muffin, chubby as a doughnut, with claws as sharp as peppers, or eyes as green as a cucumber?
  • What flavor, dish, alcohol, or dessert would describe a pet's personality?

Look at the names of trendy dishes and unusual fruits, the most popular "edible" names. And also - get acquainted with alcoholic, sweet, spicy and vegetable nicknames.

His name is Kapu(chino):

Popular names

The most popular food names for girls pets:

  • Biscuit;
  • Brandy;
  • Bree;
  • Brownie;
  • Buttercap;
  • Kandy;
  • Cappuccino;
  • Caramel;
  • Saviar;
  • Chalupa;
  • Chirio;
  • Cheesecake;
  • Cherry;
  • Chiquita;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Clementine;
  • Cocoa;
  • Coco; nine0006
  • Cookies;
  • Crumble;
  • Cucumber;
  • Cupcake;
  • Eclair;
  • Espresso;
  • Fudge;
  • Ginger;
  • Godiva;
  • Hanei;
  • Jelly Bean;
  • Kimchi;
  • Kiwi;
  • Kiks;
  • Macaron;
  • Malibu;
  • Maple;
  • Marmalade;
  • Marshmallow;
  • Marlo;

Pictured is Malibu:

  • Miso;
  • Mocha;
  • Muffin;
  • Nilla;
  • Natmeg;
  • Oliva;
  • Oreo;
  • Rosemary;
  • Peach;
  • Pepper;
  • Popcorn;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Saffron;
  • Sashimi;
  • Sherbet;
  • Skittles;
  • Snack;
  • Snickers;
  • Suga;
  • Sushi;
  • Sweet Pi;
  • Swiss Miss;
  • Tofu;
  • nine0005 Tootsie;
  • Truffle;
  • Twinkie.

Girl Sweet Pea:

Now - a selection of popular gastronomic nicknames for pets:

  • Alfredo;
  • Angus;
  • Asiago;
  • Bacon;
  • Beans;
  • Berry;
  • Brown;
  • Burrito;
  • Caesar;
  • Cheddar;
  • Chito;
  • Chestnut;
  • Chui;
  • Chile; nine0006
  • Chip;
  • Churro;
  • Crisp;
  • Crunch;

Photo of Chuya:

  • Curry;
  • Donat;
  • Frito;
  • Fry;
  • Fudge;
  • Grits;
  • Guinness;
  • Gumbo;
  • Hershey;
  • Jameson;
  • Java;
  • Maple;
  • Meatball;
  • Mojito;
  • Muffin;
  • Nacho;
  • Newton;
  • nine0005 Nugget;
  • Pinut;
  • Pistachio;
  • Porky;
  • Porter;
  • Taco;
  • Tater Tot;
  • T-Bone;
  • Tofi;
  • Tuna;
  • Twix.

A boy named Porter:

Alcoholic names

Alcohol can be a source of inspiration for finding unusual pet names:

  • Baileys - Irish cream.
  • Cosmo - vodka, cranberry and lime cocktails. nine0006
  • Daiquiri - fruits with rum.
  • Gimlet - gin with lime and sweet pepper.
  • Kahlua is a coffee liqueur.
  • Manhattan - rye, bitters and vermouth.
  • Margarita is an alcoholic cocktail made from tequila.
  • Martini - vodka and vermouth.
  • Mojito is a rum drink.
  • Vesper - vodka, vermouth and gin.

Kotik Cosmo:

If the owner is a fan of beer, then you can think of such names for pets:

  • Barley is a classic drink ingredient.
  • Bock is a dark malty German beer.
  • Brett is a sour beer.
  • Brooklyn is a city with a famous brewery.
  • Citra is a hop variety.
  • Dunkel is a German dark lager.
  • Flanders - "wild" beer.
  • Guinness is a world-famous dark beer.
  • Marzen is a German festival beer.
  • Saison is a Belgian farmhouse ale.
  • nine0005 Stout is a type of dark beer.

And this is Stout:

Sharp nicknames

How about giving your pet a name - the name of a spice or seasoning:

  • Basil;
  • Curry;
  • Dill;
  • Spice;
  • Ginger;
  • Suga;
  • Cayenne;
  • Hanei;
  • Cumin;
  • Lavender;
  • Rosemary;
  • Vanilla;
  • Clov;
  • Cinnamon; nine0006
  • Saffron;
  • Wasabi.

In the photo - Rosem(ri):

Sweet names

For the sweetest pets - names in honor of desserts:

  • Bagel;
  • Churro;
  • Gelato;
  • Godiva;
  • Nutella;
  • Pudding;
  • Cookies;
  • Graham;
  • Bon-Bon;
  • Brule;
  • Crumpet;
  • Jasmine;
  • Jelly;
  • Sorbet; nine0006
  • Butter;
  • Custard;
  • Taffy;
  • Tiramisu;
  • Caramel;
  • Chiffon;
  • Mousse;
  • Wafers.

Cute Sorbet:

Tasty Names

Can be named after dishes with fans all over the world:

  • Angus;
  • Noodle;
  • Schnitzel;
  • Khomus;
  • Paela;
  • Pancake;
  • Soufflé;
  • Hot Dog - what a good option, how funny to call a dog; nine0006
  • Couscous;
  • Cobbler;
  • Frito;
  • Taco;
  • Polenta;
  • Latke;
  • Pete;
  • Nachos;
  • Ziti;
  • Grits;
  • Gravy;
  • Tuna;
  • Pringle;
  • Tapas.

Baby Couscous:

Fashion Names

Another idea is to name your pet after a dish or product that is popular with fashionistas today:

  • Mocha, Mocha, Mochachino - one of the varieties of latte, espresso with milk and hot chocolate - dark, milk or white.
  • Con Panna - espresso with a "cap" of whipped cream.
  • Ristretto is a very strong espresso without sugar, designed for 1-2 sips. A glass of water is always served with the drink so that the ristretto does not cause dehydration.
  • Smoothie is a thick healthy creamy drink made from berries, fruit or vegetables mixed in a blender. Smoothies are served with juices, ice or milk. nine0006
  • Bubble Tea - “tea with pearls”, “bubble tea”. Topioki balls are placed at the bottom of the drink, which look like bubbles.
  • Lassi - yogurt whipped with ice, fruit, salt, sugar and spices.
  • Muffin is a pastry that resembles a cupcake, only more dense in structure. The filling is the most diverse: nuts, candied fruits, chocolate, fruits.
  • Cupcake - cup-sized cupcake.
  • Cookies are American homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • Fondane is a close relative of muffins, only inside this French delicacy is a liquid filling. nine0006
  • Marshmallow is a sweet that resembles a "hybrid" of marshmallows and marshmallows.
  • Brownie - chocolate cake or pie.
  • Millefeuille - "thousand petals", a dessert with puff caramel dough.
  • Quiche - an open French pie, somewhat reminiscent of pizza.
  • Macaron, Macaron - French macaroon meringue.
  • Crumble is a classic English fruit dessert baked under shortcrust pastry crumbs.
  • Crepe is a thin and very strong French pancake. nine0006
  • Sabayon - a dessert made from whipped egg yolk with the addition of wine.

Alabai Crepe:

Unusual names

If you want to give your pet a nickname that no one else has, look at the names of the rarest fruits and vegetables:

  • Kiwano is a tropical fruit that grows in New Zealand. According to the taste and appearance of the pulp - a "hybrid" of cucumber and melon.
  • Pitaya - dragon fruit. The first unusual feature is the cactus fruit. And the second - the Mexican dragon fruit can be grown at home. nine0006
  • Durian is a controversial name for a controversial nature. The aroma of the fruit is so disgusting that it is forbidden to take it with you to public places. However, after tasting the pulp of durian, many argue that they have never eaten anything tastier in their lives.
  • Passion fruit - "passion fruit".
  • Pandanus is the fruit of the screw palm, which is both eaten and used as a dye.
  • Rambutan is a prickly fruit with unusually tender and tasty pulp.
  • Atemoya is a "hybrid" of sugar apples and cherimoya. The taste is mango-pineapple, and the pulp is a delicate cream that melts in your mouth. nine0006
  • Pitanga is a wild cherry that differs from the usual quick ripening and an unusual ribbed shape of berries.
  • Carambola - star fruit (the fruit in the section looks like a five-pointed star).
  • Hopi - blue corn, named after the Indian tribe that grows it. Compared to the usual, it is sweeter, has a nutty flavor.
  • Romanescu is the most beautiful cabbage, resembling sea coral in its appearance.
  • Kanistel is an egg fruit that tastes like sweet potatoes and is shaped like a bright yolk. nine0006

In front of you is Panda herself:

100 cool and funny nicknames for dogs for boys and girls

The appearance of an animal in the house is a great event for the family. The owners face a difficult choice of a name for a puppy. It should suit the pet, embodying his behavior, character, appearance. It is important that the baby hears it correctly and quickly gets used to it. Owners of decorative breeds prefer cool nicknames for dogs. They are sonorous and easy to remember, make passers-by smile, better describe the friendliness of the dog. nine0003


How to choose the right nickname

Beauty and sonority are two important aspects that dog owners rely on. This is a creative business in which there are no certain rules and patterns. Freedom of fantasy allows you to come up with unusual and beautiful names. Thanks to her, a large number of cool, funny nicknames were born.

If there are no ideas, then you can focus on the following criteria, they will make it easier to choose a name for the dog:

  1. Pet breed. Many families have features that can give a push in the right direction. But this does not mean that simple cool nicknames are suitable for mongrels. A dog without ancient roots may look nobler and more important, unlike an expensive one with a passport and pedigree. The size of the dog matters.
  2. External features. Often the owners rely on the color of the baby - white - Snowball, brown - Chocolate, etc.
  3. Character. It is recommended not to forget that the name should match the behavior of the puppy. It is advisable to observe the dog for several days in order to choose a suitable nickname for it. nine0006
  4. Sonority. For large breeds that require training, it is not recommended to give names that will go along with the basic commands. The nickname should be easy to remember and consist of a minimum set of letters - optimally 4-5.

Dogs perceive some sounds clearly and quickly, while others irritate the ear. The presence of hissing consonants will make the name distinguishable even when pronounced in a whisper, but hard and sonorous sounds reach faster.

Name list for boy and girl

We must not forget the difference in nicknames for boys and girls. Each gender has its own set of names. They create a certain energy and give direction for the development of the animal.

Table of cool and beautiful nicknames for dogs, suitable for representatives of different breeds and sizes: Complex character, but correctable Amethyst - faithful, beautiful, strong, courageous. Easy to educate Ada is a nice and capricious person. The nickname suits a thoroughbred dog, which acts as an adornment of the family Barkhan - angry, obeys only the owner Adeline - cheerful, trusting, intelligent, affectionate Vulture - strong, courageous. A dog with an accommodating disposition Alaida - mobile, mindful, amenable to education Icarus - loving, executive dog Hilda - hardy, kind Hart - calm, sweet and large Irma - Non -consuming host quint, non -nachest dregs. Tina - sensitive, domestic Charlick - a toy dog, defenseless in front of the outside world Dominika - beautiful, proud Simon - pet Lorna - nickname for the emotional girl Jack - Watchtower with good heart Gloria - elegant, curious AIK - well, brave . fearless, obedient. Nickname for large watchdogs Daisy - a good guard with a complex character Gordon - flexible, strong Amond - frisky with a developed flair. The nickname is suitable for thoroughbred pets Morgan is a dog that loves people

If you don't like a beautiful, noble nickname or you want to be original, then you can choose a funny name for the dog. It will delight at every communication with the animal and give pleasant emotions away from home.


Such nicknames more often demonstrate a trusting relationship between the dog and the owner. Funny nicknames emphasize the features of the pet and the bright features of his character and behavior. nine0003

When choosing a name for a girl, it is better to rely on simplicity and sonority. It is difficult to come up with a cool, funny nickname, here you need to connect observation and wit. Each dog is endowed with comic features that can be beaten, but not offend the animal and not make a laughingstock.

Ideas can come from gadgets, comics, favorite foods, things, etc.0622 Cleopatra Sonic Goddess Ninja

Cool names will emphasize the charm of the dog.


If an animal is purchased for a lot of money and has a pedigree, then a simple nickname will not suit it. The owners try to emphasize the high status of the dog by choosing a fashionable and beautiful name. Of course, it is already written in the passport, but it is difficult to pronounce it and the animal will never remember what its name is - Charleston or Gordon. Therefore, everyone is looking for a nickname simpler and more sonorous. nine0003

For small breeds

Decorative dogs are naturally endowed with a special charm. They are made for love, affection and tenderness. The owners try to give the kids beautiful, cool and funny names so that they warm the soul and cause a smile and tenderness. After all, it is difficult to be angry with a Bead or Bubochka.

The smallest breed is the Mexican Chihuahua. Based on history, you can give the dog a nickname: Consuela, Salsa, Bonita, Chacha, etc. It's cool to hear when the baby is called Shumka, Bullet, Knop, Plyushka or Mimi. Some nicknames have a German origin: Moni, Zuzi, Hella, Ricky. Japanese dog names sound short and beautiful: Aiko, Hikari, Hoshi, Kokoro. nine0003

Yorkshire terrier puppies are suitable for such cool nicknames as Margaret, Bentley, Adele, Sadie, Chanelka, Gucci. Well emphasize the features of the color of the dog: Golden, Yolk, Sunny, Choco, Cinnamon.

More nicknames for Yorkies can be found here.

From cartoons

If the puppy looks like a child's cartoon character, you can look for a nickname in the list of playful made-up names.

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In a simple and unpretentious way, you can name a dog after watching the Barboskins. It may be funny to call a baby poodle Artemon.

How to teach a puppy to a nickname

Nickname is the most common command a dog hears. It is better to start accustoming a puppy to it from the first days of its appearance in the house, from 1 month. All members of the family should be involved in the process, otherwise the animal will not obey them as it grows up. nine0003

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Every day 5-7 times it is recommended to call the puppy affectionately, enticing with a piece of treat. When the dog approaches, give a treat and pet while repeating the name and pleasant words. During the main feeding, put a bowl and call the dog by name several times, repeat 2-3 times while he eats.

You can use your favorite toy for learning. Call the puppy by his nickname and tease briefly. It is not recommended to put pressure on the dog, everything comes with time. In the process of accustoming, you can not use threatening intonations, distort the name. nine0003

General recommendations

When choosing a nickname for a dog, it is advisable to be guided by personal preferences, not to pay attention to the smiles of friends and acquaintances.

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