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Supermarket chain "LIDL", Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Palma Nova - "Supermarkets in Mallorca - food prices and assortment"

When vacationing abroad, it is always interesting to walk around local supermarkets. This is especially true in Europe. Last summer we vacationed in Mallorca. Since the food at the hotel took half board, we had to buy water, fruit and something for lunch in the store. In the shops on the beach, everything is expensive and we examined the local supermarkets. One of them was LIDL. We rested in the town of Palma Nova, it is not far from the capital of the island.

Lidl - a large supermarket where you can buy everything - food, alcohol, hygiene products, textiles, household appliances. What made me happy - discounts. Almost like we have every week - new discounts. Promotional prices are more than attractive. And even on vacation, I followed the promotions.

The supermarket is large, but not huge. Quite spacious and clean. Huge selection of fruits, confectionery and ice cream. I liked that the frost was unloaded from huge refrigerators right in the hall. Apparently in Mallorca it’s impossible to do otherwise - it’s very hot there.

Since we visited different supermarkets, I noticed that each one has its own brands. There is no such thing that everyone sells the same thing. In Lidl, there are generally brands that are sold only by them.

Service at the checkout is normal, they ask something, Mallorcan people, people are pleasant, not very emotional and not intrusive. Packages at the checkout are paid, of different sizes and different prices. For the cart they take a deposit, a coin, as we have in Auchan. The store has cells for storing bags, air conditioning.

What did we buy at Lidl? First of all - water and juices. My child took there constantly some drinks that we do not have. Of course we bought jamon. Ready-made salads for the beach, bread and sweets. Ice cream is a separate issue. The choice of ice cream is large, it is delicious - there is the same as ours, there is your own. The supermarket has a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. There is a department with fresh pastries. A lot of chocolate, nuts, sweets with a long shelf life - various muffins and cakes.

At home we bought honey, jam, rum, chocolate, biscuits, jamon, sausage, cheese, whipped cream, spices. There are many types of cheese in the supermarket and it is of very good quality.

In addition, in Lidl you can buy T-shirts, towels, shorts, T-shirts, pareos. That's what there is not enough in the supermarket - these are shampoos, rinses, creams - the choice is very small. And no bar soap, only liquid. Deodorants are expensive, it's best to bring your own. But there are a lot of different bags of jelly, bottles of whipped cream, spices. The choice of alcohol is not too big.

Although I liked the supermarket, it is not luxurious, ordinary and popular with locals.

There is also the fact that on many products the composition is written in Spanish and Portuguese. That is, even in meaning you will not understand what is in the composition. Therefore, if you like to go to supermarkets, then it would be good to know the basic names (salt, sugar, milk, etc.) in advance.

Food prices in Spain 2022

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Mikhail Schwartz 150

Let's look at prices in Spanish supermarkets in 2022. I have prepared for you a virtual tour of Spanish supermarkets, we will walk around Mercadona, Lidl, Aldi, HipperDino in the south of Tenerife. More than 150 photos, I took everything I could.

Shops in Tenerife

I went to Mercadona with average Spanish prices. My report will give you the information you need on how much money to take with you and how much money you will spend on food during your vacation.

Vegetables and fruits

Tomatoes cost around €2 per kilogram, cherry tomatoes around €4. Cucumbers - a little more than €2. Potatoes - about € 1.5, onions - within € 1.2 - € 2.2. Iceberg lettuce - €1.5. Canary bananas - about € 2.5.

A Variety of Spanish TomatoesCherry Tomatoes from SpainSpanish and Dutch CucumbersPotatoes from SpainCarrotsOnionsSaladsCanarian BananasSpanish ApplesFragrant PearsSpanish Kiwi, Mango and Papaya Delicious Nectarines and PeachesLemon and Orange Season Begins in SpainFresh Grape HarvestRed GrapesGreen Peppers from SpainRed Spanish PeppersSugar Watermelons

Prices for fruits and vegetables, as elsewhere, change depending on the season.

Bread and pastries

Everything is bad with bread in supermarkets. Usually they sell freshly baked frozen baguettes - that's disgusting! It is impossible to eat the next day. Baguettes cost €0.5–1.5, depending on the length. Large croissants for €0.8 each. Long-life loaves of bread sell for €1.

Baguettes Bread Loaves

Biscuits for every taste, mostly made in Spain.


They sell good chocolate, a bar costs €1–3.

Soda and water

Is soda expensive or not? I don't know our prices. An aluminum can of 0.33 comes out to about €0.25.


There are a lot of varieties of bottled water. The price per liter ranges from 15 to 60 cents. The cheapest one sometimes tastes worse than tap water, and scale remains in the kettle. I choose cheap, slightly mineral water with the funny name débil, it's not a brand name, but a type of water.

Sausage and jamon

Everything is in order with sausages in Spain, even the cheapest dry-cured ones are of very decent quality! I like to take red raw smoked chorizo ​​sausage by weight for €6–8 per kilogram.

There are countless hamons here. Prices from €15 to €49. I do not advise you to take cuttings in vacuum packs. Get a fresh cut.

My favorite chorizo ​​sausageCooked sausagesThere are sausagesJamon will be cut right in front of youA large selection of Spanish ham and sausagesJamon in a vacuum package


Spanish beef is lean and streaked with fat, €12-€18 per kilo.

Beef steak Diet filletExcellent entrecote

Pork sells for €5-€7 per kilo.

Tenderloin for chops Fattier meat Great for grilling

Chicken sold whole or in pieces.

Whole chicken FilletChicken quarterChicken drumstickBio chickenRabbits for sale


Almost all the fish in Mercadona comes from Spain and other countries. Local is rare.

If desired, the fish can be cleaned and butchered. Take a paper number and wait your turn. He pokes at the right fish, and they will clean it with love for you. If necessary, cut into steaks or fillet.

Dorada Eyed fish of different shades of pinkFish beautifully laid out on ice Skipjack tunaSardinesSalmonFresh fishMackerel Already butchered fish carcassesCutted fish in sealed packaging. We don't take this.

Shops offer a large selection of the freshest seafood: shrimp for €10, mussels for €5, squid from €6.

SeafoodShrimpMusselsSquidSmoked salmon

The price of canned fish starts from €1.5.

Canned fish made in SpainCanned fishCanned fish from SpainCanned seafood

Canned food

I recommend herb and jamón pâtés for €1 per jar.

Pate with herbsPate with jamon

Look at the prices of other Spanish preserves

OlivesCucumbersCanned peas, corn and tomatoesCanary sauces (above) and other saucesPrepared beans in jarsMeatballs

Prepared foods

Pasta bolognese and yellow rice Tortilla and croquettes Pizza Tortilla Stewed meatballs and lasagne

Dairy products

Good milk from the refrigerator with a short shelf life costs €0.95 per 1 liter. UHT at €0.56.


There is also soy milk for special drinkers and drinks made from various nuts.

Vegetable "milk" drinks

Not so long ago, kefir appeared on the shelves.


Spanish-made yogurts with bifidobacteria will cost €1 each.

Yoghurts with bifidobacteriaGreek yogurtMore yogurts.Spanish coconut milk yogurtButter

Delicious Spanish desserts!

Catalan creamDesserts


There are a lot of cheeses. I photographed only standard varieties so that there is something to compare with. I like hard sheep's cheese.

Spanish hard sheep cheese

I recommend cheeses made in Spain from 3 types of milk: sheep, cow and goat.

4-month-aged Curado cheese. Spanish harder Semicurado cheese 3-month-aged Regular Couda and Edam. But very tasty! Young cheesesCheese shavingsMore cheeses


For jam, we buy inexpensive Spanish brands from Peach, Apricot and Quince at €1.5–2.5 per can at Lidl. I make sure that fruit fibers are visible in the jar, otherwise there will be a tasteless jelly.

Large assortment of jamsJams and jamsAgave syrup

Tea and coffee

Mostly herbal tea, so bring your own from Russia ;-)

Large variety of herbal teasHerbal teasThere are several types of black teaBlack teaCoffee in capsules for coffee machinesInstant coffee

Pasta and cereals

CerealsBeansRicePastaMore vermicelli and cones

Vegetable oil

I don't see much difference in a salad between olive oil from a glass bottle and a plastic one. We often take Coosur Pisual with a pleasant bitterness for €5. By the way, in Tenerife this oil cost €4.

Spanish olive oil There are large packages Sunflower oil and grape vinegar


Spanish beer from supermarkets is so-so. Without much taste and aftertaste - malt water. Of the tolerable brands, for my taste, only Alhambra Classic, but it’s better to take some German, for example, wheat Franziskaner for € 0.92. Look at the expiration date for any beer, I try not to take beer older than 1-2 months. We drink beer only on holidays, so we choose carefully.


Everyone knows about Spanish wines. In the store, the price per bottle starts from €2.

Few are familiar with the wines of the Canary Islands. They are produced in small quantities and almost never exported. The fertile land of volcanic origin gives the drink a special character. I advise you to try!

Spanish wineSpanish wine


Flour, sugar and eggs

SugarEggsEggsWheat flourVarious types of flour

Vegan products

Shops have vegan sections

Vegan burgers, pizzas and meatballs.

Learn more