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It saves me so much time and I know my daughter is getting nutritious food. It’s so important to me that she’s gets the best foods possible, and with Café Baby, I know she is.

Kristina M.

I’m a busy mom who doesn’t want to choose between having the time and providing nutritious, organic and fresh foods for my daughter. She also has severe food allergies, so having easy sides and proteins that I know are safe for her are a huge relief.

Lauren G.

I know my baby is getting whole, healthy, fresh foods every single meal. The convenience of knowing every meal is all prepared is a lifesaver and timesaver.

Lindsay K.

I know I’m feeding my baby the best! I can trust that what I’m feeding our kids is healthy, fresh and safe.

Leighanna M.

My 6 month old daughter loves the delicious food and I feel great about feeding it to her! Delicious, preservative-free, local, affordable! What's not to love? Even big sister (also a Café Baby) still enjoys taking a bite!

Erin J.

I love having convenient and healthy food options for my daughter and supporting a local business!

Pam W.

The customer service is impeccable, the ingredient lists are recognizable, it’s a great complement to home-cooked meals and provides a convenient (door step delivery!!) solution to getting my kid fed since he started purées. I loved the idea of homemade baby food but it just wasn’t a realistic endeavor for me.

Jane M.

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Caree J. Cotwright, PhD, RDN

Associate Professor, University of Georgia Department of Nutritional Sciences

"I am proud to partner with Tiny Organics to build a strong foundation for kids to become veggie lovers. Tiny Organics has a flavorful and fun approach to develop adventurous eaters."

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH

Professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy & Tiny's Scientific Advisor

"Tiny Organics is a member of our Food and Nutrition Innovation Council and I’m proud to personally serve as Tiny's scientific advisor."

Priscilla Barr, MS, RDN

Neonatal Nutritionist, NYU Langone & Tiny's Nutritional Advisor

"There is no better time in a child’s life to make nutrition a top priority than during infancy and toddlerhood: when their brains are growing faster than ever."

Caree J. Cotwright, PhD, RDN

Associate Professor, University of Georgia Department of Nutritional Sciences

"I am proud to partner with Tiny Organics to build a strong foundation for kids to become veggie lovers. Tiny Organics has a flavorful and fun approach to develop adventurous eaters."

Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH

Professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy & Tiny's Scientific Advisor

"Tiny Organics is a member of our Food and Nutrition Innovation Council and I’m proud to personally serve as Tiny's scientific advisor."

Priscilla Barr, MS, RDN

Neonatal Nutritionist, NYU Langone & Tiny's Nutritional Advisor

"There is no better time in a child’s life to make nutrition a top priority than during infancy and toddlerhood: when their brains are growing faster than ever."

Proud partner of Veggies Early and Often

Through Veggies Early and Often, Partnership for a Healthier America is convening industry leaders including Tiny Organics, health professionals, and early education partners to help improve the food landscape for the nation’s youngest eaters through a veggie-forward approach. We aim to educate parents, caregivers, health professionals, and baby and toddler food makers about the importance of early, repeated exposure to vegetables for young eaters.

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"We tried Tiny Organics and he loved it! Half of it ended up in his bib because he’s still learning how to transfer the food from his hand but he was gobbling it up lol."

Tara, Arizona

"A meal game changer! Every meal is fresh, organic and creative. Full disclosure, the 'I Think There I Yam' looked so tasty I had to try it lol - it's delicious!"

Danielle, Philadelphia

"The meals are delicious and our kids are pretty darn picky. They like it because Mom didn't prepare it, and I like it because I didn't have to and I have zero guilt about it!"

Tina, Ohio

"You've been a lifesaver for busy moms like us. I don't know what to do without Tiny Organics. I travel a lot for work and my husband gets so worried when we don't have enough of Tiny Organics in the freezer.
It's made Maggie a great eater too!"

Carol, New York

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how family restaurants work – r_keeper Blog

🕓 reading time: 9 min.

"Family restaurant" is not only "McDonald's". What is worth at least the example of the Anderson cafe, whose founder Anastasia Tatulova during the pandemic became almost the protagonist of the restaurant business. However, the owners of family establishments are heroic not only in times of crisis: every day they try to gain the trust of guests with children, feed young visitors with healthy food and create a comfortable atmosphere for both families and those who just dropped in for a business lunch.

Playground on the way to the kitchen

In an interview in 2013, restaurateur Ekaterina Kovalevskaya noted that children are not welcome in restaurants around the world. “Only fast food chains are really focused on families with children. There will be high chairs for babies, and separate playgrounds, and children's lunches with toys, ”she said.

But since then, the kids-friendly approach has become a real trend in the industry: a children's area with coloring pages and an Ikea shark can be found in many restaurants and cafes. And not only in the two capitals, but also in the regions. For example, the Ekaterinburg restaurant of Czech cuisine Pan Smetan has a children's room "Igrenok": there is a pool with balls, educational games and a nanny who takes care of the kids. A small corner has been set up in the Samara confectionery "That Same Place": while adults eat croissants and cakes, children are waiting for toys and a slate board for drawing. And in the children's zones of the Kystyby network in Kazan, little guests are greeted by houses with a tented roof.

No sharp corners and pink ponies

The children's area can be planned as a separate room in the field of view of parents, a separate room in the common room or fit into the space of the restaurant without any boundaries.

“We are conceptually against a separate playroom: you don’t have to “drop” a child there if you can spend time with him. It is important to simply adapt the space: during the renovation, we think about where we will seat mothers with babies, and in which hall we will accommodate guests without children, but we do not indicate this visually. Therefore, often where we planned to seat adult guests, parents with grown-up children sit, who believe that they have already grown out of the playroom.
Kitchen Marketing Director Evgenia Semina

“Our restaurants have large areas with playgrounds, toys, workshops, animators. Boarding is organized, among other things, around play spaces - for those parents who want to actively observe what is happening with their child. But there are also those areas where guests just sit and eat. If you want to be close to the child - please. If you want to relax separately, you can sit in one room, and the child will have fun in another. In this case, TVs are hung around the restaurant, where it is broadcast what is happening in the gaming area.
Ribambelle Restaurant Marketing Director Elizaveta Gruzdeva

It is not necessary that the playroom or the entire family restaurant look like a princess castle or Legoland: colorful interiors quickly tire both adults and children. On the other hand, little guests are not always neat: it is unlikely that the prints of their palms smeared with jam will decorate light walls and sofas.

In the area for kids there should not be sockets, sharp corners, small interior elements - anything that can harm the child. Furniture should be chosen compact and light, but at the same time strong and not traumatic. Toys need to be regularly treated with antiseptics: for example, in dry pools in Ribambelle restaurants, balls are disinfected twice a day. It is also important to have a low sink where the child can wash their hands, or at least a high chair-stand to reach the tap. And, of course, the restaurant should provide a place for parking strollers and a ramp for check-in - this is a sign of respect for parents.

Nursing workshops

Keeping a permanent employee to look after children in an institution where the children's audience is not the main one is costly. But for a family cafe, this is a real must have. For example, in the network of family cafes "Grandmother arrived" in St. Petersburg, a nanny 0+ works with children every day (and for free). Kitchen has its own event department for organizing holidays and full-time animators. “They specialize in restaurant animation, they know our children's space very well, they understand where to stand and how to direct the attention of young guests so that they concentrate on the program,” says Evgenia Semina. At Ribambelle, animators undergo special training: they work with a psychologist, teachers in acting and game technology, so that during active games and dances they not only entertain children, but also develop their emotional intelligence and useful skills.

Another way to keep a child busy is cooking classes, which most kids-friendly restaurants offer today. For example, in the Moscow restaurant Da Pino, children are invited to the “School of Young Pizzaiolo” for free, in the St. Petersburg “Marcellis” they sell subscriptions to children's culinary courses, and in the “Tsekh” in Yekaterinburg they are taught to draw. This is a good way to earn audience loyalty, but not money. “Such classes have a symbolic price: only the work of the presenter and products pay off,” says a representative of the Kitchen network.

Octopus sausages and expensive vermicelli

A lot of attention needs to be paid to the menu: decide whether it will be mini versions of “adult” dishes, burgers and french fries, or exceptionally healthy food without lactose, peanuts, other allergens or mushrooms, which are not recommended for children under 12 years old.

“We don't flirt with the kids menu. It has a chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes, a halibut cutlet with pasta, that is, those positions that do not cause concern in mothers and questions like “What is it made of?” or “What will happen to my child if he eats this?”. Plus, now there is a trend for food, especially for children, to be healthy, understandable, and made from quality products. For us, this is the rule, although a few years ago, at the request of our parents, we introduced french fries into the menu.” Marketing Director of Ribambelle Restaurant Elizaveta Gruzdeva

Younger guests love the simplest dishes, so it’s easier to please them: they don’t want seafood or marbled beef steaks, but high-margin dishes from fresh vegetables, minced meat or soups go with a bang. Their profitability is 30% higher, and this is another reason to fight not against the kids in restaurants, but for them. True, some children's products are still more expensive: figured vermicelli in the shape of letters or cutlets for burgers made from diet minced meat.

“We keep the interests of different age groups in mind: we have cream soup of pureed vegetables, an analogue of the first food, and a children's burger with fries for teenagers. We take into account the history of allergies, so we prepare gluten-free meatballs. We also pay attention to the design: the menu includes meatballs in the shape of a mouse's face, turkey sausages served in the shape of octopuses - so that the kid would have both fun and interesting to eat. For adults and children, we cook from equally fresh and natural products, we just change the shape: if we serve chicken breast to an adult, then chicken cutlets to a child.” Kitchen Marketing Director Evgenia Semina

It is important not only what to eat, but also what: Elizaveta Gruzdeva advises paying attention to children's cutlery. This is a matter of child safety: a large “adult” fork is more difficult for a baby to control, so he can get hurt by it.

Shouting in the gaming room, not at the table

Perhaps the most important task of a restaurateur is to make sure that both the family audience and guests without children are comfortable in the establishment. In the same Kitchen chain, there are 40% of them: many go to business lunches, and parents themselves do not mind having lunch alone while schoolchildren are in class. Mostly family guests do not sit up in the evenings and already leave when the main stream begins. But even if the audiences overlap, they can be reconciled. The main thing is that both of them remember that they came to a family restaurant: children are valued here, but not everything is allowed for them themselves.

“We are calm about the fact that some guests are uncomfortable in children's society, but for them there are many other establishments. And with those who love children, we always find a common language - no matter if they came with the kids or not, - says Evgenia Semina. “We try to organize the space and keep the kids busy so that they don’t interfere with the rest of the adults. If we see that a child jumps on his head, turns over the salt shakers on all tables, screams, then we offer him a coloring book, we try to distract him, direct his energy into a peaceful direction.

Love is the secret ingredient

All employees in the hall should be ready to work with children in a family restaurant. According to Evgenia Semina, already at the selection stage, Kitchen pays attention to how an intern behaves if a child throws himself at his feet. “It should neither infuriate nor irritate. Therefore, we employ either those who have children, younger brothers and sisters, or those who are simply close to the children's theme, ”she explains. And Ribambelle has its own system of training and certification, during which the skills of behavior in difficult situations are assessed. “Even at the start, we warn the waiters that they will need to bring a bib and put the child on a high chair. And if the child gets sick, stains his T-shirt, then the waiter will offer his mother to take, wash and dry the clothes, and in return he will give our branded T-shirt and pants,” says Elizaveta Gruzdeva.

At the same time, experts do not consider parents with children to be a difficult audience - rather, they are tired. “Moms come to us who are nervous or in a hurry, but if you help them cope with problems, they will become very grateful guests. After all, the greatest value for parents is to see that their child is happy, ”says Evgenia Semina. But the restaurant also has no right to make a mistake: word of mouth works well in the children's segment, and even one upset parent can destroy a reputation. To win the loyalty of a family audience, you can offer guests a discount, a dessert as a gift, or a free combo lunch for a baby. The r_keeper Loyalty service will help to segment the audience and tell about the special offer.

Not all establishments should be kids-friendly, build a children's room and hire animators: it will look strange in a bar or gourmet restaurant where business negotiations are often held. But for those who still decide to work with little guests, Evgenia Semina's simple advice will help: being kids-friendly means just sincerely loving children. “You can work with any audience only out of love. And it doesn’t matter what kind of guests they are: families with children or rock bikers. If this resonates with you, if the project is initially created with a soul, the audience will definitely feel it,” Elizaveta Gruzdeva agrees.



Delicate mashed potatoes, beef cutlets, vegetables and grilled sauce in wheat tortilla

Delicate mashed potatoes and mushroom julienne with the addition of tender chicken breast with care on a wheat tortilla

Crispy chicken nuggets with fresh vegetables and caesar sauce in wheat tortilla with the addition of our love

Delicate mashed potatoes, smoked chicken pieces, cheese, gherkins with garlic sauce in wheat tortilla

A hit with all the hungry: juicy beef patties with crispy iceberg lettuce, a combination of tomatoes and gherkins, red onions, cheese and barbecue sauce, lovingly folded into a tortilla

Fried beef cutlets, with the perfect combination of iceberg lettuce leaves, juicy, as if from a garden, tomatoes, red onions, Adyghe cheese with grilled sauce gives an unusual taste, and black flatbread is responsible for the style

Fried champignons in a creamy sauce with tender mashed potatoes in a wheat tortilla

Marinated salmon with rice, fresh cucumber, cream cheese, nori leaves and teriyaki sauce in wheat tortilla

Mashed potatoes with carefully prepared minced meat on wheat flatbread

Classic kystyby with mashed potatoes and fried onions like grandma's

Fried Chicken Cutlets with Vegetables and Burger Sauce in Wheat Flatbread

Kystyby with tender millet porridge, with the addition of pumpkin and the aroma of childhood


Vegetable cheese soup with smoked chicken pieces and crunchy croutons with the flavor of memories

Classic chicken broth made with love

Spicy tom yam base and classic tokmachly ash with chicken and noodles

National soup noodles with taste of childhood

Light mushroom cream soup with crunchy croutons with the aroma of memories

Delicate pumpkin cream soup with pieces of smoked duck



Unusual puff pastry triangles with tender condensed milk and nuts

Muffin with chocolate chips and a pinch of delight

Meringue roll with cream, peanuts and a pinch of tenderness

Light dessert tiramisu with delicate cream and coffee biscuit

Chocolate sponge cake with creamy chocolate cream

National Tatar dessert with honey

Classic cheesecake with a dash of love

combo sets

Main dishes

Signature balesh egoist with broth, as is customary in national traditions, with minced beef, potatoes and onions

Healthy bulgur with vegetables and baked chicken in a creamy garlic sauce from the chef

Manti of own production with ground beef, potatoes and sauce of your choice

Tender meat and potatoes with vegetables and pickled cucumbers like grandma's

Handmade beef dumplings made with love

Pumpkin porridge with millet and smoked duck

Children's menu

Juice "Dobry" 0.

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