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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet - A Complete Guide


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Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

Baby bullet vs magic bullet baby food maker, which one is right for you? This perfect comparison of baby bullet vs magic bullet will tell you everything you need to know. Space is small, but efficiency is high. This review perfectly describes the difference between the Baby bullet & the Magic bullet.

If you are looking for a small blender to help you get the job done as quickly as possible, go for the baby bullet. But the magic bullet is more than just a small and efficient mixing machine; it offers a lot more than that – all of which I will show you off with this Blender review. Magic Bullet is a great personal blender that will ensure that you get a smoothie full of all your flavorful nutrients before leaving home to work outside.

The company gets older over the years, so they are developing some of both products’ features. In addition, they are advancing their technology over the year. Both blenders are designing to adopt advanced functionality and easy use at a higher level by the customers.

There are many reasons to get a personal bender. You may need a blander to start diet changes that your dietitian may be advised to stay smooth daily or for any other reason. Both the Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet can be suitable options for you to start your journey.

I like these mixers very much, they are thin and come from the same manufacturer and are very easy to use. They are easy to operate, making them comfortable to handle and place anywhere at your home. This is to evaluate the Magic Bullet vs Baby Bullet review to help you choose which one is better.

Now we are trying to discuss the difference between the Baby Bullet & the Magic Bullet.

Baby Bullet

Check Price at Amazon

The selling price of the baby bullet comes to the market at an affordable price. In addition, the baby bullet has the ability to make your baby’s food delicious and usable daily.

Also, making your baby’s food is easy, and there are no preservatives that can harm your baby. So you can easily make your baby food recipes tasty every day. You keep in mind that for every baby food maker, you can use up to 2-3 years.

Baby Bullets is made by the nutribullet company that makes Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet Blenders and designs similarly. The main difference between Baby bullet vs magic Bullet is the accessories.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheerful color and a small smile
  • Practical accessories
  • Two sizes for mixing
  • Nutrient extraction blade
  • It comes with a recipe book.
  • In additional storage containers
  • BPA free


  • It is more limited in function than magic bullets

  • Single-speed 200-watt blender base.
  • Milling blades for seed, oats, and grain grind.
  • Baby mix blade for mixing.
  • 32 oz batch bowl for larger recipes.12 oz short cup for short recipes.
  • 6 storage cups with a storage lid and date dial.
  • Frozen storage container 12 serving (2 oz serving).
  • All containers are BPA-free, and jars are dishwasher safe.
  • Jars are not recommended to use in a microwave.

Use of User Manual

To defrost the ingredients, refrigerate the frozen serving or place it in a sealed container in mildly hot water until the elements are soft. The user manual provides a step-by-step guide to the recipes to follow and what foods to use at each stage. It also outlines the general feeding schedule and how to prepare and store baby food.

Making of Natural Food

Baby bullets come in a large mixing bowl and many smaller containers for storing prepared food. This blend allows parents to make natural foods for their babies to ensure no added preservatives. The base is stable and stands on four slightly circular protrusions. Though not as noisy as to treat enough baby food for the whole week, it shelters the powerful motor.

BPA Free & Non-Toxic

This blender is unique because its blades are designed to keep extract nutrients. Of course, you will want your baby to get the most nutrition from the food you make, and this system provides that benefit. In addition, the containers’ bodies are BPA-free and non-toxic, essential in all plastic containers involved with food.

Sometimes you need to make a full batch, and when the big bowl comes in handy other times, you only need to mix a small portion and luckily have a small cup. You can give your child the cup or leave the id icon on the cover when you are done.

Pop Freezer Tray

A simple pop freezer tray allows you to store up to 6 portions of baby food that comes with this baby food maker. There’s also a great tray for easy handling, which is a new addition. The whole package is well designed, and the baby food preparation flows admirably.

Magic Bullet

Check Price at Amazon

The name Magic Bullet of this device reflects its design brilliantly. The base is strong, the blades are useful, and the container’s ingredients keep natural nutrition. Also, it’s almost magical at the speed of mixing food and drinks. The package includes a 250-watt motor with a stable base housing, an assortment of mugs, variable ids, and a bonus recipe book.

The long cup is what you usually use to mix most foods and drinks. Also, there is a small mug and a party mug. The ids come in a form that seals the cup for a two-to-go drink and has a comfortable lip ring. BPA in plastic containers is free and very durable. The magic bullet provides a seal that helps keep your food and drink for a long time.

Additionally, it is a perfect blender for your baby as a food maker, with a comfortable lip ring on the id for drinking. The 10-second recipe book that Magic Bullet brings is completely inspiring. You can slowly mix some great drinks, but you will find this guide in the recipe book. And the best part is that the blander takes less than a minute to make food for your baby.

Pros & Cons


  • This is a light device
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • It is less price
  • The set is easy to clean.
  • It does not require too much space to store
  • A fully portable two-go cup
  • Make fresh & healthy food.
  • The blander is BPA free


  • It can only take a limited amount of ice cubes


Performance Test of Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

The baby bullet & magic bullet are best for making soft foods and mill grains. While Informatics really does a good job of selling this product, we wanted to see its performance in our own testing. We tested multiple blends using two blades in two blending jars across multiple meals. Our tests looked like we did well on the tested components. We were surprised by the results because a 200-watt motor has enough power to mix the soft elements. We found both are easy to use and have no problem handling blades or jars.


The Magic Bullet is a versatile device. If you’re into smooth and healthy fruit juices, this is the perfect little helper for you. You can use it in your home, or use it. It doesn’t take up too much space, it’s clean and preservative, and you can clean it in a blink of an eye.

Baby Bullets are excellent for making healthy meals and snacks for your baby. It is designed to make your life easier with your small storage cup. Make a batch, freeze it, then pick it up and go.

Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet are both great tools for preparing food for your babies every day. If we choose one, we will go for the Magic Bullet. It is because you can use this blender to make your baby’s food delicious and healthy.

So we want to say baby bullet gives you the best service than the Magic Bullet. So here we are trying to discuss baby bullet vs magic bullet.

Frequently Asking Questions

Why will you buy the baby bullet?

There are several different baby food manufacturers on the market, and really any blender can make baby food because you mix the soft ingredients. Baby Bullet has everything packaged together and is worth it if you are going to use it. Many people enjoyed using the device and mentioned in the review that it’s easy to use and placeable anywhere on the floor or table. If you need a homogeneous product every day at your home, you can use a basic blender and get a set of small food containers and mix food daily.

Why do you need magic bullets?

The magic bullet will help you make fresh juices and foreign drinks in seconds, whether for your own use or even after some of your friends. For example, sauce, spice, and salad dressings are essential for BBQ, and magic bullets can help you get the whip in a few seconds.

Healthy eating often involves polishing fruits and vegetables. Using the magic bullet is perfect for making mixed food before or after your workout,  breakfast, luncheon, or even a  good night meal. The magic bullet is basically using more and more in the kitchen. This blender allows you to stay organized and healthy during a busy day.

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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: Popular Blender Comparison

Best for BabiesBest for Smoothies
Baby BulletMagic Bullet
Friendly design#1 selling blender

Wondering which popular blender is best for making baby food? Let’s compare two popular and affordable options: the Baby Bullet vs. Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet is one of the most popular and well-designed personal blenders in the world. But is it the best choice for baby food?

The real question everyone wants to know is “do I need a special baby blender?” Or can I just use the Magic Bullet I already have? It’s understandable to question the need for yet another appliance. Especially one that your little ones will eventually outgrow. A Magic Bullet, on the other hand, is more versatile.

To get a better idea of which blender is the best, we need to see which blender is going to be more useful for baby food. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: Comparison

Baby Bullet Blender


  • Specially Designed for Baby Blending
  • 6 Unique Storage Cups + Other Accessories
  • Extremely Safe for Infants


  • Not Much Use Outside Baby Food
  • Very Weak Motor

Magic Bullet Blender


  • High-Powered Personal Blender
  • Comes Included as 13-Piece System
  • Under $50


  • Not Ideal for Serious Blending
  • Only 250 Watts

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Review

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is an awesome system designed specifically to get your baby the food he or she needs easily and effectively. You can make an entire week of healthy baby food in under 5 minutes by using the Baby Bullet.

Baby food forever!

You will not find a better or smarter blender for baby food. However, this is not a high-powered blender that will heat your soup and grind your coffee beans – it is made only for blending nutritious ingredients into easily digestible food for your baby.

Everything that comes with the Baby Bullet is safe. That means the plastic is non-toxic, the plastic is BPA free, and there are no pthalates to be found anywhere.

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Designed for babies

Not only is this blender great at making the most delicious and healthy baby food ever, but it is also designed to keep babies happy. The six storage cups all have cute smiley faces on them, and even the baby blender itself looks adorable in baby blue.

If you are one of those parents who loves everything about having a baby, I highly recommend the Baby Bullet not only because it can grind carrots and peas into a delicious paste for your baby, but also because it makes feeding your child fun.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

The Magic Bullet Blender is probably one of the cheapest blenders on the market today, but not in quality. This thing costs less than what I spend on coffee in a week. For making personalized shakes and smoothies, it doesn’t get any easier than with the Magic Bullet. It comes as a 13-piece set with a recipe book, special blender cups, and the blender itself.

A little bit of everything

You can do a bit of everything with the Magic Bullet. When it comes to baby food, you can definitely blend apples in the applesauce, carrots, and peas into a delicious snack for your infant, and even mix in special ingredients for added minerals and nutrients to help your baby grow.

You can also use the Magic Bullet for yourself. It’s great for mixing, blending, and even grinding. This unit is obviously not going to powerfully blend ice into snow with only 250 Watts, but it definitely works for mushing fruits and veggies into a drinkable solution.

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Always in a rush

If you are constantly hurrying around, especially with a newborn baby, the magic bullet is a great system to make a quick shake or smoothie in under 5 minutes, then screw on the special to-go lid and head out the door.

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet: Main Product Differences

I would have to say the main difference between these two products is strikingly obvious. The Magic Bullet is an all-purpose blender designed for making simple drinks and other blends. Baby Bullet, built by the same company, is very much a baby-only blender designed specifically for baby food.

Different accessories

The Magic Bullet comes with adult accessories, special to-go cups, and a recipe booklet to encourage experimentation with different smoothies and juices. Everything is designed for casual blending.

With the Baby Bullet, all of your accessories are tailor made for babies. The cups are adorable with smiley faces and are more similar to sippy cups than to adult drinking cups. This is awesome for babies. Also, everything is a nice baby blue color, making the Baby Bullet excellent for little boys or little girls.

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But what about power?

The power is almost identical. The Magic Bullet has 250 Watts of power while the Baby Bullet has 200 Watts. There is not much of a difference. That said, I would not recommend trying to blend large quantities of ice inside of the Baby Bullet.

And while the power differential is minimal, I would definitely recommend the Magic Bullet for anything larger than a few ounces of non-frozen fruits and veggies. If you are thinking about grinding nuts or other grains, you may find the Baby Bullet leaves chunks behind. If you are wanting a blender that does baby food and normal food, the Magic Bullet will work better.

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet: Final Thoughts

Here’s the deal. These blenders are not in the same category. One is not better than the other. These are two very different systems with very different purposes. The Baby Bullet is designed only for babies, to make a full week of healthy baby food that can be stored in the provided cups, which come included with special date dials so that you always know what’s fresh.

Of course, the Magic Bullet can also make one week of baby food, and it can arguably blend better than the Baby Bullet. So, why not buy the Magic Bullet and completely ignore the Baby Bullet?

Well, the same reason you buy a special litter box from the pet store rather than letting your cat do its business in a cardboard box full of sand. When you have a baby, it is nice to have quality products that are made specifically for babies. There is a certain amount of comfort knowing you have the proper equipment to care for your child.

Can I mix products in Nutribullet?

Yes , you can use the Nutribullet as a food processor if you want to grind something in a fine proportion. For example, you can use it to mix and grind coffee, nuts, and grains. On the other hand, you cannot use this blender to get a rough result.

Also, what is the difference between Nutribullet and Nutribullet baby?


Nutribullet offers much more mixing power and is more durable than the Baby Bullet with larger blades and a stronger motor base. … Whereas Baby Bullet is limited to soft food mixing but its commercial advantage is accessories, complete baby food recipe book and user manual.

In addition, what should not be added to Nutribullet?

What ingredients should I not mix in my NutriBullet ® GO Cordless Blender? Do not mix dates, nuts, seeds, ice or any other hard ingredients in the NutriBullet ® GO Cordless Blender. Attempting to crush hard ingredients and ice can permanently damage the blades. nine0005

Can Nutribullet also grate carrots?

Can a magic bullet crush carrots? It doesn't cut or lose anything . He tears everything to pieces. Instead of heavily grated carrots, you get carrots that look like they've been chewed up and spit out - good for making soup, but not for salad dressing.

Just like that, can you put ice in Nutribullet?

Yes, ice can be used in Nutribullet! In fact my girls use ice and frozen fruit to make smoothies twice a day every day! Enjoy! nine0005

How long should the NutriBullet last?

Nutribullet blenders are guaranteed for 1 year. However, your Nutribullet may last a long time. 5 years over with proper use and care.


Is the NutriBullet 900 worth it?

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is the very efficient blender for making smoothies and shakes with all sorts of ingredients. If you can put up with engine noise and the possibility of leakage, this is a good choice. Everything is easy to clean and you can make both large and small smoothies with two different cups. nine0005

Can NutriBullet be used without liquid?

Never mix without liquid unless you are using a milling disc (see question seven for more information on using this disc). You should also never exceed the maximum fill line. There are many recipes available, so it's best to start with them and then adapt to your liking.

Are sliced ​​and grated carrots the same thing?

The main difference between shredding and gratering is that shredding results in longer pieces, while shredding results in shorter pieces. … There is a difference between shredded and grated foods depending on their cooking time and consistency. Both are associated with food such as cheese , coconut, and non-leafy vegetables such as carrots.

Can the NutriBullet be used to grate cheese?

I never put cheese in my nutribullet as I usually use it when I'm in a health conscious mood. ... You have to add liquid to anything that is shredded, so it can't just be used as a cheese grinder without mixing the liquid.

Should carrots be peeled before grating?

But do they really need to be cleaned? As it turned out, no. As long as you wash and clean the root vegetables before chopping, dicing or otherwise preparing them according to the recipe, you are most likely fine. The skin of carrots is not as thick as the skin of some other vegetables such as potatoes or beets. nine0005

NutriBullet stops by itself?

Nutribullet stops by itself or does it need to be stopped? For the original design (Nutribullet 600 and 900 pro) you stop it by slightly twisting the can out of the grooves of . The Nutribullet Rx and Nutribullet Lean models use an automatic blending sequence that stops on its own.

Can I put hot clothes in the NutriBullet?

Never mix hot foods in the NutriBullet. nine0004 . It may work in other blenders, but this unit is not designed to work with warm or hot liquids. Do not fill it more than 2/3. "Things start to ooze out of the cups and can get into that base unit - it's a sticky mess that can kill an engine over time. "

Can I make carrot juice with the NutriBullet?

In short, Nutribullet CAN make carrot juice, but it cannot make juice without pulp unless are take a nut milk bag or a fine mesh sieve. Here is a photo of what Nutribullet turns out with being mixed with water and a bunch of carrots .

Why is NutriBullet better than a blender?

Most importantly, the Nutribullet's cyclonic action and high RPM creates a significantly more palatable drink than most blenders, which simply cannot break down harder foods like cashews and flaxseeds to the same extent. … A conventional blender is not capable of this. nine0005

Should I buy NutriBullet?

Verdict: Is NutriBullet worth it? Our testing has shown NutriBullets consistently makes good smoothies, easily processing fresh and frozen fruits, as well as vegetables such as cucumbers, celery and green spinach. For some, these features justify their price tag.

Which NutriBullet is the best?
  • BEST TOTAL VOLUME: NutriBullet Pro 9 High Speed ​​Blender/Mixer00.
  • BEST VALUE: Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor.
  • BEST FULL SIZE: NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z 1200W Blender.
  • BEST PERSONAL SIZE: NutriBullet RX N17-1001 blender.
  • BEST FOR COOKING: NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z 1200W Combination Blender.

Can I put frozen fruit in the NutriBullet?

While most NutriBullet can handle frozen fruit, remember that frozen fruit is harder than fresh fruit. it's It is better to let the fruit thaw a little first , especially with smaller models. Just take the fruit out of the freezer, prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Which is better Ninja or NutriBullet?

Company The Ninja Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ is a better and more versatile blender than the NutriBullet Blender Combo. The Ninja is better built, easier to clean and can crush ice than the NutriBullet. … It also makes smoothies blend better. nine0005

Can I put boiling water in the NutriBullet?

Never mix hot foods in the NutriBullet. . It may work in other blenders, but this unit is not designed to work with warm or hot liquids.

Can I put soda in the NutriBullet?

No, never pour hot liquids or ingredients into NutriBullet 600, 900, 1000, 1200 or Rx mixing cups. … No, never mix carbonated drinks at NutriBullet 600, 900, 1000, 1200 or Rx vessels.

How to soften grated carrots?

Just 1/4 teaspoon of salt can soften a cup of grated carrots in about 15 minutes. He also seasons them (with salt) which is an added bonus.

Is it possible to buy grated carrots?

For best taste, do not use store-bought grated carrots. … Besides the taste, it can be argued that buying grated carrots saves time. But if it does, it won't help much. This method of hand slicing carrots is quick and easy, and only requires one basic piece of equipment: a grater! nine0005

What is the easiest way to grate carrots?

The easiest way to grate carrots is to use the hands-free device with a grater attachment, such as the food processor. If you don't have a food processor, you can use a regular cheese grater, but it will be more difficult. For best results, use a cone-shaped grater, which provides more stability than a flat grater.

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