Spinach pea pear baby food recipe

Spinach, Peas and Pear Puree


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I’m back with another homemade baby food recipe. Today I am sharing what I like to call a power puree. This spinach, peas and pear puree packs a healthy dose of nutrients with big flavor.  The peas and the ripe pear adds sweetness to the superfood that is spinach. Often times I hear moms complain that their littles do not like anything green. For babies, this is usually not the case. They pretty much eat what we give them. My kids loved all their greens more than any other colored food or food group as babies. Now Miss Z gets to complaining about green except for broccoli. I’ll share about the epic broccoli meltdown next week. Yes, there is such a thing! 

Anyway, this spinach peas and pear puree is a great stage 2 blend for your growing baby and if you happen to have a crazy picky toddler, you can throw this blend into a smoothie with blueberries to change up the color if the color green is on their latest “I don’t like” list.  

Once again I used a bunch of frozen organic ingredients. Seriously, switching to some frozen options has saved me money and time. It kills me every time I open the vegetable crisper to find a bag of expensive but now soggy spinach or anything else we spend good money on. Sometimes I just forget it’s in there. Most times not sometimes. I learned a lot of about frozen options and they are just as fresh if not fresher than what we find in the fresh produce section. Don’t get me started on the condition of the fresh produce in the local supermarket near me. It’s considered one of the “budget” branches and that pisses me all the way off. 


Anyway, back to the recipe. Make it. LOL. It freezes well and as always, I always reserve and freeze some of the ingredients separately for other puree options during the week. 

Spinach, Peas and Pear Puree

2016-03-31 11:19:46

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  1. 1/2 bag frozen organic spinach
  2. 1/2 bag frozen organic peas
  3. 1 organic pear
  4. Pinch of salt (optional)


  1. Combine spinach, peas, pear and a pinch of salt if using in a medium sauce pot.
  2. Add just enough water to cover.
  3. Bring to a boil then reduce heat and let simmer for 5-7 minutes until spinach and peas are cooked.
  4. Drain water and reserve.
  5. Place spinach mixture into blending cup and let cool.
  6. Puree until smooth adding water 1 tablespoon at a time if necessary.

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Here are few more Stage 2 homemade baby food recipes for you to try: 

Sweet Potato and White Bean Puree 

Chicken Puree

Do you have any questions about homemade baby food? Ask me in the comments and I will be sure to reply. 

spinach peas and pears - Béaba USA

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Our triple threat purée for baby.

Reciped adapted for Babycook from Homemade BabyFoodRecipes.com.

  • Course Main, Main Dish, Side, Snack
  • Cuisine Fruits, Vegetarian, Veggies

Our triple threat purée for baby. Reciped adapted for Babycook from Homemade BabyFoodRecipes.com.


  • 1 cup spinach sliced and packed
  • 1 cup pear cubed
  • 1/2 cup peas fresh or frozen


  1. Put the spinach, pear and peas in the steamer basket.
  2. Pour water into the tank (level 3).
  3. Start the cooking process.
  4. When the spinach, pear and peas are cooked, put them in the blending bowl, reserving the cooking liquid.
  5. Add some of the cooking liquid to bring the purée to the desired consistency and blend.

Recipe Notes

As always, please check with your pediatrician before introducing new foods to your baby.

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    step by step description of the cooking process with photos

    Red bean soup

    red onion —

    1 pc.

    Cherry tomatoes —

    100 g

    Bulgarian pepper —

    1 pc.

    leek - nine0003

    1 pc.

    stalk of celery —

    2 pcs.

    carrot —

    1 pc.

    tomato paste —

    1 tsp.

    canned red beans —

    400 g

    vegetable oil

    ground sweet paprika

    herbs italian


    Borscht with turkey

    turkey drumstick —

    1 pc.

    turkey breast - nine0003

    1 pc.

    carrot —

    2 pcs.

    onion —

    2 pcs.

    Bay leaf

    allspice peas


    White cabbage - nine0003

    200 g

    beet —

    700 g

    vegetable oil

    tomato paste —

    2 tbsp. l.

    lemon juice

    garlic —

    3 teeth

    freshly ground pepper

    Fish soup


    tomato paste


    vegetable oil


    olives nine0003


    Cherry tomatoes —

    5 pcs.

    sesame —

    1 pinch

    egg noodles —


    Champignon —

    3 pcs.

    Bulgarian pepper - nine0003

    2 walls

    chicken fillet

    vegetable oil —

    1 st. l.


    egg —

    1 pc.

    vinegar —

    1 tsp. nine0003

    water —

    1 l

    miso paste —

    1 st. l.

    soy sauce —

    1 st. l.

    Tomato soup with bacon

    onion —

    1 pc.

    vegetable oil nine0003

    ketchup —

    2 tbsp. l.

    tomatoes in own juice —

    400 g

    freshly ground pepper

    garlic sauce


    Spinach soup recipe for kids

    What is the healthiest food for a child? Yes, the same as for adults. As soon as the milk period ends, fruits and vegetables come to the fore. If there is no allergy to citrus fruits, oranges and tangerines are an excellent source of vitamin C. Bananas, grapes, apricots, peaches are very nutritious, so be careful with them if the child is chubby. Apples and pears are the easiest to digest for humans. Therefore, complementary foods usually begin with them. Plums, blueberries, lingonberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi are good for children. But allergies, allergies! Thank God, not everyone. Therefore, let's be more careful with the new product, a little bit at a time. nine0179 Zucchini are good for baby food. In the recipe for children's squash soup-puree , pay attention to the originality of the design. And the advice is to change this very design every day. From the exotic, try to cook children's avocado soup . Well, the classic potato soup with a little semolina is also very good for baby food.
    Carrots and beets are frequent guests on the table of our kids. What about turnips and rutabagas? Our, domestic, useful vegetables. Up to a year and a half - it is necessary to cook. And then you can try it raw in a salad. nine0179 How many fruits and vegetables to give children? From a year to 3 years - 100 g of berries and fruits, 200 g of vegetables, including boiled ones.
    Fresh vegetables are also needed. Cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes will help the intestines and protect against many diseases.
    From a year and a half in the soup it is good to give wild garlic, a protector from bad cholesterol. From two years old, you can chop a fresh leaf into a salad. Dill and parsley are loved by everyone for a reason. Lots of vitamins. And already from 8 months they are added to soups. Boiled rhubarb is also given from eight months. Shchi with sorrel is given after a year. Spinach is also very healthy for babies. Prevents rickets, they say. Introduce complementary foods at 8 months. Because of the high amount of oxalic acid, do not give spinach to children more than 2 times a week. But there is a lot of vitamin E in spinach. nine0003

    Number of servings: 1
    Calorie content: Medium-calorie
    Caloria in one portion: 310 kcal

    To prepare children's puree soup,

    Potatoes-100 g
    Water-1 Station.
    spinach - 50 g
    onion - 5 g
    butter - 1 tsp.
    cream - 3-4 tbsp.
    egg (yolk) - 1 pc.
    salt to taste

    How to make baby spinach soup.

    1. Peel and boil potatoes. Boil in salted boiling water.

    Learn more