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Quick and Easy Baby Food Recipes- Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool

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Quick and Easy Baby Food Recipes

Making baby food can either be a fun activity to do while at home or an effort to be sure your baby is getting all of the nutrition they need. Whatever the case, you might be curious: what are the easiest-to-make and most nutritious recipes for babies? Here’s ten recipes that will become your little one’s favorite.


Avocado Puree

Ingredients: Ripe avocado

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Avocados are packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, making it the perfect food for babies. Even better, its creamy texture makes absorbing nutrients a lot easier.

For the full tutorial, visit Yummy Toddler Food.


Bean Puree

Ingredients: Garbanzo beans, water

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Chickpeas are a healthy way for your baby to get the protein they need to fuel their daily activities. However, parents of young children with peanut allergies should be wary, as chickpeas and peanuts are in the same legume family. Still, this is a tasty and nutritious meal for babies.

For the full tutorial, visit Yummy Toddler Food.


Quinoa Cereal

Ingredients: Water, quinoa

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Quinoa is a healthy favorite of many adults, yes, but babies can enjoy it too! A plus: quinoa is a protein dense food which can help babies gain weight.

For the full tutorial, visit Baby Foodie.


Oatmeal Cereal

Ingredients: Oats, hemp seeds, chia seeds, water

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

With a strong nutrition profile, oatmeal will support growth and development in babies. It also makes breakfast easy if you have older children that like oatmeal too.

For the full tutorial, visit Baby Foodie.


Pear Apple Butter

Ingredients: Apples, pears, cinnamon

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Apples and pears are a popular introduction to food for babies. Their sweetness motivates young babies to try solid foods the first time, and they’re nutritious with antioxidants and fiber too!

For the full tutorial, visit Weelicious.


Whipped Peanut Butter

Ingredients: Peanut butter, water

Best suited for: Babies 4-6 months +

Peanut butter is calorie-dense for growing babies and is packed with protein for energy. It’s always a good idea to start with small amounts when introducing peanuts to babies, as allergies are more common.

For the full tutorial, visit Yummy Toddler Food.


Baked Sweet Potato Puree

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, and folate. That’s just to name a few! Try it, and it might just become your child’s favorite!

For the full tutorial, visit Annabel Karmel.


Brown Rice Cereal

Ingredients: Brown rice, water

Best suited for: Babies 4 months +

Introducing babies to healthy grains is always a good idea. Brown rice in particular provides things like essential fatty acids, fiber, and magnesium. The recipe is a bit more time consuming than a more simple puree, but your child will love it!

For the full tutorial, visit Little Miss Momma.


Apple, Pear, and Raisin Porridge

Ingredients: Apples, pears, raisins

Best suited for: Babies 9-12 months +

This food is good for babies that are ready to start advancing to more solid foods. Apples, pears, and raisins, make this a sweet treat to any young child.

For the full tutorial, visit Annabel Karmel.


Quinoa Ratatouille

Ingredients: Olive oil, onions, garlic, thyme, eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, tomato paste, quinoa, vegetable broth

Best suited for: Babies 9-12 months +

Now, most baby food recipes can be pretty simple, but if you want to get fancy, we’ve got a recipe for you. Introducing babies to nutrients from vegetables is a must! If you have a talent for cooking and are looking for something a little more challenging than a puree, this is perfect for you to try.

For the full tutorial, visit Love and Duck Fat.

Milupa Sunshine Orange 4-6+ Months 125g

Add Milupa Sunshine Orange 4-6+ Months 125g to Favorites.Add Milupa Sunshine Orange 4-6+ Months 125g to Favorites.


Nutritional Claims
High in Iron
High in Calcium
High in Vitamin D3
No Added Sugar or Salt

A Blend of Semolina, Milk and Fruit
Just Add Water
7 of Your Baby's Daily Vitamins & Minerals
Tailored for Little Tummies
High in Iron
High in Calcium
High in Vitamin D3
No Artificial Flavourings
Suitable for vegetarians

No Added Salt
No Added Sugar
Suitable for Vegetarians

Pack Size
125g ℮

Milk (43%): [(Skimmed Milk Powder (26%), Demineralised Whey Powder (from Milk) (17%)]
Semolina (32%)
Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil (contains Soy Lecithin))
Banana Flakes (7%)
Apple (5%)
Orange (2%)
Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Iron Pyrophosphate, Potassium Iodide)
Vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin a, Vitamin D3)

Allergy Advice
For allergens, please see ingredients in bold.

Safety Warning
Do not leave your little one alone when eating and drinking.

Breastfeeding is best for the first 6 months of life. Solids should be introduced around 6 months and not before 17 weeks.

Storage Type

Please store this product in a cool, dry place (not in the fridge) and once opened use within 28 days.

Preparation and Usage
Your Stage, Portion and Texture Guide
Stage 1 4-6 Months
First Meals: Portion Size (Prepared Cereal): 1-2 tsps, Texture: Very Runny
After 1-2 Weeks: Portion Size (Prepared Cereal): 6 tsps, Texture: Smooth puree
Moving On: Portion Size (Prepared Cereal): 6-10 tsps, Texture: Slightly thicker puree with no lumps

Preparation Instructions
1. Use a clean bowl and spoon.
2. For every spoon of cereal used, mix with 1.5 spoons of cooled, boiled water.
3. Add more or less water as required.
4. Always check the temperature of the cereal before feeding.

In the interest of good dental hygiene, clean your baby's teeth regularly, especially before bedtime.

Manufactured in the E.U.

Company Name
Nutricia Ireland / Nutricia Ltd

Company Address
Nutricia Ireland,
Deansgrange Business Park,
Co. Dublin.

Nutricia Ltd,
Whitehorse Business Park,
BA14 0XQ.

Durability after Opening
Consume Within - Days - 28

Telephone Helpline
1800 303 541

Web Address

Return To
This product should reach you in perfect condition. If it is not satisfactory, please contact us. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
Get in Touch...
1800 303 541
Nutricia Ireland,
Deansgrange Business Park,
Co. Dublin.

Nutricia Ltd,
Whitehorse Business Park,
BA14 0XQ.

per 100g% RI*






of which saturates




of which sugars








Vitamin A


Vitamin C








*Reference intake of average adult (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)

Product Number: 100172141

Catering in MKDOU Kindergarten No.

1 ZATO Solnechny

Responsible for catering Morozova Nadezhda Mikhailovna.

The manager-Voitova Lyudmila Viktorovna.

Hotline for catering 848(235) 44652



PERSPECTIVE MENU (10 days, spring)


Food supplier in MKDO Kindergarten No. 1 ZATO Solnechny - IP Yanichev.



Nutrition is one of the important factors that ensure the normal course of growth processes, physical and neuro-psychological development of the child. Deterioration in the quality of nutrition leads to a decrease in the level of protective - adaptive mechanisms of the child's body and a possible increase in allergic reactions, contributes to the growth of diseases of the digestive system. Therefore, the quality of food in our kindergarten is given increased attention.

The main principles of catering in our institution are:

* Correspondence of the energy value of the diet with the energy consumption of the child.
* Balance in the diet of all essential and essential nutrients.
*     The maximum variety of products and dishes that ensure a balanced diet.
* Proper technological and culinary processing of products, aimed at preserving their original nutritional value, as well as high palatability of dishes.
* Optimal diet, an environment that forms the skills of a culture of eating in children. nine0049 * Compliance with hygienic food requirements (food safety).

We understand that a proper, balanced diet that meets the physiological needs of a growing organism increases resistance to various adverse effects, so it is very important to follow the principles of rational nutrition for children.

The number of meals in our kindergarten is 4.

Breakfast - milk porridge: oatmeal, semolina, rice, millet, buckwheat, "druzhba", milk vermicelli. Porridges alternate with dishes from natural eggs, cottage cheese. As a drink - tea with milk, cereal coffee, cocoa with milk, chicory with a sandwich with butter cheese, confectionery. nine0003

2nd breakfast - from 9.50 to 10.00 children are served fruit or fruit juice.

Lunch – appetizer in the form of fresh vegetable salads (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, boiled beets) with vegetable oil. The first hot dish is cabbage soup, borscht, vegetable soup, mashed soup, fish soup. The second dish is meat, fish, poultry, liver with a side dish. The third dish is a compote of freshly frozen berries, fresh fruits, dried fruits, juice. Bread.

nine0011 Snack may include milk or other dairy products (ryazhenka, kefir, sourdough), jelly made from natural berries, bakery products, pastries of own production (cottage cheese with cottage cheese, sweet bun), confectionery, cookies, dryers, gingerbread.

When developing the menu, age groups are taken into account: 1-3 years and 4-7 years. At the same time, the set of dishes is the same, the volume of servings for younger and older children is different. The diet is varied both due to the expansion of the range of products, and due to the variety of dishes prepared from one product. nine0003

The preschool educational institution conducts year-round artificial C-vitaminization of ready-made meals (at the rate for children 1-3 years old - 35 mg, for children 3-6 years old - 50.0 mg per serving) or their enrichment with vitamin-mineral complexes specially designed for this purpose (in accordance with the instructions and certificate of state registration) at the rate of 50-75% of the daily requirement for vitamins in one serving of the drink, or the use of multivitamin preparations for special purposes (for children) in accordance with the instructions for use. Vitamin preparations are introduced into the third dish (compote, jelly, etc. ) after it has been cooled to a temperature of 15 ° C (for compote) and 35 ° C (for jelly) immediately before sale. Vitaminized dishes are not heated. nine0003

The issuance of ready-made food is made only after the acceptance control by the rejection commission

A brokerage commission has been created to control the organization of nutrition for children in the institution. Acceptance control of finished culinary products is carried out by a marriage commission consisting of a cook, a representative of the administration of the preschool educational institution and a medical worker. The results of production control are recorded in the rejection log.

Food products entering the kindergarten have documents confirming their origin, quality and safety; are stored in compliance with the requirements of SaNPin and commodity neighborhood. nine0003

The device, equipment, maintenance of the kindergarten food unit complies with the sanitary rules for the organization of children's public catering. The catering unit is equipped with all the necessary technological and refrigeration equipment, production equipment, kitchen utensils.

All dishes are homemade; are prepared in accordance with technological maps, sanitary standards.

For children with allergies, on the advice of doctors, dietary dishes are prepared. nine0003

Meals in the preschool educational institution are organized on the basis of the following documents:

Requirements for the quality of food products intended for catering for students, pupils and students of state educational institutions.

Requirements for the quality of food products intended for catering for pupils of preschool educational institutions.


  • Federal Law of the Russian Federation of January 2, 2000 No. 29-FZ "On the Quality and Safety of Food Products" (as amended on December 30, 2008)
  • Law of the Russian Federation of February 7, 1992 No. 2300-1 "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (as amended on November 23, 2009)
  • Sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the device, content and organization of the mode of operation in preschool organizations. SanPiN", approved. Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated July 22, 2010 No. 91
  • Sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations "Hygienic requirements for expiration dates and storage conditions of food products. SanPiN - 13
  • Sanitary rules "Public catering organizations. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for public catering organizations, the manufacture and turnover of food products and food raw materials in them. Sanitary and epidemiological rules. SP 2.3.6", approved. Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation 06.11.2001
  • Guidelines for the city of Moscow "Nomenclature and recommended requirements for the quality of food products used in the nutrition of children and adolescents in educational institutions", approved. head of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for the city of Moscow N.N. Filatov and director of the Research Institute of Hygiene and Health Protection of Children and Adolescents of the SCCH RAMS V.R. Kuchma 25.06.2010
  • Guidelines "Norms of physiological needs for energy and nutrients for various groups of the population of the Russian Federation. MR", approved. Rospotrebnadzor 18.12.2008

Sanatorium Solnechny Bereg, Chuvashia, official website

Online payment

online booking system

All Inclusive system

Buffet meals

Children and adults animation, rental center 90.03

Large list of treatment programs

Convenient location near the beach and park area

Home atmosphere

Swimming pools (for children, adults)

nine0125 MENU

  • Main restaurant
  • Entertaining
  • Restaurant
    Fifth Ocean nine0107
  • Cafe
  • Tent, banquets and offsite registration nine0107

We work according to the "All inclusive" system.

The cost of rest in the sanatorium includes:
  • food (buffet) in the Main restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner),
  • drinks (assorted lemonade, tea, grain coffee, kvass, juices, local beer, cognac, vodka, absinthe, sambuca, amareto, wine, champagne, 4 types of gin), light snacks and hot dishes.

Drinks and snacks on the "All Inclusive" system will be provided to you in the bars of the Entertainment Complex from 12.00, in the Fifth Ocean bar-restaurant from 10.00 (strong alcoholic drinks are poured from 19.30 to 00.00).

For your comfortable stay with children, we provide baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a dietary table (steaming dishes), updated dietary desserts according to the Dukan system.

Dear vacationers!

During periods when the resort is fully booked, for your convenience, the Main Restaurant is open according to the hours indicated on the cards issued upon arrival at the resort. This is not a hard requirement, it is a recommendation to keep to the schedule for your comfortable stay.

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