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Levels of toxic metals have been found in baby food, report says

Parents who rely on packaged baby food for their infants are getting a concerning new glimpse at what’s inside some of the jars, pouches or grain products.

“Commercial baby foods are tainted with significant levels of toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury,” according to a report released last week by a House Oversight subcommittee.

Such toxic heavy metals can impact a baby’s neurological development and long-term brain function, with exposure lowering IQ and increasing risk of future criminal and antisocial behavior in children, the report noted.

The investigation conducted by the subcommittee “revealed that manufacturers knowingly sell tainted baby food to unsuspecting parents, in spite of internal company test results showing high levels of toxic heavy metal, and without any warning labels whatsoever,” said Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, in a statement.

Rice in particular might not be a suitable ingredient for baby foods because it tested high in inorganic arsenic, the report noted.

'Dangerously high levels'

Congressional investigators asked seven of the largest U.S. baby food manufacturers to provide internal documents and test results.

Four of the companies — Nurture, Beech-Nut, Hain and Gerber — responded to the requests. Three others — Walmart, Campbell and Sprout Organic Foods — didn’t cooperate, leaving investigators “greatly concerned” about what they might be obscuring, the report noted.

The investigation found internal company standards permit dangerously high levels of toxic heavy metals, and manufacturers have often sold foods that exceeded those levels.

They also “eclipse” the levels of such metals the government allows in bottled water, including up to 91 times the arsenic level, up to 177 times the lead level, up to 69 times the cadmium level, and up to five times the mercury level.

The report called on the U. S. Food and Drug Administration to set maximum levels of toxic heavy metals allowed in baby foods and require mandatory testing of the finished products.

Concern over heavy metals in baby food has existed for a long time and the findings aren’t surprising, said Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrics professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and director of the Center for the Investigation of Environmental Hazards at NYU Langone in New York City.

“Clearly we need better monitoring and testing of the food supply, especially for babies who pound for pound eat more food per body weight, so they have higher exposure and their developing organs are especially susceptible,” Trasande told TODAY.

“There are gaps in the regulatory framework… the reality is that the funding for the FDA is chiefly for drug studies and it is fair to say that resources for testing food in the comprehensive way that parents might prefer is not so easily available.”

In a statement, the FDA said it was reviewing the report’s findings and noted it “takes exposure to toxic elements in the food supply extremely seriously,” especially when it comes to children. Toxic elements like arsenic are present in the environment and enter the food supply through soil, water or air. Because they can't be completely removed, the FDA’s goal is to reduce exposure to toxic elements in foods “to the greatest extent feasible,” the agency said.

Companies respond

Walmart, which sells baby food through its private brand Parent’s Choice, said it’s committed to providing safe, quality food. “We provided information to the subcommittee nearly a year ago and invited more dialogue on this important issue but never received any additional inquiries,” the company said in a statement. Any product testing is managed by its suppliers, and its private label baby food manufacturers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, Walmart said.

Campbell Soup Company, which sells baby food under the brand name Plum Organics, said it cooperated with congressional investigators. The company’s products are safe and it’s committed to minimizing environmental contaminants, its statement said.

Nurture said its Happy Family Organics products “are safe for babies and toddlers to enjoy, and we are proud to have best-in-class testing protocols in our industry.” The company said it was disappointed “at the many inaccuracies, select data usage and tone bias” in the report.

Hain Celestial Group said its Earth’s Best organic products meet or exceed the current federal guidelines, and provide safe nutrition for babies. The congressional report examined “outdated data and does not reflect our current practices,” the company noted in a statement. Hain Celestial Group elaborated that they had previously taken steps to reduce heavy metals in their products, like no longer using brown rice in products that are primarily rice-based.

Gerber called its baby food safety and quality standards “industry-leading” and among the strictest in the world, with many steps taken to minimize the presence of heavy metals. “Parents can rest assured our products are healthy and safe,” the company said in a statement.

Beech-Nut called its products safe and nutritious. It plans to continue to work with the FDA, in partnership with the Baby Food Council, on science-based standards for food suppliers.

Sprout Foods did not respond to a TODAY request for comment.

Pediatrician’s advice

There currently isn't good data to allow for picking certain baby food brands over others when it comes to heavy metal contamination, Trasande said.

Parents should also know it’s not possible to completely eliminate exposure since crops grow in soil and heavy metals are a part of the Earth's crust, he added.

“Now I'm not going to say that any level of these metals is safe. However, we have come a long way in reducing these exposures, and in the list of priorities that I would have, there are many other important areas where families can mitigate exposure to contaminants of concern,” he noted.

“They should focus first and foremost on eating organic. Nothing in that message changes because we know that eating organic reduces pesticide levels.

Other important ways to reduce heavy metal exposure for kids include families making sure their homes are checked for lead-based paint and pregnant women eating fish low in mercury, Trasande advised.

Parents should also diversify a baby’s diet so that no one food dominates, reducing the amount of contamination from one particular product of concern — arsenic in infant rice cereal, for example, he noted.

If making your own baby food at home is an option, Trasande supported it, but he recognized that's not realistic for many families.

“This can't be fully just relying on parents to do their own thing. We need the kind of congressional oversight that was provided in this report,” he said.

“This is a good development in that now the attention is really being placed on this issue.”

Baby food, first foods for baby, breastfeeding: Government to make recommendations

The first 1,000 days after birth can shape a young human's taste preferences and impact his or her health for decades to come.

So it may be odd that much of this period was generally missing from the U.S. government’s official advice on diet and nutrition.

No more: This month, a panel of experts working on the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans revealed its recommendations for babies and toddlers as part of its final scientific report.

It will inform the new edition of the guidelines, to be published at the end of this year, which will cover “appropriate nutrition during the earliest stages of life” — from birth until 2 years of age — for the first time.

Experts say diet during this period can impact everything from the growth of a child’s body and organs to neurological development.

“For pediatricians, we consider that a hugely critical time,” Dr. Jae Kim, director of neonatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, told TODAY.

“We know that a significant amount of brain development and growth occurs in that two-year period. That’s why you can see a child grow to the age of 2 and their head size is pretty close to an adult’s size by that age, so you know a lot is happening.

The proposed advice contains established guidelines, said Dr. Claire McCarthy, a pediatrician at Boston Children's Hospital and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Kim called the addition very helpful for parents and doctors, and a good way to encourage more research in areas of infant nutrition where there are still gaps.

The recommendations include:

Introduce peanut and egg in the first year of life

Adding these items to the menu after babies are 4 months old may reduce the risk of allergy to these foods, the report noted.

“We used to have parents hold off on foods that commonly cause allergy, and now we give the exact opposite advice,” McCarthy said.

Parents should talk with their pediatricians about exactly when and how to give peanut products, she advised. It’s particularly important when it comes to kids with eczema since they might be at higher risk of developing a peanut allergy, but doctors like to do some allergy testing first in some cases. Most babies don’t need the testing, but parents should check with their doctors, McCarthy noted.

Breast milk is best

Any breastfeeding may reduce a child’s risk of becoming overweight or obese, and having type 1 diabetes or asthma, compared to never being breastfed, the report noted.

“It is the food that was specifically designed for babies, and breast feeding is associated with all sorts of good outcomes,” McCarthy said. “But if mothers can’t breastfeed, or really don’t want to for some reason, there is far more to good outcomes than breastfeeding.”

Women should discuss it with their doctors, and should definitely reach out for help if they have problems with breastfeeding, she added.

Vitamin D: More than the recommended amount isn’t better

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all infants and children should start getting a minimum of 400 international units of vitamin D a day soon after birth. Kids who don’t get enough of the nutrient can develop rickets, a weakening of the bones.

But the report found no evidence to recommend a bigger dose of the vitamin, which the body can manufacture when the skin is exposed to the sun. Supplements are necessary for babies who are exclusively or partially breastfed, the AAP noted.

“It wasn’t that Mother Nature got it wrong and breast milk doesn’t have enough vitamin D,” Kim explained. “It’s just that physically, we’re meant to be outside… so lactating mothers would normally be generating a lot more vitamin D if they were exposed to a lot more sunlight.”

Since people are protecting their skin from the sun, both mom and baby get vitamin D supplements for optimum health, he noted.

Introduce first foods at 6 months

Many parents are confused about when to start feeding babies solid foods and the report offers guidance: Babies shouldn’t be given “complementary foods and beverages” before the age of 4 months, and adding them to the menu at age 4 or 5 months didn’t offer any real benefit compared to starting at 6 months.

“Babies don’t need solid foods before 6 months. They are fine with breast milk or formula,” McCarthy said. “It’s certainly not a good idea to give a baby solid foods before 4 months — their bodies aren’t ready for it.”

Avoid added sugar during first 2 years of life

Sugary drinks and foods leave less room for energy from more nutritious options, potentially leading to nutrient gaps, the report noted. Plus, they may raise the risk of a child becoming overweight and set the stage for wanting more such sweet treats in the years to come.

That’s “really, really important” advice because marketing leads many parents to believe their kids should get juices and other drinks that contain a lot of sugars, which are not necessary, Kim advised.

Sugary drinks are also bad for a child’s teeth and carrying around a bottle or cup of juice increases the risk of cavities, McCarthy added.

Water, unsweetened milk, formula or breast milk are all kids need to drink, she said.

“Even juice that is 100% juice is discouraged,” McCarthy cautioned.

“There is research that shows that babies who are overweight turn into toddlers who are overweight who grow into adolescents who are overweight. The bottom line is that obesity starts early, and starting healthy eating habits early — like not drinking sugar-sweetened beverages — is key.”

The U.S Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which are co-developing the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, are holding a public meeting on the scientific report on Aug. 11.

"Shame": Americans shocked by emergency deliveries of baby food in the US


"Shame": Americans shocked by emergency deliveries of baby food to the US

"Shame": Americans shocked by emergency deliveries of baby food in the US - RIA Novosti, 05/24/2022

"Shame": Americans shocked by emergency deliveries of baby food in the US RIA Novosti, 05/24/2022

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MOSCOW, May 24 - RIA Novosti. The CBS New York television channel published a story about the arrival of military aircraft with batches of baby food in the United States. The US military transport aviation had earlier begun emergency imports of scarce milk formulas for newborns from Europe into the country. On Sunday, the first plane that took off from the Ramstein Air Base in Germany delivered 35 tons of baby food to the city of Indianapolis. The story caused an active response from readers in the comments. air. An absolute disgrace," user Michael Kramer wrote. – asked you393. "We screwed up," said Victoria Richardson. "It's a shame we have to do this," Riley Whittenberger pointed out. when Germany supplies the US with baby food," KCP remarked. "Thank you, Joe (Biden. - ed.), for supplying baby food to America. Thank you also for gasoline, which costs 4.5 (dollars. - ed.). .) per gallon (3.8 liters - ed.), which means a 500% increase, and for illegal immigrants freely crossing the border," byah260 said. "Congratulations to everyone who voted for Biden, you got it all what you deserve," JT added. The shortage of infant formula, estimated at 40-50 percent of the needs of the US market, arose after regulators shut down an Abbott production line, suspecting it was contaminated with disease-causing bacteria. White House economic adviser Brian Deese announced that it would resume production Abbott plans in about a month. He added that the baby food market at 90 percent is controlled by three companies and has promised to de-monopolize it.









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in the world, USA, Ukraine, Germany

in the world, USA, Ukraine, Germany

MOSCOW, May 24 - RIA Novosti. CBS New York broadcast a story on the arrival of military planes with baby food in the US.

US military transport aviation has earlier started emergency importation into the country of scarce milk formulas for newborns from Europe. On Sunday, the first plane to take off from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany delivered 35 tons of baby food to the city of Indianapolis. nine0003

May 23, 2022 4:56 pm

"Get food back on the table!" Zelensky's request in Davos infuriated the Americans

The story caused an active response from readers in the comments.

"(Investing - ed.) 60 billion in Ukraine and emergency delivery of baby food by air. Absolute disgrace," user Michael Kramer wrote.

"Is it just discouraging that the richest country in the world can't produce baby food?" you393 asked.

"We screwed up," Victoria Richardson said.

"It's a shame we have to do this," said Riley Whittenberger.

"This shouldn't have happened," said johnny ace.

"I never thought I'd see the day when Germany supplies the US with baby food," remarked KCP.

"Thank you, Joe (Biden - ed.), for bringing baby food to America. Thank you also for gasoline, which costs 4.5 (dollars. - ed.) per gallon (3.8 liters. – ed.), which means a 500% increase, and for illegal immigrants freely crossing the border,” said byah260. nine0003

"Congrats to everyone who voted for Biden, you got everything you deserve," JT added.

Shortage of infant formula, estimated at 40-50 percent of what the US market needs, arose after regulators shut down Abbott's production line, suspecting it was contaminated with disease-causing bacteria.

White House economic adviser Brian Deese said Abbott plans to resume production in about a month. He added that the baby food market at 90 percent is controlled by three companies and has promised to de-monopolize it.

May 23, 2022, 10:28

State of emergency declared in New York due to lack of infant formula

Sounds good, but questions remain. Nitecore NU25 2022 Compact Headlamp with Built-in Battery Review / Flashlights / iXBT Live

It is for this audience that Nitecore NU is a line of compact and lightweight plastic headlamps. Nitecore NU25 2022, as the name suggests, is an update to the popular and still on sale model from 5 years ago. I propose to see what's new there and whether the new model turned out to be better than the old one. nine0003

The flashlight is packaged in a nicely designed black cardboard box. It will not be a shame to give, it is pleasant to receive as a gift.

Plastic tray inside to keep everything neat and tidy.

The kit consists of the headlamp itself, one of the 2 available types of head mount, type-c charging cable, manual.

The head mount is unusual and consists of two parts: flat, common for most headlamps, and ultra-light, typical for light-moving flashlights. By the way, Nitecore NU25 2022 can be bought with the last one. nine0003

Width adjustment is simple and very fast. On the go, it is much simpler than the usual way.

I have read the owner's review of this new generation Nitecore NU25. He wrote that hair gets inside this adjustment node. Well... maybe it is, if the hair is long. I have a short haircut and have never had problems with "oh, my hair is hooked."

there is a gel strip on the inside

It is worth noting that Nitecore has recently released another easy-to-move Nitecore HA11 flashlight. It is powered by a single AA battery and its headband is reduced to a pair of rubber bands. And here's what's interesting - in addition to reflective elements, the mount also phosphoresces in the dark! It is this mount that is installed in the new Nitecore Nu25. However, you should not expect that it will glow as brightly as in the promo picture. nine0003

And here is the headlamp itself. To begin with, let me remind you what the first generation Nitecore Nu25 looked like.

And this is what the new generation of the Nitecore NU25 headlamp looks like.

And now more. As before, the angle of the flashlight is adjusted with a traditional ratchet.


There is frankly insignificant play in each position. Minor to the point that it's worth mentioning, but I don't feel any of its influence in actual use. Relatively speaking, if you shake your head, then the flashlight will not walk back and forth. I don’t have a single similar flashlight on my hands to compare how the ratchet works, maybe this is generally normal. It's just that the aforementioned user complained, I decided to mention for the sake of completeness and objectivity of the review. nine0003 2022

If earlier the head mount was threaded through the slots, now it clings to a pair of metal plates. And it clings securely.


Simply place the headband and fasten it with these two legs.

Let's get straight. I can't say about the mount "oh, it used to be bad, but now it's fire." It was fine before. Prodel in the slot and all. Now I see only one, perhaps rather hypothetical advantage. If is strong and sharp pull the forehead, now the legs will come unfastened, and the plastic will not break out of the mount. But this is already from the category "but if my grandmother had ..."

But changing the charging connector to type-c is a completely logical and justified change. The headlamp also supports charging from a reversible USB-C cable too.

I note that you need to adapt to securely close the plug the first time, there you need to bend it slightly in a certain manner. Not the fact that you will do it blindly, by the way. However, let's look at things realistically, when would we blindly close and open the plug of the charging connector? You're not on the head will do it? And in such a situation, this is also a problem of the level of the mentioned backlash. Technically it's there, but in fact you won't feel it. And so the plug is thick and reliable. nine0003

There is also a charging indicator, the simplest one.

Charging is really fast, one hour and you are back on full alert. The last time from small flashlights with a built-in battery, I was so pleasantly surprised by the frankly budget camping remnant of .

Two buttons, both are comfortable. There are no problems with searching and identifying them blindly at all

Optics has changed dramatically. Instead of a small reflector and a pair of rectangular TIR lenses, there are now 2 large TIRs of low and high beams, and between them a pair of tiny red light LEDs. nine0003

And here comes the main problem - plastic panel . I again refer to the user's comment and he said that after the forehead went into his pocket with all sorts of metal trifles, the lenses were covered with scratches.

What can I say ... I recommend the most common bag or shell for storage. Well, or just put the Nitecore NU25 2022 in some separate pocket. Or, at worst, along with the fact that it will not scratch the plastic.

Yes, I will note that according to my impressions it is just plastic like plastic, I did not notice any special scratching. Here I was at review Super bright and modern Olight Marauder II. I did not take this flashlight out of the house at all and did not put it somewhere with other things. So the lens of this flashlight was still covered with a patina of scratches. There are no scratches so far. However, here we must rely on a long experience of real use, and not an overview and rather sparing.

Well, that's all. Here are some more photos for those who are interested. There are no complaints about the quality. The only thing that would be worth modifying is the plug of the charging connector so that it gets up as tightly as it should every time. nine0003

Management has changed. The past was somehow more convenient. Not to say that it is uncomfortable, but you need to get used to it.

I liked the instant access to the minimum brightness, including the fact that the flashlight turns on at this brightness upon exiting the lock.

Here I don't understand at all what and why Nitecore did. The fact that a compact plastic headlamp will work for a short time at the same High, or for a relatively short time at Mid 200 lum is expected. But! The Nitecore Nu25 2022 has a timer stepdown for each of the modes. For what gag, you ask, do this? nine0003

Look. From Mid, the flashlight drops to the same 60 lum Low and keeps this mode stably. Then if the flashlight keeps the brightness of the LOW mode, why set a cutoff from the timer and for it? Some kind of game ...

For the end user, this is what it results in in the dry residue:

  1. If you need to work in Low - turn on Mid, after a couple of minutes the brightness will drop to the level you need and stay there.
  2. Do you want something more or less bright? Turn on High, after 30 seconds the brightness will drop to 30%, that is, about 120 lumens. This is the maximum brightness at which the flashlight can work for a long time. nine0280
  3. The MID itself at 200 lum is limited to one and a half minutes. Those. in fact, this is another conditional short turbo mode. There is no talk of any 4 hours from the specification.
  4. But, in this scenario, an undocumented mode opens 1/3 from LOW, i.e. ~ 20lum, a mode that is quite convenient for my purposes, which I am glad to see here. The question again is what's the point of getting to him by such roundabout ways of the stepdown.
  5. Near or far in Low or Mid separately will be brighter than both of them, turned on at the same time. 60lum against 30 + 30, they say easier nine0280

In general, the light is quite pleasant. As far as I remember, in NU25 the dipped beam was warmer, however. But the light in the new model does not repel. The red light is really bright.

This is not a bright flashlight at all. Generally. The slightest brightness here is limited by a short operating time. And for a single LED, you can only rely on 60lum of constant brightness (either alone or together)

The photo and gifs clearly show what this headlamp is capable of in terms of light. If you need to quickly look around, he will completely close about 50 meters around. Otherwise, it was created for a different, much smaller radius of use, and inside it it is quite well-founded. nine0003

You can complain as much as you like that the brightness here is not so great - in the room it is enough for the eyes.

Some visual gifs

farthest together, then the sum of 30 + 30. That is, I repeat, a single near or far one will be brighter. nine0003

Here at the end of the B + D at the maximum

I have criticized (I criticize and will continue to criticize) Nitecore more than once, for example, for native batteries in the i line. But I have great sympathy for the NU line of their headlamps . Although it would seem: plastic, with a built-in battery, low-power - what can please in this combo? Many will not be impressed. But I really like the NU line. Honestly.

Liked the NU25 2022 too. It's light, it has good battery life, fast charging, instant access to a firefly (some people don't care, but for me it's is actually important). Management has changed and you have to get used to it. But this is not at all what Nitecore rolled out with the same E4K , you don’t want to stick a flashlight to the developer where it’s always dark.

The light (brightness, range and operating time) of a flashlight correlates well with its size, weight, material and battery. Here the flashlight neither surprised nor disappointed me.

I have only one question left. I point blank see no reason why the manufacturer made a cutoff on the timer at all modes. Even those that a flashlight can withstand without overheating. Yes, this can be bypassed - if you want to work in the near LOW, you simply turn on the near MID and wait a couple of minutes until the brightness drops to the desired level.

Learn more