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Springtime Glass Baby Food Jar DIY Ideas from Beech-Nut®

By Beech-Nut


Whenever spring rolls around, we love putting together fun arts and crafts for the family to work on to help add fresh ideas to your home and garden decor! These ideas come from Beech-Nut® Ambassador moms and mom bloggers, who have lots of creativity when it comes to #upcycling our glass baby food jars. Below are three ideas for spring DIYs; let us know what you think! And as always, tag us on Instagram @beechnutfoods to show us your work!


Beech-Nut® Bunny Vase


  • What you need:
    • White acrylic paint and paint brush
    • Sharpie black and pink markers
    • Hemp thread or ribbon
    • Some jellybeans to snack on while you wait for the paint to dry
  • What to do:
    • To peel the labels off our jars, fill a sink with your empty jars and cover with the hottest water possible. Pour in about half a box of baking soda, and leave overnight. Peel up the corner, and the labels should come off super easily!
    • Dry the jars and paint the outside with white paint. Let dry.
    • Draw on the bunny face using the permanent markers.
    • Add ribbon or hemp string for added decor, and then put flowers inside!
    • Idea credit: to our mom ambassador Becca Roberts


Earth Day Planter Jars

  • What you need:
    • Empty jars
    • Potting soil and assorted seeds
    • Toothpicks and permanent marker
    • Water & sunshine!
  • What to do:
    • This is a great DIY idea to do outside on the porch or at the park with kids. Give them empty jars and a small bag of potting soil, and then follow the instructions on your chosen seed packets to push seeds the right depth into each jar.
    • Top with a little water and add the popsicle stick to indicate the plant or veggie that’s coming!
    • Idea credit: mom blogger Food Allergy P.I.


Kentucky Derby Decor


  • What you need:
    • Empty glass jars
    • Pink spray paint
    • White paper or white acrylic paint
    • Letter stickers in a shiny color like gold
    • Southern charm
  • What to do:
    • See tip above for removing the labels from our honeypot baby food jars!
    • Put down some newspaper to protect your workspace. Then spray paint the tops & sides of the jar lids with pink.
    • While you wait for those to dry, you can either paint the inside of the jars with white, or place a piece of white paper inside to create a shadow-box effect.
    • Place your letter stickers on the outside of the jars, spelling D-E-R-B-Y or another phrase.
    • Make yourself a mint julep to celebrate horse racing season! The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May in Louisville, Kentucky. A great excuse for a party, if you ask us!
    • Idea credit: NerdBabesCo, our fabulous friend Carrie who has an #upcycling shop on Etsy!



How to use empty baby food jars?

Are you a new mother? Then, probably, glass baby food jars appeared in your life, which the hand does not raise to throw away. There are already a lot of them in my house, so I propose to discuss how they can be useful to us.

I conducted a small survey of colleagues and friends on this topic. The results are as follows:

Lena keeps her branded adjika in jars - it is convenient to take it in such a container for a picnic, for example.

Stores dried berries for tea.

He also arranges small tasty gifts for his friends - homemade jam. Arranges in jars, decorates them and gives them.

The last idea caught my attention - I like to make homemade jam. I took note of such a sincere gift option.

Zhenya keeps medicinal ointments in jars. Also a great option, given the odor of such drugs, as well as their small volumes.

Anya uses the jars as a sugar bowl and salt shaker on long journeys. Or for a picnic. She also keeps beads for needlework in them.

I tried to use jars for leftover canned cod liver. And this, I tell you, is extremely convenient. Open canned food should not be stored for longer than a day, and it is imperative to transfer food to a container, preferably glass. And the baby food jars are perfect! Small, hermetically sealed (which is especially important in the case of products with the smell of fish), and then it is not a pity to throw them away.

I also put paper clips in one jar. There was an open package at home, now the paper clips are neatly stored in a jar.

Inspired by the opening horizons for the second life of jars, I began to look for other ways to use them. I searched websites and social networks. I confess, I am delighted with the fantasy of young mothers, and dads too!

How to use baby food jars

Use jar lids in children's educational games:

- stick pieces of colored paper on them and arrange them in containers by color,

- stick drawings with letters on them and add syllables and words,

- make a slot in the lid of the milk formula jar (or in a box of chips, for example) and put the lids into it, like in a piggy bank,

- make a fishing rod out of a pencil, string and magnet and arrange "fishing", collecting caps.

Use cans:

- for dipping the brush while painting with watercolors,

- for seedlings of flowers or greenery,

- as small vases for small wildflowers,

- for storing spices,

- as a home air fragrance: put a piece of cotton wool into a jar and moisten the cotton wool with a drop of perfume or essential oil. If you decorate a jar - it’s not a shame to replace the sachet and put it in a prominent place in the house,

- for needlewomen - to store small items such as buttons, beads, etc. in jars,

- use as a portion dish in candy bars that are so popular now at children's parties,

- colorize and turn the jar into a candlestick by putting a pill candle into it,

I found candle-tablets. It's a sin not to try, I decided. I’m not friends with paints yet, I found a satin ribbon. Half a minute to tie it, and voila! Modest, but also an option.

But finally I was subdued by such decor of the can.

Using a jar as a photo frame is original, isn't it?

And also, I think, it may not even be interesting to search for the use of jars or lids, but the process of decorating itself. Space for imagination, yours and your child!

How to decorate jars

• Spray paint or decorate with acrylic or stained glass paint,

• Paste over the jar with double-sided tape and roll in sequins or beads,

• Use the decoupage technique (stick a beautiful napkin with a pattern on the jar), since there is an abundance of materials for needlework on sale now,

• Stick lace, ribbons, fabric on the jar,

• Paste clippings from magazines or newspapers - looks very interesting.

• Wrap the jar with threads or decorative straws.

And then, together with the child, figure out what to put in a beautiful jar.

There is only one “but” in the active use of cans for various needs. Given the presence of a baby in the house, do not forget to check their inaccessibility for his ubiquitous little hands. Glass is beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly, but dangerous. So, subject to safety conditions, cheers for jars!

Can you share how you use baby food jars? Do you leave or throw away? Decorate or use as is? Join the discussion in our groups VKontakte , Facebook and Instagram!

Give empty jars to grandmothers

I, like many other people, feel sorry for throwing away things that can still serve. One of these things includes unnecessary glass jars from: tomato sauces, green peas, baby food, all kinds of sauces and ready-made dishes: adjika, beans in sauce, pickles, etc.

What to do if there are a lot of empty glass jars at home? Where to put empty glass jars? How to use glass jars?

The answer is very simple. Firstly, in no case do not throw them away - glass jars can still serve, even if not for you.

What should be done to use unnecessary glass jars. Just 3 easy steps:
- collect empty jars at home
- wash jars, including their lids.
- put them in a bag and take them to grandmothers.

Grandmothers are not difficult to find :) They can be located either in your own entrance. Or not far from your home in a spontaneous market.

Why give empty cans to grandmothers?
- well, firstly, these empty glass jars have become unnecessary for you, and you will throw them away sooner or later or accidentally break them anyway.
- secondly, glass jars, even the smallest ones, cost quite a lot in the store. And to buy them for grandmothers, whose pensions are so small, is very expensive.
- thirdly, do not throw away unnecessary glass jars in the trash (landfill). In a landfill, even without these cans, there is something to be stored. Let these jars serve the grandmothers for joy, for preparing all kinds of pickles, jams and sauces.

I, the author of this article, recently collected a package of jars myself from home and took them to grandmothers who were selling homemade jam at one of the stores. The delight of the grannies when I handed them these jars was indescribable. If only because I gave itim grannies at least some attention and care. And because, I repeat, banks cost a lot of money in the store.

What prompted me to write this article about empty unnecessary glass jars and what to do with them.
Recently, I bought salted mushrooms from the above-mentioned grandmothers. Looking ahead, I’ll say that the mushrooms turned out to be very tasty and the stomach of both mine and my wife perceived them as homemade, i.

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