The Baby A & Baby B Logo

Picking a logo for Baby A & Baby B was a big decision. I wanted it to be something that people would like and remember. I also hoped it would give those who saw it a happy & warm feeling. It needed to be something that would have meaning too.

The idea came pretty quickly. When I was about six years old I went to Hallmark with my parents. I remember the trip well because I had just moved to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts and it was my first trip to our new local mall. My parents were looking at cards when I saw this figurine and I instantly fell in love.


 I asked them if they would buy it for me and they both said no. I was instantly disappointed. I went home to count up all my money and I had just enough to purchase it.  The following week I returned to the store and the figurine was gone.

That Valentine’s Day my parents gave it to me. They had purchased it without me knowing. I was so excited that it was mine and it was a life lesson that I have always remembered. It is a reminder that disappointments happen and it is important to have patience.  I have always found that the best things in life are worth waiting for!

This figurine has been on my dresser though grade school, high school, college, and my first home. It has been something I have seen everyday. I have looked at it every morning and it is a reminder of all the different homes and major events of my life. It is also a reminder that good things come to those who wait and it was fitting that my logo resembled it in some way.

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