You Can Do It!

My wonderful family, friends, husband, and the internet (LOL) really helped me though the first year of parenting twins. I always enjoyed searching for tips and suggestions online during my new schedule /free time (3:00am, 5:00am, etc) and I wanted to share three of my favorite pieces of advice:

3) “Don’t let other people’s advice worry/bother you. Most people only had one at a time. It’s much different with two! Never feel like a bad parent because you aren’t doing what parents of singletons are (whatever it may be). “

I love that advice from Babble (Babble) because it came to me on a day I needed to hear it. So many people told me how many places they visited or what they did the first year they were parents and being a new mom to twins doing those adventures seemed impossible. Over time I learned that it is hard for parents of singletons to truly understand because their advice is based on their experiences and usually the fine details of having two are not accounted for. But I learned over the next two years I would be able to do all those items and more!

2) “There’s no right way to do it. The best advice only works half the time. And mom, it’s not your fault.”

I love this advice as well from Laura (Sunnydayfamily) because it is the truth! I always searched online hoping to find and solve all my struggles (getting both my boys to sleep through the night or getting them to eat vegetables). It became frustrating when the recommended solutions didn’t work and I always felt guilty. But over time I learned everything works and you cannot rush it. It will happen eventually.

1) To add to this list I want to add my own, well actually a lesson and advice I have received from my grandfather -“You can do it”. Growing up every time I was worried about school auditions, tests, tryouts, later in life it was interviews, wedding planning, moving , etc….I would sit down and talk to my grandfather and all my conversations started “I want to do _____, BUT…” and I would start to self doubt. I think others might do that as well and he always stopped me and said “You can do it”. He never let me continue. This at the time drove me crazy, but taught me such a valuable lesson. My father followed this too; however he always had to hear me out and walk me through all my worries. I learned through this that I can do it and so can you! It isn’t that you can always be the best, but you can always do it and try your best. I didn’t get every interview, audition (I rarely did); but I “Did It” every time by attempting and giving it my best. So please remember “You Can Do It”!