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Baby Alive Grows Up Review - A Doll that Really Grows

May 15, 2021 July 20, 2022

Baby Alive Grows Up is a super popular toy that I’ve been trying to get my hands on since before last Christmas. It was one of the hot toys last Christmas, and it will likely be very popular again this year. I wasn’t sure if this toy would be just another gimmick, but I finally gave in and ordered it. I wanted to share my review with you now so that if you’re like me and have been waiting, you’ll know whether the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll is really worth it or not.

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What is Baby Alive Grows Up Doll?

So first of all, what is so special about this doll? Well, the whole Baby Alive line by Hasbro is basically meant to be an interactive or “alive” doll line. Other dolls that were previously released in this line eat, pee, poop and talk. The Grows Up doll literally grows right before your eyes.

She starts out as a newborn baby, but grows as you feed her and interact with her first into a baby and eventually into a big girl. The doll physically expands and “grows” by 4 inches (10cm) in size. Like many of the other Baby Alive dolls, Baby Alive Grows Up speaks and interacts with you. She learns to sit up and how to say her first word as she grows. She makes sounds when you feed her and has over 75 phrases she can learn. Her hair will also get longer as she grows. You can even reset the doll back into newborn mode to keep the fun play going.

Baby Alive – Growing Up Stages

  • Stage 1 – Newborn: The doll starts out as a newborn baby. She is swaddled and will coo and open her eyes when fed to reveal her eye color. She is also wearing a hat when she first is unboxed, which can be removed to reveal her hair color. Once baby is fed and rocked enough, she will transform into the next stage: baby!
  • Stage 2 – Baby: Once fed and rocked enough, baby will kick out her legs breaking out of the swaddle and transform into a baby. She will then be able to sit up and learn her first words. The stage 2 box includes a bib and food pouch to feed baby. Baby will respond to feeding and playing with babbling that eventually turns into her first words and full responses. Eventually, the doll will be ready to stand up and transform into a big girl. She’ll let you know this by asking to stand and saying “Press my bracelet, hold my hands, help me grow!”
  • Stage 3 – Big Girl: Once the doll is stood up and her bracelet is squeezed, baby will physically expand to the full height and be in the big girl mode. If you brush her hair (and give a bit of a tug), her hair will grow into a full pony tail. Additionally a skirt and shoes are included for playing dress-up with the doll in the big girl phase.

How do I reset Baby Alive Grows Up Doll?

The doll is reset by using the switch on her neck. The switch should be set to “Mommy” or “Daddy” mode on the right when on. To reset the doll, push the switch all the way to off. I usually remove the big girl accessories and lay the doll down face up at this point so that the legs can retract. After a few moments, switch back on to the desired mode. The doll should shrink back, and then you can push the legs back up and swaddle the baby in the provided blanket. Voila, back to baby!

Baby Alive Grows Up – Product Details

There are 3 variations of the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll currently available: Sweet, Happy and Dreamy. Each of these variations has 2 different possible eye color and hair color variations. Making a total of 6 variations in all: Sweet Blossom or Lovely Rosie, Happy Hope or Merry Meadow, or Shining Skylar or Star Dreamer. The dolls also can speak in Spanish or in English.

Additionally, the doll can be set to “Mommy” or “Daddy” mode which changes if the doll addresses it’s caretaker as Mommy or Daddy. The Baby Alive Grows Up doll is recommended for ages 3 and up. The doll does require 4 AA batteries, but they are included, and the doll will work right out of the box. A huge plus as most toys don’t include batteries. The doll weights a little over 4 pounds and is 4.49 x 15.98 x 14.02 inches in size. The doll retails for $49 on Amazon currently.


  • Truly unique concept of a growing doll
  • Entertaining and Interactive doll (speaks, sits and grows)
  • Repeatable Play
  • Speaks English or Spanish
  • Addresses “Mommy” or “Daddy”
  • Surprise eye color and hair color makes for a fun reveal


  • Some reviews mention the doll malfunctioning and not resetting properly (seems highly prone to breaking)
  • Does not include other Baby Alive features such as eating, peeing or pooping
  • Onesie is not removable, which makes dress up options limited
  • Swaddle doesn’t stay on the doll very well
  • Relatively Expensive Toy

Final Review – Baby Alive Grows Up

My daughter absolutely loved playing pretend parent to the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll. She was thrilled from the moment she saw her. In fact, the first evening she had her, she played with her for well over an hour before bed. She reset her at least 3 times to grow up all over agin and would not put her down that day. She even tucked her in right beside her to sleep. It was so adorable! Like all young kids, my daughter does have a short attention span, so I appreciate toys that aren’t simply tossed aside in just a few minutes.

She has continued to play with this doll at least once a day. I really appreciate that the growing stages are repeatable (especially with so many one time use toys out there these days) to keep her coming back for more. She loves all of her baby alive dolls, but this has now become her favorite.

Final Thoughts

While I do think there are some tweaks that could make the doll better, overall I think this doll is a winner and worth the price. The growing doll is truly a unique concept that I have not seen with any other dolls. Additionally, the interactivity of the baby alive dolls is awesome; children just love hearing their baby alive doll talk and feeding them and following their requests. Younger children may require some assistance to reset the doll back to the newborn stage, but it is really simple to reset.

I do wish that the swaddle stayed on a bit better, it falls off if you barely move the doll, but that’s honestly my biggest complaint. If you have a child who loves playing pretend mommy or daddy, I truly think they will adore the Baby Alive Grows Up doll. I personally think it is well worth the higher price as they will get a lot of use out of it with the repeatable play. I think it would make for an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for little kids as well.

Have you tried out the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll? If so, I’d love to hear what you (and your littles) thought about it in a comment down below.

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Which Baby Alive Doll Do I Get? Kids Toy Review

Baby Alive Review


One day my two-year-old daughter tells me that she wants a real baby that poops.  I immediately think that she wants a little baby brother or sister.  We were at the store and she says “look, mommy, the pooping baby, can I have that?”  There it was, a Baby Alive that actually poops.  While looking at these dolls, I noticed that there were so many different types.  Talking with some of my friends with kids, I learned that a Baby Alive is a pretty popular doll among girls.  I have to admit these dolls are pretty amazing.  Some of them can crawl, talk, pee, poop, be styled.  With so many types, it can be difficult finding the right one. We at composed a list of some of the most popular types of Baby Alive dolls.  We hope that this list helps you on your journey to finding the best Baby Alive doll for your little one.

History of Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive Dolls first came onto the market in 1973.  They were produced by the Kenner company.  The dolls came with little packets of food that needed to be mixed with water.  Once the food was mixed with water you were able to feed that doll with the included spoon.   Once you spoon fed the doll you have to use a lever on the back of the doll to make the mouth go up and down and eat the food.  After the doll ate the food, the food would go through the doll and come out into the diaper.  

In 1992 the first talking Baby Alive Doll came out. The doll automatically ate the food, there was no more lever on its back.  The doll didn’t sell very well as it made a lot of gear noises and the doll had an adult female sounding voice. 

In 1995 a new version of the Baby Alive doll was released.  This doll did not talk and came with a potty , snacks and juice boxes.

After Hasbro took over the Kenner company the Baby Alive Doll was re-released in 2006.   A variety of Baby Alive Dolls came out.  They produced ones that talked and had a baby voice, they have ones the poop, eat, crawl and even some just to snuggle with.

Check out all the different types of Baby Alive Dolls below.


Baby Alive Super Snacks Lily

If your little one is asking for a doll that poops, this is what they are talking about.  This doll comes with special reusable food.  This baby comes with a big appetite.  Your child will enjoy making the food with the included food shaper (kinda like a play-doh mold).  After they make their baby food, they will get to feed her with the special spoon that comes with the doll.  Oh no, the baby has a poopy diaper, time to change her.  Yes, the food comes out the bottom and yes, they will need to change her diaper.  The food can be used again and again by re-molding it in the food shaper. This doll encourages imaginary play.  It is a great gift for your little one who likes to play mommy.  This doll can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American.  This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), 2 diapers, 2 one ounce containers of the reusable non-toxic food, bowl, spoon, and a food mold.  This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including 2 diapers, pretend food, spoon, bowl, food mold
  • Make food for the baby with mold
  •  The baby will eat the food your child made
  •  The baby “poops” out the food
  •  Your child will get the chance to change the diaper
  • 14-inch doll
  • Comes in blonde, brunette or African American
  • Encourages imaginary play

Baby Alive Super Snacks Sarah

Baby Alive Super Snacks Sarah is the super version of the Super Snacks Lily Doll. She is slightly bigger (16 inches)  Not only does she do the same thing at the Lily doll, she also talks and comes with more accessories and she can say 30 phrases and sounds in English or Spanish.  The doll will tell your child when she is hungry, sleepy or full.  She says phrases like “ready for a nap”, “Mommy, snacks please,” “I’d like some juice.” You can change between languages at any time.  It is a great feature for a child learning English or if you want your child to learn some Spanish. This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), 2 diapers, 2 one ounce containers of the non-toxic reusable food, 3 food shaping tools, roller, plate, pretend juice box.  She can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American.  This is a great doll for children 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including pretend food, 3 food shaping tools, roller, plate, pretend juice box, 2 diapers
  • Make food for the doll to eat.
  •  Feed the doll
  •  Doll “poops” out the food your child fed her.
  •  Your child can change the doll’s diaper
  • This doll can speak 30 phrases and sounds in English or Spanish
  • 16-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or as African American

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included (does come with demo batteries)

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

This is one of the more popular Baby Alive dolls and it does a lot.  This is a fun active baby. If your child really enjoys pretending to be a mommy, then this is the doll for her.  Baby Go Bye Bye can crawl, talk and pee.  Your child will have fun tickling baby’s tummy and watching her crawl towards her.  This baby can also come along on an adventure as she comes with a baby carrier.  With all that action, a baby becomes thirsty, time to feed her, her bottle.  Oh no, baby peed, time to change her diaper.  This is the real mommy experience doll.  The arms and legs do straighten out so you hold her. This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), doll carrier,  bottle, diaper, rattle and a brush. Great doll and promotes imaginary play. This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including diaper, rattle, brush, carrier, and bottle
  • Crawls
  • Reacts to included rattle
  • Your child can tickle her
  •  Speaks over 30 sounds and phrases in English or Spanish
  • Drinks from bottle and pees
  • Has an on and off switch
  • 15-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American


Requires 4 AA batteries, not included (does come with demo batteries)

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey

This is the Baby Alive to get if your child likes to play doctor. She is a cute doll that encourages imaginary doctor play.   Bailey is sick and your child will love giving her a check-up using the included stethoscope, thermometer and ear checker. Now, that Bailey is feeling better, she is thirsty, time to feed her a bottle. After giving Bailey a bottle, your child will notice that her diaper is wet.  Bailey also pees.  Your child will enjoy changing her diaper.  This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), stethoscope, thermometer, ear checker, diaper, and bottle.  This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including a stethoscope, thermometer, ear checker, diaper, bottle
  • Pretend doctor play
  • Feed baby a bottle
  • Baby  pees
  • change diaper
  • 14-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American

Baby Alive Play N Style Christina Doll

This is the Baby Alive to get for your little fashionista.  I actually want to get this one for my little girl when she gets a little bigger.  Play N Style Christina is a cute doll with long hair.   Your child will have fun pretending to blow dry her hair, then actually being able to brush it, style it with braids or ponytails.  Christina comes with a colorful hair extension that your child can put in the dolls hair. What’s super fun about this doll is being able to style and restyle her hair over and over again.  You can even purchase hair chalk or extra hair extensions (available at dollar stores or Wal-Mart) that your child can use on her doll or her own hair.  Some moms I spoke to said they let their daughter’s style the dolls hair while they were getting their own hair brushed and styled and it helped limit the whining and crying.   This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), hair dryer, hair extension, barrette, and comb. This is a great doll for children ages 4 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including hair dryer, hair extension, brush, and comb.
  • Style Christina’s hair
  • Play with her pretend hairbrush
  • Comes with hair dryer, comb, hair extension, and barrette.
  • 14-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American

Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina

Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina is a good Baby Alive to get for a young girl as their first doll.  She doesn’t have any fancy features like some other Baby Alive dolls, however, she is super cute and her thumb fits in her mouth. Sarina comes with a hat that is attached to her head and is wearing a onesie outfit.   Sarina is great for holding, snuggling and playing mommy.  It is recommended for girls 18 mts and up, but I think you can give her at 12 mts. This doll comes with the doll only.


  • Soft to snuggle (except for the head, which is plastic)
  • Great first doll
  • 10-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with light, medium and dark skin tones

Comes with: Doll

Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle

Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle is a great first-time doll.  She is a soft, sweet, cuddly little baby doll.  This was actually the first baby doll I bought my daughter.  Like Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina, there aren’t any fancy features. Which is good in my opinion, because if it did, then you would probably be the one changing the diaper.  This doll can put her thumb or toe in her mouth, just like a real baby.  She is a cute doll.  My daughter loves this doll so much that we ended up getting all three versions (blonde, brown and African-American). This doll comes with a blanket and a bottle.  This is a great doll for children 12mts-4


  • Soft to snuggle (except for head, legs, and hands, which are plastic)
  • Great first doll
  • 6-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American

Baby Alive Twinkles N Tinkles

This Baby Alive is different from the others because it has a plastic reusable diaper instead of the throwaway one.  After feeding Baby Alive Twinkles N Tinkles, your child will notice that baby’s diaper is lighting up.  That means that it is time to change her.  Simply remove the plastic diaper, wipe her and don’t forget to put on the pretend baby diaper cream that comes with the doll, then put the diaper back on and click in place.  What’s good about this baby is that you won’t need to purchase extra diapers.  This baby also makes over 20 sounds and phrases in English or Spanish by tickling her tummy. This doll comes with an outfit (already on the doll), bottle, pretend diaper cream, wipe, wipes box.  This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including bottle, pretend diaper cream, wipe, wipes box
  • This Baby Alive pees
  • Plastic diaper (reusable) lights up after she pees
  •  Speaks over 20 sounds and phrases including drinking sound,
  •  Your child can feed her bottle
  • 14-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American

Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby

This is the perfect doll for your child that likes to have a tea party or play with pretend food.  Your child will love having a tea party with Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby.  She comes with a  tea set changes color when you fill it with ice water.  After the baby drinks her tea, she wets her diaper. This doll comes with a dress, diaper, teacup, teapot and a sippy cup.  This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including teacup, teapot and sippy cup
  • Tea sets change colors when filled with ice water
  •  Baby drinks and wets the diaper
  • 14-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American

Baby Alive Ready for School

Click picture to purchase on Amazon

Every baby eventually grows up and has to start school.  This is a great baby to get for your child who may be starting preschool or Kindergarten.  Your child will have so much fun pretending to get her baby ready for school.  They can learn ABC’s and read together.  Baby comes with a tiny picture book. This doll comes with outfit (already on the doll), brush and a picture book.  This is a great doll for children ages 3 and up.


  • Comes with accessories including brush and a picture book
  • Style her hair
  • School themed dress
  • Comes with a Picture book
  • 14-inch doll
  • Can be purchased with blonde hair, brunette hair or African American


Can you purchase additional products for Baby Alive?

Yes, You can purchase extra diapers, snack packs, clothes, and bottles. You can also purchase preemie sized diapers.  Check out some accessories listed below

Baby Alive Diapers Pack

Baby Alive Diapers Pack
This refill pack comes with 6 diapers and they can be used with any size Baby Alive Doll that pees or poops. You may want to purchase extra diapers if you are purchasing a Baby Alive that pees right away as you go through diapers rather quickly depending on how much your child plays with the doll.   You can reuse the diapers for the dolls that poop.

Baby Alive Clothes Packs 

Children love dressing their baby dolls. Luckily there are plenty of clothes available to purchase online and in retail stores so your child will never get bored of their doll wearing the same clothes.  There are many outfits to choose from. This adorable set features a cute tutu skirt, shorts, pants, dress and three t-shirts.  These outfits fits Baby Alive dolls between 12-14 inches.
Baby Alive Super snacks Noodles and Pizza Snack Pack

Children often lose the food that comes with the doll or wants to try new foods.  This snack pack comes with 3 containers of reusable food.

Baby Alive Sippy Cups and Baby Carrier Bundle

Baby Alive Doll Car Seat and 2-Pack Sippy Cup Bundle for 16″ Dolls (Pink)
This pack of 2 sippy cups is made especially for Baby Alive Dolls.  They can be filled with water.   These sippy cups are not magnetic, you must squeeze the water into the baby’s mouth.  These are for pretend play only.  They are not made for your child to drink from.  This bundle also comes with a baby carrier that can hold dolls up to 16 inches.  Children can use the carrier to carry their dolls around or use it as a feeding chair when it is time for their baby to eat.  Great add-on gift.

Can Baby Alive eat regular food?

No, You can only use the special food that comes with the baby.  Also, make sure your child knows that the special food is food baby only and not them.  The food is non-toxic however, you do not want your child to eat the food.  Also, it is important not to fill the Baby Alive doll’s sippy cups or bottles with anything besides water.  Filling the cups or bottles with anything else could cause mold or bacteria to grow inside the doll if not cleaned out properly.  Water is the only liquid that should be used.

Is it possible to use regular Play-Doh as food?

I have not personally tried it, but after some research, I found that people have tried using Play-Doh and it worked well with the food shapers.   It also went through the doll pretty well and did not get stuck.  Make sure when making the food with the included food shapers, that your child only uses a little at a time.  Placing big chucks inside the doll’s mouth could cause it to get stuck and not work properly.

What age group is Baby Alive for?

This depends on the type of Baby Alive you purchase.  For younger girls 1 – 2 I would choose Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle or Baby Alive Snugglin Sarina, they are great first time dolls.   For girls 3-9 I would choose one of the other Baby Alive dolls that have more features such as eating or peeing.

Are Baby Alive dolls made well?

yes, Baby Alive dolls are pretty amazing.  They are a great quality doll and worth the price. If you take care of them, they will last a very long time.

Can Baby Alive dolls be cleaned easily?

Most of the Baby Alive dolls can be cleaned easily.  They are made from plastic that can be wipes down with soap and water.   The Snugglin’ Sarina Doll and the Luv N Suggle Baby Alive Doll has soft bodies that make it a little harder to clean.



how to properly hold a newborn child in your arms

According to the St. Petersburg pediatrician Lusina Chebotareva, parents should realize that their child is not made of porcelain, it cannot be broken by shifting from one side to the other. Young mothers and fathers need to be collected, confident and decisive. But you should not neglect simple rules either - the bones of the baby are still soft, the muscles are weak, and if the actions of an adult are sharp and sloppy, this may end badly.

And now more about how to properly hold the baby in your arms. Let's start with the fact that there are only five basic positions that are convenient and safe for a child:

  • main, it is also for feeding,
  • after feeding,
  • for washing,
  • for planting,
  • for colic.

Basic position - how to hold a newborn baby

This position is also called the "cradle" position - you lay the baby on the platform formed by your arm and stomach, the baby's head - in the crook of your elbow. With the other hand, hold the child to the side. nine0003

Cradle position.

Photo: Channel Five

When feeding, lightly roll the baby onto you if he is breastfeeding. If he eats from a bottle, sit down and hold the container with his lunch with your free hand.

It is important to remember that you, the parents, should be comfortable and comfortable to hold the child. Yes, now he is small and light, weighs only four kilograms, but six months will pass, the baby will get heavier, and you are unlikely to increase your strength. Adjust the position of your arms and torso, try changing angles, experiment, look for your position, Chebotareva advises Lusina. nine0003

How to hold a newborn baby after feeding

This is one of the obligatory positions - immediately after feeding the baby must be "stand up" to give him the opportunity to get rid of excess food - milk or formula that does not fit in it.

How to hold a baby after feeding.

Photo: Channel Five

Lift the baby by the torso and press him to your chest so that he looks behind you. And be sure to hold his head, because the neck muscles of your son or daughter are still very weak. Hold the child for a few minutes. Or to a characteristic sound that cannot be confused with anything. nine0003

How to hold a newborn baby for washing

Washing a baby is one of the main mother's difficulties, because the baby, who is getting heavier and more active every day, is not easy to hold with one hand. For reference: the second hand, free, opens and tastes the water, directs it, lathers, cleans ...

Pose for washing the child.

Photo: Channel Five

To make your task easier, just hold your heir correctly - lay him on the bend of the elbow, grabbing his right leg if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. So the child will not go anywhere, and you will spend no more than two minutes washing. nine0003

How to hold a newborn baby “facing the world”

According to Lusina Chebotareva, pre-toilet is a favorite position for dads. This is how - facing the world - they like to carry their children around the house or apartment. But this method of holding a child also has an important functional purpose.

Embarkation position.

Photo: Channel Five

By taking your son or daughter in this way - pressing your back to your stomach, grabbing under your feet, raising your knees - you help her or him to empty the intestines. From there, the name is the landing position. The signal for you when you can start to drop the baby is the noise from the diaper and the smell that has already become familiar - take it, press it, pick it up, help. nine0003

How to hold a newborn baby with colic

This position is a helper when your screamer has a stomach ache. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that colic bothers both the child and parents, because if the baby does not sleep, neither do mom and dad. And not only potions and candles, but also the “tiger on a branch” position can help you in this difficult period.

Posture for colic in a child - "Tiger on a branch".

Photo: Channel Five

To help gassies escape from the intestines, place the child on your arm with your stomach - so that his shoulder lies almost at the bend of your elbow, and you can hold him with your palm between your legs from below. If you do everything right, you will hear characteristic sounds ...

Over time, while the child is growing, each mother and father finds the most convenient positions for him and for themselves - a reverse column, along the legs, on one arm ... There are several dozen of them, but not all of them are safe for the baby. In any case, you can and even need to try, but be careful not to dislocate anything, stretch or break.

How to help baby spit up

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Breastfeeding is a very special time for a mother and her newborn baby. Together with the feeling of closeness and affection that feeding brings, understanding its nuances cannot but raise many questions, including the question of how to help an infant spit up. Regurgitation in a newborn is by no means always the result of a simple pat on his back.

In this article, we'll talk about the basics of helping a newborn spit up, as well as other spit-up-related questions you may have.

Why do babies spit up?

Let's get it straight: Why do newborns need to burp in the first place? During feeding, children usually swallow extra air - this is called aerophagia. Spitting up helps prevent this air from entering the intestines, as well as vomiting, gas, and crankiness in the baby. To avoid the return of milk after feeding, you should give the baby the opportunity to burp more often. nine0003

How to help a newborn spit up?

During the first six months, the baby should be kept upright in a column for 10-15 minutes after each feed. This will help keep the milk in his stomach, but if the baby occasionally burps anyway, parents need not worry. While carrying your baby in an upright position, you can put a baby diaper or wipes on your shoulder to keep your clothes clean.

We've already seen why spitting up is important, now let's find out how to help your baby spit up. Parents should gently pat the baby on the back with a hand folded in a handful until he burps. Folding your hand into a handful is important because clapping with a flat palm may be too strong for an infant.

Every baby is different and there is no one right position for spitting up. To get started, you can try the following options:

  1. Sitting position with the baby on the chest. In this position, the parent puts the baby's head with his chin on his shoulder and with one hand supports the baby under the back. With the other hand, you can gently pat the baby on the back. This method is most effective in a rocking chair or when the baby is gently rocking. nine0008
  2. Holding a child upright on one's legs. With one hand, parents can hold the baby by the back and head, supporting his chin and placing his palm on the baby’s chest, with the other hand, you can gently pat him on the back. At the same time, it is important to be careful: do not press the child on the throat, but only gently support his chin.
  3. Holding a baby on your lap while lying on your tummy. Make sure his head is above his chest and gently pat your baby on the back until he burps. nine0077

Here are some tips on how best to help your newborn spit up:

  • Let your baby spit up during feeding. If the baby is restless or has swallowed air, it is worth giving him the opportunity to burp during feeding, and not just after.
  • When bottle feeding, let the newborn burp after every 50-60 ml.
  • When breastfeeding, let the baby burp at every breast change. nine0077

It is important to let your baby spit up after eating, even if he spit up during feeding!

If your baby is gassy, ​​spit up more often. Also, if he vomits frequently or suffers from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), have him spit up after every 30 ml bottle-feeding or every five minutes while breastfeeding.

How long should a baby be held for it to burp? It's different for everyone, but generally keeping a newborn upright for 15 to 20 minutes after a feed helps the milk stay in the baby's stomach. nine0003

Minimize the amount of air you swallow. Gas production and regurgitation result from aerophagia during feeding. The baby will inevitably swallow air, but there are ways to prevent it from swallowing too much. Whether you bottle feed your baby or combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding, the Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree valve is designed so that the nipple is always filled with milk without excess air, even in a horizontal position, thus preventing the baby from swallowing excess air during feeding. nine0077

Reducing the amount of air your baby swallows can help reduce your baby's risk of colic, gas, and spitting up.

Learn more