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Baby Alive Grows Up Review - A Doll that Really Grows

May 15, 2021 July 20, 2022

Baby Alive Grows Up is a super popular toy that I’ve been trying to get my hands on since before last Christmas. It was one of the hot toys last Christmas, and it will likely be very popular again this year. I wasn’t sure if this toy would be just another gimmick, but I finally gave in and ordered it. I wanted to share my review with you now so that if you’re like me and have been waiting, you’ll know whether the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll is really worth it or not.

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What is Baby Alive Grows Up Doll?

So first of all, what is so special about this doll? Well, the whole Baby Alive line by Hasbro is basically meant to be an interactive or “alive” doll line. Other dolls that were previously released in this line eat, pee, poop and talk. The Grows Up doll literally grows right before your eyes.

She starts out as a newborn baby, but grows as you feed her and interact with her first into a baby and eventually into a big girl. The doll physically expands and “grows” by 4 inches (10cm) in size. Like many of the other Baby Alive dolls, Baby Alive Grows Up speaks and interacts with you. She learns to sit up and how to say her first word as she grows. She makes sounds when you feed her and has over 75 phrases she can learn. Her hair will also get longer as she grows. You can even reset the doll back into newborn mode to keep the fun play going.

Baby Alive – Growing Up Stages

  • Stage 1 – Newborn: The doll starts out as a newborn baby. She is swaddled and will coo and open her eyes when fed to reveal her eye color. She is also wearing a hat when she first is unboxed, which can be removed to reveal her hair color. Once baby is fed and rocked enough, she will transform into the next stage: baby!
  • Stage 2 – Baby: Once fed and rocked enough, baby will kick out her legs breaking out of the swaddle and transform into a baby. She will then be able to sit up and learn her first words. The stage 2 box includes a bib and food pouch to feed baby. Baby will respond to feeding and playing with babbling that eventually turns into her first words and full responses. Eventually, the doll will be ready to stand up and transform into a big girl. She’ll let you know this by asking to stand and saying “Press my bracelet, hold my hands, help me grow!”
  • Stage 3 – Big Girl: Once the doll is stood up and her bracelet is squeezed, baby will physically expand to the full height and be in the big girl mode. If you brush her hair (and give a bit of a tug), her hair will grow into a full pony tail. Additionally a skirt and shoes are included for playing dress-up with the doll in the big girl phase.

How do I reset Baby Alive Grows Up Doll?

The doll is reset by using the switch on her neck. The switch should be set to “Mommy” or “Daddy” mode on the right when on. To reset the doll, push the switch all the way to off. I usually remove the big girl accessories and lay the doll down face up at this point so that the legs can retract. After a few moments, switch back on to the desired mode. The doll should shrink back, and then you can push the legs back up and swaddle the baby in the provided blanket. Voila, back to baby!

Baby Alive Grows Up – Product Details

There are 3 variations of the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll currently available: Sweet, Happy and Dreamy. Each of these variations has 2 different possible eye color and hair color variations. Making a total of 6 variations in all: Sweet Blossom or Lovely Rosie, Happy Hope or Merry Meadow, or Shining Skylar or Star Dreamer. The dolls also can speak in Spanish or in English.

Additionally, the doll can be set to “Mommy” or “Daddy” mode which changes if the doll addresses it’s caretaker as Mommy or Daddy. The Baby Alive Grows Up doll is recommended for ages 3 and up. The doll does require 4 AA batteries, but they are included, and the doll will work right out of the box. A huge plus as most toys don’t include batteries. The doll weights a little over 4 pounds and is 4.49 x 15.98 x 14.02 inches in size. The doll retails for $49 on Amazon currently.


  • Truly unique concept of a growing doll
  • Entertaining and Interactive doll (speaks, sits and grows)
  • Repeatable Play
  • Speaks English or Spanish
  • Addresses “Mommy” or “Daddy”
  • Surprise eye color and hair color makes for a fun reveal


  • Some reviews mention the doll malfunctioning and not resetting properly (seems highly prone to breaking)
  • Does not include other Baby Alive features such as eating, peeing or pooping
  • Onesie is not removable, which makes dress up options limited
  • Swaddle doesn’t stay on the doll very well
  • Relatively Expensive Toy

Final Review – Baby Alive Grows Up

My daughter absolutely loved playing pretend parent to the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll. She was thrilled from the moment she saw her. In fact, the first evening she had her, she played with her for well over an hour before bed. She reset her at least 3 times to grow up all over agin and would not put her down that day. She even tucked her in right beside her to sleep. It was so adorable! Like all young kids, my daughter does have a short attention span, so I appreciate toys that aren’t simply tossed aside in just a few minutes.

She has continued to play with this doll at least once a day. I really appreciate that the growing stages are repeatable (especially with so many one time use toys out there these days) to keep her coming back for more. She loves all of her baby alive dolls, but this has now become her favorite.

Final Thoughts

While I do think there are some tweaks that could make the doll better, overall I think this doll is a winner and worth the price. The growing doll is truly a unique concept that I have not seen with any other dolls. Additionally, the interactivity of the baby alive dolls is awesome; children just love hearing their baby alive doll talk and feeding them and following their requests. Younger children may require some assistance to reset the doll back to the newborn stage, but it is really simple to reset.

I do wish that the swaddle stayed on a bit better, it falls off if you barely move the doll, but that’s honestly my biggest complaint. If you have a child who loves playing pretend mommy or daddy, I truly think they will adore the Baby Alive Grows Up doll. I personally think it is well worth the higher price as they will get a lot of use out of it with the repeatable play. I think it would make for an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for little kids as well.

Have you tried out the Baby Alive Grows Up Doll? If so, I’d love to hear what you (and your littles) thought about it in a comment down below.

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Can Baby Alive Drink Real Water? Read Before Use

by Sarah Collins

Baby dolls have evolved a great deal. They come with more features as well as more new operational functions. Baby alive dolls are a kind of an evolution of baby dolls. Baby alive dolls are precious and engaging. 

Can Baby Alive Dolls Drink Real Water?

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Can Baby Alive Dolls Go in Water?

Can Baby Alive Dolls Talk?

Does Baby Alive Doll Eat?

What is Baby Alive Food Made Of?

Can Baby Alive Dolls Eat Real Food?

What Age Are Baby Alive Dolls For?


Baby alive dolls come with so many different features. Baby alive dolls can move their mouths, drink, eat, bathe, poop, and pee too. Baby alive dolls act like real babies but are animated and low maintenance. 

Many people have the question weather baby alive can drink real water or not. The answer is simple. Yes, they can. To further learn about this aspect in detail, follow this article. Not only does this article tell about the drinking habits of baby alive dolls, but also answers all important questions related to baby alive dolls.

Can Baby Alive Dolls Drink Real Water?

Yes. Infact, baby alive dolls love staying hydrated. This is one of the exciting features that baby alive dolls come with. Giving water not only entertains the kids, but it also ensures that the functions of the baby alive doll are running smoothly.

Giving baby alive dolls water involves the mouthing feature as well as the peeing feature. Hence, you should be ready with the diaper to keep your baby alive doll fresh, dry, and clean.

When you’re feeding baby alive dolls with their food, make sure to give them water in between. This helps to get the food moving inside the baby alive doll without any hindrance.

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Can Baby Alive Dolls Go in Water?

While baby alive dolls can drink water, doesn’t mean that they can go in water as well. Baby alive dolls are not made to be in water or take a bath.

Although baby alive dolls are made of durable materials, but they have a delicate system put in place. Especially the baby alive dolls that can talk, it’s highly advisable to not take these in water. Baby alive dolls that are battery operated, may stop working if water goes into them.

Clothes of the baby alive dolls can be washed, and the outer body can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. As far as the inside is concerned, feed baby alive doll with water and let the inside clean up on its own. However, DO NOT submerge baby alive dolls in water.

Can Baby Alive Dolls Talk? 

There are many different types of baby alive dolls. However, not all can talk. But the ones that do talk, those baby alive dolls are definitely chatterboxes. 

There are dolls that giggle, laugh from joy, say variety of different phrases in one or more languages, and there are also some that sing. 

Does Baby Alive Doll Eat? 

Baby Alive dolls eat a sachet of safe, non-toxic powder that turns into liquid form when mixed with water. It does not expire, but it is strictly for dolls only and is not intended for human consumption. 

 Kids have fun preparing formula in a bowl or one of the doll’s accessories, just like real babies. Not all Baby Alive dolls can eat, only some that come with the feature can eat. 

What is Baby Alive Food Made Of? 

The food that baby alive dolls can eat are coloured in different colours. It’s in powder form. It is non-toxic; However, humans are advised not to eat it in any case.  

Some of the food is made up of wheat. It is easy to make the powder mixture at home simply by mixing baking soda, cornflour, and a few drops of food colour. Once water is added to the mixture, it turns into liquid form. This can easily be consumed by baby alive dolls. 

Pro tip: Make sure to not make the mixture too lumpy. This can get stuck in the baby alive doll causing mold. 

Can Baby Alive Dolls Eat Real Food? 

No. Baby Alive dolls should advisably be given the food packets that come with. They are designed according to the type of doll you have and makes sure your doll can function properly. 

The packet food helps baby alive doll to easily pass the food out of their system.  Real food could damage the doll and is not recommended.

What Age Are Baby Alive Dolls For?

Baby alive dolls are precious, entertaining, and extremely loveable dolls. They are best suited for kids aged three and more. They are also loved by older kids who love playing mommy to these adorable dolls.

Baby Alive Dolls are very interactive and fun to play with. They ensure a fun playtime for kids even when they are playing alone. Baby alive dolls also help teach children different traits like caring, loving, and sharing.


Baby Alive Dolls are extremely playful, highly interactive, and beyond adorable. Kids love playing with baby alive dolls as they come with so many features. Not only can they talk, but also drink water, eat food, pee/poop, and sing.

Baby Alive Dolls can drink real water and have food which is specially designed for them. They can talk, sing poems, teach different traits, and many more features. For any questions that you have regarding baby alive dolls, give this article a read. It’ll definitely answer any questions that you are unsure of. 




(translated by G. M. Prokhorova)

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Solomon, hearing of this, entered this verse into the Collection, saying: I have found a man one among thousands, but he did not find a woman in the whole world.


In the days of Solomon there was a rich man in Babylon, but he had no children. Having lived half his days, he adopted a servant boy. And, having equipped, sent him with good from Babylon on trade matters. The same one, having come to Jerusalem, got hold of it there. And fell into the number of the boyars of Solomon, seated at a dinner with the king.

In the meantime, a son was born to the master of his house. And when the boy was fulfilled thirteen years old, his father died. And his mother said to him: Son, I heard about the serf your father, that he got rich in Jerusalem. Go and find him. He came to Jerusalem and asked about a man by name, what was the name of this servant. And that one was very famous. He was told that he was at Solomon's for dinner. And the lad entered the royal hall, asked: Who is such and such a boyar? He replied: It's me. coming up, The lad hit him in the face and said: You are my serf! Do not be afraid, sitting, but go work! And give me your good. And the king was angry, and he was annoyed. Turning to Solomon, the lad said: If not, the king, this servant of the father my mine, then for the fact that I hit him with my hand, I will receive a blow with a sword, which will kill me. Struck in turn said: I am the master's son, and this is a servant my father and mine. I have witnesses in Babylon. The king said: I will not believe witnesses. I'd rather send my ambassador to Babylon, let him take the shoulder a bone from the coffin of my father, and she will tell me which of you is the son and which is the servant. And you be here. And the king sent his trusted ambassador, and he brought the humerus. By with his wisdom, the tsar commanded to cleanly wash the bone, planted his boyar and all wise men, boyars and scribes in front of him and said to a man who knows how to let Blood: Let this boyar bleed. He did it. Then the king ordered bone into warm blood. He explained the meaning of the command to his boyars, saying: If If he is his son, then his blood will cling to the bones of his father. If it does not cling, then a slave. And they took the bone out of the blood, and the bone was white as before. Then the king commanded another vessel to let the blood of the lad. And having washed the bone, they put it in the blood of the young man. And the bone was saturated with blood. And the king said to his boyars: See with your own eyes that this bone says: This is my son, and that is a slave. So the king judged them.

After that, Solomon began to speak to his boyars: There was Adrian the king, and he commanded their boyars call him god. And, not wanting to, the boyars said: Our Tsar! Do you think in your heart that there was no god before you? We will call you the highest king among kings, if you take the Jerusalem which is above and the Holy of Holies. He And having assembled with many soldiers, he went and took Jerusalem, and returned back, and said to them: Just as God will do whatever He commands and says, so I did. Now call me god. He had three philosophers. Answered him the first, saying: If you want to be called a god, keep in mind: a boyar cannot be called king while in the royal palace until he comes out. So do you if you want be called a god, come out of the whole universe and there be called a god.

And the other said: You cannot be called a god. The king asked: Why? That answered: Jeremiah the prophet says: Gods who did not create heaven and earth, yes will perish. If you want to die, king, call yourself a god.

And the third said: My lord, the king! Help me soon! The king asked: What you? And the philosopher said: My boat, three versts from here, is ready to sink, and all my goodness to her, and the king said: Do not be afraid. I will send people and they will bring her. BUT the philosopher said: Why should you, king, trouble your people? Send a quiet wind let him save her. The same, understanding, kept silent displeasedly and went to rest to his queen.

And the queen said: The philosophers have deceived you, king, by telling you that you cannot be called a god. Wishing to comfort him in that sorrow, she said: You are the king, you rich, you are worthy of great honor. Do, said, one thing, and then call god. The king asked: What kind? And the queen answered: The property of God, which return you. He asked: What property? The queen said: Return your soul which God has put into your body, and then be called God. He objected: If there is no soul in me, in my body, how shall I be called God? the queen said to him: If you do not own your soul, then you cannot be called.

King Solomon asked the princess for himself. And they didn't give it to him. Then Solomon said to the demons: Go, and take that princess, and bring her to me. And demons having gone, they kidnapped her at the crossing, when she was walking from her mother’s chambers, they put her in ship and sailed across the sea.

And then the princess saw that the man was drinking water, and behind him the water was coming out. She asked: Explain to me what it is. And the demons said: He is for you explain to whom we are taking you. They go further and see a man wandering in the water, water asks, and the waves knock him down. And the princess said: My dear matchmakers, and this is for me explain: why is that person, wandering in the water, asking for water? And they said: He will explain to you who we are taking you to. And they drove by, and they see a man reaping hay, goes, and two goats, following him, eat the grass: whatever he reaps, they eat. And said the princess: Explain to me, my unloving matchmakers, explain to me: why goats do not eat uncut grass? And the demons said to her: He will explain to you to whom we're taking you.

And they rushed her to the city. One demon went and told Solomon the king: They brought the bride you. The king, having mounted his horse, went ashore. And the princess said to him: Today I yours, king. But here's what you explain to me: a man drank water, and behind him she went out. The king said: Why are you surprised at this? After all, this is the royal house: enters here, exits from here. And the princess asked: And now explain to me that is this: one person, wandering in the water, asks for water, and the waves knock him down? Solomon replied: O bride! Why are you surprised by this, bride? This is servant of the kings: he judges one lawsuit, and seeks another lawsuit, so that the king's heart make good. And here's what else explain to me: a man reaps grass, and what he reaps, then two goats, following him, eat. Why don't those goats that got into the hay eat uncut grass? And the king said: Bride! Why are you surprised? If a person takes another wife with other people's children, what he earns, they will eat. And for he has nothing of himself. Now go, bride, to my rest.

So she became his wife.

How to teach a child to cook - A blog about healthy food.

From the story books of the era of the history of the Russian Empire, one can learn that every six-year-old child at this age was an independent organized person. From an early age, girls were excellent at doing household chores, boys owned a certain craft and performed the amount of work on a par with adults. To knead the dough, cook soup, heat the hut with a Russian stove, all other chores in the hut remained on the shoulders of large families, which included more than 5-7 people.

The world has changed a lot over the centuries. Today's youth began to grow up late. Unfortunately, parents who perform all the duties of maintaining the house, including cooking, do little to involve young children and adolescents in helping. What sadly develops in the character, mindset of adolescents, and is fraught with an inability to take care of oneself, which manifests the inferiority of a person as a person. If a small child is growing up in the family, we recommend using it in exciting activities and culinary strategies.

Deli from childhood

How to teach a child to cook food from an early age. The first steps to teaching kids culinary arts must be done through the use of cutlery models, the study of dishes. What will help to learn cooking lessons: a spoon, fork, knives, pans and pots are their purpose. You can sew an impromptu apron and cap, study the cooking conditions in a playful way.

The main stage is to draw the baby's attention to vegetables such as onions and peppers. In this case, it is necessary to threaten that it is impossible to touch these products, otherwise the tongue and eyes will hurt. The child should like to stand at the table and take on the image of a cook. Strict adherence to the steps of the recipe will help you become more skilled in this kind of activity.

Preparatory work

Before the procedure, it is recommended to talk with the child about the conditions of the game, that knives and other sharp objects should not be touched. You should remove the child's hair in a bun, close it under a cap, or tie a scarf, put on a uniform that covers the stomach and chest. This will help prevent greasy, hard-to-remove stains from appearing on clothes. Let the cookbook become the road to the world of fairy tales, according to which masterpieces will be created in the form of sandwiches and delicate cookies.

The art of cooking for a young child should be provided as entertainment. In the process of activity, one should not scold the child for an unexpected and unpleasant development of events: an egg broke, flour woke up, got dirty, etc. These little things should not be overlooked. Otherwise, any sharply spoken word and grimace can frighten, distract, reduce the desire of the child to participate in the cooking process.

How your little one can help

Performing simple tasks will help your little one develop their skills and desire to cook. The child can mold cakes, dumplings from the dough, cut out circles with special shapes, and form a figure. Some actions need to be carried out together with children: sprinkle flour, sugar, break an egg, make cutlets, meatballs. This will help eliminate incidental moments.

Teaching teenagers

How to teach your daughter how to cook so that the dish turns out tasty, and the lesson is pleasant and useful? The cooking process should be carried out in a calm, friendly environment. Thus, you will not only master the lessons, but also have a good time. Older children are more intelligent. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to indicate to the child that the basic standards of cooking are observed:

  • how to cut food into cubes, cubes, circles;
  • explain the rules of cooking;
  • talk about tricks, for example, so that the oil does not splash and does not burn your hands, you should add a pinch of salt before turning on the stove; to get the golden color of vegetables, you need to make portions, only in hot oil.

Parents and children should then read the recipe together, prepare the appropriate ingredients, and start learning the culinary arts together. In the process of cooking, you need to restrain yourself from irritation if something does not go according to plan or burns. Otherwise, an unconscious outburst of anger will undermine your authority. The more time you spend at the stove with your child, the faster the child will learn to cook delicious meals from simple ingredients.

How to instill a love of cooking in teenagers

Boiling porridge, cooking scrambled eggs does not require effort and care, so everyday food should be just such a menu plan. Once a week, you can resort to baking cookies, pies, frying pies. You can periodically make any decorative elements in honor of the holiday and the formation of treats. It is necessary to give a teenager to show imagination. In this way, you will gradually instill love and mastery skills.

Getting a result is the first step towards achieving a goal. If a person does not like to cook, you need to attract his attention through tricks and calmly explain that this is necessary for his future, live independently in a family and contribute to helping in household life.

How to teach your daughter how to cook delicious meals in a short time with the benefit of the whole family? Buy your teenager a book of main dishes that will make it easy for him to learn and remember recipes. Important in cooking are:

  • salads,
  • snacks,
  • first,
  • second,
  • pastries.

To broaden your horizons in the field of cooking, subscribe to magazines, introduce your child to simple recipes through cooking channel master classes. Note. If cooking did not work out the first time, do not scold and get annoyed with the child.

How to teach a child to cook at home? The solution to this issue is necessary for the easy maintenance of one's own life in the future. After mastering the rules for cooking main dishes such as borscht, soups, appetizers with vegetables, you can begin to be interested in the national cuisine of other nations:

  • Mexican,
  • Italian,
  • French.

Change the theme of the dishes every month. A teenager will like this alignment of events, and he will be able to easily remember aspects of the culinary field. Without your help, lively enthusiasm and cunning, you will not succeed in instilling a child's love for cooking items.

How to teach your son to cook, what is it for and why?

How to teach your son to cook so that he can help with household chores and be able to cope with everyday life without your help. Excessive care of parents breeds sloths and lazybones. To satisfy their hunger, such children visit only fast food outlets, thereby quickly spending money, and poisoning their body with carcinogenic food.

Boys generally do not like to cook, so the soul of most teenagers does not lie in the study of this art. Learning how to cook delicious food will save the budget accrued to the son’s account during his studies, exclude snacks at fast food outlets and maintain health.

In the beginning it will be enough to do the basic things. Parents should give small tasks in the form of a request to cook potatoes, porridge. Let these activities become a daily routine for a few weeks. What is needed to consolidate the habit of cooking and learn skills. After that, you can begin to develop culinary skills.

The principle of teaching culinary art lies in the strategy "From simple to complex". The most interesting and light dishes for teenagers are: pizza, salads, snacks and confectionery. Before choosing a menu, you need to calculate the budget.

What to do if a child does not want to learn culinary arts

How to teach a child to cook, eat if he does not want to do it, and creates conflict situations, as a result of which the psychological climate in the family deteriorates. Of course, the trouble and guilt in similar cases of behavior remains only with adults. Due to lack of attention and improper upbringing, children turn to rudeness and reproaches. In this case, you can not force the child to cook dishes. It is recommended by cunning to re-educate an already almost formed personality.

After a week from the moment of the conflict, you need to gradually gain the confidence of the child, and give the task in the form of a request to cook cereals, peel potatoes, fry vegetables. Daily performance of such tasks will become the norm for a teenager. After a few weeks, you need to interest the child in baking, start a business and, for the necessary reason, go to work. At the same time, having determined the task for the child, perform simple actions, for example, form Easter cakes, dumplings, put food in the oven or throw it into boiling water, bring it to full cooking. After a full review of the article, you will understand how to teach a child to cook at the present time, when the younger generation does not want to learn to be independent.

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