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KidsLine Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

Five machines in one, the Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center is an essential tool for busy parents and caregivers. This time-saving food center features a unique side-by-side steamer and food processor for simultaneous blending, chopping, reheating, and steaming. The large processing jar includes a storage lid, so you can make food in advance to store in the fridge or toss the jar into your diaper bag for on-the-go meals. The space-saving design and convenient accessories make this the only equipment you'll need to provide healthy, nutritious meals for your growing baby.

Five Machines in One: Whether steaming fresh vegetables or blending a vitamin-packed smoothie, the Ultimate Baby Food Center lets you chop, blend, puree, reheat, and steam with just one piece of equipment at the same time.

Unique Side-By-Side Steamer and Food Processor: You'll appreciate the time saved by using the Ultimate Baby Food Center's steam and process features simultaneously, which makes providing fresh, nutritious meals for your baby a snap. This versatile tool features independent steaming and food processing that helps you from start to finish. The steamer basket is easy to use and generously sized for steaming vegetables--just add water and press the "steam" button for soft, baby-friendly food in a matter of minutes. As an added safety feature, the auto-off function will shut down the machine when all of the water has evaporated. The food processor is designed with a four-point blade system with an elevated angle. This allows for consistent and thorough results when chopping, blending, and pureeing.

Doubles as a Baby Bottle Warmer or Food Defroster: The steaming chamber features an easy-to-use "warm" button for gentle warming of baby bottles, food jars, and heat-proof containers. It also works as an effective defroster for jars of frozen baby food. The insulation spacer also allows you to warm smaller baby jars and 4-ounce bottles.

Convenient, Compact Design: The Ultimate Baby Food Center maximizes space and is loaded with accessories like tongs, a spatula, and a measuring cup. The accessories can be stored in the side drawer, while the cord can be wrapped underneath the machine when not in use. Plus, the processor jar comes with a convenient lid, so you can prepare, store, and transport meals all in one container.

Easy-to-Clean, BPA-Free Materials: The Ultimate Baby Food Center is made of BPA-free materials that can be easily cleaned after meal preparation. The measuring cup, tongs, insulation spacer, and processor lid are all top-rack dishwasher-safe, while the other pieces can be hand washed with hot water and mild soap.

Recipe Booklet for Tips and Inspiration: The Ultimate Baby Food Center comes with a recipe booklet for a valuable springboard to preparing tasty and healthy dishes for your baby. Filled with helpful tips and advice, the booklet includes fun recipes for a variety of soups, pancakes, muffins, and more. Written by cookbook author and chef, Jennifer Carden, the booklet will inspire you with fresh ideas for creating healthy, delicious foods using vitamin-rich, nutrient-filled ingredients.

The Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center is backed by a limited one-year warranty.

How Baby Food Processors Help Moms and the Environment – Baby Brezza

Have you thought about adding a baby food processor to your collection of kitchen gadgets and ‘Baby Chef’ to your list of parenting skills?

It turns out that homemade baby food may be the wisest choice for the health of your baby – and the environment.

Here are the top benefits of using a baby food processor for your baby, your sanity, and the environment.

By Using a Baby Food Processor, You Benefit…the Environment

Is choosing a baby food processor the environmentally-friendly way to feed your baby nutritious, healthy meals?

The short answer is yes.

Think of the production effort, carbon footprint, and overall manufacturing process that goes into putting a jar of baby food on the shelf. Huge factories and long assembly lines pump out thousands of jars or plastic pouches filled to the brim with preserved peaches, softened sweet potatoes, and pureed chicken. It’s a huge operation – with huge energy, materials, and labor costs!

But imagine this scenario, instead:

As you’re cooking dinner, you set aside age-appropriate baby food selections. While you work on sautéing your sides, you throw what will become baby’s dinner into the baby food processor and start the steaming process with the push of a button.

Moving onto the preparation of your main entrée, you watch the baby food processor slide into pureeing your baby’s freshly steamed meal. You don’t even have to take off your oven mitts to make this happen!

As you plate your family’s dinner, you reach for the bowl of the baby food processor and serve up your little one’s meal – right alongside your own.

This meal has never seen a factory assembly line, a giant canning machine, or a shipping facility. Instead, it was made right in your kitchen with just one simple gadget.

Less energy, less materials, less waste – and a healthy, nutritious meal for your baby in minutes.

And of course we can’t stop talking about the environmental benefits of a baby food processor without mentioning the use of reusable food pouches.

Reusable food pouches are a fantastic storage option for unused portions of baby food. Don’t throw away what your baby can’t eat – just put it in an easy-to-use zippered pouch that stands on its own as you fill it from your baby food maker.

These little pouches are then ready for baby’s next meal or make a perfect take-along snack. Unlike disposable to-go baby food options, these pouches can be washed and re-used many times over.

They are even dishwasher-safe!

By Using a Baby Food Processor, You Benefit…Baby and Your Sanity

In addition to feeling great about being more environmentally friendly, using a baby food maker benefits your baby and your sanity.

Recently, concerns have been raised over the levels of lead in baby foods. A 10-year study found that 20 percent of baby foods sampled had detectable levels of lead, and levels were elevated compared to regular food.

While none of the lead levels were beyond the FDA’s threshold for lead contamination, it’s enough to make many parents worry about the possible long-term health implications.

One way to reduce worry about lead or other contaminants in your baby’s food is to fire up the baby food maker and buy your own healthy ingredients for kid-friendly cuisine.

Many parents invest in a baby food processor over other common kitchen appliances, like a blender, because of the ability to achieve a great consistency for baby food with this special tool.

In addition to relieving worry over the quality of ingredients in your baby’s food, using one will help to relieve some stress too.

A baby food processor, like the One-Step Baby Food Maker Deluxe, will save you time and energy in making baby food.

As mentioned earlier, the One-Step has the ability to automatically blend your baby’s food after steaming it to just the right temperature. Put the One-Step to work for you – so you can work on other things!

As a busy parent, we know you always have plenty to do – including looking out for the health of your little one. So choose a tool that is good for the environment, good for your baby, and good for you!

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What is the best food processor for your home| Philips

If you are tired of the ensemble of appliances in the kitchen, consider buying a food processor. A food processor is a universal assistant that will replace a juicer, blender, meat grinder and coffee grinder. With it, you will focus on cooking and reduce the time for grinding parts. In addition, it takes up little space in the kitchen. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a food processor and what you can cook with it.

How to find your dream combine

Despite the variety of models, all harvesters can be divided into two types: choppers and multifunctional devices.

Choppers, as the name suggests, cut vegetables, fruits, herbs and other foods. They are compact, light weight and feature limited.

In addition to chopping, full processors can extract juice, knead dough, mince and grind coffee beans.

To find the right model, ask the question: for what purpose do you need it? We will look at the main characteristics of this household appliance, and after reading it, you will easily find the answer and choose the perfect option. nine0003


The more powerful the food processor, the faster it mixes and grinds. Models with a power reserve last longer without overloads. This increases their service life.

The lower limit is within 300-400 W. Basically, these are compact shredders with a standard set of blades. If you are looking for a model that will chop a salad or stir a cocktail, this is your option.

Small combines with a power of 500 W or more will easily knead the dough and chop soft boneless meat. Models with more features run at 700-850 watts. This power is enough to squeeze juice, grind coffee beans and meat with small bones. nine0003

"Monsters" from 1000 W are rarely bought for home use. They are mainly used in restaurants and cafes.

Number of attachments

The functionality of the harvester is determined by the attachments that are included in its kit. For example, 6 nozzles HR7520 allow you to perform more than 30 functions: cut potatoes, grind grains, whip cream, knead dough and much more. The variety of discs, graters and blades can confuse the inexperienced buyer. We assure you: modern models are designed in such a way that it is technically impossible to get confused and insert the nozzle into the wrong hole. nine0003

Carefully examine which attachments come with your combine. Remember that the main thing here is not the quantity, but the benefit. Don't overpay for extra accessories. For comfortable cooking you will need:

  • chopping knife
  • shredding disc
  • emulsifying disc
  • juicer

Manufacturers include only those attachments with which the combine motor can work. But for some models you can find additional parts. They can turn your mini-combine into, for example, a coffee grinder. Keep in mind: any technique is best used for its intended purpose. We do not recommend "upgrades" to avoid overload and breakage.

Speed ​​

An important characteristic of a food processor is its speed range. Models with 2-3 ranges allow you to select the optimal operating mode and avoid motor overload. Each range corresponds to a set of products that can be processed. So at the combine HR7320 The first speed is suitable for whipping cream and eggs, while the second is for chopping onions, minced meat and smoothies.

Material and bowl volume

Cup material - an important factor for the convenience and reliability of the combine. Excreted bowls are made of

  • plastic
  • stainless steel
9000 9000

plastic - the most common material. It is easy to clean, can be quite durable and will last for years with careful use. Food in a plastic bowl can be heated in the microwave. When buying a combine, pay attention that the bowl does not have a pungent odor and cracks. nine0003

Glass bowls are resistant to low temperatures, but glass is brittle and heavy. The walls may crack if the bowl does not sit tightly in the grooves. When dropped from a table onto a tile or concrete floor, the glass shatters into pieces. In addition, combines with glass bowls are quite noisy.

Stainless steel bowls are more expensive than plastic and glass bowls. They are mainly used for the production of professional equipment due to their high strength and durability. We remind you that metal utensils or utensils with gold paint must not be placed in the microwave! nine0003

The average bowl capacity of a food processor is 1.5-2.5 liters. This amount is enough for 3-5 servings of smoothies. 3-4 liter bowls give up to 8 servings at a time.

What else to look for

You probably already know what features your food processor should have. But there are a few more important points.

  • Safety. In order for the combine motor to last for a long time, models with power below 500 watts should automatically shut off when overloaded. Motors up to 700 W are equipped with a mechanical brake that interrupts operation for 1.5 seconds. Be sure to check the instructions for the technique if your model has security mechanisms. nine0052

  • Weight. Remember that light equipment is easy to use. For a woman, the optimal weight of the combine is up to 4 kg. It is inconvenient to remove heavier equipment from the top shelf of the cabinet and wash it. The lightest model in the Philips line is HR7310 . It weighs only 2.37 kg and at the same time is a full-fledged multifunctional harvester.

  • Dimensions. Equally important for comfort is that the harvester does not take up much space in the closet. Here you need to find a middle ground between the volume of the bowl and the size of the product. The most convenient are considered models in a vertical design. nine0052

  • Dishwasher safe. Good models are dishwasher safe. This makes maintenance easier and saves time.

What you can cook with a food processor

With a food processor, you can begin to cook dishes that you previously could not decide on due to complexity or lack of time. This versatile device opens up wide horizons for culinary creativity. nine0003

For example, if as a child you dreamed of a machine that makes chips, then with a combine your dreams will come true. Place the peeled potatoes in the ingredient feed chamber, select the speed and just watch the process. The shredding blades cut thin slices for real chips.

Preparing for the festive table will no longer take much time. Forget about shredding salads from morning to evening. Your job is to report the products to the ingredient chamber on time. The shredding insert cuts vegetables, sausage and potatoes. The cooking time for crab salad or Olivier will be reduced by 3-4 times. nine0003

The popular kneading function will appeal not only to those with a sweet tooth. For fans of Italian cuisine and lovers of homemade bread, the combine will knead the perfect dough without lumps.

Love making sauces? Use the grater attachment to experiment as long as you have enough imagination. Delicate hummus and natural mayonnaise are classic homemade sauces that you can make yourself.

Combine with jug and mixing disc easily replaces a blender. Shakes and smoothies will be ready within 3 minutes. If the model is equipped with a juicer, delight yourself and your family with freshly squeezed juice. nine0003

Now you know how useful a food processor is and what dishes you can cook with it. But most importantly: you know what to look for when choosing a model. Feel free to be meticulous and ask questions to consultants. Read the instruction manual carefully. Read the instructions. Decide for what purposes you plan to use the combine most often. Then choose the right power and the right set of nozzles. Go through the feature list again and make sure you haven't missed anything. nine0003

Happy shopping and delicious experiments!


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    How to choose a food processor for your home

    one Chopper and vegetable cutter. Their features and benefits

    2 What can a food processor do? Functions of attachments, discs, graters, knives and individual blocks

    3 Power, impulse mode. What is a planetary harvester? nine0003

    4 Combine bowl material: metal, glass or plastic?

    five We use the harvester correctly: useful tips

    "Jack of all trades" is what the food processor is sometimes called. No wonder, because it can be used for cutting vegetables, preparing dough, baby food, grinding spices, slicing ... and this is not the whole list of possibilities! Our article provides useful tips for everyone who does not know how to choose a food processor for the home. nine0003

    To choose a food processor for your home, you first need to decide on the number of necessary functions. If you're only going to use 1-2, a chopper or vegetable cutter might be enough.


    What it does: grinds food into a single mass (the degree of grinding and uniformity depend on the operating time). Which foods can be chopped: meat, cheese, onions, herbs, fruits, berries, bread, garlic, vegetables, etc.

    Consists of: motor unit, lid, bowl, chopper attachment (some models have an emulsifier attachment for mixing and making sauces).

    Important! For each model, the list of products suitable and prohibited for grinding is different. For example, not everyone will be able to grind ice, nuts, spices, chocolate, and other solids. Please read the specifications carefully before you get started.

    The disadvantage of choppers is that they are suitable for preparing mixtures, but not for cutting food into pieces. nine0003

    ChopDrop is a technology created to get rid of this disadvantage. It allows cutting into pieces that do not turn into mashed potatoes. The cut products gradually fall into the bowl, they remain dry and do not mix with each other. A useful feature for preparing ingredients for salads and other dishes.

    The time of continuous operation of the device is limited and should not exceed a minute on average. The duration of grinding solid products should be no more than 15 s. nine0003

    Choppers attract housewives with their simplicity and compactness, allowing you to keep the device always at hand. If you need help preparing various mixes, soups, purées, vegetable and meat purees, then it may not be worth it to overpay and buy a multifunctional processor that you will use only on holidays.

    Electric vegetable cutter

    What it does: slices, chop, grate, shred.

    Which products can be cut: vegetables, fruits and other products.

    What it consists of: electric motor block, funnel for loading products (bell), pusher, chamber with cutting elements (discs, knives, knife grids), capacity (rarely, since you can substitute any convenient dishes).


    • The vegetable cutter always comes with several cutting elements with different hole shapes. Thanks to this, the products are cut into cubes, slices, sticks, straws, etc. It all depends on the configuration of the model you choose (usually there are several graters and shredders in the set). nine0052

    • A rare catering establishment does without such a device, so there are models on the market with a capacity of up to 800 kg of vegetables per hour! For home use, 50 kg per hour is more than enough.
    • In a vegetable cutter, the diameter of the loading funnel is important. The larger it is, the less often you will have to pre-cut vegetables into smaller pieces.
    • Plastic discs and tips do not last as long as metal parts. nine0052
    • Keep in mind that knives with replaceable blades will last longer than regular ones.

    The main differences between a vegetable cutter and a chopper:

    1. The function of a vegetable cutter is cutting, shredding solid products, a chopper is chopping products to a single mass.
    2. Unlike choppers, vegetable cutters do not have a bowl; built-in containers are extremely rare in them.

    Chopper and vegetable cutter advantages:

    • affordable prices;
    • light weight;
    • take up little space;
    • is easy to clean.

    If the vegetable cutter and chopper did not seem to you a serious enough technique and did not impress you with its functionality, let's proceed with the choice.

    The functions of the food processor and its culinary capabilities are directly dependent on the equipment.

    • Whisks for whipping (mixing).
      The whisk nozzle is indispensable for whipping liquid products: proteins, cream, when diluting batter. nine0052
    • Emulsifying attachment (emulsifying disc).
      It is a disc with a wavy surface that provides uniform mixing with little or no foam. Designed for whipping cream and eggs, whipping egg whites, mixing sauces, making pudding, biscuit mixes.
    • Nozzle for dough (outwardly similar to an unfolded knife).
      Kneads dough for bread, pizza, shortbread cookies.
    • nine0002

    • Slicer (slicing discs).
      With the help of a slicer, you can quickly and accurately cut food into equal pieces (from cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, to citrus fruits and other fruits). If you often gather large companies and you need to quickly and beautifully set the table, you can’t do without a slicer. But if you occasionally make sandwiches, salad for several family members, most likely you will prefer to use a regular knife.
    • Shredding discs
      A must if you cook sauerkraut, often chop vegetables for soups and salads.
    • Grater
      Install the grater with the desired size and shape of the holes (usually there are several in the kit) - the machine will do the rest. Grate vegetables, fruits, cheese.
    • French fry tool
      Cut into large strips of a certain thickness.
    • Potato grater
      It is in special demand among pancake lovers. With this nozzle, they turn out light and crispy, because the potatoes are rubbed very quickly and do not have time to darken and lose their beneficial properties. nine0052
    • Knives
      Grind vegetables and fruits, nuts, chocolate, parmesan cheese, knead mashed potatoes. Special knives will cope with meat. Like graters, they come in different sizes.

    To avoid damage and malfunction of the food processor, do not forget to pre-prepare the food. Be sure to wash vegetables and fruits and remove seeds from them, if necessary, remove the skin. If the products are too large, cut by hand into several pieces of a suitable size. nine0003

    • Dicing attachment
      Cuts food into neat cubes of uniform size. Salads, all the ingredients of which are cut with the help of such a nozzle, look especially attractive and appetizing.
    • Mill (mini grinder)
      Can grind coffee beans, turn peppercorns into powder, grind nuts, dried fruits, cereals, crush herbs and dry spices.

    Used as single units:

    • Meat grinder
      As with the stand-alone meat grinder, the principle of operation is to prepare minced meat from pieces of meat passed through the device.
    • Juicer
      Available for citrus fruits (in this case, half of the fruit is pressed against the rotating nozzle) or universal (for fruits, vegetables, berries).
    • Blender
      Like the stand-alone blender, it is a container for mixing various liquid ingredients. You can cook a light puree, knead the dough for pancakes, prepare cocktails. nine0052

    All food processors have a standard set of attachments, usually including a grater, emulsifier, metal knife and dough mixer. In more expensive or professional models, the number of functions increases significantly, allowing you to replace almost all small household appliances in the kitchen with one food processor.

    For those who find it difficult to choose the required set of nozzles right away when buying, some manufacturers provide the opportunity to buy them separately. Of course, the prices of such devices are higher, but then you can choose only those nozzles that you really need. nine0003

    Power of the food processor

    The power of the machine directly determines which products it can process and at what speed. For example, only a model with a power of at least 500–600 W can grind hard vegetables and fruits with high quality. The recommended power is also affected by the volume of the bowl. The desired power for 3 liters is from 700 W, at least 300–400 W for a volume of up to 2 liters.

    As the power increases so does the performance of the food processor, from 1500W these are the high volume models used by professionals. nine0003

    Speed ​​

    From 2 to 15 - this is the number of speeds found in modern food processors. Of course, the more speeds, the easier it is to choose the most efficient mode for cooking. At the same time, this complicates the control of the device and requires an individual approach to each dish.

    Pulse mode

    Pulse mode allows you to fully control your workflow and monitor the efficiency of processing solids. In food processors, it is implemented in the form of a button. You press it - the nozzles (knives) begin to function, stop - the mechanism stops instantly. The more you press the button, the higher the power (speed) of work (relevant for models with several speeds). The pulse mode is indispensable when grinding, grinding coffee beans, when the final size of the product is very important to you. nine0003

    The impulse mode in combines is intended for short-term use. Forced operation at maximum power for a long time can damage the motor.

    Planetary Harvester

    Planetary Harvester - A design where the nozzle rotates clockwise and the bowl rotates counterclockwise in a circular motion. This ensures uniform mixing throughout the container without the need to constantly rotate the bowl by hand.

    When choosing, the main attention should be paid to the volume of the bowl and the material from which it is made.

    The amount of food you can cook in the bowl at one time depends on the size of the bowl. Models from 1 liter and less to 5-6 liters are widely represented on the market. To make it easier for customers to navigate, manufacturers often indicate specific numbers in the instructions for a variety of products. For example, if the volume of the bowl is 1.5 liters, then it is suitable for chopping about 2 kg of vegetables or mixing 1.5 liters of liquid. nine0003


    • plastic bowls: inexpensive and most common;
    • glass bowls: less common, visually take up less kitchen space space, the material is considered environmentally friendly;
    • metal bowls (stainless steel): expensive and durable.

    Glass and plastic bowls are dishwasher safe. Unlike metal containers, in which you can heat food in the microwave.

    Combine bowl is an element that is used actively and constantly. In this regard, the main requirements are impact resistance and resistance to temperatures. nine0003

    to -5°C - food in a bowl that can withstand this temperature can be stored or cooled in the refrigerator;

    up to +70-80°C - the bowl can contain very hot substances, but still not boiling.

    It is believed that vegetables, dough, creams, sauces, etc. should be cooked in glass and plastic containers, and it is preferable to take a reliable metal bowl for meat.

    Of course, for any hostess one bowl is catastrophically not enough. It is most convenient to have two or three containers of different sizes. You should not refuse the combine, if there is only one bowl in the kit, you can always buy them separately. nine0003

    If you want to minimize the contamination of the work area from splashes and drips, take a look at bowls with special lids.

    If you prefer to keep your work surface uncluttered and organize all your appliances, the weight and size of your food processor is definitely important.

    Weight. If you plan to use the harvester not every day and will take it out and hide it all the time, then the most suitable one is no more than 5 kg.

    Nozzles. The compactness of the harvester largely depends on the location of the nozzles. Many models have built-in or free-standing drawers for storing them. In other cases, the hostess will have to look for a suitable place herself. nine0003

    Cord. When choosing, pay attention to the cord of the food processor. The length should be sufficient so as not to use additional extension cords.

    Make sure you have enough space in your kitchen for the helper you are about to buy. It will be a shame if it takes up the entire table or if there are difficulties when connecting to the mains.