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The Top 10 Most Fun Food Songs for Kids!

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Hello, all of you wonderful people! I have a very important question for you. Do you… know the muffin man? I bet you do, because you are reading this blog which means you have/love/teach a child which means you definitely know the muffin man. Songs about food are great for kids because kids eat food every day, multiple times a day. (I know right? Mind blown ?) 

But seriously, there is nothing more perfect than singing about something that is already a part of your child’s day because it is such a natural and meaningful way to incorporate musical learning. This is why a huge portion of The Music Class songs include taking suggestions from kids about what they want to sing about; whether it is their favorite color, favorite animal, or favorite Food, Glorious Food! 

While researching the best food songs for kids, I realized that something about food must lend itself to particularly silly lyrics. So please enjoy this list of the 10 most fun, giggle-inducing, and practically useful food songs for kids! 



Cheesy Chant

I am biased, but my favorite food song of the moment is “Cheesy Chant” from The Monkey Collection. It’s funny. It’s catchy. It’s about cheese. What more could you want? Well, you could want to see some incredibly adorable children singing Cheesy Chant! Here you go!


**You can see EK adapting the chant to sing about the color cheese that she’s eating! This is wonderful!


2. C is For Cookie

This Sesame Street song will always be one of the greats. I also love how Sesame Street invites musicians to perform their tunes in different styles. Below you’ll see the classic version of “C is For Cookie,” and Grammy Award-winning opera singer Marilyn Horne singing an operatic version! 


*For more amazing videos of musicians singing on Sesame Street, see The Alphabet Song!  


3. Apples and Bananas

I remember thinking this song was so hilarious as a child, and I hope your children will too! Something about pronouncing common words in silly ways really gets preschoolers giggling. I found an old video of Raffi himself performing this tune, as well as a super cute kid performance! 



4. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Potato, Po-tah-toh)

In the same vein of mispronouncing fruit, we need to add “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” to the list. Even though this is actually a jazz standard and not specifically written for children, it is still perfect as a fun food song you can sing with your kids. Please enjoy this incredible youth jazz band from Barcelona performing the song!


5. On Top of Spaghetti

One of the silliest food songs ever has to be “On Top of Spaghetti. ” Here is a rare old Disney video of Little Richard singing the tune!


6. Cheesecake

I guarantee this is the funniest Louis Armstrong song you have never heard. Please enjoy this video where everyone on stage is clearly cracking up and having the best time! 


7. If All The Rain Drops

The Music Class families will recognize this silly food song from The Giraffe Collection! Below is the classic Barney version all my fellow millennials will remember from our childhood. 

**Check out more great rain songs here!


8. I’m a Little Teapot

Benedict Cumberbatch does the most hilarious, dramatic reading of “I’m a Little Teapot” that I have ever come across. 


9. Spoon Full of Sugar

It’s Mary Poppins. Need I say more? 


10. Cheeseburger in Paradise

This Jimmy Buffet classic is another example of a song for adults with super silly lyrics that your children will also enjoy.


The end! I hope you’re hungry! 

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20+ Fun and Educational Baby Songs to Sing to Your Baby

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Did you know that singing to your baby helps boost their brain development?

It’s true — singing to your baby has numerous benefits. When you sing to your baby, your baby is developing listening skills, learning new words, and gaining confidence. It’s also a great way to bond with your baby and express your love.

In fact, you can even begin singing to your baby while you’re pregnant. It helps to expose your baby to songs in the womb, and it’s amazing to see their faces light up in recognition when you sing the same songs to them after they are born.

It doesn’t matter what you sing or how your voice sounds, either. Your baby will simply be comforted by the sound of your voice. In fact, studies have shown that babies as young as one day old can discriminate audible rhythmic patterns.

Singing to your baby will come in handy, too. You’ll find yourself singing your baby to sleep, singing to calm them down in the car, and singing as a way of playing together. Musical instruments aren’t necessary!

I had no idea that my baby would love to hear me sing – all the time. No one mentioned to me that as a new mom, I would constantly break out into song as if I were in a musical. Learning nursery songs for babies wasn’t on my pregnancy checklists so I didn’t even think of it. And since my husband and I hadn’t been around kids much before having our son, we didn’t know many children’s songs… so we found ourselves singing Christmas songs to soothe him.

Yep, Jingle Bells made the rounds at my house during summertime until we upped our lullaby game. It’s a hilarious memory and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Knowing just how much you’ll break into song when you have a new baby, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite baby songs to sing to your baby. Enjoy and happy bonding with your baby!

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I compiled this list of children’s songs to help make it easier to sing to your baby. To me, this isn’t about finding the newest songs or the coolest songs or even about making a cool playlist for your baby. It’s about finding songs that are easy to remember, fun for you to sing to your baby, and beneficial for your baby’s development.

I’ve included YouTube videos to make it easy to learn the songs (or get a refresher!).

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Not only is it fun to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, but you can also help your baby develop their eye-tracking capabilities by doing the hand motions as shown in this video.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

2. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

A classic song to sing to your baby, Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star is probably a song that you already know the lyrics to. Its calming vibe also makes it a great bedtime song.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

3. Skinna Marinky Dink

I used to sing this song to my babies in utero and I loved seeing the recognition on their faces when I first sang it to them after birth. I sang this song to my boys so much while I was pregnant that it was one of the first things I did after they were born and it was a special and beautiful moment.

This song is also sweet and tender and a really loving song to sing to your baby.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

4. Five Little Ducks

This is a sweet song about a mama duck and her five little ducks. It’s also a nice way to expose your baby to numbers and counting in a fun way. This is one of my all-time favorite children’s songs, ever.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

5. The Wheels on the Bus

A classic baby song, The Wheels on the Bus is an easy and fun song to sing to your baby. It encompasses lots of fun sounds that the different parts of the bus make — the baby cries waa waa waa, the parents go ssh ssh ssh, and the change goes clickety clickety clang. You can also teach your baby the hand movements as shown in the video below.

In addition to singing the original version that covers the wheels, wipers, doors, and more, you can make up your own verses. I have lots of fun memories singing this to my boys!

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

6. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald can be a little tiresome to sing because of all the animal sounds, but it is great because it exposes your baby to so many sounds. It’s a great song to entertain your baby while laying the foundation for them to learn their animal sounds. And once your baby approaches toddlerhood, it’ll generate lots of laughs, too.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes


Elmo’s Song

Elmo from Sesame Street has written his own song and it’s pretty catchy. It’s actually fun to sing and you can personalize it by swapping out “Elmo” for your baby’s name. Big Bird’s comments crack me up every time 🙂

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

8. B-I-N-G-O

File this under fun! BINGO is a fun and upbeat song for babies and preschoolers alike. As an added bonus, it exposes your baby to a fast rhythm and spelling early on.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

9. Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun is one of those sweet children’s songs that will make you smile as you sing to the song and ask it to shine down on you. It has a sweet rhythm and always conjures up happy vibes.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

10. The More We Get Together

This is another fun song to sing to your baby. It’s also fun to make up your own verses – I like to sing “the more we dance together”, “the more we eat together”, and so on.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

11. If You’re Happy And You Know it

Children love this song because it’s interactive! It involves clapping, stomping, and shouting hooray, so it’s bound to put a smile on your baby’s face.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

12. The ABC’s

Here’s an easy one that you’re sure to already know – the alphabet song! Sing it to your baby in those moments when another song isn’t readily available in your mind. No harm in teaching the ABC’s early on! Bonus points if you want to sing this fun version

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

13. Five Little Monkeys

Sometimes you need a go-to song that is easy to remember. Five Little Monkeys is great for car rides (where your baby is bound to get fussy), because you can count down from eight to one as you sing. This is a longer song and an easy one to sing, so it will buy you extra time when your baby might need you to sing to them for longer periods of time.

This baby song saved me on several car rides. In fact, I remember singing up to 15 little monkeys when my second baby was having a hard time in his car seat. Make a mental note of this one, for sure!

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

14. You Are My Sunshine

A classic song that expresses just how much you love your baby, You Are My Sunshine is another great song to sing to your baby. Personally, I’ve always found the part that goes “please don’t take my sunshine away” to be dark, so I’ve used the alternate version when singing it to my kids, “and I love you more each day“.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

15. The Grand Old Duke of York

The Grand Old Duke of York is a fun, interactive song for you to sing to your baby. Sit down on a couch or on the floor and place your baby on your lap. Then bounce them up and down and to the side as you sing this fun song.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

16. Mary Had a Little Lamb

This is another classic baby song, and you probably already know the lyrics. It’s rhythmic nature also makes this a fun song to sing to your little one.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

17. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Use this song to help teach your baby the parts of their body. It’s another one that you probably know all the lyrics to.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

18. Who’s My Pretty Baby?

You’ll love singing this precious song to your sweet little one. It has a great beat, too.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes


Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Fun and easy to remember, The Muffin Man is another good baby song for your arsenal. (By the way, it’s “who lives on Drury Lane.”) It’s a good song to dance along to, as well.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

20. The Ants Go Marching

Another counting song, The Ants Go Marching is a great baby song for when you need to entertain your baby for longer periods of time. This was another one I found useful for long car rides where my baby was prone to lots of crying.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes


Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Fun, fun, fun. This is a silly and fun baby song that will make your baby smile.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

22. When You Wish Upon a Star

A classic Disney song, this also makes a sweet lullaby for your baby.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

23. If All of the Raindrops

This is a sweet and fun song for you to sing to your little one well into their preschool years.

Also available on Amazon | iTunes

Those are my recommendations on the best baby songs you’ll actually want to sing to your baby. Remember, you can start singing from day one – or even during pregnancy. Enjoy bonding with your sweet baby.

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2. Motherly: Singing to Your Baby is Great For Their Brain Development Says New Study
3. Psychology Today: Does Singing to Your Baby Really Work? The Science Behind Infant-Directed Singing

90,000 lullabies for babies - Article “Babysleep” About Lullabs for babies





Julia Zhilina

Julia Zhilina



Many mothers note with regret that they would like to sing lullabies for their children before going to bed, but do not know the words or do not know how to sing well. Are lullabies really necessary for children?

And is it important to listen to online lullabies for babies or to sing? Is it just music, or is it important for children to listen to the words of lullabies? How important is the quality of performance?

Child crisis calendar


Modern parents are surrounded by a mass of information about how to raise and develop a baby. Sometimes this information is confusing. The stronger the desire to turn to the experience of ancestors who felt the importance of the connection between mother and child and cared for children as their hearts suggested. For example, they sang melodic, soothing lullabies.

Today, mothers sing themselves or include a variety of lullabies for their babies: Russian folk, from cartoons, modern. Here are just a few of the most famous:

Folk lullaby “Bai-Bayushki-Bu, not going to the edge”

The famous lullaby for a bear Umkui

The famous lullaby for the Umka

Sad and touching lullaby “CREAPARY ON A COLLECTION” Film road in the dunes"

Sad and touching lullaby "A cricket sings behind the stove" from the movie "Long road in the dunes"

The melody familiar to all mothers and fathers "Tired toys sleep, books sleep"

Familiar to all mothers and fathers, the melody “Tired toys are sleeping, books are sleeping”

An old German lullaby, known to us as “Sleep my joy, sleep”

An old German lullaby, known to us as “Sleep my joy, sleep »

Modern video lullaby for babies “Owl”

Why are lullabies so special?

Lullabies for sleep existed among all peoples of the world and served primarily as a talisman for children. The text of the song for the child could be very different, it could be a long or a very short song. Often a lullaby explains to a child how the world works and what fate awaits him. Children's lullabies were often invented on the go.

What all lullabies have in common is smooth music, a clear rhythm, melodious intonations, monotonous and drawn-out melodies, repeatedly repeated in a circle. It is these lullabies for babies that help to fall asleep.

It is not without reason that children's lullabies are sung when the baby is half asleep, most relaxed and focused on the mother's voice. If you listen to lullabies in this state, the song, sung in a special rhythm of breathing, produces a hypnotic effect on babies.

The lullaby creates a relaxed atmosphere, relieves tension in both the child and the mother. And since the emotional connection between mother and baby is very strong, the baby, feeling mother's calmness, falls asleep faster. A lullaby for the night creates an atmosphere for healthy sleep, which is as important as food and water.

Lullabies for children of all ages

  • Lullabies for the little ones. Start singing baby lullabies during pregnancy. The baby in the womb distinguishes the mother's voice and after birth he will recognize the song that he has listened to many times. Singing songs - lullabies or any other, you train breathing, normalize blood pressure, reduce the manifestations of toxicosis.
  • Lullaby soothes the newborn and the mother. For newborns, you can sing after feeding, bathing, in those moments when the baby is upset or anxious. Lullaby music has truly magical properties. Falling asleep to the sound of songs, the child sleeps stronger and more peacefully at night. And for mothers of newborns, children's lullabies will be an excellent anti-stress after childbirth and the first difficult days with the baby, they will relieve stress from experiences. Pediatricians have even found that lullabies for newborns are associated with good lactation.
  • Lullaby for children over one year old. Children are easily overexcited because of the abundance of events and impressions. It can be difficult for them to calm down before going to bed, which makes it difficult to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Therefore, it is so important to introduce special sleep rituals that will show the child day after day that it is time to calm down and relax. Everything familiar is relaxing. Baby lullabies will help here too. Lullabies are useful for babies up to 3 years old and even longer. The acquired reflex will get stronger and the lullaby for sleep will help the child even at an older age.

Lullabies are useful not only for sleep, they are also a developing activity. Lullabies teach babies new words and phrases through repeated couplets, help to learn the construction of speech. When you sing a song, you enrich your child's vocabulary and expand their horizons. Children's smooth lullabies with their melodiousness teach children to pronounce phrases correctly and smoothly.

How to sing a lullaby for good sleep?

It doesn't matter if you can sing or if you know the lyrics of folk lullabies. The main thing is that your baby hears the voice of his mother. And this is for him the most pleasant sound in the world. Lullabies soothe babies and are good for sleep, even if they are simple and short. The song should be kind, with repetitive verses, rhythmic. Swing while you sing to catch the rhythm.

Sing about what surrounds you and the baby, about animals, about family, about how your day went and what interesting and good things await the child in the future. Sing about what calms you right now. Use diminutive words. Accompany the song with a gentle massage. Sing quietly and very gently about how much you love your baby, protect him and wish him all the best in life.

Is it possible to listen to children's lullabies online?

It is best to sing a lullaby to a baby. But to calm down while getting ready for bed, you can turn on calm songs on disk or online. It is important that the music does not irritate or excite the child.

You can listen to the best lullabies online for free on our website.


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Elena Muradova

Founder of BabySleep, the first sleep consultant in Russia and the CIS

Music for newborns online |

  1. Notka
  2. Music for newborns

While still in the mother's tummy, the baby begins to hear its first sounds. Mom's voice, heartbeat, blood flow noise are combined into an amazing melody that soothes the baby and gives him a sense of security. At the same time, in the womb, the baby begins to hear the sounds of the outside world, including the sounds of music. That is why expectant mothers are so often advised to start introducing their baby to music even before birth. When the baby is born, familiar melodies will calm him down and help him adapt to the new world. Music for newborns, according to the recommendations of experts, is, first of all, classics, sounds of nature, soothing instrumental music, which positively affects the psychological, emotional and even physical development of the newborn, and also gives harmony and mental relaxation to the mother.

After birth, music begins to play an even greater role in a child's life. The choice of the first musical compositions for the baby is very important. There is an opinion that children do not need adapted music, but for the youngest listeners, music is still advised that is superimposed on the beat of the mother's heart or blood flow, such familiar and soothing sounds even in the womb.

In this section you can listen to melodies adapted for newborns from the Happy Baby collection, classical music, nature sounds, lullabies and more. Such music will soothe, relax, lull the baby in the first months of his life. Listening to music, the child will experience various emotions, will learn the world through the perception of external sounds.

The farm song


All my ducks in a row




Horses go galloping


Baby's nature sounds


The moon knows the stars


Here comes the rain


The beautiful book0003




Let life be full of gladness


A red dragonfly (from Japan)


Shalom means peace (from Israel)


Fluffy, puffy clouds Ave Maria0003

'Tis love they say


The swan




Ode to joy


Dance of the blessed spirits


La Ci Darem La Mano


Imprompto No.

Learn more