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5 Italian baby food products recommended by Bell Italia for your supermarket abroad

Who said that only adults can enjoy the quality and goodness of Italian products? In today’s article we reveal the 5 Italian baby food products recommended by Bell Italia. Ideal products to make the Italian corner of a supermarket abroad even more special.

The ‘made in Italy’ appeals to young and old in the world

Italian products are appreciated all over the world because they are a symbol of excellence and quality. The desire for ‘made in Italy’ is always strong abroad and is growing at a rapid pace, so much so that exports have reached turnover and volumes never seen before. The foreign markets geographically and culturally distant from our country have also shown significant attention to Italian products. In supermarkets all over the world more and more space is dedicated to ‘made in Italy’. In England, Belgium, France and in the USA it is possible to find entire corridors dedicated, in particular, to Italian food. Not to mention the numerous thematic shops, now widespread all over the globe, which deal only and exclusively (and, we would add, proudly) Italian food and non-food items.

In our articles we review and recommend the best news, top products, Italian food and non-food articles of excellence that our partners from all over the world can buy from Bell Italia and offer to their customers. Today we are going to talk about the 5 Italian food products for children that Bell Italia recommends for your supermarket abroad. Let’s check them out!

1- Plasmon –  Biscuits for Kids 320 g

Plasmon biscuits contain a history spanning over a hundred years. In fact, in 1902, dr. Cesare Scotti decided to make milk and biscuits for children based on a new protein ingredient: Plasmon, in fact. This component was able to integrate the diet of the little ones and to enrich the nutritional value of the food. The Plasmon line has expanded over the years with many references, from pasta to homogenised products. All products designed to guarantee children a healthy and genuine nutrition. An icon of ‘made in Italy’, market leader in our country and also highly appreciated abroad.

Exports, in fact, began as far back as 1932, when Plasmon products were already arriving in Egypt and Brazil! Today the company exports to over 41 countries and produces more than 25 thousand tons of food every year. Here at Bell Italia, we recommend the Plasmon “Biscotto dei Bambini”: loved by children because it is good, crumbly and nutritious, and because it melts easily in the mouth as well as in milk. For our customers we have reserved a special promotion on the 320 g format with 8 practical freshness-saving packages inside. A solution that will allow you to put on your shelves one of the best 5 Italian products for children at a top price and with excellent margins.

To view the offer click here

2- Mellin baby meat food g 80 x 2

Among the 5 Italian food products for children recommended by Bell Italia is Mellin, an Italian brand present on the market since the early 1900s, now owned by the Danone group. Mellin products have always been an important reference for mothers who want to wean and feed their children with quality and authenticity. This is why we recommend Mellin to customers who ask us for Italian baby food products. The homogenised meat in particular, which we regularly export to northern and eastern Europe. They are made according to the PreciNutri program: they do not contain added salt, guarantee the child an appropriate protein intake and, above all, are subjected to tens of thousands of quality controls every year. Moreover, thanks to Bell Italia’s special offers, our customers can offer the best of Italian food and … baby food on their shelves at competitive prices and advantageous margins.

Discover our offer on Mellin products here

3- Sant’Anna Natural Mineral Water

Sant’Anna is one of the lightest and sodium-poorest natural mineral waters in the world. It flows from the source at a height of 2000 meters on the mountain, in Piedmont. Its qualities make it ideal for quenching the thirst, hydrating and purifying the body of young and old. And, not surprisingly, it is one of the best-selling waters in Italy. The company, the third brand in the beverage sector in Dante’s birthplace, has been implementing an expansion project on foreign markets for some years. In fact, thanks to the agreements reached with important foreign large-scale distribution players, today Sant’Anna is present in supermarkets in many nations of northern and eastern Europe, Japan, China and the United States.

In the USA, in particular, the quality of Sant’Anna is helping to counter the overly widespread habit of drinking sugary carbonated drinks. With this objective, in fact, the Roundy’s chain has added sparkling Sant’Anna water to its assortment and the initiative has met with great success. Thanks to the growing popularity of Sant’Anna abroad, in Bell Italia we receive numerous requests for tractors and road trains. On our website you will find the entire assortment at really affordable prices. And a great offer reserved for all of you, on the 2 l pet bottle.

Check out our offer on Sant’Anna water here

4- Pasta Garofalo – La Giostra dei Bambini (“The Children Carousel”)

Fourth proposal among the 5 Italian baby food products recommended by Bell Italia is pasta Garofalo – The Children Carousel. These are two dies of organic pasta with cheerful and fun shapes, to whet the appetite of the little ones by playing. Without giving up Garofalo’s quality, of course. The Anistelle have the shape of moons and small stars. The Pazzielle, on the other hand, are toy cars, little ghosts and cute little animals ready to enrich your imagination with a nutritious and genuine first course.

Pasta Garofalo – La Giostra dei bambini is made with organic durum wheat semolina, is bronze drawn, perfectly holds its firmness during the cooking and allows the young and old from all over the world to bring to the table a great symbol of Italian excellence. Currently 70% of the entire Garofalo pasta production is aimed at foreign markets. Here at Bell Italia, we receive requests and orders especially from customers in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Bulgaria. For them and for all of you we have prepared a very special offer on Garofalo pasta.

Discover our offer here.

5- Kinder Cards

We conclude with a ‘made in Italy’ snack that children (and not only them) like a lot: Kinder Cards. Known and appreciated all over the world, it is one of the most requested products by our foreign customers. There are many Kinder Cards pallets that we export every week, from the United Kingdom to Malta, from the Middle East to the USA.

In the Bell Italia photo gallery we document almost every load, every container that leaves our warehouse in Barletta to bring the best Italian products to the most distant and disparate destinations. For those who still do not know it, Kinder Cards is a snack consisting of two very thin wafer layers, one with milk and one with cocoa, which contain a tasty Kinder chocolate filling. Always on offer, only from Bell Italia, in the 128 g T5 format.

To discover our special offer on Kinder Cards, click here

Bell Italia: from Italy with love

Visit our website to get to know us better, discover our complete assortment and all the special offers dedicated to wholesalers, retailers and importers from all over the world. Contact our Sales Assistants Ezia Caputo ([email protected]) and Giovanna Caprioli ([email protected]), also via WhatsApp at +39 345 341 3539. You can request information or personalized quotes.

Gianvito Di Palma

I am the CEO of Bell Italia, I have been working in the company since 2012.

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Italy for children: baby food and related products

Going on our first trip as a group of three (with our 10-month-old daughter), I first thought about the question of whether there is normal baby food abroad. I didn't pay any attention to it before.

And the question was not just whether there is it or not, diapers in supermarkets, jars of mashed potatoes were always visible out of the corner of my eye, but what exactly is there, what is the composition of the jar, will my child eat it and what are the prices. nine0003

In fact, this question is very important, especially if you have only hand luggage and limited dimensions for boarding the aircraft.

In a previous article, I talked about what you need to pay attention to if you are traveling with a baby under one year old to Italy. Let's discuss the topic of nutrition, which is topical for moms.

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling with a baby to Italy.

  1. We always take our mixture with us, one jar more than we need for the entire trip. (p.s. if the child is bottle-fed)

    This is important, because you may not find exactly the same, or you will look for it in all stores. Instead of vacation - one running around. I took 3 cans of the formula for 8 days, I opened the third on the plane already, but the child ate the mixture on the trip more than at home.

  2. There is no baby food cult in Italy.

    Well, remember the compassionate Italian mothers and grandmothers, especially in the south, beyond Naples. Well, what kind of baby food, if they cook everything themselves, a lot and tasty).

    Yes, they have jars for the beginning of complementary foods, but they are also very peculiar. More on this in the next paragraph. nine0003

  3. Baby purees in Italy are all with sugar, if we talk about fruits. Well, they don’t understand how you can feed a child with tasteless unsweetened food. There are no or almost no vegetables. If you happen to come across jars of vegetable mix, then you are incredibly lucky, or you are in a large supermarket.

    But only in Italy you can find such children's exotic as Prosciutto puree with cheese. By the way, they have a lot of meat jars, fish jars are rather exotic.

    Personally, I took mashed potatoes with me, I was not sure that Miroslava would eat Italian food, and I did the right thing, until now a couple of cans brought from Amalfi are gathering dust on the shelf. I took 7 packs of vegetables, 7 fruits, of course everything is in a tetra-pack or bags, you can’t take glass on board, you can pass the inspection calmly, you never know how your little troglodyte eats. nine0003

    The average price for a jar of puree varies from 0. 8 euros to 3 euros, depending on the size of the pack, contents and store. As a rule, in a pack of 2 or 4 jars. The main producers are Italian Plasmon, Nipiol. See photos taken in a store in Naples.

  4. Children's kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese are not there

    And if there are, then there are very few of them, and they are all with sugar. It's easier to take some kind of Greek yogurt in a liquid format and give it. For myself, I learned from Italians about goat yogurt and milk in stores, because I didn’t see it myself, saying that there isn’t such a mass either, it’s good if you live on a farm. Relevant for children with an allergy to CMP. nine0003

  5. Children's cookies, crackers, juices in small packs - in the fullest assortment.

    But in my opinion suffocating cloying, keep in mind. Dilute.

Pampers in Italy

We took half a pack of our favorite Liberos with us. But they knew that they would not be enough for the whole trip. I had to buy.

In Italy, you can buy diapers in supermarkets, pharmacies, and department stores (there are many in Amalfi). The average cost of a small pack is from 5 euros and more, depending on the brand and type. nine0003

Mainly Pampers, Huggis, Merrys standard brands. We took very simple ones. To be honest, I didn't like it. Ours are better)

Toys and children's clothing in Italy

the mountains above the coast are really cold).

In the same souvenir shops there are bodysuits and sandboxes with symbols. In large shopping centers you can also find a full range. nine0003

If there is no shopping center nearby, then go to the pharmacy: bottles, nipples, dishes are there. Although not in every pharmacy. In mountain villages, a pharmacy is generally a very collective concept, which is just not there, it looks more like a perfume shop.

I hope I could be of service to you in this matter. For additional answers in the comments below this post.
Armed with knowledge, you can safely plan a trip with a baby to sunny Italy:

Helpful tips for Italy with a child


  1. Hygiene products
  2. Diapers (panolini)
  3. Milk formula
  4. Baby puree (omogeneizzati)
  5. Other products for children in Italy
900 infants and kindergarteners. I am sure that most of them have questions about what to feed a child in another country before a trip, and therefore I hope that this article will make it easier for someone to plan a vacation. On a plane with a baby. nine0003

In order to give you an idea of ​​the prices of baby food and goods, below I have made a small price review of from the advertising newspaper of the DeSpar supermarket.

Hygiene items

Hygiene items for children in Italy can be bought in supermarkets and stores selling household chemicals, as well as in pharmacies (Farmacia) and sanitation (Sanitaria).

Sanitaria is a store that sells personal care products for adults, newborns and babies, as well as toys, strollers, mattresses, pacifiers, formula bottles and many more things that a baby might need. nine0003

Diapers (panolini)

The choice of diapers in Italy is quite large, but I personally chose Pampers Baby-Dry for myself. They are quite soft and elastic, and my son did not cause irritation. During discounts, you can even buy them for a lower price than diapers of cheaper brands . I think this is a very good option for a day when the child is awake and moves a lot. Their cost is 40 pieces 15.60 € (with a discount of 9.90 €).

We also tried to wear Pampers Sole-e-Luna, they are also good, but I didn’t like the fact that they don’t have special rubber bands with which the diaper fits snugly around the baby’s waist (Pampers Baby-Dry has them). Their cost is 96 pieces 24.90 € (with a discount of 19.90 € ).

Huggies diapers - I personally didn’t like them at all, the gel that retains urine swells a lot, and then hangs down a lot, thereby preventing the child from moving comfortably, plus a rash appeared after them. One plus of these diapers, the lowest price listed above. To be honest, I didn’t even buy other diapers (of a lower cost), although they are available and they are bought by both Italians and foreigners.

To combat diaper rash, I used Bepantenol cream (large tube in the pharmacy 9.00 €), or the old-fashioned way - powder (borotalco).

Milk formulas

Below, I have listed milk formulas (up to 6 months old) found in Italian supermarkets and their prices.

  • Neolatte - contains adapted protein and prebiotics, without sucrose and gluten (800 grams - 11.00 €).
  • Nipiol - adapted milk formula for children (800 grams - 8.50 €).
  • Mio - adapted milk formula (800 grams - 9.50 €).
  • Humana - contains omega fatty acids, prebiotics and nucleotides, lactose and glucose, does not contain sucrose (800 grams - 37.00 €).
  • Hipp - lactose, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, milk is used from cows grazing in fields not contaminated with toxins and chemical fertilizers, does not contain
  • sucrose and gluten (800 grams - 10. 00 €).
  • Nidina - contains live bacteria, the mixture is partially made from hydrolyzed proteins to facilitate digestion. Ingredients: minerals, lactose, vitamins (800 grams - 15.00 €). nine0024

Baby puree (omogeneizzati)

I bought the most common brands of baby puree : Plasmon and Mellin .

Plasmon - produces a variety of products for babies from 4 months. These are fruit and meat purees, cereal mixtures, jarred cheeses, yoghurts, cookies, fortified milk, cakes and sweets. Personally, I did not like fruit puree, it seemed too sweet.

I also didn’t buy cookies (biscotto) very often, although this product is very popular among Italians, they are fed to babies from a very early age, it dissolves very well in milk, and it is impossible for them to choke. nine0003

Meat and fish puree in Italian supermarkets, also in a very large assortment. In small jars (packaging 2×80 grams) you can find chicken, veal, rabbit, beef, turkey, ham, assorted different flavors, and even horse meat, as well as sea bream, trout, salmon and more.

For my son I bought Mellin fruit puree.

From about 4 months old, if the baby stops growing, complementary foods are introduced into the diet - in our case it was a porridge made from rice or other cereals, with vegetable broth. All these things are sold in the supermarket, so you do not need to grind and waste a lot of time. You know, here they even sell ready-made vegetable broth, and no one considers it shameful to feed a child with it, the doctor personally told me that all the ingredients for complementary foods must be bought in the store)). Then meat or fish from a jar is gradually added to this complementary food, and a little olive oil, and if everything is fine, later such a soup is cooked not with porridge, but with pastina. nine0003

Pastina are small pasta for babies, they come in different shapes and sizes, the same pasta as adults but many times smaller. When the pasta is boiled soft, it turns into an almost homogeneous mass, and cannot get stuck in the child's throat in any way. They give such pasta from 6 months, but in individual cases it is possible earlier.

Other products for children in Italy

Products such as strollers, car seats, cribs and other items for newborns can be bought in specialized stores or supermarkets. I bought the stroller from Chicco. It was one of the most inexpensive, although initially they found a good stroller in the catalog, a larger one, more expensive, with large wheels, in the color we needed. But when ordering, the seller dissuaded us, arguing that it is inconvenient to use (it does not fold like a cane, but simply falls down), it is very difficult to place it in the trunk of a car due to its bulky size. nine0003

As a result, after consulting with my husband, we chose a more simplified version of 3 in 1, at that time its price was 320.00 € - a cradle, a summer stroller cane and a car seat for newborns. And I want to say that I was very pleased with our choice. My son is already 4 years old, we have not used the stroller for a long time, but during the time of use it has never broken and has remained in excellent condition.

Learn more