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Healthy Baby Food: Introducing Solids

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Since my kitchen is still a disaster area, I thought it might be fun to share a peek at what our little guy is eating this week, rather than looking at our random take-out meals and smoothies.

Some parents are anxious to start feeding their little ones solid food, but I am not one of them. Nursing is so convenient that I haven’t been looking forward to preparing extra meals or cleaning extra dishes! (Not to mention the extra cleaning of floors, tables, hands, etc…)

Of course, exclusively nursing hasn’t been “easy” for me by any means, either. In fact, I’ve had a pretty rough go of it. Breastfeeding hurt me for FIVE solid months. Ouch! This is not the norm for most people– it’s only common for breastfeeding to hurt for the first few days– but despite my numerous visits with lactation consultants (who all assured me that my son’s latch was “perfect,” and that he didn’t have tongue or lip tie), and even watching some detailed YouTube videos, we just couldn’t get a consistent pain-free latch down for those first five months. Luckily, this didn’t impact my milk supply at all, since we continued to nurse on demand, and our baby has grown into a healthy little chunk! Don’t ask me what has changed, but for some reason my son’s latch magically resolved itself at the five-month-mark, and I’m beyond grateful that we can both enjoy a comfortable nursing relationship now.

And that’s still what our baby is mostly eating– breast milk! Most pediatricians and health organizations agree that babies should receive the majority of their calories from breast milk (or formula) for the first 12 months, and that “food before one is just for fun.”

Thank goodness that’s the case, because our little guy is NOT very interested in food at this point.

Can’t you tell?

Of course, if someone fed me plain avocado, I’d probably have the same reaction– it’s not my favorite flavor on its own. (In guacamole or pudding, however, it’s another story!) After delaying solids until well after the 6-month-mark, which helped keep our baby’s immunity high while we traveled last month, we have opted to skip any sort of baby cereals, and are jumping right into fruits and veggies. His first food was a ripe avocado, mashed with a little bit of breast milk that I hand-expressed directly into the bowl.

Needless to say, he wasn’t a fan. (We also tried the baby led weaning route, but once he knew what avocado smelled like, he wouldn’t bring it anywhere near his mouth!)

I continued to offer avocado for four days straight, to rule out any food allergies, before moving onto the next food– which was sweet potato! Since sweet potato tastes sweeter, and therefore more similar to breast milk, I was hoping we’d have better luck this time around. I had a pouch of organic sweet potato baby food to try (the ingredients are just organic sweet potatoes and water), but after tasting it myself, I wasn’t a fan. So, I whipped up my own version by simply blending together a small amount of steamed and peeled sweet potatoes with filtered water.

To make our homemade baby food, I’ve been using this new blender that I just love. Instead of using a plastic blender container, it blends directly into GLASS mason jars! That means there’s no extra container to clean up, and you can serve and store the blended food directly from the glass jar you used for blending. This blender works with practically any regular-mouth glass jars, so the size options are endless, too. I’ve been using these 4 oz. glass mason jars for making baby food, but larger glass jars fit on this blender, as well, which are perfect for making individual smoothies and sauces.  (Disclosure: Tribest sent me this complimentary blender to try out, and I happily accepted because I love the idea of using glass instead of plastic! I think this idea is brilliant.)

As you can see, homemade baby food looks more appealing than the packaged stuff, too.

I personally thought the sweet potato mixture tasted delicious, and certainly better than plain avocado, but our little guy just isn’t a fan of any food yet. His grimaces are priceless!

This was our second attempt at baby led weaning, which basically means we let him feed himself rather than relying on purees. This puts the baby in control of what goes into his or her mouth… which in our case, means nothing goes into his mouth. But, he does like mushing the food between his hands!

We plan on introducing more whole foods over the next several months, but I have a feeling I won’t have any fun baby food recipes to share for quite some time. For now, we’re just keeping it simple!

For more baby food resources, I’ve found the following links to be helpful in deciding how to feed our baby. (Like most things health-related, they can be a bit contradictory of each other, so I just use the bits and pieces that resonate with our family.)

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Reader Feedback: I’d love to hear about your experience with introducing solids! What was your baby’s favorite first food?


How to Detox Child from Junk Food, Prevent Unhealthy Eating Habits in Children, Harmful Effects of Junk Food Consumption

Does your child dig in burgers and pizzas regularly? Junk food seems appealing to kids and parents for many reasons, it could be convenience, taste and price. However, this has a negative impact on health. Read on to find out

Today, the health of our children is a serious matter of concern. It's no longer only about childhood obesity. Juvenile diabetes, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions, heart problems, skin diseases, ADD (attention deficit disorder), PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are all on the rise among children too. Who is to blame here? The problem begins with the kind of diet we make our children follow. A slice of cake, a bite of pizza and occasional outside food wouldn't really create a problem, would it? However, if taken in excess, it could.

Overconsumption of junk food - a problem

One of the main reasons is the overconsumption of sugar and junk. Today, a child is exposed to all kinds of environments like schools, home, tuitions, birthday parties, outings, etc. where the food primarily consists of junk food. It's easy for a child to slip off and get into unhealthy eating habits if parents do not intervene. In cases, where both the parents are too busy to provide home-cooked meals for children or they have kept their children occupied in extracurricular activities, junk food is the only easy way out. Food marketers use this to their advantage and design foods in such a way that it becomes addictive and numbs their taste buds.

Junk food is often made in a factory and undergoes processing to the extent that it is completely stripped of its nutrients. Foods that fall under this category are loaded with sugar, salt, trans fat, caffeine and monosodium glutamate which is extremely unhealthy. Aerated drinks, packaged fruit juices, cakes, candies, chocolates, bread, muffins, wafers, biscuits, pasta, instant noodles, namkeens, and burgers are examples of food that come under junk food.

Junk food makes the cells in our body starve for nutrition and then these cells rob nutrition from nearby cells to stay alive. This causes many vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dipping energy levels, lack concentration, stunted growth, psychological issues, hyperactivity and even hormonal imbalance.

Junk food and the immune system

Every time a child consumes junk food, his immune system is weakened. Junk foods disrupt the growth of a child physically and mentally. For e.g. sugar weakens the immunity, brain cells and destroys the gut. It also feeds bad bacteria, which can overcome the good bacteria.

Since kids are young, their bodies are capable of healing themselves if the right conditions are provided. They needn't undergo any rigid detox plans or cleanse.

Even simple changes in their eating habits go a long way. Here are some of them:

1. Get them on track with hydration

Water is the simplest way to detox. Getting their bodies hydrated ensures the proper functioning of eliminatory organs and maintains an alkaline pH. Add a slice of lemon to their water and you further enhance its detoxing power. Junk foods are also dehydrating in a way so consuming water helps.

2. Get them to eat raw foods

Every time your child eats fruits or vegetables, their system gets into detox mode. Encourage more of raw foods in your child's diet like soaked nuts, seeds, fruits, salads, and veggie juices. Explore recipes that revolve around raw food like cacao almond milkshake with dates or a colorful fruit platter and let your children help in making these foods.

3. Add fiber to their diet

Nothing clogs up our gut like junk food. This can lead to constipation and a build-up of toxins within the gut, which is the most important detox organ of our body. Design meals and snacks around fibrous foods like hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks, green moong pancakes, grated carrot with honey-yogurt dressing, mashed pea patties, mixed bean salad and watermelon chunks with crushed nuts/seeds.

4. Encourage outdoor activities

Sweating is another way through which the body gets rid of toxins. Keep their video games out of sight and make them play outdoors. It could be running, walking, jumping up and down, playing in the garden, skating, badminton, football, skipping, cycling, etc. Playing also helps in stimulating lymphatic drainage and developing better cognitive function in them, so it's a win-win situation.

Each of us should join hands and take responsibility to start pushing healthy food as a way of life for our children. This involves teamwork, commitment, patience, sacrifice and good intentions from every parent to make this work. We need not be extreme and cut it all out, but practice moderation, which is key.

Baby food diet is the secret of slim figures of Hollywood stars

Baby food has been quickly sold out in stores in Great Britain and the United States of America lately.

Why? Has the birth rate increased? Not at all. The culprits of this excitement are Hollywood actresses Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole. They just revealed the secret of their slim figure - a diet in which the main product is food for children.

Jennifer Aniston named the author of such a diet. This is Hollywood nutritionist Tracey Anderson. nine0005

She considers prepared vegetable and fruit purees, curds, juices and children's cereals to be excellent components of the diet for adults.

As the nutritionist explains, it was necessary to find products that could simultaneously cleanse the body of toxins and keep the digestive system busy. This is how the idea of ​​​​using baby food to cleanse the body and lose weight appeared.

Baby food is an excellent ready-to-eat dietary product as it contains little or no sugar, salt, fat or preservatives. In addition, it undergoes rigorous testing. nine0005

The authorship of Tracy Anderson is denied by Heidi Slimane, designer of Christian Dior fashion house. In 2006, male models sat on his instructions for nutrition for children.

Jennifer Aniston recommends eating 14 jars of baby food and 1 full balanced meal in one day. Some supporters, more determined, exclude lunch from the diet and consume only canned food.

Nevertheless, some sources confirm that the actress is disingenuous. She eats dietary food, which is specially prepared for her by specialists, and not at all from jars. nine0005

This food has a similar composition to the food for babies. So, a diet based on baby food is a cheap version of a real Hollywood star diet. Although it can hardly be called budget, given the rather high cost of food for kids.

There are no harmful substances in such a diet, and there is no need to cook your own food, since it is all sold ready-made. All these can be considered advantages of the diet. You can also take jars with you to work.

Although, Jennifer does not recommend doing this, because then you need to eat a normal lunch without disturbing the mental state of colleagues with the ongoing destruction of baby food. nine0005

In this case, you can easily count calories, because the labels indicate the calorie content of the product.

However, like all other diets, this diet is not ideal. Nutritionists call its main disadvantage the complete absence of coarse fiber in the composition. Therefore, many of its supporters suffer from constipation. To get rid of this, doctors recommend at least once a day to replace the food for babies with fresh vegetables and fruits.

A few days is enough to reduce excess weight by a couple of kilograms. You can not abuse such a diet. For more weight loss, you should resort to other, less radical diets. nine0005

Please note that fish is an excellent dietary product if properly prepared.

Diet for cleansing the body - types, basic rules

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  • The state of human health largely depends on what and in what quantities he drinks. Due to irregular and improper nutrition, poor ecology and other factors, harmful substances can accumulate inside the intestines. They cause a range of unpleasant symptoms, ranging from mild to severe and permanently uncomfortable. A detox diet for cleansing the body and losing weight helps to quickly remove them and improve well-being. nine0005

    To achieve tangible results, you need to learn about the rules of the cleansing diet and follow them. Such a diet is not suitable for everyday life: together with toxins, vitamins and trace elements can leave the body. But over a period of 1 day to a week, harmful substances will go away, and well-being will improve thanks to the beneficial ones found in foods from the diet menu. In this case, the body will not be damaged, because the supply of nutrients is easy to replenish by switching to a balanced healthy diet after a cleansing diet. nine0005


    • Cleansing diet - what is it?
    • Detox diet to cleanse the body
      • Body preparation
      • Eating regimen
      • Drinking mode
    • Benefits of diet
    • Basic diet rules
      • Preparatory period
      • nine0047 Ration
      • Getting off the diet
    • Common diets for cleansing the body
      • Buckwheat
      • Rice
      • Oatmeal
      • Vegetable
      • Fruity
    • Diet for 10 days
    • Diet for 1 day
    • Diet for week
    • Contraindications
    • Why is it better to cleanse the body in a sanatorium?

    Cleansing diet - what is it?

    Intestine is an organ, on the state of which a person's well-being largely depends. Weakness, sleep problems, discomfort, headaches, diarrhea and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract are sure signs that toxins and toxins have accumulated inside. Their presence is also evidenced by increased fatigue, especially if it is accompanied by weight gain. nine0005

    The body usually copes with cleansing, but sometimes it needs help. To speed up the removal of toxins and toxins, you need to reduce their intake and add organic products to the diet that contribute to deep cleansing and healing of the intestines. This is natural plant food.

    The cleansing diet implies a temporary rejection of unhealthy food, and not only in the traditional sense. The usual diet of a losing weight person does not include sweets, fast food, alcohol and fatty, fried, spicy or smoked foods. During a detox diet, it is worth giving up any baked goods, salt, sugar, meat and fat-rich foods, even if they are considered healthy. For example, you should not even eat whole grain bread and avocados, although these foods do not harm the intestines. But they can slow down the cleaning process, so it’s better to temporarily abandon them. nine0005

    Detox Detox Diet

    There are many different menus for detox diets, but they are based on general principles. There are three important aspects that cannot be ignored. Otherwise, the transition to a new diet will not bring the desired result or harm your health.

    Preparing the body

    Do not abruptly give up foods that used to be an important part of the diet. It is better to gradually reduce the amount of sweet, fatty, simple carbohydrates and other types of food that you will have to give up until the end of the diet. This can take from 2 to 7 days, but sometimes it is better to take your time and prepare the body more thoroughly. Then the diet will not become stressful for him, and it will be much easier to withstand it without disruption. Cravings for sweets or fatty foods will gradually subside and feel better before detox begins. nine0005

    Eating routine

    There are two most important things: eating on time and maintaining the correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Food should be taken 5-6 times a day, in small portions. The less hard foods that are difficult to digest enter the body, the easier it will be to cleanse the intestines in a natural way. To simplify the calculation of certain trace elements in a serving, you can start keeping an electronic food diary. Most of these applications allow you to calculate their amount and stick to the following ratio: 25-35% proteins, 10-20% fats and 40-50% carbohydrates. With the help of a calorie calculator, you can also calculate the energy value of each serving, although this is not so important during a diet whose goal is to cleanse the body. nine0005

    Drinking regimen

    If the body does not get enough ordinary drinking water without impurities, the metabolism will slow down and the electrolyte balance will be disturbed. During the diet, the feeling of thirst becomes less pronounced over time, so you need to carefully monitor the water balance in the body. During the detox period, a healthy adult should drink 2-3 liters of non-carbonated water, depending on their body weight. This will speed up the cleansing process.

    Diet benefits

    The detox diet is as effective as hardware bowel cleansing. At the same time, its action is more gentle. This way of dealing with toxins has several advantages:

    • Availability. Products allowed during the diet are available in every supermarket, they can be grown in the country or purchased on the market during the season.
    • Convenience. Most of the dishes for the detox menu do not need to be cooked for a long time, because the diet is based on fresh vegetables and fruits.
    • nine0047 Complex effect on the body. With the help of a detox diet, you can improve complexion, gastrointestinal tract, get rid of extra pounds and normalize sleep.
    • Efficiency. Due to the peculiarities of the diet, harmful substances quickly leave the body.
    • Fast action. You can achieve a tangible result even in 1 day.
    • Security. If ​​you follow the rules of the diet and exclude all contraindications before it starts, it is harmless to the body. nine0049

    All of these benefits make colon cleansing diets popular. However, it is worth remembering that their effectiveness can only be guaranteed if the rules are strictly followed.

    The basic rules of the diet

    As part of a diet that promises the gradual removal of toxins from the body, it is not necessary to adhere to a specific menu. You can include your favorite foods in the diet, if they do not belong to the list of prohibited foods. But there are a few general rules.

    1. All products must be fresh. If there is an opportunity to purchase farm or seasonal fruits and vegetables, you should take it.
    2. Predominate in the detox diet should be plant foods, it is allowed to eat berries and nuts. It is especially good if the products have not been subjected to heat treatment.
    3. Salt, sugar and spices should be temporarily excluded from the menu.
    4. If you need to cleanse the intestines, freshly squeezed juices, decoctions of fresh and dried herbs, mineral water and herbal or green tea are suitable. nine0049
    5. You need to eat regularly and in small portions. It is advisable to make a meal schedule in advance and stick to it.
    6. It is worth minimizing the consumption of coffee and black tea, give up sweet soda, alcohol and tobacco.
    7. The success of the diet depends not only on the observance of the diet. It is important to exclude any stress during the detox period, add moderate physical activity and walks in the fresh air to the schedule.

    There are also all-encompassing rules regarding the stages of detoxification. They need to be followed shortly before the start of the diet, during and in the process of exiting it. nine0005

    Preparatory period

    Before starting the diet, it is advisable to spend the day eating strictly by the clock certain foods, most of which are drinks. The fasting day menu looks like this:

    • 08:00. 250 ml. unsweetened green tea and sour apple.
    • 09:00. 200 gr. a mixture of grape juice and bread tea in a ratio of 1: 1.
    • 10:00 am. 500 ml. green tea without added sugar.
    • 11:00 am. 200 gr. a mixture of ripe carrot juice and bread tea in a ratio of 1: 1 and 100 gr. grapes of white varieties. nine0049
    • 12:00. 200 ml. grape juice and 100 gr. grapes.
    • 15:00. 500 ml. unsweetened green tea.
    • 4:00 pm. 200 gr. a mixture of carrot juice and bread tea in a ratio of 1: 1.
    • 17:00. 200 ml. pure non-carbonated water, you can mineral.
    • 18:00. 3 red or yellow bell peppers
    • 19:00. 200 gr. mixtures of apple or pear juice and bread tea in a 1: 1 ratio.
    • Drink 250 ml at night. green tea without added sugar. nine0049

    This sequence of meals must be strictly observed, so it is worth setting aside a day when nothing will distract from the diet, and spend it at home.


    The menu should consist of products of plant origin and contain a minimum amount of protein. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of fats to a minimum during the cleansing of the body. Vegetables, fruits and berries in the diet should be raw, heat treatment is allowed when preparing tea and decoctions. The menu can be varied by adding nuts and seeds to it as a source of vegetable protein, but it should not be too much. It is better to focus on freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, fruit and vegetable purees without sugar, salt and spices. They contain much more nutrients and help the intestines to cleanse. nine0005

    Exit from the diet

    You need to leave the cleansing diet gradually so that the stress on the body is minimal. Do not abruptly add fats and proteins, spicy, salty and sweet foods to the diet. During the first 4 days, you need to consume a minimum amount of foods such as meat, pastries, fried vegetables.

    Common Cleansing Diets

    There are many different menus for the cleansing diet. But among them there are the most popular, time-tested. Not only ordinary people who have already tried and are convinced of their effectiveness tell about their effectiveness. The benefits of such diets are confirmed by doctors. These are mono-diets based on certain types of foods. nine0005


    Buckwheat is a fairly satisfying and high-calorie product, but good for the intestines and rich in vitamins and microelements. On a diet consisting mainly of it, you can gradually lose weight without an acute feeling of hunger. To remove toxins from the body, you need to eat buckwheat porridge for at least 2 weeks. This diet is one of the most sparing for the body, but it does not guarantee a quick result.

    Buckwheat should be cooked sparingly: steam overnight in boiling water in a proportion of 100 ml. cereals per 100 ml. water to retain more nutrients. In addition to steamed buckwheat, you can eat vegetables and dairy products, but porridge should remain the basis of the diet. One of the important rules of the diet, in addition to the cleansing diets common to all, is no meals after 18:00. nine0005

    Rice diet

    Rice diet is not much different from buckwheat diet. The calorie content of white rice is much lower than that of buckwheat, so its duration should not exceed a week. The rules are the same: no sauces, sugar, salt, alcohol, or starchy vegetables like potatoes. Only fruits, vegetables and seafood are allowed, and for dressing a little soy sauce or good olive oil.

    Rice contains a lot of essential amino acids for the body, so a diet based on it will help to improve health. Various dried fruits can be added to porridge, due to which it will become a full-fledged dessert. nine0005


    Oatmeal contains a lot of vitamins that need to be replenished during detox. That is why hercules is great as a diet food. It is important that the porridge be without flavorings: salt, sugar, flavorings and other substances that are contraindicated during bowel cleansing. For a week of an oatmeal diet, you can get rid of 3-5 kilograms of excess weight, as well as remove toxins and toxins.

    In between meals, you can have a snack not only with porridge, but also with fruits and fresh or boiled vegetables. To prepare the perfect dietary oatmeal, just pour boiling water over it overnight. During such a diet, it is important to pay attention to the drinking regime: a glass of mineral water without gas can be drunk only an hour and a half after eating. nine0005


    This diet involves a gradual transition to raw and boiled vegetables and the rejection of other foods. Its advantage is that this type of product is truly diverse, as is the list of dishes that can be prepared from them. Of course, during the detox period, you should not treat yourself to stew with potatoes in sunflower oil. But you can cook vegetables on the grill, stew them or boil them, make smoothies with a blender.

    It is much easier to endure a cleansing of the body on vegetables, many people note a surge of strength and good mood throughout the week. You need to eat up to 1.5 kilograms of vegetables per day, 40% of which have been processed and 60% raw. This is the main rule of the diet, and sticking to it is fundamentally important. Bread and dairy products are not banned, but it is better to reduce their consumption to a minimum. nine0005


    This diet can be considered similar to vegetables, although it has its own characteristics. Instead of fresh and thermally processed vegetables, you need to eat fruits and berries. Fruit diets are divided into 2 types:

    • Mono. You can eat one fruit or one type of fruit (only watermelons and melons or only peaches, apricots and plums).
    • Mixed. Any fruits and berries are allowed in reasonable quantities, excluding especially high-calorie ones.

    The fruit diet can last from 3 to 12 days. Depending on the initial weight, you can lose 3-7 kilograms on it. One of the indisputable advantages of such a diet is that there are no time limits. If you want to eat an apple or an orange at night, this will not be considered a violation of the rules. Another plus is the ease of preparation. Most fruits should be eaten raw and should be peeled or chopped. nine0005

    Diet for 10 days

    The ten-day cleansing diet is one of the most popular. It is quite difficult to endure, but the result is worth the temporary abandonment of your favorite products. One of the important rules of such a diet is to drink a glass of warm boiled water with a couple of drops of lemon juice every morning. It will help the intestines to work more actively and be cleansed. On the menu:

    1. Sour apple slices and green tea. It is not forbidden to add a spoonful of honey to it for sweetness.
    2. Same as the first day. nine0049
    3. Oatmeal boiled without seasonings in water for breakfast. 200 gr. lean beef and a ripe tomato for lunch. For dinner 200 gr. brown rice with soy sauce or delicious olive oil. Before going to bed, you can drink a mug of warm tea with a slice of lemon.
    4. You can add 1 cup of natural black coffee without sugar to the traditional morning oatmeal. Lunch - 2 apples and a glass of detox water. For dinner, an orange and an apple.
    5. It is recommended to have breakfast with fat-free cottage cheese (no more than 150 gr), it can also be replaced with unflavoured yoghurt. Breakfast also includes a salad of grated carrots on a medium grater, sprinkled with lime or lemon juice. Lunch is more dense: vegetable salad and a baked potato with two eggs. Dinner on the third day. nine0049
    6. Only a cup of coffee is allowed for breakfast. Lunch consists of vegetable soup, 150 gr. cottage cheese and apple. For dinner, you can drink 250 ml. 1% kefir.
    7. As a morning and afternoon meal, oatmeal. For breakfast, you can add a cup of black coffee to the porridge. For dinner 200 gr. rice with dressing.
    8. Hercules on the water is on the breakfast menu. Together with him it is allowed to sit an apple and an orange. For lunch, you can drink kefir with low fat content. In the evening it is allowed to eat boiled fish and two ripe oranges for dessert. Before going to bed, you can drink a cup of tea. nine0049
    9. In the morning you can drink a glass of 1% kefir. In the afternoon - eat boiled fish and drink a cup of tea without sugar. As a dinner, you can cook 200 gr. steamed lean beef and a little rice as a side dish. For dessert, 3 small apples will remain.
    10. The last day of the diet should start with a glass of kefir. For lunch, only tea sweetened with a little honey. Steamed brown rice for dinner. Dessert is a ripe orange and a cup of hot tea.

    Such a diet helps not only cleanse the body, but also lose weight. But due to the low calorie content of the diet, experts do not recommend combining it with physical activity. A multivitamin complex will help restore lost vitamins and minerals, and you need to gradually leave the detox diet for 10 days. It is recommended to add a little more food rich in protein and fat every day and increase its calorie content. nine0005

    Diet for 1 day

    If such a short period is allotted for cleansing the body, you need to prepare for it carefully. As a menu, you can use the diet of the preparatory detox day, consisting of fruit juices and bread tea. This drink is easy to make at home. It is necessary to cut into cubes 200 gr. black bread, pour into a jar and pour 1 liter. boiling water. Tea should be infused for 12 hours, so it is best to prepare it in the evening before the detox day. In the morning, the drink should be filtered and drunk in a glass. Such a detox day helps to cleanse the body and normalizes bowel function. nine0005

    Diet for a week

    Universal cleansing and healing diet for 7 days. It does not promise fast weight loss, so the portion size is not limited. Allowed foods can be eaten in any quantity. It is only important not to overeat, and it is better to divide large portions into several small ones. The menu for 7 days can be made to your taste, guided by the rules:

    • Carbohydrates (porridge, bread) are best eaten for breakfast.
    • For lunch, it is good to eat fresh raw vegetables and fruits, light vegetarian soups and dairy products. nine0049
    • In the evening you can have a second course with a side dish.

    The list of allowed foods is as follows:

    • Fruits: green apples, all citrus fruits, including tangerines, peaches, pears, apricots.
    • Vegetables: boiled beets and carrots, various types of cabbage, potatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and pumpkin.
    • Mushrooms.
    • Nuts.
    • Berries: plums, black and red currants, strawberries, cranberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, cherries, blueberries and gooseberries. nine0049
    • Cereals: oatmeal, pearl barley, rice and buckwheat.
    • Drinks: teas and decoctions without sugar, compotes, mineral water without gas content, unsweetened kvass.
    • Dairy products (minimal and fat-free).
    • Lean white fish, chicken (breast) and eggs (protein sources, also in minimal amounts).

    If you have decided by all the rules to cleanse the body on a diet for a week, you can not eat fatty, fried, sweet, spicy and salty, drink coffee and soda. You should also give up smoking and alcohol. nine0005


    The Colon Cleansing Health Diet is not just a dietary adjustment. If its duration exceeds 3 days, it is stress for the body. Therefore, before starting a detox, you should consult with your doctor. The specialist will prescribe an examination, the results of which will make it clear whether there are contraindications. The cleansing diet is contraindicated in:

    • Pregnancy and lactation.
    • Diseases of the large and small intestines, such as colitis, dysbacteriosis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. nine0049
    • High blood pressure.
    • Severe mental illness.
    • Diabetes.
    • Oncological diseases.
    • Epilepsy.

    If a person is stressed, has a cold, or is taking a course of pills, it is best to refrain from a detox diet to cleanse the intestines.

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