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This stuff concerns me. Eating baby cereal in order to lower calories. This is the shit I did when I was anorexic and was later put in intense therapy/hospitalization. I understand you wanna lose weight but good LORD it's baby food! You aren't a baby! : 1200isjerky

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Add a laughing cow wedge to some zucchini noodles for a light and satisfying alfredo dish!

Created May 25, 2016





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AITA for taking baby food from a pantry for myself as an adult [34F]? : AmItheAsshole

Mick (27M) & I have been together for about 2 years.

In the last year, times have been rough, and I started to get our food from pantries. I got into that routine and have a pantry calendar to optimize hauls. Overall, we get a ton of free healthy food.

I have chronic illnesses, including gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is painful delayed stomach emptying. Medications are not helpful, and most of what I consume is liquid. It can get very expensive and time-consuming having to turn everything into a broth or juice, as one needs a ton of inputs per any wanted output.

I cannot digest plant fiber, fat, or protein without having it broken down. It's very hard to stay satiated and have enough nourishment. Snacking on easily digestible foods is important. I usually have nut butter, applesauce, yogurt, and saltine crackers. Smoothies are hard for my body to digest. I always transport digestible foods with me and learned that baby food is an easy go-to years ago.

My neighborhood charity has a daily "grab and go" section (outdoors on tables) when they're closed. Oftentimes, trucks deliver food on the off hours and pantry-goers donate what they don't want from their own pantry hauls. I like to go after close and see what's available.

My boyfriend, Mick, finally went to the pantry with me. When we arrived shortly after close and started to look through the items, I came across an entire crate of organic baby food. I was stoked, and planned to take about half. Mick saw me loading up baby food and was appalled. After I loaded some jars, another pantry-goer came up to look around. I moved away from the baby food in case the woman needed some. She didn't take any.

Mick made condescending comments about me "needing to tell him something" knowing I have an IUD to shame me. He said it doesn't matter if that lady wanted baby food or not, it's wrong to take it because I'm not a parent or baby. I disagreed, saying it was donated and left outside. "Baby food" specifically is packaging, for all intents and purposes. Many items could be "baby food" with different labeling, but they are marketed to adults. He countered by saying that's how I know if a product is suited to me or not.

I have a very sensitive stomach and am perpetually malnourished. Having baby food for a little nutrition is helpful because it's a safe, reliable food. Very few foods qualify, and they are typically very expensive.

Mick says that I am literally taking food from hungry babies. I do agree in some ways, but I also don't think it's that simple. I don't want babies to starve and I need to be able to eat something. This one is tough for me.

So Reddit, AITA for taking baby food for myself?

Edit: I make bone broth, fruit & vegetable juice, and nut milk, plus consume nutritional drinks. "Snacks" (aka meals to me) might be a bit of applesauce, a couple saltine crackers, or a teaspoon of peanut butter. With gastroparesis you don't really eat many "meal-sized portions" and must get a little nutrition in every couple hours to stay conscious. It takes a long time for the liquid/food in my stomach to move along, thus I'm very prone to hypoglycemic episodes and syncope from dehydration (low blood volume) and electrolyte imbalances.

Blending and pureeing are absolutely staples. I have a blender and frequently use it. However, most foods cannot simply be blended and be gastroparesis-friendly I wish it were that simple, but unfortunately that's just absolutely not the case. When I'm too tired to juice, sometimes I make a smoothie and despite straining it, can only handle a couple ounces. The "wrong" blended foods, or foods period, absolutely exacerbate gastroparesis and can easily block absorption of everything else for the next 12-24+ hours while the undigested food sits in one's guts.

Edit 2: For full transparency, I got an exact count of the baby food I took. Most items are past expiration date; 3 are not. It's less than my estimate in the comments. Full list*:

  • (1) Gerber 2-pack "sitter 2nd foods" carrot

  • (1) Gerber "sitter 2nd foods" ham and gravy

  • (1) Beech Nut Naturals "stage 1" carrots

  • (1) Beech Nut Organics "stage 1" pumpkin

  • (1) Beech Nut Organics "stage 2" apple, kiwi, and spinach

  • (3) Beech Nut "stage 1" beef + beef broth

  • (1) Beech Nut "stage 1" chicken + broth

  • (1) Beech Nut Classics "stage 1" turkey + turkey broth

*I also inadvertently brought home an 8-pack of glass infant formula jars from the crate and brought it back to the pantry the next time.

Edit 3: I cannot afford to buy baby food (and other easily digestible items). I have not been to a grocery store in 9 months. There isn't money for it. That is why I go to the food pantries, because I cannot afford food. Buying my own baby food is not an option for me. Trust me, I'd love to "just stop being poor."

Edit 4: Well, that sucks. I violated Rule 3 and got myself suspended for 3 days. Sorry for arguing, that wasn't my intention. Thank you for the ongoing conversation and comments. I appreciate everyone's perspectives, even if I'm an/the AH. Nobody wants to be an asshole, especially when it comes to nutrition and the most precious and vulnerable in society. I'm truly trying to learn what is and isn't acceptable in this particular (ongoing) scenario. That's not my last pantry visit, certainly, and I don't want to be TAH moving forward.

is it possible to eat mashed potatoes in jars and lose weight

Studying the range of baby food is amazing: it seems that these babies get the best. Still, modern children can have mango puree for breakfast, eat horse meat with vegetables for lunch, and dine with organic chicken with rice. Why shouldn't adults eat this delicacy too? It turns out that the baby food diet exists and has already gained popularity among Hollywood stars.

Website editor


Lady Gaga

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Aniston


How to lose weight in a week

Getty Images

Tracey Anderson, an American fitness trainer who has worked with many celebrities, became the popularizer of the baby food diet. She suggested that those who want to get rid of extra pounds and keep themselves in shape should pay attention to jars of baby puree. Wiz Reeserspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga followed this diet at various times. nine0003

There are many advantages of such a diet, but, however, such a diet also has enough disadvantages. We figure out what outweighs and to whom such a diet can suit.

How can you lose weight on baby puree?

There are several variations of this diet. The strictest option does not involve the use of any other products - only mashed potatoes, no juices, curds and other products. It is optimal to use only mono-products, which means that, most likely, you will have to limit yourself to mashed potatoes for the smallest ones, because jars for older children already contain mashed potatoes from several components. nine0003

It is recommended to consume no more than 1200 calories daily. Considering that one jar contains up to 100 kcal, you will need quite a lot of such jars for one day. It is quite possible to lose weight on baby food - following a diet for babies can provide a loss of up to 5 kilograms per week.

An easier and simpler option is to substitute baby puree for several meals or use baby food for a quick snack.


Gwyneth Paltrow and other stars whose wedding was canceled on the eve of the celebration

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow met on the set of the film "Seven", and they began a stormy romance on the set. The couple even had the same style of clothing at that time! The upcoming wedding of two sex symbols seemed like the event of the year, but Brad and Gwyneth unexpectedly parted ways. According to rumors, the reason was the bride's infidelity: she allegedly had an affair with colleague John Hannah on the set of "Beware the Doors Are Closing."

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What are the benefits of a baby food diet?

Such a diet can captivate with its simplicity - you don't need to count calories, because all the data is written on the jar. There is no need to waste time on cooking, serving and studying the composition, and the products for babies are so diverse that such a diet cannot be called boring. Do not forget about the quality of the products - baby food meets the highest standards, and therefore definitely does not contain harmful additives, artificial colors and incomprehensible ingredients.

In general, when choosing food for the little ones, you will definitely not buy pizza for babies or baby fries in a jar: the assortment will be healthy and healthy. Take at least mashed broccoli or green peas. nine0003

Weight loss on such a diet is more than real: the absence of harmful products, calorie restriction, portions adjusted to the gram will help get rid of extra pounds.

The Baby Puree Diet: Cons of the Diet

Obviously, for most of us, baby food as a permanent diet will not work - this system can serve to unload for a week or two. Abuse of a strict version of the diet can harm rather than improve the body. nine0003

If you follow such a diet, you will have to eat food without spices - salt, pepper and other seasonings are not added to monocomponent purees. Surviving more than two weeks on unleavened food is not so easy.

In addition, it is worth remembering that protein, whole grains, fiber and proper fats enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids are not enough in children's products - they are quite enough to provide everything a baby needs, but they are not enough for an adult. Long-term adherence to such a diet can lead to digestive problems. nine0003

For those who have already encountered certain diseases of the digestive system, it is completely worth refusing to use baby puree in large quantities. Also, the diet is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, those who suffer from anemia, have problems with pressure.

Another important factor is the high cost. A two-week sitting on baby puree will cost a pretty penny, because you will have to eat the contents of 10-15 cans every day, which will cause both the body and the wallet to lose weight at the same time. We also note the environmental aspect - such a huge number of empty jars will quickly accumulate in your house that the question of their proper disposal may arise. nine0003

Baby puree: yes or no

Feedback from those who have already tried the baby puree diet is mixed. Some say that such a diet really allowed them to throw off those extra pounds, while others note a constant feeling of hunger for one or two weeks of “canned” nutrition. Many simply yearned for "adult" food, wanting to chew on pieces of food and not only absorb certain foods, but enjoy the very process of eating.

Those who nevertheless decide to try such a diet should not forget that it is not necessary to follow it for more than two weeks. It is important to drink enough water, and if necessary, add at least a little fiber to your diet. If any health problems associated with such nutrition occur, the diet should be stopped immediately, and it is best to consult a nutritionist before starting a weight loss course. nine0003

baby food, or how I was on a diet Reese Witherspoon

Summer is over, but our experiments continue! The editorial staff of SPLETNIK.RU tests various diets popular among the stars, and reports the results, honestly and without embellishment, to you. This time we are talking about Reese Witherspoon's miracle diet based on baby food.


On behalf of the editors, I tested a diet based on baby food, which is very popular among Hollywood celebrities. My example was Reese Witherspoon - it is known that the actress often goes on this diet when she needs to lose a few extra pounds. I note that the appearance of this diet is associated with the weight loss method proposed by the famous fitness trainer Tracy Anderson (among whose clients at different times were Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez). nine0003

Reese Witherspoon

The food system is quite rigid, so you can't stick to it for a long time - a maximum of two weeks. This is a kind of reboot, such a diet is great for those cases when you need to urgently get rid of a couple of kilograms, and is not at all suitable for long-term weight loss.

In principle, I had nothing to compare with: with a height of 162 centimeters and a stable weight of 48 kilograms, by my 30s I had never sat on any diet. I lead a very active lifestyle (extreme sports are my passion), so I have never had problems with being overweight. Until recently: during the winter I gained five extra pounds and could not get rid of them. My weight stopped at around 53 kilograms, and I decided that I had to act. The experiment from the editorial office turned up just in time. nine0003

The diet began for me not with the selection of certain products, but with the purchase of jars of ready-made baby food: vegetable, dairy, meat mixtures, fruit salads and curds. True, I was limited in calories: each of my jars had to contain less than 100 kilocalories.

I could eat everything, but I had to keep a careful record of the number of calories. For example, sugar-free fruit puree contains only 50 kilocalories per 100 grams of product, but adding sugar or cream can increase the number of kilocalories to 100. My daily diet should not exceed 1200 kilocalories. nine0003

At first I was delighted with the chosen food system. First, a healthier and more balanced diet is hard to imagine. No salt, sugar and starch, as well as fried, spicy and smoked foods, plus a complete set of vitamins and minerals. Jars with baby food are very small, portions are much smaller compared to the usual adults. The calorie content of these portions is also low, and this is what everyone who loses weight strives for.

Secondly, the diet is very convenient: you don't have to worry about preparing the "right" dishes, everything can be bought ready-made. The range of food and drinks for kids today is quite wide - my eyes ran wide from the variety. nine0003

So my diet was as follows.


9.00 - ready-made cereal porridge plus children's bio-kefir.


Second breakfast

11.00 - fruit curd 3.9% fat.

Second breakfast


14.00 - a jar of meat or fish puree, a jar of vegetable puree or prepared special meat and vegetable puree.

nine0077 Lunch

Afternoon snack

17.00 - fruit juice and a jar of fruit puree.

Afternoon snack


19.00 - a jar of vegetable and meat puree.


You can eat 6-10 such jars during the whole day, and drink baby yogurt before going to bed. During the day, it is generally desirable to drink as much as possible of the most ordinary pure water, but a couple of times a day you can treat yourself to green tea or baby juice without sugar. nine0003

If necessary, you can make your own fruit smoothie or puree soup. I trusted the ready-made options and forgot about cooking and the stove for a week. I just bought all the necessary jars of baby food in advance, and they made up a full-fledged daily menu.

You can stick to a combined diet with baby food for one to two weeks, after which you need to gradually switch to a regular diet, excluding all fried and fatty foods from your menu.

Is such a diet worth the sacrifice? Yes! For a week on baby food, it took me 3.5 kilograms! The result surprised me, to be honest.

Before and after the diet

I kept to the diet for only one week, but I didn't dare for the second one: the first one was hard for me too. Every now and then I wanted to break loose and eat a chocolate bar or drink coffee. Without the addition of salt and seasonings, all meat and vegetable purees seemed tasteless, in the final it was already just hard to force myself to eat it. Colleagues did not add enthusiasm and only giggled and snorted at the sight of my food.

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