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Embrace more moments with your baby and spend less time meal prepping. You can shop our Indy store or order online and have it shipped so you can relax knowing fresh, healthy food is on the way.

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Your Baby Deserves Handmade

Store-bought baby food is processed to have a long shelf life which strips nutrition your baby needs. Café Baby’s handmade food seals in flavor and nutrients so your baby gets the very best at every meal.

Why Café Baby?

Feeding Accessories

We carry a variety of top rated breastfeeding and feeding accessories.

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We love to speak at parenting groups about healthy eating. Get more information about booking us.

Helping the Community

We strive to give back to our community. Check out our community partners.

Lentil Sweet Potato Tots

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Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies

Salmon, Sweet Potato & Quinoa

It saves me so much time and I know my daughter is getting nutritious food. It’s so important to me that she’s gets the best foods possible, and with Café Baby, I know she is.

Kristina M.

I’m a busy mom who doesn’t want to choose between having the time and providing nutritious, organic and fresh foods for my daughter. She also has severe food allergies, so having easy sides and proteins that I know are safe for her are a huge relief.

Lauren G.

I know my baby is getting whole, healthy, fresh foods every single meal. The convenience of knowing every meal is all prepared is a lifesaver and timesaver.

Lindsay K.

I know I’m feeding my baby the best! I can trust that what I’m feeding our kids is healthy, fresh and safe.

Leighanna M.

My 6 month old daughter loves the delicious food and I feel great about feeding it to her! Delicious, preservative-free, local, affordable! What's not to love? Even big sister (also a Café Baby) still enjoys taking a bite!

Erin J.

I love having convenient and healthy food options for my daughter and supporting a local business!

Pam W.

The customer service is impeccable, the ingredient lists are recognizable, it’s a great complement to home-cooked meals and provides a convenient (door step delivery!!) solution to getting my kid fed since he started purées. I loved the idea of homemade baby food but it just wasn’t a realistic endeavor for me.

Jane M.

Easy Purée Popsicle Recipe

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8 Iron-Rich Meal Ideas

Your baby needs 11 mg of iron in one day. Here are 8 meal ideas packed with iron.

Yogurt Melts Recipe

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Plantain Purée Recipe

Learn how to prepare plantain purée for your Baby.

All About Plantain for Your Baby and Toddler

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Plantain for Baby Led Weaning

If you're cruising right past purées and going to finger foods, or Baby Led Weaning, you're probably looking for different foods to fill your littl...

Where We Ship

Café Baby Indianapolis ships to the east coast and Café Baby West ships to the west coast.

Lactation Cookies: All 50 United States.

Baby & Toddler Food: All states except Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota

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Organic Nutritious Baby & Toddlers Meals - Made Fresh

We Are Here as an Extension of Your Love & Care

Our Bambino's Family Team will provide the best, most pure, fresh and nutritionally balanced organic baby and toddler food to help your little one grow strong and healthy. All of our recipes are created with love and dedicated medical research from our founder Zoi Maroudas along with leading allergist and pediatrician’s recommendations.

We look forward to taking this nutritional journey with you and your family with our fresh and convenient national delivery service.

Each balanced meal is thoughtfully prepared with the freshest organic ingredients for your baby and toddler to grow healthy and strong.  Our founder creates savory flavors that appeal to the youngest palates and deliver the most nutrition in every spoonful.  We are dedicated to helping develop little one's healthy eating habits for life, preventing food allergies, helping those with food allergies and ensuring all nutritional needs are met with the highest standards.


From our Family Farms to Our Kitchen to Your Door

Our ingredients are grown specifically for Bambino’s Baby Food from certified organic and natural farmers.   Our produce are grown in Alaska's pure, natural and untainted soils, where vegetables are nurtured with nutrient rich glacier waters. Our omega rich Wild Alaskan sustainable seafood is harvested ethically by traditional fisher families. Our 1st Cold Press Young  Maroudas Olive Oil comes from our family orchard in Zakynthos, Greece ensuring essential vitamins, omegas and flavor. All together our natural organic ingredients are harvested for optimal  nutritional freshness. 

We Welcome You to Stop By and See our Facility and Learn More About Our Ingredients and Our Products

Our cooking process is simple and pure. First we start with finest, freshest quality ingredients and combine them with our Mediterranean inspired recipes that have been calculated for baby and toddler developmental  and nutritional needs.  With precise temperature control and our flash freezing method we maintain all the natural rich nutrients from our fresh ingredients. All of our Bambino's Baby Food products are fresh, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare for little little new to sold foods to active busy fast going toddlers. All of our products are free of preservatives, additives and fillers of any kind.  In fact when you compare any of our Bambino's products you will find us 7 to 10 times more nutritious! 

Together with complete transparency, traceability and great flavored meals we aim to nourish a healthier, happier and safer generation. ❤️ 

Looking for the perfect baby gift that will stand out and have a very special meaning?  Our Bambino's Gift Card is a excellent choice.  It's practical, it's delicious and it is perfect for families looking to make their own fresh organic foods plus we have a great selection of newborn and mama gifts!      



“It's designed specifically to prevent infants from developing the peanut allergy,” said founder Zoi Maroudas.

We're proud to offer the first Peanut Allergy Prevention Cookie and help reduce your little one's chance of acquiring a peanut allergy by 80%. The Peanut Mani teething cookie is created under the guidance of leading medical research and specifically created for infants with the exact amount of peanut protein to help build up natural immunity. The supported science comes from LEAP and LEAP ON  first published by New England Journal of Medicine and National Institute of Health.  Our cookies are 100% natural with no sugar or preservatives and most import we take the guessing work out on how and how much to introduce to your baby/Infant. The studies suggest begin at 4 months of age. Let the Peanut Mania begin!

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From fun frozen shapes to full flavored delicious meals in under a 1 minute. See how in this video!

Bambino's Baby Food provides freshly farmed frozen baby meals and nutritious cookies specific to your baby's dietary needs. All of our products are made with loving care, delivered from our kitchen to your home.

Our frozen meals are super convenient and quick prepare. They come in stand up resealable pouches with 12 to14 star shaped cubes. Remove the amount of cubes desired, warm, and serve. Each meal can be specifically portioned for your child. Little ones love eating the frozen star shaped cubes, helps comfort teething as well as providing excellent nourishment. Our patented frozen star form fits perfectly in little hands.

Parents and caregivers once you have placed your order we will begin making your fresh and delicious baby products.  You can expect delivery within a week or earlier.  Once the seal has been broken it is best to follow the instructions to preserve quality freshness of product and best to consume within a month with proper storage. Unopened frozen baby food have a shelf life of 4 months from the date of purchase.


For your convenience we offer 1 months supply or baby food subscription service.  We ship all over the US.  With various options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your family’s nutritional needs: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Combo, and Pescetarian. 

Order organic natural perfectly balanced frozen baby food and have it delivered to your door.  A flat rate shipping of $39.95 is limited to 3 cases of baby food.  An email will be sent out the day before your order is expected to arrive with tracking number and expected time of arrival.  Please place baby food immediately in freezer to preserve quality and freshness.

We love hearing from our Bambino's Family's.  Send us photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and as a thank you we will send you additional Bambino's Products to enjoy.

Moms, Dads, Caregivers: Are you a professional writer and are intrigued with our products?  Please send us an email and let us work together to help families grow Strong and Healthy.   Our founder is willing and ready to share leading research, give guidance on nutrition as well as answer questions about our Bambino's Baby Food products.


Subscription Baby Food Service available and Ships to your door: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Avent Express Baby food warmer

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Avent heater

Avent Express Baby food warmer

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Product brief:

Product code: 30650

Manufacturer: Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V.

Country of origin: UK

Release form: Heater

Contraindicated, consult your doctor

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Instructions for use


The quick and safe way to warm up expressed milk, formula or porridge. The Avent Warmer warms up AVENT bottles or cups in an average of 3 minutes. Thanks to this, it accommodates bottles of any size or shape. The inner surface of the heater is made of plastic, which prevents burns. Compatible with all types of AVENT bottles and cups.






Individual intolerance to product materials.

Use during pregnancy and lactation


Storage conditions

Keep away from children.

Ozon Express accelerates delivery in Moscow and goes to Siberia — AFK Sistema

The first Ozon Express mini-darkstors with delivery in 15 minutes are already operating in three districts of the Russian capital. By the end of 2021, super-fast delivery will appear in 30 more districts of Moscow. In 2022, the format will completely cover the city. In the future, expansion to the regions is also planned. The company's fast delivery service is expanding the geography of its presence. Tomsk became the first Siberian city where Ozon Express began to work. Its residents will be able to order groceries and everyday goods with delivery in just 30 minutes.

Development of Ozon Express in Moscow

Delivery in 15 minutes of food, ready meals and hot meals, as well as FMCG goods is already available to customers in the Moscow districts of Kuntsevo, Tyoply Stan and Zyuzino, in December new coverage areas will appear almost every day.

The 15-minute delivery format primarily caters to the spontaneous and urgent needs of Ozon Express customers for fresh produce, ready meals and FMCG products such as diapers and baby food. The assortment of mini-darkstores includes about 2,000 trade names, including about 100 products under its own brand: ready meals, dairy products, ice cream, drinking water. The range will expand in the future.

A distinctive feature of Ozon Express mini-darkstores is the availability of a dark kitchen, which allows super-fast delivery of fresh hot food. Ozon Express's own factory-kitchen provides the dark kitchen with both ready-made food and ingredients for cooking hot dishes "from under the knife".

“With a 15-minute format, we intend to close the consumer mission of “convenience stores”. Among our advantages are private labels and hot food. Now, if an Ozon Express customer needs products quickly, he will be able to order in 15 minutes, if he needs a lot of variety, he will be able to order delivery within an hour”, - told Marya Dey, director of new formats development at Ozon Express.

Development of Ozon Express in Siberia

Ozon Express opened its first darkstore in Siberia - a warehouse where online orders are collected for fast delivery. The facility will allow residents of two districts of Tomsk to receive goods within half an hour after ordering, which is twice as fast as in other cities where the service is already available. As demand for express delivery grows, a decision will be made to further expand coverage.

The assortment of Ozon Express includes up to two thousand items with delivery in 30 minutes. These are the most demanded products: vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry and fish, dairy products and fresh pastries, groceries, water, drinks, frozen foods, hygiene products and household chemicals.

“We offer the residents of Tomsk a convenient service - order fresh products online with free delivery in half an hour. Given the harsh climate of Siberia and the growing popularity of online shopping, we see development prospects both in Tomsk and other cities in the region,” - comments Arina Knyazeva, director of commerce and business development at Ozon Express.

As part of the regional development, Ozon Express is looking for local food suppliers for fast delivery. Thus, the service replenishes the assortment with locally produced goods, and regional entrepreneurs receive a new promising sales channel.

Ozon Express is a fast delivery service from dark stores, an e-grocery division of Ozon. The service is presented in Moscow, a number of large cities in the Moscow region, St.

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