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How to use empty baby food jars?

Are you a new mother? Then, probably, glass baby food jars appeared in your life, which the hand does not raise to throw away. There are already a lot of them in my house, so I propose to discuss how they can be useful to us.

I conducted a small survey of colleagues and friends on this topic. The results are as follows:

Lena keeps her branded adjika in jars - it is convenient to take it in such a container for a picnic, for example.

Stores dried berries for tea.

He also arranges small tasty gifts for his friends - homemade jam. Arranges in jars, decorates them and gives them.

The last idea caught my attention - I like to make homemade jam. I took note of such a sincere gift option.

Zhenya keeps medicinal ointments in jars. Also a great option, given the odor of such drugs, as well as their small volumes.

Anya uses the jars as a sugar bowl and salt shaker on long journeys. Or for a picnic. She also keeps beads for needlework in them.

I tried to use jars for leftover canned cod liver. And this, I tell you, is extremely convenient. Open canned food should not be stored for longer than a day, and it is imperative to transfer food to a container, preferably glass. And the baby food jars are perfect! Small, hermetically sealed (which is especially important in the case of products with the smell of fish), and then it is not a pity to throw them away.

I also put paper clips in one jar. There was an open package at home, now the paper clips are neatly stored in a jar.

Inspired by the opening horizons for the second life of jars, I began to look for other ways to use them. I searched websites and social networks. I confess, I am delighted with the fantasy of young mothers, and dads too!

How to use baby food jars

Use jar lids in children's educational games:

- stick pieces of colored paper on them and arrange them in containers by color,

- stick drawings with letters on them and add syllables and words,

- make a slot in the lid of the milk formula jar (or in a box of chips, for example) and put the lids into it, like in a piggy bank,

- make a fishing rod out of a pencil, string and magnet and arrange "fishing", collecting caps.

Use cans:

- for dipping the brush while painting with watercolors,

- for seedlings of flowers or greenery,

- as small vases for small wildflowers,

- for storing spices,

- as a home air fragrance: put a piece of cotton wool into a jar and moisten the cotton wool with a drop of perfume or essential oil. If you decorate a jar - it’s not a shame to replace the sachet and put it in a prominent place in the house,

- for needlewomen - to store small items such as buttons, beads, etc. in jars,

- use as portioned dishes in candy bars that are so popular now at children's parties,

- colorize and turn the jar into a candlestick by putting a pill candle into it,

I found candle-tablets. It's a sin not to try, I decided. I’m not friends with paints yet, I found a satin ribbon. Half a minute to tie it, and voila! Modest, but also an option.

But finally I was subdued by such decor of the can.

Using a jar as a photo frame is original, isn't it?

And also, I think, it may not even be interesting to search for the use of jars or lids, but the process of decorating itself. Space for imagination, yours and your child!

How to decorate jars

• Spray paint or decorate with acrylic or stained glass paint,

• Paste over the jar with double-sided tape and roll in sequins or beads,

• Use the decoupage technique (stick a beautiful napkin with a pattern on the jar), since there is an abundance of materials for needlework on sale now,

• Stick lace, ribbons, fabric on the jar,

• Paste clippings from magazines or newspapers - looks very interesting.

• Wrap the jar with threads or decorative straws.

And then, together with the child, figure out what to put in a beautiful jar.

There is only one “but” in the active use of cans for various needs. Given the presence of a baby in the house, do not forget to check their inaccessibility for his ubiquitous little hands. Glass is beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly, but dangerous. So, subject to safety conditions, cheers for jars!

Can you share how you use baby food jars? Do you leave or throw away? Decorate or use as is? Join the discussion in our groups VKontakte , Facebook and Instagram!

How to use empty baby food jars

Every mother of a baby has baby food jars that accumulate very quickly, but it is a pity to throw them away. As a result, they just stand, take up space and collect dust.

However, these jars can be used to create very useful items for the home, which will not only be practical, but will also become a beautiful decoration of your interior. It is very easy and simple to do this.

Spice sets

Baby food glass jars are great for storing spices. Just decorate them with beautiful labels and sign where which seasonings are.

Spray-paint the lids in your favorite color or the shade of your kitchen. You can also make small holes in them to make it easier to pour spices.

It is very convenient to use jars in this way, they will look harmoniously and neatly in any kitchen. In addition, you do not have to buy special sets for spices, which often cost a lot of money.

Needle beds

Regardless of whether someone in the family is engaged in needlework or not, there are needles and pins for sewing in any apartment. These little things are best stored in one place and returned after each use, not so much for the sake of cleanliness and order, but for the safety of your family.

Baby food jars are great for making needle beds. To make them, you do not need special skills and abilities.

First, let's draw and cut out a cardboard circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the lid, from synthetic winterizer - a little more than the lid, and from fabric - a circle 2 times larger than it.

We put a padding polyester on the fabric, cover it with cardboard on top and fix the fabric so that we get a bag. Then we glue the resulting part to the lid.

After the glue has dried, decorate the junction of the lid and cushion with a lace or satin ribbon.


It is very easy to make a beautiful and original candlestick out of a jar. To do this, you can use a variety of materials: half-beads, sparkles, acrylic paints, lace ribbons. Before decorating, you need to degrease the glass surface with alcohol or nail polish remover, then the decorations will hold better.

Half-beads just need to be carefully glued in any order you like - randomly or in the form of any pattern. You can choose the color according to your taste or choose a shade that suits the interior of the room.

Acrylic paints can be used to simply paint over the entire jar or apply a stencil and draw something interesting: a heart, stars, leaves or flowers.

Just carefully glue the lace ribbons in a jar, and then tie a twine or twine bow over it - you get a rustic candlestick, very cute and delicate.

You can also make hanging options that will decorate the terrace or garden and create a beautiful setting for a romantic evening.

To do this, you can weave a small “case” for a jar using the macrame technique. Try also another option: tightly wrap the base of the neck with twine, then make a handle in the form of an arc from the wire and attach it to the jar, clinging to the twine.

Simply put a tablet candle, which can be bought at any store, into the finished version of the candlestick and light it.

Flower vases

Glass jars can be used to make original flower vases. With them it will be possible to create small, but very beautiful and original compositions.

Vases can be decorated with beads, lace, fabric and other materials. If you do not want to mess around for a long time, you can simply completely paint over the jar with spray paint.

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