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I organised several games and activities for my sister’s Pink Flavoured Baby Shower and they were a whole lot more successful than I had anticipated! Everyone really got into the spirit of things and they were great fun, as well as bringing all the guests who didn’t know each other together.

The first game I’m going to tell you about is ‘Guess The Baby Food’. And if you’re thinking, “OMG, do we have to eat baby food?!” Let me tell you yes, yes you do!

2015 Update – By request, I’ve added these as free printables for you to download here: Guess The Baby Food Game – Baby Shower Free Printable

It was a fun game…even if a little on the gross side – do we really feed babies this jarred stuff? Blech! Everyone joined in, except for me, because, you know. Answers… >_>

It’s easy enough to set up – you just need a little preparation! I bought 6 jars of baby food – 3 savoury and 3 sweet. You could have more or less if you like, but it felt like a good amount. It’s best to try and get varying flavours if you can.

To keep the jars a mystery you will need to take off the labels. I created some custom labels to stick on, but you could just as easily use sticky labels that you write numbers (or letters on) and keep tally of what is what on a hidden sheet of paper.

What I did, was put each label into a corresponding envelope to reveal when everyone had made their choices.

I also made a sign to sit next to the game, along with answer sheets. But you can be as creative (or non-creative!) as you like!

I also provided lots of plastic teaspoons so as not to double dip! Initially, the weather was looking a little suspect on the morning of the baby shower, so I set everything up inside, eventually, as the sun came out to play, we all moved outside, including the games!

When game time came around, I removed the jar lids, and gave out some paper plates for people to scoop food onto to taste from. It was quite amusing to watch people’s reactions to the taste of the food and to hear their guessing of what each jar was!

I think you only have to look through the reaction photos to know how this one worked out!! It was hilarious, and if you’re holding a baby shower for someone, I encourage you to give this game a try!

You will have to excuse the minging-ness of my garden in the outside photos – it really needs ‘doing’!

Mummy and Daddy to be start the proceedings!
My brother is keen to start with
Eventually he proclaims that the food tastes like feet!
My brother’s face in the background cracks me up!
My brother-in-law thinks “what the hell is this?!”
Then he thinks “hmm, not bad!”

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How to Play "Name that Baby Food" Baby Shower Game

Name that baby food is an awesome baby shower game that requires some set-up, but is totally worth it! In this baby shower game, your guests will taste different selections of baby food and try to guess what it is. The person with the most baby food friendly palate wins the game.


  • Jarred Baby Food - 6-12 flavors
  • Wastebasket
  • Container - where guests can put their completed answer sheets
  • Permanent marker / pens / pencils
  • Paper to cover the jar labels
  • Answer Sheets - these can be blank or pre-numbered so guests will just write their guesses about the flavors that correspond with the number
  • Tasting utensils - plastic spoons or popsicle sticks (enough so that guests don't reuse the utensil for each flavor)

Prepping for Name that Baby Food Baby Shower Game

To prepare for this game, you will need to purchase some baby food jars in advance. To keep the game fair and simple, it's best to choose baby food jars that only contain one type of fruit or vegetable.

There are a lot of combo flavors (like apples and bananas or mangos and pears, etc...), but that may really stump your players, so just sticking to one ingredient per jar is best.

To keep things interesting, you may look for baby food that look somewhat alike - it's tricky but not too tricky. For examples, apple baby food and pear baby food may look very similar in consistency and color, so that might be a good choice for a couple of flavors. Carrots and sweet potatoes also look similar, so that could also be a nice couple of flavors that you can choose.

Once you have the baby food jars purchased, make a note of which flavors are in which jars (you'll need to know this for the answer key as the labels will be removed). A quick numbered list with the flavor and numbering the bottom of jar with a permanent marker can be a quick way to keep track.

Once you have the baby jar flavors noted, you can take off the wrapper (or you can always cover the wrapper with some patterned baby to hide the flavor). If you choose to take off the wrapper, there might be a little bit of adhesive left, so you might need some adhesive remover to get those last bits of stickiness off.

Now with your "naked" jars, you can number them with a permanent marker or get some colorful construction paper and make a new label for the jar with just the number.

For the game, your guests will get a blank numbered piece of paper and they will write their guesses that correspond to the number on the jar.

Baby Shower Game Set-up

To set-up the game, you will need some space where you can put out all the materials - jars of food, game sheets, pens, popsicle/spoons, wastebasket, etc... You should opt for a dedicated space so the stuff doesn't get mixed up with other things. A small table or countertop should be fine.

How to Play Name that Baby Food

There are a couple of ways that you can play the game. You can have the game be passive, meaning the guests can play it throughout the baby shower event and drop their answer sheets in a container and you can tally up the correct answers later and announce the winner. Or you can make the game a main event and ask for volunteers to play while the rest of the guests become the audience.

If you choose to play the game passively, you might consider having the instructions out on display so guests know what it's all about - the last thing you want is guests thinking you're serving appetizers! 

If you are expecting guests of all ages to attend, then you might think twice about letting the game be passive - depending on the age of the kids, they may not quite understand the game and the results could be...messy.

The other way to play this game allows for everyone to enjoy the action. You'll need to carve out some time to play the game during the event. At the time, you can ask for volunteers who want to play - not everyone will feel comfortable tasting baby food in front of an audience, so asking for volunteer players will just make things easier. 

Once you have the volunteers, have each of them taste one baby food at a time, then write down their guess. When they've had a chance to taste each one, you can announce the type of food, the person with the most correct wins!

It may be more fun to play this game with an audience as everyone will be able to see the reactions of the players as they taste those mushy peas and squashed carrots. It will also be fun to announce the winner right away.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

For this game, you may want to prepare a few prizes just in case you have a tie. As the game is all about food (albeit baby food), it might be fun to have your prizes be food-related too.

Here are some food prize ideas that you might consider:

  • Homemade Jars of Jam: If you love canning, then consider making some special treats for your winners. A cute label "Adult Food: Apricot Jam" or something that ties the prize back to the game can be a clever and memorable baby shower game prize. If you're not into making jam, then buying a few fun flavors and relabeling them with cute labels is an option.
  • Mason Jar Recipe Kits: A recipe in a jar prize is always fun and can be a play on the baby food jars. There are tons of recipe in a jar kits you can find online and if you think you might have more than one winner, then this is an easy prize to duplicate.
  • Food Cooking Kits: As this baby shower game is all about flavor, consider some food kits for your winners so they can add more flavor to their next dish! A collection of exotic salts, a variety pack of BBQ sauces or salsas. Some nice oils or spice mixes can also work.
  • DIY Food Gift Basket: A little themed food gift basket is another option. A small container filled with goodies for a movie night, breakfast in bed, or a picnic would make a great baby shower prize. 

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Test about the USSR: Remember the products with the taste of childhood - take the test online - game - questions with answers

After choosing the correct answer in your opinion, click on the "Check" button. If you want to immediately see the correct answers, look under the questions for the link "View correct answers"


The squirrel is a cheerful creature jumping along the branches. He loves nuts, and even in the USSR there was a product with that name. This is ...



thickening milk


What a delicious strawberry, fruit and berry briquette. What is the miracle product that almost all children loved?

Ice cream




She was exchanged for cars, won in "knives". She was in use even when she had completely lost her taste. And they also played candy wrappers with her after drinking. What is the universal currency of childhood? nine0003


Chewing gum



What happens when you turn a glass cone upside down?

Ice cream cup

Candy container

Juice dispenser


What becomes twice as tasty and brown when boiled? nine0003

Condensed milk




Modern children love lollipops, but what did children ask their parents in the USSR?

Bear on a stick

Boat on a stick

Cockerel on a stick


What was the name of the herbal soda?





"Friendship" is an obligatory element on the tourist's table, what kind of product is this?



Processed cheese


What kind of delicacy from the USSR that includes albumin?




nine0004 10.

What was the measure of satiety and economic success of the “West” in perestroika times?





What kind of taste of the "Western" drink did Moscow and Leningrad know from the beginning of the 70s?

Pepsi Cola

Coca Cola



What kind of cute "kitty" that could easily break a tooth? nine0003

Toffee "Kis-Kis"

Sweets "Cat's paws"

Croutons "Meow-meow"


The taste of this tree juice, along with tomato and apple, was known to every child in the Soviet Union.

Linden sap

Maple sap

Birch sap


Which of the following "cakes" did every child in the USSR have? nine0003

Wafer rolls with jam

Sugared bun

Cookies with condensed milk


What kind of drink was sold in barrels on every busy street in the summer?





Traditional associations with mushrooms are mushroom soup and potatoes with mushrooms, but what else immediately comes to mind for those who grew up in the USSR? nine0003





These canned goods were on the table of both the student and the worker. They have become a symbol of fast food. What's this?


Sprats in tomatoes

Grilled sausages


There is black caviar, there is red caviar, and there is “overseas” caviar. What is this caviar?

Eggplant caviar

Pollack caviar

Squash caviar


Now it's just fruit in the store. And once it was a delicacy, the smell of which was mandatory for the New Year. What's this?





This morning meal is far from being as popular today as it was during Soviet times. What kind of porridge was mandatory on the child's table and was served in all children's institutions in the morning? nine0003




Check see correct answers restart

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The best powdered milk formulas | Rating of Roskachestvo

About products

As part of a rolling study, dry adapted initial milk formulas (as close as possible in chemical composition to breast milk) produced on the basis of cow's and goat's milk, intended for healthy children from 0 to 6 months (18 products) and from 0 to 12 months ( 3 products). nine0003

The choice of brands was determined by mothers - the most active audience of the Roskachestvo portal. For a whole year, they sent the names of the brands they were interested in. As a result, experts tested the products of 21 brands in 82 quality and safety indicators. At the same time, the geography of the production of dry milk mixtures turned out to be quite extensive. We tested milk powders from Belarus (1), Germany (2), Denmark (3), Ireland (1), Spain (2), the Netherlands (4), New Zealand (1), Russia (4), Finland (1 ), Switzerland (1) and Estonia (1). The cost at the time of purchase ranged from 53.43 to 288.25 rubles per 100 grams of the product. nine0003

According to the results of the study, powdered milk formula "Bellakt Optimum 1" (Republic of Belarus) met not only the requirements of current standards for quality and safety, but also the advanced requirements of the Roskachestvo standard. However, this product cannot qualify for the Russian Quality Mark, as it was produced abroad.


The standard of the Russian quality system for dry adapted milk formulas for children from 0 to 6 months has tightened the requirements for the content of some components: nine0003

  • the mixture does not contain starch;

  • the mass fraction of moisture in a dry product should not exceed 3.5%;

  • the indicator of the solubility index of the raw sediment (for dry mixtures) should be no more than 0.2 cm³;

  • the level of active acidity is 6.6–7.4 pH. nine0003

  • the required level of product localization for awarding the Russian Quality Mark is at least 25%.

These requirements are not mandatory for manufacturers, however, products that do not meet the specified requirements cannot qualify for the Russian Quality Mark.

Safety is paramount

nine0002 According to Rosstat, today about 40% of children in the country are bottle-fed. The parents of these babies can easily purchase milk formulas, since there is no shortage of them on the shelves of Russian stores. The choice of the consumer is offered both imported and domestic products.

However, consumers have concerns about this product. For example, it is believed that milk mixtures may contain antibiotics (from raw materials), E. coli, heavy metals, preservatives and impurities that can harm the health of the child. nine0003

The experts checked the adapted dry milk formulas (breast milk substitutes) for microbiological safety, for the presence of preservatives and antibiotics.

The mixtures were also checked for the presence of melamine in them. After more than 6,000 babies were poisoned with infant formula in China in 2008 (in those mixtures, the melamine content was 500 times higher than the permissible norm), the very word “melamine” terrifies consumers.

The results of our study allow us to state that there is no melamine in the mixtures. nine0003


How did the chemical get into baby food in 2008?

“According to the most common version, the reason for the Chinese melamine crisis was the deliberate addition of melamine to baby food and dairy products,” explains Dmitry Makarov, senior researcher at VGNKI, Rosselkhoznadzor. - This was done in order to increase the protein value of products. The fact is that the generally accepted method for determining protein does not distinguish between protein and melamine. Apparently, therefore, the manufacturers hoped that their scam would go unnoticed. However, they did not take into account the fact that in high concentrations, melamine causes the formation of crystals in the urinary tract, which leads to disruption of the kidneys. nine0003

Based on the results of testing mixtures for safety, it can be concluded that all products are safe. It does not contain antibiotics, heavy metals and toxic elements. Microbiological indicators meet the established requirements. There are no preservatives (including sorbic, propionic and benzoic acids) in the composition.

Special production

nine0002 Many people think that powdered milk mixtures are made from ordinary milk powder, to which various vitamins, micro and macro elements are added. This, of course, is not true.

First of all, it must be said that all mixtures are divided into adapted - as close as possible to women's milk, partially adapted and the so-called subsequent formulas - mixtures for feeding children older than a year. Also on the market is a category of adapted milk formulas with average indicators for feeding children from birth to 12 months. nine0003

Age distinctions of mixtures are as follows:

  • The prefix "pre" in the name refers to mixtures for premature or low birth weight babies.

  • "1" - for children from birth to 6 months.

  • "2" - for babies from 6 months to 1 year.

  • "3" - for children older than a year. nine0003

  • "4" - as a rule, starting from 18 months.

“The choice of optimal nutrition for children in the first months of life seems especially difficult, because the stomach of babies does not yet have the enzymes necessary for digesting food,” says Tatiana Butskaya -pediatrician. - These children often have functional digestive disorders, and they are at high risk of developing various forms of food intolerance. nine0003

That is why pediatricians insist on a mandatory consultation with a doctor before transferring a child of the first year of life to full or partial artificial nutrition.

The main principle that must be observed when creating adapted mixtures for children of the first year of life is their maximum approximation (adaptation) to the composition and properties of human milk and compliance with the characteristics of the child's digestion and metabolism. To achieve this, manufacturers are constantly improving blends. nine0003

Read HERE about the benefits of breastfeeding and how it affects your baby's health.

What makes formula closer to breast milk?

For the health of the baby, it is important that the mixture is balanced in terms of the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which must be present in the composition of the mixture.

nine0002 Proteins, fats, carbohydrates

In the course of the study, the experts found that in mixtures of all brands, the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates complies with the requirements of the law.

Vegetable fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids

– To improve lipid metabolism, milk fat is partially or completely replaced with vegetable oils (corn, rapeseed, soybean, coconut, sunflower, etc.)0212 Head of the Department of the Research Institute of Baby Nutrition of the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology" Elena Simonenko.

In this regard, two more consumer fears are worth mentioning:

In our study, soy with GMOs was not found in mixtures.

In addition, experts have dispelled consumer fears about the inappropriateness of vegetable fats in baby food.

– The main essential fatty acid in human breast milk is palmitic. It is found in the fruits of the oil palm. Palm oil is about half made up of palmitic acid. Infant formulas are made as close as possible in composition to breast milk, and palm oil is an important ingredient. The requirements for the indicators of raw materials used in the production of infant formula are established in the technical regulation of the Customs Union "On food safety" (TR CU 021/2011), says Executive Director of the Association of Fat and Oil Producers and Consumers Ekaterina Nesterova.

– It should be emphasized that the level of palmitic acid in breast milk is 25%, and by refusing palm oil in the composition of infant formula, the manufacturer must ensure that its content is close to that of mother's milk. Meanwhile, in some milk "palm-free" mixtures, it is below 10%, - specifies Director General of the National Union of Milk Producers "Soyuzmoloko" Artem Belov. nine0213

Also, the child in the process of growth and development requires energy. The body receives a significant part of it from the breakdown of fats.

- Polyunsaturated fatty acids are very important for the baby. These substances ensure the normal development of the organs of vision and hearing of the child, are responsible for the harmonious physical development and behavioral functions. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids play a special role in the maturation and functioning of the central nervous system in children and have a direct impact on brain development. They are involved in the construction of the myelin sheaths of the brain and play a critical role in the transmission of signals between nerve cells. All this is extremely important for the development of intelligence, mindfulness, memory, psychomotor function, - clarifies Anastasia Kirillova, pediatrician at the Children's Clinic MEDSI (Moscow).

– It should be noted that polyunsaturated linoleic acid (omega-6 family) is not synthesized in the human body, it is one of the essential nutritional factors, including for young children, therefore it is used in infant formulas and is normalized by technical regulations, – specifies Elena Simonenko .

According to the requirements of TR TS 033/2013, in the dry milk mixture of linoleic acid should be from 14 to 20% of the total fatty acids. The study showed that in milk mixtures Nutrilon Premium (Ireland) and "MD mil SP Goat 1" (Spain) insufficient amount of linoleic acid, which does not meet the requirements of TR CU.

Amino acids

Particular attention should be paid to the presence of taurine in the composition of the mixture - an essential amino acid necessary for the proper development of the child's body, - notes Elena Simonenko .

Our research has shown that all brands of products meet the required taurine content. nine0003

Vitamins and minerals

Any adapted milk formula, according to the recommendations of the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission, must contain at least 11 minerals and 15 vitamins. We checked whether the content of vitamins and minerals meets the established standards.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that in the product Frisolac (Netherlands) the content of calcium and magnesium in the diluted mixture is below the established norms: nine0003

  • According to the requirements, the calcium content in the reconstituted mixture should be 330.0–700.0 mg/l, in fact it is 300.31 mg/l.

  • Magnesium should be 50.0-150.0 mg / l, and in fact - 6.75 mg / l.

In the products of other brands, the experts did not find violations in terms of the content of minerals.

The level of vitamins in adapted mixtures should be higher than in human milk, on average by 15–20%, since their digestibility is lower than from breast milk. According to the requirements, in the reconstituted adapted mixture of vitamin C there should be at least 55-150 mg / l. nine0003

The audit showed that the products of nine brands of vitamin C are less than the established norm TR TS 033/2013: "Kid Istra" (Russia), Bebi Premium Gold Gold (Denmark), Frisolac3 (Netherlands), Frisolac (Netherlands), Humana Expert (Germany), Nestogen (Russia), Nutricia Malyutka (Russia), Nutrilon Premium (Ireland), Similac (Denmark). However, this cannot be attributed to violations: due to the volatility of dry components, it is incorrect to say that this indicator turned out to be lower due to the fault of the manufacturer, the content of vitamin C could decrease during storage.

How to choose and store milk powder, read HERE.

Taste, color, smell and texture

Products of all brands fully met the organoleptic requirements.

Smell - pleasant, barely perceptible.

The taste of is delicate, slightly sweet, without foreign aftertastes.

Consistency. All mixtures were a fine homogeneous powder without lumps (or with a small amount of lumps that easily crumble with slight pressure). In the restored form, the liquid is homogeneous. nine0003

Color also met the requirements - from white with a slight creamy tint to a light creamy yellow.

We checked the level of active acidity (pH) in the mixtures and whether they dissolve well in water.

The results of the study showed that the products of all brands are highly soluble in water, and the level of acidity (pH) corresponds to the advanced standard of Roskachestvo. This means that all mixtures are well absorbed. nine0003

Compliance with marking

And finally, one more concern: many are convinced that the ingredients of powdered milk mixtures declared on the label may not correspond to the actual composition. Our experts have checked whether such concerns are justified.

“According to the requirement of the TR CU for product labeling, the manufacturer is obliged to place information on the composition of micronutrients (they determine the development of the child), as well as the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the volume in which they are present in the dry milk formula, on the package,” says Elena Saratseva, Deputy Head of the Russian Quality System . – At the same time, it is important for consumers to obtain information about the composition of the mixture in the finished (reconstituted) form in accordance with the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer. It is important to note that the rationing for infant formula is based on the diluted product. Therefore, labeling on mixtures is often put through a fraction or in two columns in the table: on the dry matter contained in this package, as well as on the finished (diluted) product. nine0003

During the study, it was found that there are certain discrepancies in the indication of prebiotics, minerals and vitamins in the labeling.

Learn more