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14 Intense Food Baby Photos That Will Shock You

You know when you come across a really delicious meal, and it’s so good that you pretty much gorge on it? Like, you just keep eating and eating until it’s actually a little painful to continue, and by the time you’re done, you’re more full than you’ve ever been? It happens to the best of us! But eating this much food can cause a funny little phenomenon as well: it can give you a food baby.

At this point, chances are good that you’ve definitely heard of the term “food baby” at least a few times before.

It refers to the moment when you eat so much that your belly sticks out in a distended way to make you look like you’re carrying around, well, a baby. It’s bloating to the point of actually looking pregnant, and while it can be an incredibly strange and uncomfortable feeling, it’s also kind of amusing. Because really, it happens to the best of us.

A food baby, which is essentially just bloating, doesn’t only happen after you’ve eaten too much.

It can also occur as a reaction to something specific that you’re eating. For example, extreme bloating like this is common for people who suffer from IBS.

If you eat something that your body has trouble digesting, it can result in a baby-like bump.

Luckily, food babies usually go away on their own after a little while — although sometimes they need medicine to help them along.

But in the time you have that food baby, it’s almost impossible not to snap a photo of it and share it with friends. Take a look at some food baby photos that will make you feel less alone next time you have a food baby…

1. This fitness blogger wrote about her food baby from having a “bad” day:

Fitness blogger Tiffany Brien showed off these two photos of herself, one taken in the morning, and one taken at night after a day of eating badly and not getting enough sleep.

She wrote, “We are not all what we seem on social media. I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you nobody is ‘perfect’ and it is ok to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball.

2. This Instagram influencer got a food baby from eating just one thing:

She wrote, “Not pregnant, just eating right 🌯🌯 BEFORE and AFTER I had a burrito.” Man, our bodies are crazy!

3. One user showed the difference between her morning belly and her night belly:

She wrote, “9AM vs 9PM after a full day of eating. Both me, both valid, both worthy.”

It’s a nice message that everyone deals with this kind of thing!

4. A Twitter user shared this extremely relatable tweet:

Who hasn’t held their swollen bloated belly and pretended there was a baby in there?

Admit it!

5. One girl responded with a similar photo:

It’s actually amazing how much this looks like a baby bump.

But it’s not!

6. This guy showed it can happen to men too:

It’s pretty clear that he’s not pregnant, right?

7. One health blogger used it as a way to discuss food intolerances:

She wrote:

“I wish this was some cute pregnancy announcement photo, but it is NOT Lol! This has been my life for the past couple of months.

Eat one thing and I experience irritable bowl, stomach pain and uncomfortable bloating!”

8. This health blogger showed how different they look when they’re bloated:

They wrote, “I’ve had ‘IBS’ for a few years now and would bloat like this a few times a week, almost anything would set it off.”

Sometimes, you don’t know why it’s happening.

9. This Instagram user shared their own experience with food intolerance:

Although the caption is in a different language, it’s clear from her hashtags that she’s experiencing a food baby from eating the wrong things for her body.

Look at that difference!

10. One user showed the difference before and after a meal:

She wrote, “Hi food baby 🤰🏽👋🏼!! This is one meals difference … the bloat is real !!”

It’s kind of a cute bump!

11. This photo shows it can happen even if you have abs:

Defined stomach muscles stand no chance against bloat.

This is definitely an interesting before and after.

12. An Instagram influencer showed her contrasting photos to write about bloating:

She said, “Hands up how many of you can look around 6 months preggers just from sniffing food.”

She also brought up how it’s important to understand that this can happen to basically anyone.

13. Another fitness blogger showed off her bloated belly as well:

In her post, she explained:

“The first pic was last night after a full day of eating, lots of water, and I had pizza & halo top at night. I have a very sensitive stomach and bloat SO easily (always has been an insecurity of mine)🤰🏼 The second pic was straight outta bed this morning after everything’s been digested and I haven’t put anything in my body.”

14. One Instagram influencer showed how much your body can change throughout the day:

She wrote, “I wanted to share this with you guys to show that even the ‘fitness influencers’ look like this, some just don’t wanna share it.” It’s crazy to see how different your belly can look at night.


She posted on Facebook and said "now THATS a food baby! Haha, I call it my buffet belly!... Oooh, I'm stuffed... XP"

Nothing tastes so good as a breakfast prepared by your GF. #foodie #foodporn #cleaneating #eating #foodgasm #nomnom #foodpicsbruh #foodbaby #yummy #hungry #cleaneating #recipe #cooking #healthy #health #instafood #delicious by Marinas Florin

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CHILDREN (USA, 2014) Watch online-Afisha-Kino


Laggies, USA, 2014

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Choosing Afishi


On the film in the film in the film in the film in the film Cast Reviews (20)Similar

Keira Knightley, Sam Rockwell and Chloe Moretz together, but not quite

The meeting with classmates had a depressing effect on 28-year-old Megan. She understands that 10 years of adulthood have not changed anything in her and she has remained an overgrown klutz. To fix the situation, Megan makes some strange life decisions: running away from a guy, making friends with a 16-year-old high school student, and at the same time having an affair with her father. A cute comedy directed by Lynn Shelton, who worked on the New Girl series. Not the most obvious duo of Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz suddenly sparkled on the screen and added unexpected touchingness to the plot. nine0003



Director line shelton

Duration of 40 minutes

Date of Output25 September 2014 9000 Moretz

Sam Rockwell

Also starringMark Webber, Ellie Kemper, Jeff Garlin, Gretchen Mol, Eric Readman, Caitlin Dever, Sarah Coates, Dylan Arnold, Jody Thielen, Basil Harris, Zoe MacLaine

The most anticipated events

films directed by Lynn Shelton


Lynn Shelton

died in 2020 at the age of 54 years old, films: 5

Sister of your sister

2011, tragedy

and laughter, and sins

2009, Comedy

Best reviews of the film "Baby"



203 reviews, 491 ratings, rating 832


great movie! a light, slightly philosophical and rather not stupid comedy, the "Editor's Choice" of the poster is well deserved! as far as I'm not a fan of Knightley, to put it mildly, but here she is on topic; it is worth noting - this is not a stupid American rzhach, the humor is more subtle (a bit in the spirit of Woody Allen), which does not make the film boring at all, etc. - at one time, but it looks very good. easy and pleasant. nine0003

November 8, 2014


506 reviews, 736 ratings, rating 537 heroine to a new life. But then, if you sit out the first half hour, where completely stupid girlfriends and friends are also stupid, the action became more acceptable. In general, a film about love and finding one's place in life, standing on the road with an advertising poster until the age of 28 after receiving a higher or even secondary education, this is too much. It's time to tie. The heroine quit - she met a schoolgirl (Chloe Moretz), and then her dad, a lawyer. This is where love actually began, but at first it was not very clear how it would end, there is a well-known intrigue. nine0648 You can look at Kira and Chloe , nothing like that. Google translator translated the American title of the Laggies movie as "Little Big Girl", it is quite appropriate for the content, but everything will end well, laggies will make the right choice.

November 13, 2014

Svetlana Light

92 reviews, 167 ratings, rating 134


Doubtful, of course, the pleasure of watching this movie. It seems that there are good ideas (friendship, romantic sympathies, their place in life), and it’s nice to look at the actors, but everything is very damp. And the soundtrack is completely absent, except for one or, at most, two scenes. A kind of unhurried chewing of tasteless chewing gum for an entire hour and a half. If you do not like Keira Knightley, and you have never heard of Chloe Grace Moritz, then two funny episodes of the film will not save you. nine0003

November 8, 2014

User Afisha #1595942

19 reviews, 177 ratings, rating 70


I went to the film without expecting anything special, just like that, they say, a light rom-com. But towards the end it became interesting and I took something out of it. The fact that, as AS Pushkin once wrote, "a habit from above is given to us, it is a substitute for happiness. " And how difficult it is sometimes to get out of a relationship when you habitually say "I love you." Relationships are undoubtedly work, and even some, but you want to be happy in them. And it's good that life sometimes quite by accident - although, as you know, there are no accidents - throws up situations, people that make us change our minds, stop simply swimming with the flow. Here, of course, it is still important not to miss this moment and react in time))

November 13, 2014

Lesha Anderson

8 reviews, 8 ratings, rating 37


The simple plot of the romantic comedy rests on the brilliant actress Keira Knightley. After 10 years of communication, it comes to the young man to propose, and to the girl to run away. On the run, she wants to find herself. Pampering, alcohol, new acquaintances - all this can pull out of a routine relationship and make the most important decision for her.
A film for those who just want to have a good time without solving other people's problems of maintaining world peace and for those who love Keira Knightley.

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