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How to Play "Name that Baby Food" Baby Shower Game

Name that baby food is an awesome baby shower game that requires some set-up, but is totally worth it! In this baby shower game, your guests will taste different selections of baby food and try to guess what it is. The person with the most baby food friendly palate wins the game.


  • Jarred Baby Food - 6-12 flavors
  • Wastebasket
  • Container - where guests can put their completed answer sheets
  • Permanent marker / pens / pencils
  • Paper to cover the jar labels
  • Answer Sheets - these can be blank or pre-numbered so guests will just write their guesses about the flavors that correspond with the number
  • Tasting utensils - plastic spoons or popsicle sticks (enough so that guests don't reuse the utensil for each flavor)

Prepping for Name that Baby Food Baby Shower Game

To prepare for this game, you will need to purchase some baby food jars in advance. To keep the game fair and simple, it's best to choose baby food jars that only contain one type of fruit or vegetable.

There are a lot of combo flavors (like apples and bananas or mangos and pears, etc...), but that may really stump your players, so just sticking to one ingredient per jar is best.

To keep things interesting, you may look for baby food that look somewhat alike - it's tricky but not too tricky. For examples, apple baby food and pear baby food may look very similar in consistency and color, so that might be a good choice for a couple of flavors. Carrots and sweet potatoes also look similar, so that could also be a nice couple of flavors that you can choose.

Once you have the baby food jars purchased, make a note of which flavors are in which jars (you'll need to know this for the answer key as the labels will be removed). A quick numbered list with the flavor and numbering the bottom of jar with a permanent marker can be a quick way to keep track.

Once you have the baby jar flavors noted, you can take off the wrapper (or you can always cover the wrapper with some patterned baby to hide the flavor). If you choose to take off the wrapper, there might be a little bit of adhesive left, so you might need some adhesive remover to get those last bits of stickiness off.

Now with your "naked" jars, you can number them with a permanent marker or get some colorful construction paper and make a new label for the jar with just the number.

For the game, your guests will get a blank numbered piece of paper and they will write their guesses that correspond to the number on the jar.

Baby Shower Game Set-up

To set-up the game, you will need some space where you can put out all the materials - jars of food, game sheets, pens, popsicle/spoons, wastebasket, etc... You should opt for a dedicated space so the stuff doesn't get mixed up with other things. A small table or countertop should be fine.

How to Play Name that Baby Food

There are a couple of ways that you can play the game. You can have the game be passive, meaning the guests can play it throughout the baby shower event and drop their answer sheets in a container and you can tally up the correct answers later and announce the winner. Or you can make the game a main event and ask for volunteers to play while the rest of the guests become the audience.

If you choose to play the game passively, you might consider having the instructions out on display so guests know what it's all about - the last thing you want is guests thinking you're serving appetizers! 

If you are expecting guests of all ages to attend, then you might think twice about letting the game be passive - depending on the age of the kids, they may not quite understand the game and the results could be...messy.

The other way to play this game allows for everyone to enjoy the action. You'll need to carve out some time to play the game during the event. At the time, you can ask for volunteers who want to play - not everyone will feel comfortable tasting baby food in front of an audience, so asking for volunteer players will just make things easier. 

Once you have the volunteers, have each of them taste one baby food at a time, then write down their guess. When they've had a chance to taste each one, you can announce the type of food, the person with the most correct wins!

It may be more fun to play this game with an audience as everyone will be able to see the reactions of the players as they taste those mushy peas and squashed carrots. It will also be fun to announce the winner right away.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

For this game, you may want to prepare a few prizes just in case you have a tie. As the game is all about food (albeit baby food), it might be fun to have your prizes be food-related too.

Here are some food prize ideas that you might consider:

  • Homemade Jars of Jam: If you love canning, then consider making some special treats for your winners. A cute label "Adult Food: Apricot Jam" or something that ties the prize back to the game can be a clever and memorable baby shower game prize. If you're not into making jam, then buying a few fun flavors and relabeling them with cute labels is an option.
  • Mason Jar Recipe Kits: A recipe in a jar prize is always fun and can be a play on the baby food jars. There are tons of recipe in a jar kits you can find online and if you think you might have more than one winner, then this is an easy prize to duplicate.
  • Food Cooking Kits: As this baby shower game is all about flavor, consider some food kits for your winners so they can add more flavor to their next dish! A collection of exotic salts, a variety pack of BBQ sauces or salsas. Some nice oils or spice mixes can also work.
  • DIY Food Gift Basket: A little themed food gift basket is another option. A small container filled with goodies for a movie night, breakfast in bed, or a picnic would make a great baby shower prize. 

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Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of fun, especially when you're including some hilarious baby shower games to play. Aside from all the fun, you should also consider some activities that can be enjoyed by the parents-to-be long after the baby shower is over. Keepsake activities are a lovely way to encourage guests to leave something special for the new parents that they can treasure for a while.

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Looking for a way to set the new parents up for a good while? Consider including a diaper raffle with your event. It will require you to announce the diaper raffle with the invites going out so your guests will know they can bring a pack of diapers to participate, but it'll be worth the effort! 

42 Fun Baby Shower Games You'll Actually Want to Play

As with any party, the best baby showers are those where the conversation is lively and time seems to fly. And nothing does that better than a few well-chosen baby shower games. We’ve rounded up our favorites, from co-ed baby shower games that all your guests will enjoy, to easy baby shower games you can pull off in a moment’s notice and even unique baby shower games that’ll impress even the most jaded of guests. Scroll down for a roundup for fun baby shower games ideas, and get ready for some entertainment!

In this article:
Best baby shower games
Co-ed baby shower games
Unique baby shower games
Easy baby shower games
Baby shower games for men
Baby shower games for large groups
Baby shower games for kids

Image: Beaucoup d' Amour Events & Weddings / Brooklyn D Photography

Best Baby Shower Games

The best baby shower games are first and foremost fun. After all, what’s the point of playing if it isn’t? But more than that, many of these baby shower games made the “best” list because the put the focus on just on baby but on the mom-to-be as well, and often the guests too. This way, everyone has a chance to be the center of attention. Hint: Have more than one baby shower prize ready for each game, just in case!

Who Knows Mommy Best?

This fun baby shower game has friends and family members vying to prove who knows the most about the mom-to-be. It calls for very little prep and is easy to play with a big crowd, making it one of the best baby shower games around.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Find out as much as possible about the mother-to-be’s childhood. Write your questions and her answers down on a sheet of paper, and don’t show anyone.

How to play: Read your list of questions out loud and have guests write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins.

Real guests say: “Most of the shower is about the little guy or girl to come, so it’s nice to focus on mom for a bit too. She is the one being honored!”— Randi G.

How Old Was She?

Here’s another baby shower game that shines a spotlight on Mom. This one does take a little bit of prep, but everyone is sure to get a kick out of seeing childhood photos of the guest of honor. (Awkward school pictures, anyone?)

What you need: Several pictures of the mother-to-be all at different ages, plus paper and a pen for each guest.

Before the party: Ask the guest of honor for past pictures of herself at different ages. Arrange them on a poster board or table with a number next to each.

How to play: Ask guests to write down how old they think the mom-to-be was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins.

Are You That Baby?

In need of baby shower games ideas that don’t put the mom-to-be at the center of so much attention? (After all, not everyone craves the limelight.) This fun game flips the focus onto guests!

What you need: Poster board and tape (or cork board and tacks), a copy of your guests’ baby pictures (ask for one in the invite), paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Arrange and adhere your guests’ baby pictures into a collage on a poster or cork board. Keep a secret master list of who’s who.

How to play: Ask guests to jot down their guesses as to who’s who in the pictures. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

My Water Broke!

This is a classic, and for good reason—it’s a fun baby shower game that’s easy enough to pull off and gets everyone at the party involved (and brings out people’s competitive streaks).

What you need: Tiny plastic baby dolls (one for each guest) and an ice cube tray (or other small containers).

Before the party: Put a plastic baby into each cube, then fill with water and freeze.

How to play: Give each guest a drink with a baby-filled ice cube in it. The object of this baby shower game is to melt the ice and get the plastic baby out—in whatever way guests can think of. Whoever gets their baby out first shouts “my water broke!” and is the winner.

Real guests say: “It was fun to watch the ladies chisel their way to their water breaking. But hint: Don’t allow hot beverages on the table during the game. People can be sly!” —Joyce D.

Find the Guest!

The best baby shower games serve as ice-breakers and encourage your guests to mingle and get to know one another—and this one does just that!

What you need: A computer and printer, and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Write up a list of various fun facts that could apply to many of your guest. For example, “Went to so-and-so college,” “owns a Volvo,” “has a child under 3,” etc. Have a copy of the list waiting on each guest’s seat.

How to play: Each guest will have to get to know each other quickly to find people who fall into the various categories. The person who meets enough guests to be able to tick off the most fun facts wins.

Guess the Candy Bar

The “Guess the Candy Bar” baby shower game is renowned. Some people love it, some people would rather pass. Either way, it’s probably one of the funniest baby shower games ever conceived.

What you need: Diapers, a variety of mini-chocolate bars, and pen and paper for each guest.

Before the party: Melt different kinds of mini-chocolate bars and pour one kind on each of the diapers.

How you play: Have guests sniff (or even dip a finger to taste) the chocolates and guess which kind is on each diaper. The winner is whoever guesses the most chocolates correctly. Weird? A little bit. But then again, who can resist the power of chocolate?

Guess the Baby Food

Who has the most sensitive nose among you? (Our guess is the mom-to-be—pregnancy has a way of heightening your sense of smell.) This fun baby shower game puts people’s sniffers (and food knowledge) to the test.

What you need: Unlabeled jars, pureed baby food and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Fill each of your unlabeled jars with a different kind of baby food (and make sure to keep track!).

How to play: Distribute paper and pens to guests, then ask them to smell each jar of puree and jot down which foods they think are inside. (If you want to make it especially tricky, have them do this blindfolded!)

Real guest say: “My daughter—she’s 7—especially loved this one, because she can understand food! Haha. In fact, she won the game.” —Kimberly D.

What’s Mommy Craving?

Pregnancy does more than just amp up women’s sense of smell—it can also spark the funniest food cravings. This baby shower game has guests guessing what’s been on Mom’s menu of late.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Mom-to-be describes all the strange things she’s been craving, one by one, without actually saying the name of the food. The guests write down what they think each one is. Whoever has the most right wins.

The Left Right Game

In this popular baby shower game, it’s not just the mom-to-be who gets presents! It’s fast-paced, exciting and ends in a fun prize for the lucky winner.

What you need: A story that heavily features the words “left” and “right” and a wrapped prize.

Before the party: Either write or download the Left Right story and print it out, then wrap up a prize that’s small and light enough to pass around.

How to play: Have your guests pull their chairs into a circle. Once they’re situated, give a guest the wrapped prize and start reading the story out loud. Every time you read the words “left” or “right” (and the story will have plenty of mentions), guests have to pass the prize either to their left or right. The person holding the prize when the story ends gets to keep it!

Emoji Anagrams

Looking for modern baby shower games? It doesn’t get more millennial than this. The baby shower emoji game takes the classic anagrams game and gives it an up-to-date twist, using emojis instead of words.

What you need: A list of emoji anagrams and a pen for each guest.

Before the party: Print out or order lists of emoji anagrams for each guest.

How to play: Instruct guests to try and guess the (baby-related) words or phrases that are written out in emojis, and fill their answers out on the sheet. The person who gets the most correct wins.

Image: Haleigh Nicole Photography

Co-ed Baby Shower Games

Just about all the baby shower games in this article can be enjoyed by everyone—male or female. But if you’re hosting an event for men and women and plan to have both Mom- and Dad-to-be present, these are some of our favorite baby shower games for couples and coeds.

The Mommy or Daddy Game

Looking for the best baby shower games for couples? This one might just top the list. Guests take a fun Mom vs. Dad quiz, and then the mom- and dad-to-be weigh in with their responses. You can prep a quiz sheet and have prizes at the ready, or just have people shout out their answers and keep things casual—whatever floats your boat.

What you need: A computer and printer or copy machine, and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Type out a list of 10 to 20 questions that can be answered with “mom” or “dad” (Who’s never changed a diaper before? Who has always gotten at least eight hours of sleep every night?). Print it out and have enough copies for all the guests.

How to play: Hand out the list of questions to each guest. Once everyone has jotted down their answers, invite the mom- and dad-to-be up front, read the questions out loud and have them give their responses. Whichever guest answers the most correctly gets a prize.

The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

Everyone knows that having a baby is expensive, but how much do baby supplies really cost? See which guests are savvy shoppers with this spinoff of The Price is Right. It’s one of the most popular baby shower games around.

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: Write a list of baby items and specific quantities (say, a box of 88 Pampers Swaddlers) on a sheet of paper and make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Have each guest write down what they think each retails for, then have them total their guesses. Whoever gets closest to the correct total without going over wins. (This sweet printout is illustrated with whales, for those on the hunt for nautical baby shower games.)

Blind Diaper Changing Challenge

As the modern saying goes, “real men change diapers”—so put the skills of your coed crew to the test in this fast-paced and funny baby shower diaper game.

What you need: Two life-size baby dolls, two blindfolds and one diaper for each guest, plus two extras.

Before the party: Place a diaper on each doll.

How to play: Have guests separate into teams. Each team gets a doll, blindfold and diapers. The first person in line for each team must put the blindfold on, remove the diaper on the doll and replace it with a new one. After the first team members are done, the next person in line goes, and so on. The first team to finish wins.

Watch What You Say

If you’re a big Mad Libs fan, you’re going to love this cheeky coed baby shower game. Get ready for lots of laughs (and maybe even some blushing).

What you need: Paper and pen.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Write down the exclamations the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. (“Oh how cute!” “Look how tiny!”) Once she’s done, hold up the sheet of paper and announce: “This is what she said the night the baby was conceived.” Then have her read it aloud for all the guests to hear. It’s an especially fun baby shower game if the dad-to-be is present!

Baby Bump Balloon Pop

This game gives new meaning to the phrase “she’s about to pop. ” Especially entertaining with a coed group, this is a team-based baby shower game that gets everyone up and moving.

What you need: Balloons and pins for each guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Nothing feels more festive than baby shower games with balloons—especially when you’re making lots of noise. For this one, separate guests into teams and give each a balloon. When the host says “go!” the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. Once they’re done, the second person on each team does the same, then the third, and so on. Once all team members have balloons under their shirts, the first person must pop their balloon, then the second, and third, etc. The team who blows up and pops their balloons the fastest wins.

Hello, My Name Is…

While some baby shower games make a point of helping guests learn one another’s names, this one pretty much does the exact opposite—to hilarious effect. If you choose to penalize people a penny every time they slip up, baby might just end up with a little nest egg!

What you need: Name tags (one for each guest), a marker and a piggy bank.

Before the party: Mark each name tag with a baby-related word.

How to play: Have each guest put on a name tag when they arrive. During the shower, people can be called only by their name tag name. If a guest calls someone by their first name, they have to put coins into a piggy bank for the baby.

Do You Know What It Is?

Nope, we’re not talking about the sex of the baby—we’re talking about the items in the mystery grab bags. It’s a great baby shower game for guys and girls alike.

What you need: 10 paper bags, 10 baby items (pacifier, spoon, etc.) and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Put one baby item into each bag and number them 1 to 10.

How to play: Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen, then randomly pass the bags out. Guests have to write down what they think is in each bag without opening them. Once everyone has made a guess for each bag, the mom-to-be will open them one at a time and reveal what’s inside. Whoever guesses the most right is the winner.

Place the Pacifier In the Baby’s Mouth

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a classic party game, but this modern take is the baby shower version. It’s a perfect baby shower game for kids as well as adult men and women.

What you need: A picture of a baby, a blindfold, a picture of a pacifier, a copy machine and tape.

Before the party: Enlarge the baby picture if necessary and hang it up on the wall. Make enough copies of the pacifier picture so each guest has one (you might want to resize the pacifier so it fits the baby). Attach a piece of tape to each.

How to play: A la Pin the Tail on the Donkey, blindfold each guest and see how close they can place their pacifier picture to baby’s mouth. Whoever gets the closest wins!

Image: Theresa Wooner Photography

Unique Baby Shower Games

When it comes to baby shower games, you’re probably thinking, “I’ve seen them all before!” (And what you haven’t, Pinterest certainly has.) But there are still a few unexpected choices—especially if you’re having a themed baby shower. Scroll for a roundup of the most unique baby shower games.

Free Dobby!

Searching for some Harry Potter baby shower games? Then this unique baby shower game is for you, especially if the mom-to-be would prefer not to be at the center of games. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’ll set Mom up with tons of baby socks.

What you need: A large poster with “Free the House Elves!” written on it, and a basket.

Before the party: When you send out your baby shower invites, make a note that guests should bring a pair of baby socks to “free the house elves.” Those who read the Harry Potter book series will understand, and everyone else will have fun choosing the most adorable pair of socks for baby anyway. As you’re setting up, place the basket on a table and hang the poster over it.

How to play: Okay, this is one of those baby shower games you don’t really “play”—but it’s fun anyway. Have guests deposit their baby socks in the basket, and at the end of the shower, present the sock stash to the mom-to-be (who will soon appreciate them once her little one arrives).

Do You Know Your Disney Babies?

Whether you’re hosting a Disney-themed baby shower or you know the parents-to-be are just big Disney fans, this fun baby shower game will have guests rushing to recall their Disney trivia.

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: On the left side of a piece of paper, make a list of the names of Disney mom characters (Sarabi, Kala, Perdita, Elastagirl) and leave the right side blank. Make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Ask your guests to write the correct kid’s name next to each mom (for example, Simba next to Sarabi). Whoever gets the most correct wins.

One-of-a-Kind Baby Shower Onesies

This creative group baby shower activity is bound to yield some unique results.

What you need: Plain onesies (and other articles of clothing, if you wish) in various colors, tacks, thick cardboard sheets, fabric markers, stencils and iron-on letters and graphics. (A lot of people swear by the Cricut machine to create vinyl and iron-on cutouts.)

Before the party: Tack each onesie to a piece of cardboard for support and prepare any iron-on and fabric fusion options you’re planning to offer guests.

How to play: Make the onesies (with attached cardboard) and decorating items available during the shower for everyone to use. This way, baby has a set of unique clothes, and mama will always remember the day.

Rubber Ducky Raffle

If you’re on the hunt for baby shower games ideas that are fun but don’t force guests to get overly interactive, we’ve got a good one for you. It’s cute, it’s quick and involves a whole bunch of prizes.

What you need: Ten or so rubber duckies (or however many prizes you want to give out) and an equal number of prizes, plus a roll of raffle tickets (you can make them or buy a roll online) and a large tub.

Before the party: Write the numbers of 10 raffle tickets on the underside of the rubber duckies. Right before the party, fill the tub with water and set the ducks afloat.

How to play: As guests arrive, give each one a raffle ticket. Throughout the baby shower, select a rubber ducky from the tub and read off the winning number, and invite the guest with the corresponding ticket to come collect their prize.

Easy Baby Shower Games

As these easy baby shower games prove, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to have loads of fun.

Don’t Say Baby!

Also known as the Clothes Pin Baby Shower Game, this game turns a well-used baby shower word taboo: Baby!

What you need: Clothespins for every guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: As each guest arrives, have them clip the clothespin onto what they’re wearing. Whenever a guest is talking to someone who says “baby,” they take that person’s pin and puts it on themselves. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the party wins. (An alternative is to use pacifiers on a long string instead of clothespins.)

Real guests say: “I’ve planned a lot of showers, and this is a great all-guest game, even for big groups. The kids at my parties especially loved it for its interactiveness.” —Roland H.

Name That Baby Tune

This is an upbeat and super-easy baby shower game that calls for zero prep!

What you need: A playlist of baby songs and pen and paper. (Spotify, anyone?)

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Play one children’s song at a time and keep track of who can accurately guess each song name the fastest. Whoever has the most correct responses wins.

The Animal Gestation Game

If you’re hosting a baby shower that’s all about animals, you’ll need some jungle-themed baby shower games. This pick, which tests guests’ knowledge of the animal kingdom, is super-cute!

What you need: Paper, pens or pencils.

Before the party: List a slew of animals down the left side of a sheet of paper and the average number of days that they’re pregnant on the right side, but not in the same order. (You can also print a ready-made one out.) Make a copy for each guest.

How to play: Ask guests to pair each animal with a length of gestation. Whoever matches the most correctly wins.

The Nursery Rhyme Quiz

The baby shower nursery rhyme game is a super-popular pick these days. Who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia?

What you need: Paper, pens and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: Type out a list of nursery rhyme snippets, leaving out key words and phrases, and make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Ask your guests to fill in the blanks. The person who completes the most correctly wins.

Diaper Raffle

The one thing new moms use the most? Diapers! This easy baby shower game lets guests go home with prizes in hand and the mom-to-be feel like she’s well-stocked.

What you need: Raffle tickets, a box or pail and a prize.

Before the party: When you send out the shower invitations, explain that anyone who brings a box of diapers to the shower can enter the raffle to win a prize.

How to play: As guests arrive, issue raffle tickets to those who brought diapers. Midway through the shower, pull a ticket (or two) and award that ticket holder a prize. Don’t forget to gather the diapers for the mom-to-be before she leaves (she’ll need all of them!).

How Many Baby Items Can You Name?

Babies need a lot of stuff. This easy baby shower game (read: no prep) asks guests to think of as many baby items as they can off the top of their head before the timer buzzes.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest and a timer.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Each guest must write down as many baby items (bottle, pacifier, blanket, etc.) as they can think of in one minute. The person who comes up with the most items wins.

Baby Shower Games for Men

These days, baby showers aren’t just for women. Sometimes called “manshowers” or “Dad-chelor parties,” these celebratory events honor the dad- (or dads-) to-be and the coming baby—and yes, they often involve fun games and activities. The following are some of our favorite baby shower games for men.

Daddy Knows Best

This is a perfect baby shower game for men, since it puts all the attention on the dad-to-be and tests just how well his friends know him.

What you need: A smartphone and a computer (or a TV screen that hooks up to your computer).

Before the shower: For this baby shower game (crafted by Kris Jarrett of Driven by Decor), you’ll need to come up with a list of questions to ask the dad-to-be, and then video the conversation with him. Some great ones are:

  • How many diapers do you think your baby will go through in the first year?
  • Will you or your partner more likely be the parent who says “no”?
  • What year do you think you’ll buy your first minivan?
  • What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

How to play: At the baby shower, gather everyone around and play the video of the dad-to-be so all can see, but pause after each question so guests can guess the answer. “Talk about entertaining baby shower games! We all got some great laughs out of this one. And the video makes a great memento for the couple to watch years down the road,” Jarrett says.

The Baby Name Game

One of the common fights among expectant couples is about what to name baby. Have your guests help brainstorm some options with this funny baby shower game.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest and a timer.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Have each guest write any baby names they can think of in the allotted time. To make the game more difficult, you can also choose a particular letter the names should begin with. The person who comes up with the most names wins.

The Baby Bucket List

Having a baby opens up a world of fun firsts and new adventures. This game gets everyone thinking about a bucket list for the new parents. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything ahead of time, making it one of the easier baby shower games to pull off.

What you need: Pen and notecard for each guest, and a bucket.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Ask guests to write down at least one thing the new dad should do in baby’s first year. The suggestions could include things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do if/when they have a baby, or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with their child—for instance, trips to take, moments to remember, advice that’s often forgotten. Collect all the notecards and present them to the dad-to-be by the end of the party.

Bottle Race

With a room full of men, you can’t go wrong with this funny baby shower game, also known as the Baby Shower Drinking Game. You can use any sort of beverage here, but we’ll be honest, beer is a popular choice.

What you need: A baby bottle and a beverage for each guest.

Before the party: Fill each bottle with the beverage.

How to play: Each guest takes a bottle and drinks as fast as possible. The one who finishes first wins a prize. (This one’s especially fun if the drink of choice is booze!)

Image: 222 Photography

Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

Having a large group gathering at your shower? The more, the merrier! Baby shower games that everyone can play simultaneously—like guessing games—are the most practical way to go.

The Baby Shower ABC’s

This classic baby shower game is fast-paced and exciting, and perfect for a big crowd. Plus, it calls for very little prep ahead of time!

What you need: Paper, pen, timer and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: Write the alphabet vertically down the left side of a sheet of paper. Make enough copies for all your guests.

How to play: Hand out a sheet to each guest and for each letter, have them write down a word that’s associated with babies (example: B is for bottle). Whoever writes the most words in one minute is the winner.

How Well Do You Know Your TV Children?

Calling all TV buffs! How many famous children from popular shows can you name? We’ve made this baby shower game extra easy for you, providing you with the questions (and answers) below.

What you need: Paper, a pen and a computer and printer or copy machine.

Before the party: List the questions below on a sheet of paper, and make enough copies for your guests.

A. What was the name of Fred and Wilma’s child on The Flintstones?
B. What were the names of Ross Geller’s two children on Friends?
C. What were the names of the three kids on The Simpsons?
D. What were the names of the four children on Family Ties?
E. What were the names of the five Huxtable kids on The Cosby Show?
F. What were the names of the six kids on The Brady Bunch?

How to play: Hand out the questions and ask your guests to respond to as many as they can. Whoever answers the most correctly wins. (The answers are: a. Pebbles; b. Ben and Emma; c. Bart, Maggie and Lisa; d. Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, Andy; e. Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy; f. Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby. )

Oh Baby, A Playlist!

There are a ton of songs out there that mention the word “baby”—but how fast is your recall? This is an easy baby shower game to play with a crowd, but it’s still high-energy and loads of fun.

What you need: Paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Each guest must write down as many songs they can think of with the word “baby” in the title. Give the guests a time limit—five minutes max—and whoever has the most (real!) songs written down is the winner.

What’s in Your Purse?

A woman’s purse is a mysterious thing—but not for long! Here, guests reveal what’s in their bag for game points to win a prize. Since you don’t need any props to play, it’s an ideal baby shower game for large groups.

What you need: A computer and printer or copy machine, and paper and pen for each guest.

Before the party: Make a list of things that people might (or might not) have in their purse and assign a number of points next to them. For instance, lipstick is one point. Hand sanitizer is three points. Print out enough lists for everyone.

How to play: Give each guest the list of objects. If a guest has it in her purse, she should circle the corresponding number of points. Then have guests count up their points, and whoever has the most wins. If you’re looking for more modern baby shower games ideas, just convert this one to “What’s on Your Phone?”

Baby Shower Scramble

This baby shower game is a fan-favorite. After all, who doesn’t love solving a puzzle–especially when it’s baby-themed?

What you need: Paper, pens, a timer and a computer and printer or a copy machine.

Before the party: Decide on a few baby words, then jumble up the spelling on a sheet of paper to create anagrams. Make a copy for each guest.

How to play: Place a sheet of paper at every seat, and at some point during the party, put aside a minute to see how fast people can unscramble them. The person who figures out the most words in a minute wins.

Image: Laura Olivas / Getty Images

Baby Shower Games for Kids

Many baby showers include kids on the invite list—and while many of the best baby shower games are kid-friendly, not all of them are totally appropriate. These fun, interactive, PG picks make perfect baby shower games for kids.

Yum, Applesauce!

It’s not just toddlers who can’t get enough of applesauce—big kids love it too! They’ll get plenty of giggles out of this funny baby shower game that’s likely to get a bit messy.

What you need: Large plastic garbage bags, scissors, jars of applesauce, baby spoons and blindfolds.

Before the party: Cut holes in the bottom of the bags so they can be worn like a poncho.

How to play: Separate guests into teams of two. Have guests put trash bags over their clothes, then blindfold everyone. Give a jar of applesauce and two spoons to each team and have them feed each other. Whichever team finishes their applesauce first is the winner.

Pass The Pacifier

Here’s another high-energy, team-based baby shower game the kids are bound to get a kick out of.

What you need: Straws and pacifiers with handles.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Separate guests into teams of four or five and have them stand in a line with a straw in their mouths. The first person in line puts the pacifier onto their straw. When the host says “go!”, the first person passes the pacifier to the next person in line, straw to straw, no hands allowed. Have them continue down the line. Whichever team reaches the end of the line first wins.

Find the Socks!

This is one of the rare times when kids will actually want to help pair socks—so take full advantage!

What you need: 14 pairs of baby socks and a timer.

Before the party: No prep needed.

How to play: Put all the baby socks, unpaired, in a pile on the floor. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute. The person who matches the most socks is the winner.

Baby Shower Grab

Who can work quickly and carefully under pressure? You’ll find out in this fun baby shower game. It’s great for adults and kiddos alike.

What you need: Baby clothes, hangers, baby clothes pins and a timer.

Before the party: Clip multiple baby clothes onto a hanger using the clothespins. Place the hanger, with clothes, on a hook. Have one hanger of clothes for each guest.

How to play: Have each guest place one hand behind their back as they try to remove as many pieces of clothing as possible without dropping the clothes or the clothes pins. Whoever can get the most off in under a minute wins.

Pass The Dirty Diaper

This is hands-down one of the best baby shower games for kids. After all, this baby shower diaper game is actually a riff off the classic children’s game of hot potato.

What you need: Chocolate, a diaper and a music playlist.

Before the party: Melt the chocolate and pour onto the diaper.

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle and passes the “dirty” diaper around as the music plays. Then: hot potato! Whoever’s holding the diaper when the music stops is out of the game. Last guest standing is the winner.

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Question: What kind of games are played at a baby shower?


ByBenjamin Noah

Top 20 Baby Shower Games

  1. Don't Say Baby Mommy is the right word when it comes to baby!
  2. Game "Guess the child".
  3. Children's things in a bag.
  4. Secrets of father and mother.
  5. Children's sketch artist.
  6. Dirty diapers.
  7. Guess the baby food.
  8. Guess your mom's measurements.

How many games should I play at a baby shower?

How many games should I play at a baby shower? Depending on how long you want your baby shower to last, two or three games are usually enough to keep your guests entertained and entertained, while you still have plenty of time to talk to each other and to the mom-to-be. .

What games do baby souls play?

Best Baby Shower Games

  • How old was she? Here is another baby shower game that puts my mom in the spotlight.
  • you are that child
  • My water exploded!
  • Find a guest!
  • Guess the chocolate bar.
  • Guess the baby food.
  • Play from left to right.
  • Emoji anagram.

What's the perfect baby shower game?

BINGO is one of the best games for a children's party for one reason - guests open a gift in it! Print enough BINGO templates for each guest and fill in any blank fields with possible registration items. The winner is the one who gets the first row completely horizontally, vertically or diagonally!

How much fun is Baby Shower?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you have some real fun in your own soul.

  1. Do it together.
  2. Keep one separate for friends and family.
  3. Do this for three hours, maximum.
  4. Drink plenty of alcohol.
  5. Create an anonymous advice box labeled "Unsolicited advice".
  6. Choose a suitable location.
  7. Buy yourself a new outfit for the occasion.

How many prizes do you need for a baby shower?

How many prizes do you need? Your score must have a chance of winning at least 1 in 10. So, if you have 30 guests, you need at least 3 prizes.

Do you need to give prizes for baby shower games?

Baby shower games can be a great way to break the ice at your event, especially since some guests may not know each other. The awards ceremony also helps make the competition more fun and gives the winners an extra reason to smile. You have at least one prize for every game you want to play.

What can you do at a baby shower besides playing?

12 great kids party activities and ideas that aren't games

  • Diaper contest. By
  • Bring a book instead of a greeting card. Via
  • Diaper support news.
  • Do you have a memory from the Guestbook
  • The first lesson in the book with the alphabet of the baby.
  • Onesie stops.
  • Advice and best wishes.
  • Polaroid photo frame.

What happens at the baby shower?

Baby showers help future parents excel in things like diapers, baby clothes and more. In addition to preparing snacks and drinks, the host can provide guests with time for fun interactive children's games that keep guests entertained.

What do you do during your baby shower?

Baby showers are one of the most traditional ways to get together to express your joy about your pregnancy. This is a time for friends and family to spend time with expectant parents and "share" gifts, love, and well wishes before the baby is born.

How not to have a boring baby shower?

How to have a baby shower that doesn't stink

  1. Stop bathing them.
  2. Include men* and families.
  3. Make it an open house.
  4. Ask guests to bring gifts without wrapping.
  5. You have optional actions.
  6. Serve good food and drink.
  7. 20 thoughts on "How to have a baby shower that doesn't suck"

What is baby shower bingo?

Baby Shower Bingo is a popular baby shower game that guests and expectant mothers love. The guests play bingo while she opens her presents. The center is free, and each line wins horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

What's in the baby shower diaper bag?

For this game, you need to fill a bag, preferably a diaper bag, with useful baby items such as diapers, wipes, bib, pacifier, rattan and cream, which are inexpensive. Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper. Give each guest a bag and let them look into it without looking.

What not to do at a baby shower

These first tips are for caring hosts. Remember, this event is about what the expectant mother wants.

  • Don't forget to check out the menu with the mom-to-be.
  • Don't let your mother-to-be work!
  • Don't play the tummy tuck game.
  • Don't forget to pre-approve games with the expectant mother.
  • Don't forget to take photos.

Who should have a baby shower?

Most children's parties should be hosted by a sister, mother, mother-in-law or close friend. Traditionally, baby showers have been hosted by family members who were not close to the intended parents, to avoid the suggestion that close relatives want to collect gifts for themselves.

How to run an isolated baby shower

Here are some tips to follow to make showering not only fun, but also safe.

  1. Consider a baby shower in a car.
  2. Locate the remote social shower in a spacious area.
  3. Shorten your guest list or schedule an arrival.
  4. Make sure a mask is required for a social distancing birth party.

Free baby shower ideas to help you plan the perfect event

Free baby shower ideas to help you plan the perfect event - Baby Shower

Baby Showers are personal events designed to celebrate new life with family and friends in a fun and meaningful way. Regardless of the budget, anyone can arrange an unforgettable baby shower.

Planning Tips

Planning a baby shower can be both fun and tiring. There is a lot of pressure to make the event special, successful and fun for the mom-to-be. Start with organization.

can cats eat lactose-free milk
  • Interview the person you are hosting. Find out their expectations first, what they need, and the guest list so you know what to expect.
  • Create a schedule or calendar for deadlines and important dates, such as when to mail invitations and order cake.
  • Use a sharing platform such as Google Calendar Sharing to make it easy for multiple hosts to work together.
  • Organize your ideas by putting them in a folder or saving them to one place on the web, such as Pinterest.
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Creative Shower Themes

Custom and Online Baby Showers include a theme that either stems from the interests of the parents or a planned theme for the nursery.


Baby animals, religious inspiration and children's toys often dominate the world of children's decor. It is easy to find inspiration and ideas on popular topics.

  • Use blue with baby shower decorations for boys, such as a blue and white baby sock garland.
  • Baby shower decorations for girls use pink tones in flower arrangements and ceiling decorations such as fabric pompoms.
  • Add crosses and Noah's Ark elements to religious baby shower decorations.
  • Fun animal elements, such as monkey baby shower decorations, match the theme of the rainforest, jungle or zoo.
  • Classic storybook baby shower makes guests feel nostalgic by adding favorite books like The Cat in the Hat or classic fairy tales.


Creative baby boy shower ideas feature male characters such as cows, superheroes and military personnel. Unique baby shower themes like tea party, baby-q or freezer add an element of surprise by embracing the unexpected. To create a unique and personal theme, consider centering decor and food around:

  • Favorite childhood game, such as Pie
  • Parental occupation, such as policeman or teacher
  • Inside joke or nickname for child or parents
  • Get creative and try something new, like a little ninja theme. Add a fun line like "Say hi to my little ninja!" for cake and invitations. Serve Asian dishes and decorate with Asian highlights by adding blue or pink to the décor.

Invitation Ideas

Baby shower invitations are often the first chance for friends and family to learn more about a newborn's nursery or a parent's desire for clothes and toys. Invitations should include all important information about the event, but should also reflect the tone and theme of the event. You can buy ready-made invitations in stores or online.

Personalize invitations

Everything from images to text can be personalized. The wording of a baby shower invitation can be serious, funny, sentimental, traditional, or wacky, and is geared specifically to a boy, girl, gender surprise, or a few. Before you buy or print invitations, consider including:

  • Traditional or original baby shower poems to convey the emotion and excitement of meeting a new baby flower."
  • Religious quotes, blessings or baby shower prayers about the role of faith in the family.

Home Invitations

If you plan to make invitations by hand, there are many interesting ways to personalize them:

  • Use your multifunction printer/copier at home to make copies of ultrasound images printed on cards. As on the postcard, write the party details and addresses on the back.
  • Use fabric markers to write invitation details on a baby washcloth or cloth diaper. Deliver invitations by hand or place them in envelopes before mailing.
  • Find old paperback children's books at library sales or yard sales. Look for postcard-sized books. Tear off the front cover, write the party information on the front, and address them on the blank back.
  • Write or print the invitation on standard carbon paper. Roll it up to fit in a small baby bottle, like a message in a bottle. Deliver invitations by hand or pack them in small boxes for mailing.
  • Make ice cookies in the form of baby items such as bottles and diapers. Use the gel icing to write the party information on the cookies.

You can also create invitations on your computer.

  • Download the printable invitations and customize them with party details and cute images like footprints, monkeys and angels.
  • Create a unique diaper invitation using boy, girl or gender neutral diaper invitation printable templates.
  • Use a design program such as Adobe Photoshop to add text or graphics to a photo or create fun new images, such as putting parents' heads on children's bodies. Once printed, the image can be mailed as a postcard or shared on social media.
  • Update your standard word processing invitation templates with baby shower pictures of adorable baby rattles, rompers and storks.

Fun Games

A typical baby shower includes food, games and gifts, making the event as much about friends and family as it is about the baby. Traditional baby shower games, like Guess the Girth, where guests use pieces of toilet paper to show how big they think mom-to-be's stomach is, are easy to plan and evoke nostalgia. Look for ways to combine one or two classic games with some modern ideas or personalization. When planning games, consider the age and ability of the guests, as well as the venue and the expected clothing of the guests. Don't forget to reward members with great in-game prizes like spa kits, candles, or gift certificates.

Original games

If you're looking for unique games that you're not familiar with, these ideas might help.

  • Guess the Gender : Collect sonograms from friends and family, be sure to note the gender of the baby and close it if indicated on the sonogram. Number the pictures and hang them on the bulletin board. Ask guests to look at all the sonograms and try to guess if the picture is a boy or a girl.
  • Kids Relays : Pair up the guests. Make three to five evenly spaced stations, each with items needed by babies (bottle, diaper, wipes, toys, overalls). Teams must race to grab each item and return it to its starting point while moving like a baby. At the first station, one teammate must carry the other, like a baby, to the subject. In the next section, both team members should switch to an item. In the last section, both team members must approach the element. For five stations, you can enable swipe and army crawl.

Modern games

Other exciting new games to add to the shower include:

  • Free printable games like Baby Trivia that test guests' knowledge of babies in general or a specific family.
  • Crazy baby shower libraries that encourage creativity and humor by adding baby words to shower stories
  • Bottles up! where guests compete to drink from a baby bottle and other action games to get guests up and moving
  • Difficult or messy diaper games like Name the Poopie can ruin even the most experienced moms.
  • Quiz games such as the Candy Bar Game where guests combine classic candies with children's items.

Great food

Baby shower menu ideas can be inspired by your event time, location or theme and include appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks. It's not a good time to shower right now, so try to include options that work for you.

Satisfy the crowd

What matters most are options that cater to a wide variety of tastes. A shower that falls between regular meals should include fun recipes, such as eggs stuffed with hen's eggs to eat with your hands. If the event takes place between breakfast and lunch, serve a brunch menu with items such as fruit, bread, and meats that can be used as breakfast or lunch, depending on individual preferences.

The easiest and most inclusive way to cater to a crowd is to host a baby shower buffet with a variety of options including sandwiches and casseroles that guests can make for themselves. No baby shower is complete without nostalgic group drinks like the refreshing fruit punch, which can be made with a variety of combinations of fruits, sodas and sorbets.

Dessert in the spotlight

Dessert is the highlight of every meal for a baby in the shower. This is your chance to get creative with ordering or making the cutest dessert ever. Regardless of your budget, time frame, or available resources, there is a baby shower cake idea that is just right for you.

  • Simple homemade baby shower cupcakes with bright frosting and fun sprinkles.
  • Skilled hands can make unique and intricate baby shower cupcakes with delicious edible decorations such as ladybug lollipops.
  • Find inspirational designs by looking at photos of Wilton shower cakes, known for their extravagance.

Simple modern homemade desserts include:

  • Rattle cake pops: Make the cake pop by hand rolling or special shape. Decorate a portion of the iced cake with dots, then wrap the stick with themed ribbon, gluing the ends to the stick.
  • Stacked cookie blocks: use a square cookie cutter to make sugar cookies. Freeze the squares with solid colored icing, then paint each with a single letter or number using the base color to make them look like children's blocks. Place them on a serving tray or in bags.
  • Monogrammed cupcake display: Bake cupcakes on single color liners such as green. Freeze matching lined cupcakes for a one-color look. Arrange frosted cupcakes in the form of children's initials on the dessert table.

Decorating your shower

Include decorations outside the venue, such as pennants or easels, along with those inside. This helps to create a festive atmosphere and gives guests directions if they are unfamiliar with the place.

When it comes to baby shower decoration ideas like clothesline signs and napkin napkins, start with the basics and add elements of personality or theme where possible. Certain themes call for a combination of wall, ceiling, and table decorations, including balloons, banners, and tablecloths. Finding and making unique jewelry can be tricky. However, home decorations add personality and allow you to customize any theme.

Baby shower and table decoration ideas range from simple to complex. When decorating the table, make sure centerpieces don't get in the way of guests talking or participating in games and activities. To save money and cleanup time, use table centerpieces that can be used as in-game prizes.

  • Napkin tabs are charming and amazing for guests.
  • Compositions of fresh flowers with the image of the breath of the child or solid colors that match the theme are lively and elegant.
  • Diaper cakes with stacked diapers with ribbons are visually appealing to guests and functional to a newborn.
  • Baby blocks personalize the event by writing the child's name in the center of each table.
  • Baby photos of future parents in cubes are unique and individual.
  • A small rope of baby clothes hanging from two baby bottles creates a cute, functional table divider. Fill the bottles with formula to make them heavier.
  • Stacked children's board books stand alone or serve as a base for other items on a sideboard or separate tables.

Cute shower favors

Baby shower favors are a cute and easy way to say thank you to your guests and give them a souvenir from a special event. Souvenirs can be anything small and portable, for example: