Baby shower food set up

6 Baby Shower Food Ideas to Crave & Save

Whether this is your first time hosting a baby shower or you’re a seasoned pro throwing your loved one a sprinkle, you know that all great celebrations require special attention to detail. Creative baby shower food ideas are the perfect way to add in those details.

Consider including some of our favorite top catering trends of 2022, like curated cocktails (or mocktails), breakfast for dinner, or mini bites. Your guests and parents-to-be will appreciate such thoughtful and creative fare. PartySlate has gathered 6 baby shower food ideas we know you will love — and your caterer will love creating.

1. Serve Bite Size Snacks

Tiny bites are one of our favorite catering trends and one of our favorite ways to celebrate your tiny one to come. One-bite snacks allow guests to keep mingling and celebrating while they eat, not missing a single baby shower game or activity.

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Charcuterie Is Always A Good Idea

From grazing boards to personal mini boards, charcuterie is always a crowd pleaser. More than just meats and cheeses, talk to your caterer about the fun extras you can add to your charcuterie boards like fruit, nuts, bread, and more.

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Keep Your Baby Shower Food On Theme

If you have chosen a fun theme for your baby shower, why not also keep your food on theme? Take some time to explore creative baby shower themes, and see how to incorporate your food into the aesthetic of your celebration.

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A Buffet-Style Luncheon Gives Guests Options

If you prefer to make your baby shower a luncheon, serving the fare buffet-style is a great way to give guests options, accommodate allergies, and allow for a flexible party schedule.

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Sweets & Treats Are a Must

Get creative and have fun with your dessert table. Everyone loves a colorful cake, petit four, delicate macarons, or cookie in creative shapes. Let your sweet tooth take over and order all of the sweets that your bakery has to offer.

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Pour Drinks That Both Parents & Guests Can Enjoy

Another one of our favorite catering trends is creative cocktails and mocktails. From engraved ice cubes to custom printed drink toppers, your drinks can become the star of the show.

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People Also Ask…

What food do you serve at a baby shower brunch?

As a host, you have many catering options for a baby shower. When serving brunch, you can to opt to set up a buffet, sit-down meal, or have small bites set out to snack on throughout. Foods like chicken and waffles, mini pancakes, and yogurt parfaits are always a big hit at brunch. Don’t forget the classic brunch staple: a mimosa bar. Customize your mimosa bar with sliced fruits and juices to offer a chic nonalcoholic option. You can find more brunch ideas (as well as the caterers to pull them off) on PartySlate.

What vendors do I need to plan a baby shower?

Finding an event planner for your baby shower is your first step. From there, finalizing your venue should be your top priority. Whether you choose a private residence or an event venue, your design and décor team will help you realize your vision. Finding your caterer is also key, especially when you have so many fun baby shower food ideas that you want to incorporate into the celebration. Don’t forget to secure photographers and videographers to capture this special day.

start planning your baby shower now

Baby Shower Food Ideas - Baby Chick

Hosting a baby shower is such an important job to support a mother-to-be. I will never forget my baby shower and all the work my mom put into it to host for me. I am forever grateful!

Planning a baby shower is a lot of work, from the guest list to the décor, the baby shower games, and most importantly, the food. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into a shower.

What to Consider When Planning the Baby Shower Food

When planning the menu, you want to consider the preferences of the mother-to-be and serve some of her favorite foods, along with considering the theme.

The theme of my shower was “Fiesta, Baby,” and we had a taco and nacho bar—some of my favorite things and on theme! You will also want to consider your guests’ dietary needs and ensure you have some gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan offerings mixed in. That way there is a little something for everyone in the spread. Of course, make sure to have plenty of bottles of hand sanitizer available to your guests as they prepare to make their way through the food offering. This will help keep everyone healthy.

Baby Shower Appetizers

Finger foods are excellent to serve at baby showers, and anything “mini” is always a charming option for the food table. I love going to a baby shower where many different appetizers are served. Bonus points if they are on a toothpick or in a single serving cup! Serving many appetizers is a great way to have lots of options for your guests that meet the needs of even the pickiest of attendees. Here are some delicious ideas for appetizers:

  • Pimento cheese crostini
  • Charcuterie board
  • Individual cups of cut veggies and dressing
  • Tea sandwiches
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Sandwich pinwheels
  • Meatballs
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Mini crab cakes
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Spanakopita

Baby Shower Buffet

Buffets of entrée foods are a great, inclusive baby shower food idea for your guests. They can choose exactly how they want to customize their meal according to their preferences and dietary needs. I have shared some fun buffet ideas and examples of items to put on that buffet that will give your guests many options.

  • Taco/nacho bar (taco meat, chicken, refried beans, sour cream, salsa, taco shells, tortillas, corn chips)
  • Baked potato bar (cheese, chili, sour cream, chives, butter, bacon, ham, black olives, scallions, chicken)
  • BBQ and fixins (pulled chicken, pulled pork, brisket, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, cornbread)
  • Bagels (various cream cheese flavors, lox, capers, pickled onions, dill)

Baby Shower Brunch

A common time for baby showers is a brunch shower! I have often been to showers late Sunday morning, and I love a good brunch shower. Here are some yummy options for baby shower food ideas during brunch:

  • Mini quiches
  • Breakfast casserole(s) both with meat and vegetarian
  • Deviled eggs
  • Baked French toast
  • Chicken salad on Hawaiian rolls
  • Croissants
  • Scones
  • Muffins
  • Fruit salad

Baby Shower Desserts

The options for baby shower desserts are endless and the center of a shower’s celebration. Most traditionally, you can serve a beautiful cake decorated akin to the shower’s theme. A trendy idea is to have a dessert bar with lots of different options for your guests to choose from. Here are some other more non-traditional dessert ideas:

  • Decorate your own cookie station
  • Cinnamon buns (cute for a “bun in the oven” theme)
  • Cake pops
  • Cookies
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Petit fours
  • Cupcakes
  • Fun-sized candy bars
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Personalized M&M’s
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Chex Muddy Buddies

Baby Shower Drinks

The drinks you offer at a baby shower depend heavily on the theme! One cute theme that I have seen is “Something’s Brewing.” You would serve beer and coffee at that shower. At a brunch shower, you’ll probably have a mimosa bar with lots of different juice offerings. Depending on the time of day and audience, a signature cocktail inspired by the mother-to-be is also a cute idea! Of course, a nice offering to have is mini bottles of water. I find that at events where the mini bottles are served, it cuts down on the half-empty bottles of water being found everywhere when the event is over!

  • Mimosa bar (various fruit juices such as mango, pineapple, orange)
  • Coffee or hot cocoa station
  • Iced tea
  • Hot tea
  • Infused water
  • Signature cocktail
  • Bottled water

I hope this inspires you as you plan for baby shower hosting responsibilities. You can mix and match from this list of food ideas and pull off a flawless shower! The guests and mother-to-be will love what you put together, no matter what you choose to do.

🎖▷ Why you don't have to worry about weight gain with Lamictal


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If you're worried that taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) might cause weight gain, there's good news. It probably won't affect your weight much. If anything, you're more likely to lose weight due to Lamictal than gain weight, but either way, the changes are likely to be pretty small.
The effect of Lamictal on weight has been little studied and various clinical trials have found minimal effect. In fact, some researchers even considered the drug as a possible remedy for obesity and as a remedy for overeating. This information should be reassuring for people with bipolar disorder, as many of the medications used to treat this condition can cause weight gain.

Lamictal findings and weight gain or loss
Lamictal is an anticonvulsant that can be used to treat seizures such as epilepsy. It is also used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder.
In the first clinical trials with the drug, 5 percent of adults with epilepsy lost weight while taking Lamictal, while 1 to 5 percent of patients with bipolar I disorder gained weight while taking the drug. The researchers do not disclose how much weight patients have gained or lost.
Meanwhile, a 2006 study comparing the effects on weight of Lamictal, lithium, and placebo found that some Lamictal-treated patients gained weight, some lost weight, and most remained about the same weight. Weight changes are usually not many pounds anyway. Obese patients taking Lamictal lost an average of four pounds, while the weight of non-obese patients remained virtually unchanged.
Relationship between weight gain and other bipolar drugs
Weight gain from medications used to treat bipolar disorder is unfortunately quite common. Some mood stabilizers commonly used for bipolar disorder, especially lithium and Depakote (valproate), carry a high risk of weight gain.
In addition, the atypical antipsychotics Clozaril (clozapine) and Zyprexa (olanzapine) tend to cause significant weight gain in people who take them. Finally, some antidepressants, notably Paxil (paroxetine) and Remeron (mirtazapine), have been associated with weight gain.
Therefore, if you are already overweight, you and your psychiatrist may want to consider additional weight gain when determining your bipolar medication regimen. Based on this, Lamictal may be a good choice.
Lamictal as a possible treatment for obesity
Lamictal has also been studied as a possible treatment for obesity in people without epilepsy or bipolar disorder.
In a small clinical study of 40 people conducted in 2006, researchers randomly assigned participants to receive either lamiktal or placebo for up to 26 weeks. Each participant in the study had a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40, placing them in the obese group to the level of severe obesity. Those who took Lamictal lost an average of just over 10 pounds. Those who took the placebo lost about 7 pounds in the meantime, so while those who took Lamictal lost more weight, they didn't lose all that much more.
Another study in 2009 looked at Lamictal as a remedy for overeating. This study involved 51 people with the condition that 26 of them received Lamictal, and 25 - placebo.
Those who took Lamictal lost more weight than those who took placebo (about 2.5 pounds vs. about one third of a pound) and did have significant improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol lab test results. However, Lamictal did not appear to affect other aspects of the eating disorder when compared to placebo.

  • Culture or Religion
  • Linens
  • Enrolling
  • Subsequent Pregnant Souls
  • Conclusion
  • Once you get past the initial shock of getting a positive pregnancy test, you will begin to accept the idea of ​​becoming a parent.

    As doctor visits and ultrasounds come and go, it all starts to feel more real. Soon you will bring home a child.

    Babies don't need many things in the early days, but there are a number of things that can make life with a newborn much easier. Signing up for the gifts you receive in the shower can ease some of the financial burden.

    Here's how to decide when you should have a baby shower.


    Your baby shower date is a personal decision. Some couples may not want to shower before the baby is born. Others prefer to have it right away.

    Please take into account any personal, religious or cultural backgrounds before setting a date. However, most showers are performed in the last two months of pregnancy.

    Why does this time work well? First, you are out of the most risky part of pregnancy in the third trimester. This means that the chance of miscarriage is greatly reduced.

    It is also important to know the sex of the baby, which is usually detected on ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks. This may affect your registry decisions.

    Special Situations

    While most couples plan to shower later in their pregnancy, there are a number of situations you may encounter that could cause your baby shower to start earlier or later.

    High risk

    Are you at risk for preterm birth? Have you had any problems during your pregnancy that suggest you may be placed on bed rest or have other restrictions? If so, you can schedule a baby shower earlier or wait until your baby is born.

    A multiple of

    If you have twins or other multiples, you may have a much earlier birth. Women carrying twins are six times more likely to have twins before 37 weeks than women carrying only one child.

    Culture or religion

    Some women may be reluctant to shower before having a baby due to religious or cultural practices. For example, Jewish law does not forbid couples from hosting baby showers. But some Jewish couples find it taboo to buy baby supplies, clothes, or decorate the nursery before the baby is born.

    Bed linen

    If you have been placed on bed rest at home or in a hospital, the shower situation can change completely. You can still lay low and put your feet up while close friends and family come to your house. Not registered yet? Many stores offer virtual registries where you can browse and add items from your own living room.

    The good news is that no matter what happens, you can really take a shower anytime, anywhere. Even the best plans sometimes have to be adjusted due to unforeseen situations. There are websites like Web Baby Shower that will help you organize a virtual shower with friends and family from all over the world.


    You can register for a baby shower at your local store or online. Look at Amazon for a list of the top 100 listings.

    Try not to get involved in everything superfluous. Instead, stick to the basics. If you're planning on having more kids, you can use gender-neutral themes for some of the larger items like strollers, car seats, crib bedding, and more.

    Try to make a register about your family and lifestyle. What works for some families may not work for others. If you haven't received everything on your list, you can wait until the baby is born to see if you need it. From there, you can check second hand stores and yard sales for neatly used items.

    Subsequent Pregnant Showers

    Should you shower if this is your second or third pregnancy? There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. Your family, friends and co-workers can go further and plan showers for you. As far as planning on your own, you may want to consider how much you need to get started.

    If you have had a significant gap between pregnancies, you may certainly need some items.

    Learn more