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50 Pretty in Pink Baby Shower Food Ideas for a Girl

These luscious recipes and pink food ideas are perfect for a baby shower menu.

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My daughter loves all things pink, so this recipe was just right for her birthday. Even my teenage son (not a fan of pink) ate his share, too. —Paulette Smith, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Tangy mayonnaise-Dijon sauce adds zip to flaky pastry and layers of crisp arugula, thinly sliced smoked salmon and nutty-flavored Asiago cheese. —Jamie Brown-Miller, Napa, California

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My guests enjoy this refreshing cherry-topped drink. It’s just right on a hot southern summer evening. And it’s pretty, too.—Awynne Thurstenson, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

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This appetizer or side dish makes a crispy complement to any Italian entree. I just started with my grandmother’s bruschetta recipe and added fresh tomatoes! It’s one of the yummiest bruschetta recipes I’ve found. —Jean Franzoni, Rutland, Vermont

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After a card game one evening, our hostess served graham crackers spread with prepared strawberry cream cheese. The flavor combination was delicious. So I decided to create this Strawberry Cream Cheese Dip using fresh berries. Guests appreciate this simple snack. —Carol Gaus, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

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These little cuties pack all the appeal of a dinner baked potato into the perfect bite-sized appetizer. I top off each one with a dollop of sour cream and coarsely ground pepper. —Sarah Shaikh, Mumbai, India

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I make these attractive, buttery cookies to serve at our remote guest lodge, and all the cooks in the kitchen are addicted to them! —Patsy Wolfenden, Golden, British Columbia

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Radishes are often overlooked as a mere salad garnish, but their bright, crisp flavor is a welcome addition to many dishes, including this orange guacamole. For balance, pair radish’s peppery crunch with a soft, sweet fruit. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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We eat grapefruit for breakfast and in winter fruit salads—why not for dessert? Here’s a sweet-tart cake that’s easy, delicious and one of a kind. Oh, and healthy, too! —Maiah Miller, Montclair, Vermont

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Years ago, I found a version of this sausage and meatballs recipe in a cookbook. At first taste, my family judged it a keeper. The tangy, saucy meatballs are requested by our friends whenever I host card night. We also take the yummy dish on camping trips. —Marybell Lintott, Vernon, British Columbia

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Rhubarb is the featured ingredient in this blush-colored punch. A friend passed the recipe on to me, and we enjoy it so much that I thought others might, too. —Rebecca Mininger, Jeromesville, Ohio

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This is a dessert take on bruschetta. Sweet, cinnamony toast slices are topped with a cream cheese mixture, strawberries and almonds. They are like miniature cheesecakes and so yummy! —Christi Meixner, Aurora, Illinois

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When unexpected company calls during the holidays, this shrimp salad is the perfect fit. It’s quick to put together, too, leaving you more time to spend with your guests. — Karen Moore, Jacksonville, Florida

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Pomegranates make dessert festive and bright with a burst of juicy sweetness. These pomegranate bars are no exception. —Lisa Keys, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

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Faced with an abundant grape crop, I created this easy, impressive-looking dessert. I like to add a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of coarse sugar to finish it off. —Kallee Krong-McCreery, Escondido, California

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Our seven children and four grandkids voted this festive, flavorful cookie a “keeper.” We gave a batch to our mail carrier, in thanks for trudging through so much snow, and she asked for the recipe. —Ruth Anne Dale, Titusville, Pennsylvania

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These tempting cheese-stuffed tomatoes are bursting with fresh flavor. Use the small end of a melon scoop to easily remove the pulp. —Laura LeRoy, Waxhaw, North Carolina

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My next-door neighbor shared this recipe with me, and I simply cannot improve it! You can make it ahead and cook it quickly when company arrives. The combo of poppy seeds, ham and cheese, horseradish and brown sugar makes it so delicious. —Iris Weihemuller, Baxter, Minnesota

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I learned to bake beside my mom and grandmother. When I was on break from college, I knew just how to entertain myself: I made cookies. Sharing this recipe with my mom and grandmother was a proud moment.—Andrea Zulauf, Livonia, New York

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This calorie and caffeine-free tea has a delightful rosy color.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

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This recipe is a spinoff a cherry chicken main dish my husband adores. The combination of sweet, tart and salty flavors provides a contrast that’s hard to resist. —Shelley Platten, Amherst, Wisconsin

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This salmon dip is a delightful hors d’oeuvre that’s excellent for any occasion. The combination of salmon, cream cheese and spices gives it terrific flavor. —Raymonde Hebert Bernier, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

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Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorite desserts. I thought it would be great to capture all that wonderful flavor, so I made these strawberry shortcake cookies topped with pink strawberry frosting. —Allison Anderson, Avondale, Arizona

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These finger sandwiches are filling enough to satisfy hearty appetites. I've served the fun little stacks at every event, including holiday gatherings, showers and tailgate parties. —Kelly Williams, Forked River, New Jersey

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Dainty and light, these tartlets feature two of my favorites —lemon and cheesecake —in one yummy morsel. They look lovely topped with fresh raspberries, but sliced strawberries are just as pretty and delicious. —Gwyn Brandt, Hibbing, Minnesota

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My husband and I met at a cooking class. We have loved creating menus and entertaining ever since. These make-ahead antipasto skewers are always a hit. —Denise Hazen, Cincinnati, Ohio

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These luscious stuffed berries are the perfect bite-sized dessert. —Stephen Munro, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

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I like to take these quick and easy treats to potlucks and family gatherings. They're always well received! —Pam Kokes, North Loup, Nebraska

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A line forms quickly behind this quichelike torte at family gatherings. The wedges are easy to eat as finger food, and it's delicious hot or cold. — Barbara Estabrook, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

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Topped with a chocolate kiss, these cherry-flavored cookies look super cute on a dessert tray. Share them with family and friends. —Joy Yurk, Grafton, Wisconsin

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This fruit salad has such a surprising yet fabulous mix of flavors that friends often ask for the recipe. Combine seedless watermelon varieties in yellow, red and pink for a colorful twist. —Heidi Haight, Macomb, Michigan

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Talk about a conversation piece! These fun, yummy bars will get people talking. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Making this salad is a lot like putting in a garden. I “plant” everything in nice, neat sections, just as I do with seedlings. —Patricia Kile, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

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These pretty pink cookies always turn out so tender. They are the hit of my holiday! —Barbara Nowakowski, North Tonawanda, New York

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I first made this ham salad recipe for a shower, and everyone raved about it. Now when I go to a potluck, I take it—along with copies of the recipe. —Patricia Reed, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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Every spring, we had strawberries and rhubarb on our farm outside Seattle. These fruity hand pies remind me of those times and of Grandma Winnie’s baking. —Shawn Carleton, San Diego, California

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This lovely appetizer is almost too pretty to eat! Sweet watermelon cubes hold a refreshing topping that showcases cucumber, red onion and fresh herbs. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Eat these pretty treats as is or crush them into a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Readers of my blog,, went nuts when I posted that idea.—Amy Tong, Anaheim, California

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Roast beef sandwiches never last long at a party, especially if you dollop them with mayo, mustard, horseradish and pickled giardiniera relish. —Susan Hein, Burlington, Wisconsin

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For a fruit salad that’s delightful, we combine berries and citrus with a honey-lime dressing flecked with poppy seeds. —Carrie Howell, Lehi, Utah

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Not your ordinary layer dip, the bold combination of hummus and Greek yogurt will be a new most-requested recipe at your next baby shower or gathering. —Elizabeth Dumont, Boulder, Colorado

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This recipe explodes with raspberry flavor! It's a wonderful summertime treat.—Doreen Patterson, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

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Baking a fun treat is a must when my four grandchildren come to stay for "grandma camp." Sometimes the grandkids help by piping the cake batter. —Linda Schend, Kenosha, Wisconsin

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When it’s too hot to eat inside, I head out to the patio. Shred some rotisserie chicken and toss with mango, watermelon and grapes for an ooh-ahh healthy chicken salad. —Barbara Spitzer, Lodi, California

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Store-bought spaghetti sauce speeds up the preparation of these homemade meatball appetizers. Leftovers make terrific sub sandwiches.—Rene McCrory, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Our family loves fresh strawberries, so I look for different ways to use them. This tempting, yummy dessert has sweet strawberries, tart lime and salty pretzels. —Alexandra Barnett, Forest, Virginia

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These sandwiches are always welcome at lunchtime around our house. Sweet pineapple and crunchy pecans are nice additions to ordinary chicken salad. —Carol Alexander, Midland, Michigan

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Summertime and watermelon go hand in hand. My melon sorbet is fresh, fruity and without the gluten and eggs you get in many other frozen desserts. —Rachel Lewis, Danville, Virginia

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The variety of tomatoes, onions and peppers makes this chunky salsa so good. Whenever I try to take a batch to a get-together, it’s hard to keep my family from finishing it off first! It’s a super snack with tortilla chips or as a relish with meat. —Connie Siese, Wayne, Michigan

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These fruity kabobs are so refreshing on a warm day. They're also a quick and easy treat for get-togethers. —Kathleen Hedger, Godfrey, Illinois

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Originally Published: July 19, 2021

Ellie Martin Cliffe

Now Taste of Home's content director, Ellie has been writing about food and parenting for almost 20 years. When she isn't at TOH HQ, she's likely trying gluten- and dairy-free recipes, canning whatever's in season, listening to anything with a fiddle, or playing Forbidden Island with her family.

Girl Baby Shower Food - Cooks Well With Others

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To celebrate the arrival of my daughter’s friend’s baby girl, I created a menu of Girl Baby Shower Food as the theme.

For some strange reason, I dream in food… and for parties and celebrations the weirdness is on a whole new level because I NAME the dang food.

So, below you’ll see links to the recipes I made and also the names that I gave to each dish to go along with the baby girl theme 🙂

Since no party is complete without some fun drinks, the first table was a Mom-Mosa Bar!

And here is all of the Girl Baby Shower Food Ideas, starting with “Bowtie” Pasta Salad

So I went with the bowtie shaped pasta salad, since baby girl’s wear bowtie headbands a lot.

The pasta salad itself was very simple with cooked pasta and lots of ranch dressing along with tomatoes, broccoli, shredded carrots, and shredded cheese.

I added kosher salt, pepper, some dry ranch seasoning, and Old Bay as well.

Pasta salad really absorbs the ranch dressing, so right before serving I would recommend adding more ranch dressing so it’s not dry.

I also have Greek Pasta Salad and Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad as other options.

The dips I made were “Winging it as a Parent” Chicken Wing Dip and “Ready to Pop” Jalapeno Popper Cranberry Dip

This is my simple recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Wing Dip!

A little spicy, full of flavor, and so easy to keep warm in the slow cooker.

Set out some Fritos Scoops and Tortilla chips for dipping.

More dip options include BLT Dip, Caramelized Onion Bacon Dip, and Chorizo Taco Dip.

And this Jalapeno Popper Cranberry Dip is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy!

The recipe link directions are for making it in a casserole dish, but just add all ingredients into the slow cooker and set it to low for about two hours stirring a few times.

For the shower, I set the two slow cookers next to each other with a giant bowl with the two types of chips.

And if you don’t want the cranberries, make this regular Jalapeno Popper Dip.

In buffet style pans with warmers I have Mini Crab Cakes, Hanky Panky, and Pigs in a Blanket all with fun names of course.

These Mini Crab Cakes “because sometimes your mini gets crabby” were quite a hit.

I followed my recipe for Blackstone Crab Cakes with Old Bay Aioli, but just made them smaller in size.

And if you don’t have a Blackstone griddle, simply make them in smaller batches in a skillet.

The buffet set I ordered from Amazon kept everything warm and I served the sauce on the side.

Hanky Panky brings a baby, am I right?!

These hanky panky appetizers I made by cooking some sausage in a skillet, breaking it apart as it cooked.

Then stir in some Velveeta cheese and cream cheese.

I could not find the traditional party rye bread, so I cut regular rye bread into fourths with the crust removed.

Then rolled them flat on a baking sheet and topped with the sausage mixture.

And baked in a 400 degree oven for about 8 minutes.

Regular pigs in a blanket are extra cute when you call them “swaddled”.

I wanted to have a kid friendly option and these were great.

Cut the hot dogs into thirds, and each crescent roll triangle in half.

Then roll them up and place on a baking sheet.

And into a 350 degree oven for about 14 to 15 minutes.

I set out both ketchup and mustard for dipping.

Two choices for “Bun in the Oven Sliders” for more Girl Baby Shower Food options

These are on King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls.

One tray had ham and swiss and also turkey and cheddar sliders with mayo on the side.

And the other tray has Slow Cooker Chicken Salad with lettuce, or you could go with Healthy Homemade Chicken Salad.

You could also make Cheesy Meatball Sliders or Chicken Bacon Ranch Sliders as more great options!

The last Girl Baby Shower Food is Candied Bacon!

And that’s with “sugar and spice and everything nice” because that’s what little girls are made of 😉

You can make regular Candied Bacon in the oven, or Traeger Bourbon Candied Bacon.

Or maybe even Air Fryer Twisted Candied Bacon!

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How to have the perfect baby shower: ideas, games, tricks and more!

Baby Shower is a party dedicated to the fact that a woman is pregnant and has little time left. The arrival of your baby in the world is celebrated in the last month of pregnancy. It is a very famous party in the United States and has gradually spread all over the world. This holiday consists of gifts for the expectant mother, but in fact they are for her motherhood. That is, they can be a gift to her for motherhood or directly to the baby. nine0003

This holiday will help the mother think and prepare everything necessary for the birth of her baby. Usually the gifts are baby clothes, baby games, big and expensive gifts such as baby carriages, cribs, they can also give diaper cakes, etc.

ZIP code

  • 1 Significance of baby showers
  • 2 How to organize a baby shower
    • 2. 1 Choose a date, place and time
    • 2.2 Define a guest list
    • 2.3 Determine the budget
    • 2.4 invitations to children's shower
    • 2.5 Plan details
  • 3 Ideas for the children's shower
    • 3.1 Children's games for shower
    • 3.2 Crafts for the children's shower
  • 4 Boy in baby shower and Girl in baby shower
  • Meaning of baby showers

    Baby shower is translated and understood as "baby shower" although the literal translation is "baby shower". In Spain, for example, it is not called "baby party" but is also called "baby shower", without the need to translate the meaning of these words into English. nine0003

    Usually this celebration is the desire of the mother and is organized by her or, otherwise, by someone close to the mother-to-be who wants to surprise her with such a special event in which both she and her child will be the main characters. Moreover, The purpose of this type of party is to have a good time for everyone and guests.

    How to Organize a Baby Shower

    When organizing a baby shower, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the party perfect. So with good organization, everything will run smoothly, and therefore below you can find some tips on how to make everything perfect. With the following tips in mind, you will be calmer from the moment you think about hosting this event, and you will know that everything will be perfect. nine0003

    Choose a date, place and time

    Think about where you want it to be, a place and time when your guests can have a good time. Ideally, should be done when the mother is between 7 and 8 months pregnant. It also gives you time to think about the gifts you want to receive at the party and make a list to guide guests.

    Location will depend on your budget. It can be your home, a hotel, a restaurant with private rooms... Choose the option that you like best, but above all, what you can afford without throwing your hands on your head afterwards. nine0003

    Define the guest list

    It's important to know who you want to invite to your baby shower so that it's a special party and only the most important people are there for you. Don't invite people you don't want to be or don't get along, it doesn't make sense.

    Set a budget

    You need to set a budget for the baby shower so you know how much money you can spend on small items for your guests, snacks for everyone, decoration... You don't want to spend more than you have because otherwise, instead of enjoying the event, you will only feel restless.

    Baby Shower Invitations

    Invitations can be as original as you like. You can allocate some of the budget for them to be beautiful, for example, a graphic designer will make them for you. Or, if not, you can send them via email or whatsapp and save on that. nine0003

    Ideally, your guests should receive it at least a month before the party. This way, they will have time to plan and be present, as well as the opportunity to buy a gift in time.

    Here's a great idea for a Baby Shower invitation. Make it very easy!

    Here is another video with other baby shower invitation ideas so you can choose the one you like best.

    Plan the details

    Plan the details, food, what you need to buy, drinks, games to keep guests entertained... Organize activities to create a flow of fun and keep everyone entertained all the time. When the guests start arriving, you can allow yourself about 30 minutes to drink and eat, and then, when everyone is there, start the activity. Serve food by opening presents and don't forget dessert and coffee afterwards.

    Baby Shower Ideas

    Next we are going to give you ideas so you can enjoy your baby shower is fabulous. So that both you and your guests can enjoy it and make it really a great memory. If you're short on ideas, don't miss out on the following:

    • Keep a signature book so guests can leave you a nice comment.
    • Create a special party library that talks about motherhood to clear any doubts!
    • Don't forget to eat healthy snacks, even if you have a sweet tooth, there are guests who would rather take care of their line! nine0016
    • But don't forget the sweet too...
    • Soft drinks are your option, but for your guests you can order cocktails with and without alcohol, so everyone can choose, but you have to drink responsibly!
    • Drinks can be pretty fun, how about pouring them into bottle-shaped containers instead of ordinary glasses?
    • Take the time to tell guests the details. They will be buying gifts for your child and for you, so it's a good idea that you also prepare some small things for them. They will feel special and leave your party very happy. Customize different for men and women or the same for all! nine0016

    Other good ideas enjoy party games , make crafts, make a special baby shower cake or think about how to decorate it individually. You will learn more about this below.

    Baby shower games

    There are many games you can make for your guests, for example:

    • Original names. Guests will have to come up with original names and then put them together.
    • I'm like a baby. nine0006 Everyone should come to the party with a picture of you as a baby with your name on the back. The photos will then be hung on a string, a photo will be selected and the guest will have to guess who it is. If the photo is correct, it is removed, if not, it is returned to the string and someone else has to guess it.
    • Guess the size of the belly. Each guest should write down the size of the belly of the future mother on a piece of paper. Once it is measured, whoever is closest to reality will win. nine0016

    In the next video, you can choose the games you like best for your party or at least inspire you to create new ones.

    Baby shower crafts

    Baby shower crafts can also be fun for everyone. You can make crafts with your guests to spice up the evening so that everyone can take home a handmade piece. For example, you can make small cards or paint bibs with fabric paint, so that later the baby will have many original bibs. nine0003

    Thanks to Youtube channel Creative Chuladas You can discover a very simple craft to give to your guests or make together with them as an activity without losing the details:

    Baby Shower Cakes

    Baby Shower Cakes - Classic this type of party, because usually it is a very colorful and very original gift. In addition to practicality, baby shower cakes contain not only diapers, but also great accessories for baby care and hygiene. nine0003

    You can bring a gift to your mother or bake a cake for all the guests. To make it very original, and my mother kept it as a gift and a souvenir at this significant moment.

    Baby Shower Boy and Baby Shower Girl

    At these parties, many mothers know their baby's gender and orient the party with colors and themes based on the baby's gender. A) Yes, guests will know what to give depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. nine0006 Although there are more and more gender-neutral parties, and parents, even if they know whether it is a boy or a girl, like to receive them as gifts, regardless of the gender of the child.

    In this sense, it will depend on the parents whether the party will be chosen taking into account the gender of the baby or not. If they decide that they need to think whether it is a boy or a girl, surely all the details, gifts and themes will be focused on whether it is a boy or a girl.

    And if you're still out of ideas for decorating your party... Don't miss this video to find your inspiration for both girl and boy baby shower or mixed:

    What kind of parties can be held in a loft and how to have a cool party 🎂

    A theme party is a way to create a different reality for yourself and your friends, move to any country and any era, be in the image of your favorite characters!

    We give 45 bright ideas for loft parties and tell you how to easily host cool parties for adults and children.


    Loft parties for adults

    In this section we have collected the most interesting ideas for adult themed parties. If you want to see free venues for a party on a specific date, fill out the search form. And if you need some cool music, be sure to check out Spotify for a selection of playlists created by DJs for Bash Today. Choose your favorite styles and directions and delight your guests with unbridled dance beats. nine0003

    Stylish Gonzo Voemage

    Party in the Hawaiian style

    Pajama party in the style of American TV shows

    Bride Bidger-style

    Parties in the style of "Gatsby"

    Party Party

    Party in the style of the 90s

    Pin-up style bachelorette party

    Brazilian carnival-style party

    How to organize a theme party so that guests and the birthday boy will definitely remember it? A cool idea is to arrange a real Brazilian carnival right in the loft! It is better to warn guests about the theme in advance so that they have time to prepare bright costumes. Girls can come to the party in multi-colored swimsuits decorated with feathers, rhinestones and sequins - they are all their own in the loft, and there will definitely not be sidelong glances. A suitable outfit for guys is swimming shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. nine0003

    Pay special attention to music - it should be dynamic and incendiary, use exclusive tracks for the most atmospheric parties, created by the best DJs especially for Bash Today.

    During the party, it would be great to have a master class in lambada or samba.

    The Brazilian party menu includes tacos, tartlets, fruits and vegetables. For dessert, you can order a bright cake with an edible carnival mask in the pastry shop. According to tradition, a figurine of a child god is usually hidden inside the cake. The one who finds it in his piece will have good luck all year! nine0003

    Goth Party

    Goth Party is an easy way to throw a classy party. The dress code for guests is extremely simple - black, leather, chains, massive shoes. Girls can make up their lips with purple or scarlet lipstick, line their eyes with black pencil or make vamp-style makeup.

    It is better to darken the room - you can choose a loft with blackout curtains for your party. Arrange candles throughout the room, decorate the location with skulls, cobwebs, black and red helium balloons. You can add dry ice to the interior, which will create a mysterious "fog". It's great if there is a smoke machine on the site of your choice. nine0003

    To decorate the table, you will need black satin textiles, crystal wine glasses, elegant cutlery, dark ribbons and red roses. Treat your friends to marmalade in the form of eyes, snakes and frogs, "bloody" muffins with raspberry jam. Pour red wine or a Bloody Mary cocktail into glasses.

    Organize a tarot card reading or a mystical quest to entertain your guests.

    India Style Party

    If you're thinking about throwing a mehendi party, it's a great idea to throw a party that's all about Indian culture. nine0003

    To decorate the venue, you will need garlands of natural or artificial flowers, incense, aromatic oils, multi-colored fabrics with traditional patterns, pillows with tassels and fringes, figures of elephants and monkeys. You can print images of Ganesha - a cheerful god in the form of a half-elephant-half-human.

    An invited master can decorate the hands of guests with mehendi, another option is to buy special henna in a needlework store and try to paint the palms with patterns yourself.

    India is also famous for its serials and dances. To have a fun party, prepare some episodes with traditional shootouts, escapes and dances - let the participants act out these skits in teams and have a good laugh!

    Invite your guests to taste the national dishes of Indian cuisine - chicken curry, fluffy flatbread, tea with milk and spices and halva. You can treat your friends to a hookah, because it was in India that the culture of smoking was born.

    We've curated a variety of party venue styles to make it easier for you to find the perfect one. nine0003

    007 Party

    Are you wondering how to organize a party full of secrets and mysteries? Throw a James Bond-style spy party! Organize an interesting detective quest — you can order it from professionals or prepare it yourself. Show your imagination - "steal" one of your friends so that others can find him. Leave clues in the corners of the loft in advance, quietly pass the secret codes to each of the guests. Let the dress code be official: business suits for men and elegant black dresses for girls. All guests can be given hats and dark glasses, as well as toy guns. nine0003

    Treats at a spy party can be anything, the main thing is to decorate the table in style. Champagne pyramids, a chocolate fountain, bar catering - all this will make the holiday elegant and memorable.

    Greek Style Party

    If you're choosing which style to throw your party in, "journey" to Greece is a bright idea. It is very easy to find clothes for such a holiday - light beach tunics or loose cotton shirts are suitable for girls, and guys can build themselves a tunic from several meters of white fabric, fastening its ends on the back with pins. nine0003

    To decorate the room, you can find plaster busts - they are sold in needlework stores. Posters depicting ancient gods, old vases and lamps, candles and flowers are also perfect.

    The menu for a Greek party is easy to compose - prepare a Greek salad, canapes with cheese, olives and tomatoes, serve seafood in a lemon dressing as a hot dish. The main drink of the evening will be red and white wine.

    Awaken the spirit of competition among guests, organize sports competitions - your own Olympic Games with laurel wreaths for the winners. The evening can end with a friendly sirtaki dance, this national Greek dance can be performed by everyone after watching any video on YouTube. nine0003

    Round the World Party

    This is the perfect idea for a surprise birthday party for an avid traveler. Guests will be able to visit different parts of the world and learn the traditions of different countries without leaving the walls of the loft. Choose 3-5 states that the birthday boy likes and organize several thematic zones. Let each reflect the culture and traditions of the chosen people, their music, history, clothes and hobbies. You can arrange a quiz, during which guests will learn interesting facts about the life of other countries, and also come up with tasks in the forfeit format, for example, dance the Argentinean tango or play the African drum. nine0003

    Buffet catering will be an excellent solution for treating guests - order dishes from various cuisines of the world and decorate each table in the appropriate style.

    The Vampire Diaries Party

    What kind of birthday party would you throw for a Vampire Diaries fan? Most likely, he will be pleased with the holiday in the style of "vamp"!

    Loft can be decorated with posters with the characters of the series, artificial web and bat figures. nine0003

    The main colors of the party will be black and red. However, it is not necessary to wear special costumes - all the characters of the series looked like ordinary schoolchildren. But you will definitely need makeup - apply a lot of light powder to make your face porcelain-pale. You can draw red streaks near the eyes, which appeared on the characters when they were angry. The main attribute is fake fangs, you can buy them in the prank shop.

    Treat your friends with "blood" - it will be especially cool to pour red wine and tomato juice into donor bags. If the budget does not allow, you can pour red cocktails into glass alcohol bottles and stick labels on them with different blood types and Rh factors. nine0003

    During the party, each guest can be given a vampire ring like those that protected the heroes of the series from the sun's rays.

    Children's thematic parties

    Parties in the style of minecraft

    Harry Potter Party

    Birthday K-Pop

    Piagam Party

    Party Party Parties in Malefisent style


    Slime party

    "Blogir" Party

    Feisart Party

    Party in one color

    Party Lol


    Culinary Party

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    Delicate and touching, moving and sporty, for girls and boys, here are the best party ideas for kids ages 2 to 16. And you can always book a suitable loft for a children's party on Bash Today.

    Flower Party Style Birthday Party

    If you are wondering what style to throw a girl's party, a delicate flower party is a great idea. nine0003

    Pay special attention to the design of the room - it is better to invite a professional florist to such an event. He will decorate the site with flowers and create the atmosphere of a spring garden right within the walls of the loft.

    The birthday girl can dress up in a puffy dress or skirt in a bright color, a headband with flowers will become a beautiful accessory. Guests can be presented with bracelets with silk roses.

    Decorate a table or candy bar with vases with rose petals. It is better to make treats light and colorful, offer guests desserts with icing flowers, fruits, berries, fresh juices and smoothies. nine0003

    A master class on floristry will perfectly fit into the style of the holiday — an experienced presenter will teach participants how to create flower arrangements in just 1-2 hours.

    Monsters on Vacation Party

    A cartoon about funny and clumsy monsters that children and adults liked - use this idea to throw a fun party. It is important that before the holiday, parents also watch at least one part of the cartoon, then it will be much easier to bring it to life. Invite the birthday boy and guests to choose images of different heroes - Dracula and his daughter, Frankenstein, the Egyptian Mummy, the Skeleton and Quasimodo will gather for your holiday. nine0003

    Turn the loft into the Transylvania Hotel for one evening: black and purple colors and silvery details - stars, candlesticks - are suitable for decoration. You will also need figures of skeletons and spiders, black balloons and artificial web.

    The festive table can be covered with a black tablecloth, and elegant cutlery can be placed on it. Decorate the candy bar with candles and scary cupcakes with vampire fangs and bats.

    There will be no problems with the music for the party - the cartoon has a lot of moving soundtracks, to which children will happily arrange their own disco. You can order a neon show - the guys will be delighted with the luminous figures that appear in complete darkness. nine0003

    Nautical themed children's party

    At any time of the year, there is a way to give your child a summer mood - for this you can arrange a nautical party! To design a loft, use not only all shades of blue, but also red, white colors. The room can be decorated with ropes and fishing nets, figurines of ships and lighthouses, steering wheels and anchors. Hang a lifebuoy on the wall, and put glass jars with sand and shells on the festive table. Inflatable flamingos and a donut-shaped swim ring will be cool elements of the photo zone. nine0003

    Dress the birthday boy in a captain's cap, give him and the guests vests. To entertain the kids, arrange a sand painting workshop for them. From mobile competitions, treasure hunting and tug-of-war will fit perfectly into the theme.

    The holiday menu includes fish, salads with seafood, caviar tartlets and cupcakes with figures of underwater inhabitants. You can invite a bartender who will prepare colorful non-alcoholic cocktails for guests.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

    The boys are sure to be excited to participate in such a party!

    Before organizing the holiday, it is important for parents to watch a couple of episodes so as not to confuse the Turtles and their features.

    Ask the birthday boy's friends to come in brown or beige pants and green T-shirts. Prepare red, purple, orange, and blue headbands for guests, as well as toy swords, nunchucks, tridents, and bo poles (sets are sold in toy stores).

    Turn your loft into a turtle hideout with paper garlands, themed posters, and life-size puppets. nine0003

    The main treat of the evening is pizza! Turtles love anchovy pizza, but it's better not to risk it and order different toppings so that everyone can find something to their liking.

    Candy bar can be divided into 4 color zones: red, purple, orange and blue. In each place cupcakes, lollipops, marmalades of a certain shade. Sweet drinks can also be 4 colors, for example, cranberry and blackcurrant juice, orange juice and green tarragon.

    Entertainment for fidgets should be as active as possible - organize a quest to "save the city", fight with artificial swords, contests for accuracy, dexterity and speed. nine0003

    Disney themed party

    If your child loves Disney cartoons, they will love the idea of ​​having a Disney themed loft party. The theme of the holiday is suitable not only for girls, but also for boys - invite guests to come up with a cool image in advance. Girls can become Belle or Aurora for the evening, and guys can become Mickey Mouse, Olaf from Frozen or Fox from Zootopia.

    You can print posters from Disney cartoons, garlands with flags depicting heroes, tablecloths and tableware with princesses to decorate the room. A fabulous atmosphere will be created by floral decorations and helium balloons of various colors. The photo zone can be decorated with soft toys of the characters, the children will definitely be delighted to be photographed with them. Place caramel apples from Snow White, edible roses from Belle and oriental baklava from Jasmine on the table. nine0003

    Pink Party Style

    Pink Party is a cool idea to throw a nice party at no big expense. The dress code is extremely simple - invite friends dressed in all shades of pink and white. Yes, yes, and boys too!

    The choice of decorations is huge: you can easily find pink garlands, lush tablecloths and disposable dishes. So that the design is not monotonous, we advise you to dilute it with silver details (candlesticks, trays, balls) - you get a really cool combination! nine0003

    Book a themed candy bar with fabulous cupcakes, cake pops and lollipops. Pink macaroons, delicate jelly and smoothies will also appeal to kids. Milkshakes with marshmallows and marshmallows will become a magical decoration - you can order a master class during which the guys, under the guidance of the presenter, will prepare amazing sweet drinks for themselves.

    Arabian Night Party

    Arabian Night Party is an opportunity to give a child a real oriental fairy tale for his birthday.

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