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Our classes on the farm are a great way to get an agricultural-educational experience not offered other places. We have Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes June to October.  And Goat Hikes October to May, as pop-up events. e-Gift Certificates always on sale!


(Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA)
Held October to May, as Pop-Up Events

Goat Hike & Explore, Dates at a Glance: Dec 24, 27. Jan 7. Others To Be Announced/TBA


Christmas Tree Drop-off: Live Music & Goats

Saturday January 7th 8:30-10:30AM (One-Day Only) – Click Here to Sign-up

Goats & Music Extravaganzas
Special Discount When You Register By 12/25/22

Sunday, June 11, 5:30PM – 7:00PM Goat Extravaganza: Mingle & Live Music – Click Here to Register

Sunday, June 11, 6:15PM – 8:00PM Goat Extravaganza: Yoga, Mingle, & Music – Click Here to Register


Private Goat Event Inquiry, Yoga & Mingle classes are June to October. All our events are on the farm in Georgetown. Goat Hikes seasonal October thru May. Workshops, Virtual, and other Talks/Presentations, year round. Let us know about your event so we can help that get booked!


eGift Certificates make the ideal for your Holiday gift giving, Yankee Swap, & Gift Exchanges! Starting at $30+. Get priority registration when you have you use a Gift Certificate to register for a class. Delivered right to you inbox! Click Here

(Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA)
Held June to October, Online Registration Opens in April


GOAT YOGA: On-The-Farm Classes

COVID-19 Notice (9/26/22): We are taking measures to ensure the safety of our visitors and farm staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We follow Mass and CDC recommendations for social distancing while at the farm and masks or face coverings are now optional if you feel appropriate. We understand the need to take precautions and if you can not attend your scheduled event, you can request a voucher be issued to attend a future event. However, these changes must all be made via email and must be sent at least 48hrs prior to your scheduled class. Space is very limited and we will not provide vouchers to no-shows, requests made via phone/text, or after the 48hr window. Thank you for your continued support.

(at our Southern Farm in Bronson, Florida)
Held January to March 2022

None available at this time

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For Goat Yoga and Snuggle related questions, email greatrockfarm@gmail. com or Call/Text Michelle at 978-352-0589

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Photo Credit: Kelsey Stevens Photography

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Directions: Where are you located?
A. Our private farm is located in Georgetown, MA. In Mass, we are 30 mins from Portsmouth, NH, 40 mins from Boston, and 1 ½ hrs from Portland, ME. For your GPS use 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA 01833 or GPS coordinates: 42.743732, ‐70.987688. From the Center of Georgetown head north on North St and take the first left onto Pond St and travel 1.2 miles and take a right onto our long driveway with a blue “Great Rock Farm” sign. Arrive at least 10 mins prior to your session (and no earlier than 30 mins) to avoid confusion with other class sessions.
Q. What should you bring?
A. Bring a mat (or towel is recommended for easy cleaning), water bottle, a camera, and an open-mind with a great attitude. Everyone will get time to snuggle and pet the goats during your session. Your registration includes goat treats & hand sanitizer.
Q. Interactions with the goats? What if the goat pees, poops, nibbles, jumps on me?
A. Just like a bird pooping on your car, it’s your lucky day I guess! We will do our best to help you shake the pebble poops off your mat and keep the area you are in clean, but they are farm animals and nature calls sometimes. While our goat kids are very social and friendly, each animal is different in how it interacts with you: some will come right up to you and others may be a little shy. Patience, moving slowly, and a feeding a goat treat are the best ways for you to pet, hold, and snuggle with our baby goats. None of our goats are trained to do acts or tricks and they are merely farm animals we want to offer you to partake in some therapeutic relief and bring a smile to your face.
Q. Tell me about the sessions and the goats?
A. Class sizes range average around 20-30 participants. We are on rain or shine. We have over 60 baby goat kids and use between 10 to 15 goat kids for a class. The breed of goats are Myotonic “Fainting” goats, Nigerian Dwarfs, or a few mix breed.
Q. Is your farm open to the public, can we stop over to pet animals?
A. No, unfortunately we are a private working farm in Georgetown, MA and do not have staff or a setup allowing drop-ins or other visitors that are not prearranged. 

Goats To Go * 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA 01833 * 978-352-0589 * [email protected]
Great Rock Farm — Established in 1978.

Our baby goats love visitors & are available for snuggling in March & April every year! — Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese

Baby goat visiting and bottle feeding events will begin in March. We will be posting an update with an opening date in early March once the babies start arriving.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read ALL info regarding visiting and reservations below. Your safety, and the safety of our animals and staff are very important to us- please respect all rules and posted signs when at the farm. We appreciate your cooperation & patience!
There are many ways to enjoy the baby goats,
please read below for details

Note that due to variability in weather and birth timing, tickets and reservations will go on sale one week in advance. Weekend tickets are posted around 7pm the Saturday before, weekday tickets around 7pm the Monday before. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for day to day updates!

**Please be aware that we are a working farm- be sure to look for and obey all signage regarding parking, pathways, and areas to which the public does not have access (its for your safety!). **

Weekend visiting options

To visit the baby goats on Saturdays or Sundays you
MUST have either a bottle feeding ticket or a private snuggle reservation.

Due to variability in weather and birth timing, tickets and reservations will go on sale approximately 1 week in advance

No refunds are available except with 3 days advance notice.

Bottle Feeding
1 ticket= 1 bottle. Attendance is limited to ONLY those with a ticket, except in the case of children- each ticketed child under 12 may be accompanied by 1 adult. For example, if you have 2 children for whom you purchase tickets, you may bring 2 adults. If you are coming with an adult group all individuals must purchase tickets to enter the baby goat pen. There is no age limit for bottle feeding, but in our experience children under 3 generally need help from an adult. We appreciate your cooperation.

Our babies are hungry at feeding time, so feedings start promptly at the time listed on your ticket- please consider arriving 10 minutes early. If you are late, your baby will be fed by someone else. Each bottle feeding ticket entitles you to 1 hour of visiting with the baby goats. If your feeding is at 10am you may then stay to visit after the feeding until 11am. After that you must leave so the next group can enter.

Please wear sensible clothing- baby goats love to climb & jump on you and you may get dirty!

Please wash or sanitize your hands prior to entering the pen and upon exiting

Private Weekend Snuggling Times

This year we are offering private snuggling sessions on the weekends! Each reservation is good for 1 hour of snuggling for you and your group. Your reservation starts and ends promptly at the time listed on your ticket. Please be considerate of other groups and leave promptly at the end of your hour. Please note that snuggling sessions do NOT include feeding the babies. There is no limit to the number of people you can bring, but it starts to feel crowded in the pen when there are more than 20 or so people and in the case of inclement weather the small barns in each pen comfortably accommodate only 5-8 people.

Please wear sensible clothing- baby goats love to climb & jump on you and you may get dirty!

Please wash or sanitize your hands prior to entering the pen and upon exiting

Please note that tickets are RAIN OR SHINE. Please check the weather forecast before purchasing tickets!

Weekday visiting

As always during the week our baby goat pen is open for visiting, no payment or reservation needed, Visiting hours are approximate 7:30am-7:30pm (dawn till dark) EXCEPT from 1-2pm when the pen is closed for group tours and bottle feeding

Note- due to increased traffic during spring break week we will be doing reservations and bottle feedings ONLY during the week of April 11-15

Please wash or sanitize your hands prior to entering the pen.

We are NOT able to do private snuggle sessions during the week at this time. If you would like a private session with the goats please make a reservation for a weekend time slot (see above).

food selection and feeding technique

What should be done before the first feeding?
  • If the kid's umbilical cord does not fall off by itself, it is cut off. Treat the cut with iodine or brilliant green.
  • Wipe the eyes, muzzle, body of a newborn from lubrication. To do this, use old soft rags or paper towels.
  • They give a goat to a mother - licking increases the baby's immunity, protects against infections. When licking starts the process of lactation, colostrum arrives in the udder. Tactile contact is also important for a goat and kid, mother and baby remember each other's smell. nine0009
  • The young goat is wiped again, transferred to a warm place (in winter, to the house).
  • Washing the goat's udder. Decant and discard the first batch of colostrum, as it may contain udder contamination and dangerous microbes.
  • A kid is given warm colostrum. It is important to carry out the first feeding while the milk has not cooled down. Feeding is done directly from the udder or from a teat bottle.
  • The kid is covered with a warm blanket - so as not to freeze. Newborns have problems with heat transfer, their skin is not yet able to retain and absorb heat. nine0009

Postpartum care and colostrum feeding a goat should be done in half an hour. If the baby does not receive warm colostrum within 30 minutes, the risk of postpartum complications increases several times. In the first portions of milk - colostrum, there is a lot of easily digestible protein, fats and enzymes necessary for digestion. Immune protection without feeding will not be formed in a timely manner, from 40 to 60% of young animals die.

What are the feeding methods?
Under the uterus

Natural feeding is chosen if there is no need for milk, animals are bred for offspring, wool and skins. After lambing, the kids stay with their mother and eat when they are hungry. Advantages of the method:

  • little kids do not need food rationing and tiresome repeated feeding;
  • young goats develop and learn faster;
  • goats have stronger immunity;
  • milk does not lose nutrients when poured into a bottle. nine0009

The kid sucks the udder at will, the owner does not need to monitor the feeding, which reduces labor costs. After 3 weeks, mineral supplements are introduced into the diet - 10 grams of bone meal, chalk. When the kid is 3 months old, the rate is doubled. When grown on natural feeding, the owner should monitor the condition of the goat's udder, milk off the rest of the milk to prevent mastitis.

Formula feeding

From dairy goats, the cubs are taken immediately after lambing and fed artificially. You also have to feed the kids if the goat is sick or the milk is gone. nine0024

Advantages of artificial feeding:

  • preservation of commercial milk for consumption or sale;
  • the ability to control the diet during feeding.

In the first days, colostrum and goat's milk are used for drinking, later - cow's milk, special mixtures, compound feeds. The norms are calculated according to the age and state of health of the kids.

The disadvantages of such feeding:

  • labor costs for the formation of the diet, time for feeding kids, washing dishes; nine0009
  • weakened immunity and developmental delays in young animals.

For kids who do not receive mother's milk, it is important to introduce complementary foods according to age, use vitamin supplements. First, the kids are fed from bottles with nipples, if there are a lot of babies, the nipples are fixed in several pieces on a drinking bucket. Young animals are transferred to the trough later, so that the kids do not choke and eat more than the norm.

When breastfeeding, nipples should be replaced in a timely manner, as the rubber gradually deteriorates, the size of the channels increases, babies swallow milk in large portions, and choke. nine0024

Combined feeding

For feeding young dairy goats, it is better to use combined feeding. Method features:

  • For the first few days, kids are fed by their mother. This allows you to lay the foundations for strong immunity - fresh milk contains everything necessary for the development of the baby.
  • After 4-7 days, the kids are weaned from the udder. The goat is transferred to the dairy herd.

Kids eat in accordance with the developed diet, switch to artificial feeding. Complementary foods are received early, mineral supplements and milk mixtures are combined to strengthen bones and immunity. nine0024

How many times a day should I feed?

If the baby grows without a goat, receives feeding from a person, it is important to know the qualitative and quantitative norms. The following frequency of feeding by age is recommended:

  • 1-4 days - 5-6 times a day;
  • 5-30 days - 4 times;
  • 1-3 months - fed 3 times.

In the first days only milk is included in the diet, by the end of the third month they drink only once a day, the rest of the meals consist of solid feed. nine0024

What can be given to kids?

Immediately after birth, the only food for kids is milk. Drinking colostrum is required to activate the body's defenses. The immunostimulating power of colostrum weakens after 3-5 days. How does diet change over time?

  • 1-10 days - colostrum, milk;
  • from the 11th day, complementary foods are introduced - oatmeal or semolina porridge (1 tablespoon of cereal per 500 grams of water), diluted with milk before feeding; nine0009
  • from a month they give carrots, cabbage, beets;
  • obligatory components - bran, compound feed;
  • grain;
  • hay.
What is the right diet for kids?

In a month, milk for feeding is diluted with water, mashed boiled potatoes, bran can be added to it. Monthly kids are accustomed to coarse food, root crops are gradually introduced in small portions. The young are released to the pasture, where the kids try to get food themselves. nine0024

At 2 months, roughage and grain become the basis of the diet. The share of milk does not exceed 30%. Feeding two-month-old animals with milk is economically unprofitable.

Changes in the diet are carried out slowly, new food is given in a small portion, the baby's condition is monitored. Do not introduce several new components at the same time. When switching to roughage, babies sometimes experience a decrease in weight gain, digestive disorders. They choose high quality feed, include premixes. nine0024

At 3 months, the grown-up young animals are transferred to adult food, the childhood period ends. Feeding - twice a day according to the diet for goats:

  • hay, fresh grass, silage;
  • branches;
  • vegetables, fruits and root vegetables in season;
  • cereal components - crushed wheat, oats, corn;
  • legumes;
  • compound feed;
  • vitamin supplements, premixes.

Keep clean water at a temperature not lower than 12 ° in animal drinkers. nine0024





Dramatization of the musical fairy tale "Kids and the Wolf"

Sections: Working with preschoolers, Logopedia

Characters: wolf, goat, kids, cockerel.


At the forest edge.
In a painted hut.
There lived a goat.
Long horns.
She had goats.
Cheerful guys.

(Kids Dance)


Run faster to the house
Stronger door you lock
A gray wolf walks close
He knows a lot about goats.
I'm leaving far.
I'll bring you milk.


Don't worry mommy!
Everything will be all right.
We know from fairy tale
The wolf is terribly ugly.


I am a caring mother.
I went out to pick the grass.
I have goats growing,
Naughty guys.
Being a goat is not easy,
Children need milk.
(Pointing to the can)
I collect vitamins
I turn them into milk.
How are you, my boys?
Without me, alone, kids!

Out. Dance of the kids (running away to the house).

Goat: (sits on a stump)

Oh, I'm tired in the morning
It's time to feed the babies

(gets up, goes to the house, rings the bell)

Goats - kids
Open up, open up
Your mother came
Milk brought.

(Kids run out with mugs to their mother. They dance. The goat pours milk into mugs.)


Eat, kids.
Dear boys.
Everyone drank milk! nine0024

Kids (in chorus) : Became fat sides.


And now run home
Lock the door tight.

(A wolf is watching all this from behind a tree. The goat leaves. The wolf appears.)


I am a wolf,
Sharp teeth.
I roam through the forest,
I'm looking for goats. nine0003 My poor belly
(Strokes his belly)
Can't live without them.
(Suitable for the hut).

Wolf: (in a rough voice)

Hey kids kids,
Open the door
Your mother has come,
She brought milk.

The first kid: We know, we know the terrible the beast.

Second kid: We will not open the door for you


Eh! I will watch the goat,
To outwit the goats.

(The wolf leaves. The goat comes, rings bell and sing a song. Run out kids).

First goat: Mom, wolf to us came.

Second kid: Almost all of us swallowed.

The third kid: But we are not a wolf allowed. nine0024

Fourth kid: We don't have a door for him opened.

Goat: head. The song "Mom" is performed.

You are good guys.
My lovely kids
Always do so
Do not let the wolf into the house.

(The goat leaves. The wolf leaves).


The goat is gone completely
And now I'm going to eat them.
Cockerel lived here somewhere
Golden voice.

(The cockerel comes out).


Come on, dear cockerel!
Make a voice for me, my friend!

(The cockerel waves his baton).


Sing notes with me, wolf!
You will know a lot about music. nine0024

Wolf: Ahh! (rough)


You're fake, ah-ah-ah!
Well, start again.

Wolf: (trying again)

Hooray! I got it!

(Running to the goat's house. Sings in the voice of a goat. The goats open the door. The wolf runs into the house, comes out with a fat belly). nine0199


Oh, how delicious I ate!
I ate all the kids
I ate all the kids
From that he got fat.

(The wolf runs away. The goat comes home. He sees house is empty).

Goat: (crying)

Why is the door open?
It looks like we got a beast.
Where are my kids, gray kids? nine0003 What did you unlock, did the wolf get it?

(A goat runs out).


Mom, the wolf came to us,
He ate all the goats.

Goat: (terrible)

Oh right?
I am a horned goat,
Thunderstorm for gray wolf.
He won't leave me
All goats will be returned.


(A wolf comes out from behind a tree).


I didn't eat your kids
Didn't see your guys.


Lies and won't blink.
Why a big belly?

Wolf: I am swollen from hunger.

Goat: I'll check it out! Wow!

(Goes with horns at the wolf, goes behind the house. run out kids).


Wait, wait!
I am completely corrected
I don't eat goats anymore
Now I eat grass, leaves
Berries, flowers, mushrooms.

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