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42 Baby Food Maker reviews

  • Award Winner 2023

Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer Blender CHSB001

4.2 from 36


Latest review: The steam blender was good and easy to use, blender stopped working after a while but Cherub baby provided a replacement. Overall had a positive experience with this steam blender.

Price (RRP) $199.99

  • Review Summary
  • Ease of Use





  • Value for Money





  • Build Quality

    4. 0




  • Cleaning & Maintenance





Nutribullet Baby Bullet

4.0 from 2


Latest review: Easy storage, very cute design. Able to blend wide variety of goods as well as makes soups, sauces and dips. Got this for a great price at Myer during May Sales ($69 with sale prices and a $10

RRP $69.99$79Bing Lee

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  • Review Summary
  • Ease of Use





  • Value for Money

    4. 5




  • Build Quality





  • Cleaning & Maintenance





Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker SCF875/06

1.7 from 3


Latest review: The food liquid got under the plastic in the steamer and it is sticky. Not possible to open it and clean Faulty design I would not recommend this product Very disappointed that I have to throw it

Price (RRP) $249.95

Chicco Easy Meal Steamer Blender 4 in 1

1. 0 from 1


Latest review: It always turn off few minutes after starting to steam. There is a connection problem, if you turn the lid anticlockwise and hold it tight, it works well, but the only thing is that I don't have time

Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker

No reviews yet

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9 baby food makers (an Australian guide 2022)

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Posted in Starting Solids.

Before you hit the shops and invest in a food processor, read our curated list of Australia’s best baby food makers to start your search.

Most mumma bears are pretty excited when their little one takes the big step of starting on solids. Then comes the realisation that food is a lot trickier and time-consuming than popping your bub on the boob or bottle. This is where a baby food maker comes in super handy.

A baby food maker is a clever, compact unit, eliminating the need to spend hours in the kitchen and taking the fuss out of food prep. Some steam, puree and chop, others work as blenders to create the perfect consistency for baby’s age and stage. But best of all, a food maker means you’ll always know exactly what your munchkin is munching on.

Things to look for when buying a processor for baby food

Function: Ask yourself what you want a baby food prep machine to do? Will you still be cooking food for the whole family and just want something that quickly and easily turns that into mush for your bub. Or do you want a stand-alone machine that can do everything – steam, mash, reheat, defrost, everything but wash up.

Ease of use: You want something that makes your life easier. If the instructions are gobbledegook, it comes with a box of unrecognisable parts and you need to be a NASA scientist to get it to work, perhaps it’s not the one for you.

Durability: Look for a quality build and a warranty always helps, just in case something goes wrong. Also consider whether you want to invest in a product just for the short term or whether you’d like it to have a life after baby moves on from mash.

Cleaning: When it comes to preparing your bub’s food, cooking is only half the job. Then there’s the cleanup. Lots of fiddly parts take extra washing time. And be sure to check if it’s dishwasher friendly.

Safety: Look for shatterproof material so you don’t run the risk of bits of the device ending up in your little one’s dinner. And look for plastics that are BPA, lead and phthalate-free.

9 baby food makers for busy mums

To help you find the most efficient food processors for your baby, we’ve compiled this list of fab brands available in Australia to get you started in your search.

Here are 9 of the best baby food makers in Australia for 2022:

1. Beaba

Beaba Babycook Neo 4-in-1 Food Processor ($449)

The ultimate all in one baby food maker, the Beaba Babycook Neo steam cooks, blends, reheats and defrosts, all in 15 minutes or less. With a unique pulse-blend feature that adjusts from a fine to a chunky puree, you can be sure what you cook up for your goldilocks will be just right.

  • Functions: Steam blend, defrosts and reheats
  • What’s included: 1.25L glass bowl, stainless steel steam basket
  • Optional extras: Grab a Babycook recipe booklet for ideas

2. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Quick Cook ($164.95)

Steam fruit, vegetable, meat and fish then blend for nutritious homemade baby food at the push of a button. Use the automatic timer to set steam and blend times for ‘Michelin starred’ mush meets five-star convenience.

  • Functions: Steams, blends
  • What’s included: Jug, steamer basket, spatula stored in the handle
  • Optional extras: Pair it with a Tommee Tippee magic mat for mess-free meals

3. Philips Avent

Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker ($249)

You can’t get much easier than this one jar wonder. Steam circulates upwards from the bottom, making sure all the ingredients are evenly cooked without boiling. When it’s done, simply flip the jar over and blend.

  • Functions: Steams, blends, defrosts and reheats
  • What’s included: Jug, spatula, storage pot and recipe booklet
  • Optional extras: Store leftovers in the Avent Fresh food storage pots

4. NutriBullet

NutriBullet Baby Food Blender ($89)

A complete mealtime solution, the NutriBullet baby food maker blends, purees and chops food to the right consistency for baby’s stage of eating. It comes with adorable cups and a freezer tray for simple storage of homemade baby food, and in the name of less mess and stress, every component is dishwasher-safe.

  • Functions: Purees, blends, chops
  • What’s included: Blender, freezer tray, storage cups
  • Optional extras: N/A

5. Chicco

Chicco 4-in-1 Easy Meal Steamer Blender ($129)

Cut your prep time in half with the Chicco 4-1 Easy Meal Steamer blender. Use the built-in mini mandolin to slice veg straight into the cooking basket, then simply steam, blend and the job’s done.

  • Functions: Slices, steams and blends
  • What’s included: Steamer, cooking basket, cut express file, recipe book
  • Optional extras: N/A

6. Cherub Baby

Cherub Baby Food Preparation Unit ($129.49)

Packed with features, the Cherub Baby Natriblend is a baby food maker. Not only does it heat, steam and blend all your bub’s solids, it can also warm up milk pouches and even sterilise your bottles and accessories. Clever.

  • Functions: Steams, cooks, blends, warms and sterilises
  • What’s included: 2 steaming chambers, jug, LCD screen, Cook Book
  • Optional extras: Pair it with On the Go Food Pouches and Food Pouch Spoons

7. Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill ($27.89)

For those times when you don’t need to start from scratch, this handy gadget is a great way to make mash from pre-cooked fruit and veg. With no batteries or electricity needed, it’s a simple, low-cost solution that you can take anywhere. It even separates seeds and skins from purée.

  • Functions: Purees
  • What’s included: Hand mill, built-in serving bowl
  • Optional extras: N/A



Oxo Tot Baby Food Mill with Silicone Feeding Spoon ($49.99)

With a contoured body, non-slip grip and non-skid base, feel confident knowing the food won’t fly everywhere (at least until after you’ve served it to bub). You can also easily add liquid to control puree thickness, and the trough in the base catches any mess.

  • What it does: Purees
  • What’s included: Hand mill, feeding spoon
  • Optional extras: N/A

9. Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor ($149)

If you’re happy to pre-cook your poppet’s food, most baby food processor’s can take care of the mashing part for you, but they can be big and bulky. The Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor is just the ticket – it doesn’t take up much space and you can easily chop, mix, and puree coarse or fine food at the press of a button. And you can use it long after your baby’s moved on from mush.

  • Functions: Chops, mixes and purees
  • What’s included: Bowl, lid with drizzle basin
  • Optional extras: N/A

What is a food maker?

The best baby food maker is a benchtop appliance that makes preparing baby’s first meals easy, quick and enjoyable. Some makers puree food to the perfect consistency, others take care of everything from defrosting to steaming and even chopping.

Do you need a special appliance to make baby food?

If you’d prefer to use your existing steamer or food processor to make baby’s meals, go for it. Many parents who choose to use a prep machine do so for the convenience it brings to food preparation.

Is it cheaper to buy baby food or make it yourself?

Without any doubt, it is more cost-effective to make your own baby food using fresh ingredients than to purchase ready-made baby meals at the supermarket or even home-delivered. Plus, by making baby’s first foods yourself, you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes into every spoonful.


This list is lovingly curated by our Editors and we may (or may not!) receive a payment if you purchase from links on this page. See our Disclosure Policy.

Know a product we should add to our list? Contact us and let us know.

Find more products for starting solids in these roundups …

When little ones reach a new milestone in their feeding journey, it’s an exciting time for everyone. Whether they’re just starting solids or packing school lunches, here are a few handy articles to help along the way:

Read this: First foods – A helpful guide to introducing solids

Posted in Starting Solids.

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Top 9 best blenders for baby food

Some time after the birth of a child, every young mother asks about the introduction of complementary foods, which should be healthy, balanced and have the right consistency for the baby to assimilate.

In the period up to a year, you can, of course, use ready-made complementary foods in the form of homogenized puree in jars.

Then, in any case, the child should be gradually accustomed to products from the "adult" table. nine0003

A blender is a great help in preparing baby food with a homogeneous consistency.

Rating TOP 9 best baby food blenders 2022-2023

Place Designation Price
TOP 3 hand blenders for baby food
1 Bosch MSM 66110 Get a price
2 Bosch MSM 14100 Ask price
3 Braun MQ 5077 Ask price
TOP-3 steam blenders for baby food
1 Philips AVENT SCF870 Ask price
2 Philips AVENT SCF862 Ask price
3 Happy Baby Fusion Ask price
TOP-3 mini blenders for baby food
1 RAWMID Dream miniBDM-07 Ask price
2 RAWMID Dream MiniBDM-08 Ask price
3 Philips HR2874 Daily Collection Ask price


The ideal food texture for a small child is puree, for this you need a good blender that will do the job perfectly.

To choose the right blender, each potential buyer should base on their preferences:

  • If you only need a blender to prepare baby food, mini blender is a good option. It does not take up much space, copes with its main task with a bang and has an affordable price; nine0126
  • immersion models are suitable for a wider range of applications . With it, you can not only grind food for the child, but also prepare cocktails, mashed soups, creams and sauces, and other dishes. The immersion blender is easy to clean and use. By purchasing such a model, you can cook large portions for this family or a small snack dish for a baby;
  • blender-steamer will not only feed the baby with delicious and healthy food, but also take care of proper nutrition for the whole family , preserving vitamins and nutrients as much as possible in each dish. This model will be useful to you even after the baby begins to chew food on his own. It belongs to the stationary type of blenders, which in everyday life are simpler than submersible models. The device does not need supervision and control by an adult. Your task is as simple as possible - fill a special container with products and press the button that starts the cooking process.

Important points when choosing

When shopping for an indispensable kitchen helper, pay attention to the following important parameters:

  • power . It is on this parameter that the speed of work and the quality of grinding products depend. The higher the power rating, the more homogeneous the consistency of the output mass will be. Blenders with a good power rating are able to grind any solid food such as nuts, dried fruits, frozen fruits and raw vegetables. If you plan to use the blender to work with meat, you need a power of at least 400 watts; nine0126
  • machine functions . At this point, you can determine the number of nozzles in the kit, modes, power adjustment. The best option for full-fledged work with products is a blender with several nozzles and at least 2-3 speeds and operating modes;
  • blender material . When buying a device for grinding food, pay attention not only to the reviews of real customers and characteristics, but also to the material from which the equipment is made, it should be as safe as possible for human health. Try to give preference to a white device, it does not contain dyes. Metal models have a high cost, and are also more reliable and durable than cheaper plastic models; nine0126
  • food bowl capacity . This parameter is only important if you are purchasing a blender not only for making baby food. Choose the capacity of the container depending on how many people you will be preparing dishes with a blender.

Types of blenders

A blender will help every housewife save a lot of time and effort by preparing healthy food with maximum preservation of health benefits and juiciness. A good quality machine with high power in a matter of seconds will turn any food into a tender mass with a uniform consistency. nine0019

The main task of the baby food blender is the homogeneous texture of food without large pieces and lumps.

The best option is a blender with a minimum number of dismountable parts, because after preparing the puree, it will be necessary to thoroughly rinse the device and each part, which will take a lot of time.

The power of a good blender for preparing baby food should be enough not only for vegetables and fruits, but also for liver, chicken, meat. nine0003

Various blenders can be used to prepare baby food, including:

  • mini blenders;
  • steam blenders;
  • immersion blenders.

Let's take a closer look at each option.


This pressure blender can not only puree food, but also reheat dishes or defrost food with steam.

Every adult knows that steamed food retains vitamins and beneficial properties to the maximum. nine0019 It is with such a gentle type of heat treatment of products that the baby will be able to get all the necessary trace elements and a complex of vitamins, which is so necessary for the full development of a growing organism.

To get puree with a uniform texture, you will need to fill a special container with products and turn on the timer, then the device will do everything for you. There will be no more need to cook food, then transfer it to another container, take it out, cut it, and so on.

After cooking, you need to turn on the blender mode, which will help you not only grind all the ingredients in a few seconds, but also mix them thoroughly. nine0018 Grinding level can be controlled independently.

In addition, you won't have to stand and wait for the process to finish to turn off the steam blender. All models of this type have an automatic shutdown system.


Another type of blender for preparing baby food is a mini blender (or, as they also call it, travel blender), which differs from its counterparts in more compact dimensions and modest characteristics. nine0003

The food container in these devices is designed only for cooking small portions. This is ideal for moms who only need a blender to prepare baby food.

Now you don't have to scrape off excess puree from the walls of the bowl and transfer it to another container, and maintenance of such an appliance is easier compared to any other models.

The only disadvantage of such models is that they will be useful for mommy only for that period of time until the child begins to fully chew food on his own. nine0003

That is, after a few months, such a blender will remain gathering dust on the far shelf of the kitchen cabinet, since it is not intended for other use in the future. This is due to its low power and the small size of the food container.


The most convenient and versatile option on our list is the immersion blender. These models are preferred by most mothers who need to grind food in small volumes. nine0019

The advantage of this blender is its compactness. It is a hand-held device that will grind any kind of product in a special container.

Modern immersion blenders are equipped with a variety of attachments and modes, which are complemented by good power of the device. These models deservedly come as close as possible to the title of a mini-food processor.

Regardless of the power of the immersion blender, any device will cope with the preparation of a homogeneous puree for the baby. nine0018 Immediately before preparing complementary foods, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the products, boil or bake, then grind with a blender.

Which species is best for making complementary foods?

It's hard to say which blender is the best. But if you choose a model exclusively for preparing baby food, the answer is obvious.

Steam blender is the best option. It is better than its counterparts to cope with the organization of baby food, preserving the vitamins and beneficial properties in each individual product as much as possible. nine0003

TOP 3 hand blenders for baby food

Which hand blender do you think is the best? You can vote 1 time.

Bosch MSM 66110

One of the most popular Bosch models from the budget price segment.

Despite this, the device has excellent characteristics, which are enough to prepare complementary foods for your child. This model is highly reliable for 2022-2023.


  • 600 W hand blender;
  • 1 speed;
  • mechanical control;
  • measuring cup volume - 600 ml;
  • The immersion part of the blender is a durable metal that is resistant to deformation and corrosion processes. The body of the device is high quality food grade plastic;
  • turbo mode;
  • cord - 1.4 m.


  • easy to use and clean;
  • comfortable handle and control buttons. nine0126


  • is not a budget cost of the device.

Bosch MSM 14100

Good quality immersion blender, trusted by many young mothers.


  • device power - 400 W;
  • management - mechanics;
  • measuring cup 700 ml;
  • body is made of food grade plastic, safe, made of environmentally friendly materials; nine0126
  • light weight - 0.8 kg.


  • ice and hard food crushing mode;
  • stylish color scheme - white with red;
  • warranty period - 12 months;
  • the ability to adjust the operation of the nozzles;
  • anti-slip coating, ergonomic product shape.


  • low power.

Braun MQ 5077

Another hand blender model that has received a lot of positive feedback from real consumers,

who managed not only to purchase the device, but also to "play" it.


  • capacious bowl, volume 1.5 l; · 21 operating modes of the device;
  • measuring cup 500 ml;
  • in the kit there are nozzles for kneading dough, cutting and different degrees of grinding products;
  • stainless steel whisk.


  • good grip, blender does not slip out of hand; nine0126
  • modern design in classic style;
  • multifunctionality of the device;
  • cooking a large portion at a time;
  • all attachments are easy to remove and clean;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • silicone coated handle.


  • takes up a lot of space;
  • do not grind food for a long time.

TOP 3 steam blenders for baby food

Which steam blender do you think is the best? You can vote 1 time.

Philips AVENT SCF870

This blender from the Avent series is a great choice for those who have small children or for those who are

healthy lifestyle and nutrition. This is one of the highest quality models for 2022-2023.


  • machine power 400 W;
  • one speed and one nozzle; nine0126
  • capacious, deep capacity for loading products;
  • simple operation;
  • several cooking and grinding modes.


  • there is a cooking function with a heating element;
  • you can not only cook any kind of food, but also heat up dishes;
  • takes up minimal space in your kitchen;
  • easy to clean after cooking and use; nine0126
  • ergonomic shape, rubberized coating of the body of the product.

  • lack of turbo mode, pulse mode and planetary rotation.

Philips AVENT SCF862

Model specifications:

  • blender power 330 W;
  • operating modes - cooking, grinding, mixing;
  • food container - 1050 ml;
  • measuring cup - 0.4 l; nine0126
  • cord - 0.8 m;
  • water container - 180 ml;
  • in the basic configuration - a container for products, a blender-steamer, a spatula.


  • safe use due to the lock on the jug;
  • unique steam cooking technique with maximum preservation of vitamins and nutrients;
  • it is possible to use the blender not only for preparing homogeneous cereals and purees, but also for more “adult” dishes. nine0126


  • not light weight - 1.4 kg;
  • cost of the device.

Happy Baby Fusion

A steam blender with excellent performance, which is useful not only in the kitchen, but also when traveling.

With the help of such a device, any hostess will be able to prepare baby food and please the household with healthy and tasty food.

Product specification:

  • security system. The device works only with the correct installation of all parts; nine0126
  • steam blender 2 in 1;
  • warranty period - 12 months;
  • power 600 W;
  • fast grinding of any products;
  • capacious container for loading food.


  • double cutting head;
  • easy cleaning of all parts;
  • maximum preservation of the usefulness of all products;
  • homogeneous texture of baby food without lumps and large pieces;
  • nine0125 simple and multifunctional blender-steamer;
  • compact, light weight.


  • not found.

TOP 3 mini blenders for baby food

Which mini blender do you think is the best? You can vote 1 time.

RAWMID Dream miniBDM-07

Not such a small device as stated by the manufacturer, but its characteristics and parameters make the blender

an excellent kitchen assistant for any hostess. nine0003


  • 500W mini blender;
  • warranty period - 12 months;
  • mechanical, easy operation;
  • 20,000 rpm;
  • overheating protection system, auto-off;
  • 2 speed settings;
  • triple knife made of high quality stainless steel;
  • capacity 1.2 l;
  • sports bottles 0.57 l and 0.4 l;
  • cord - 100 cm.
  • nine0139


    • Food safe plastic housing;
    • stylish silver case.


    • no pulse mode, smooth switching between speeds.

    RAWMID Dream MiniBDM-08

    Personal blender from a time-tested manufacturer and thousands of users.


    • 1 year warranty;
    • nine0125 stationary, personal blender with a power of 350 W;
    • housing made of food-grade plastic, safe for health;
    • high quality stainless steel knives;
    • glasses with sealed lid - 2 pcs;
    • food container - 0.6 l with a lid;
    • sports bottle - 600 ml;
    • 2 speed settings;
    • cord - 100 cm;


    • stylish design, 2 colors - black and white; nine0126
    • compact;
    • multifunctionality;
    • includes a recipe book.


    • only small portions can be cooked;
    • Lids do not close tightly.

    Philips HR2874 Daily Collection

    One of the best blenders in its price segment. The characteristics will allow you to prepare baby food,

    smoothies, puree soups and sauces.


    • power 350 W;
    • bowl volume - 0. 6 l;
    • complete set - jug, blender, sports bottle "On the Go";
    • high quality food grade plastic;
    • 1 speed;
    • cord 1.5 m.


    • design in white and red;
    • cord compartment;
    • high-impact plastic cup;
    • easy cleaning and maintenance;
    • can be loaded into the dishwasher. nine0126


    • no ice crush mode;
    • no chopper.

    Conclusion and Conclusions

    As a summary, any blender model is suitable for grinding baby food with a uniform texture.

    The best option for preparing healthy food for the baby and the whole family is a blender-steamer. Having given preference to such a model, you will be able to cook with its help for many years, delighting the whole family with healthy dishes. nine0003

    Useful video

    Video about what is useful for a mother during the first feeding of a child:

    How to choose a blender for baby food?

    For baby food, you need to prepare mashed potatoes and cereals - any blender can handle this task. But modern models have various nuances that are not so obvious. We will tell about them below.

    Baby food blender: things to consider

    Materials - safe and durable

    Blender bowls are in contact with food, so the quality of the material is in the first place, because the children's digestive system is very sensitive. There are blenders made of glass, polycarbonate and tritan. What is the difference?

    Power: for cream soup or nuts

    The more powerful the blender, the faster it grinds foods with complex and hard textures: nuts turn into paste and milk, fibrous herbs and wild plants into green smoothies, frozen fruits into ice cream . nine0003

    To prepare puree and cream soup from thermally processed products, a stationary blender with a power of 1200 watts or more or a personal blender of 250 watts is sufficient. But if you want to turn peanuts into homemade Nutella in no time, and spinach leaves into absolutely uniform green juice, take a closer look at more powerful, semi-professional and professional models.

    Portable: Easy to take with you

    If you often travel with your child and cook outside, choose personal blenders. Such models are compact, they are convenient to take with you. The advantage of personal blenders in the small volume of the glass. You can cook in small portions without transferring food to another container and without losing part of the product and your time. There are also fewer dishes for washing: grind, close the glass with a lid and take it with you. nine0003

    Silence of operation

    Everything affects the volume of the blender: materials and construction of the body, knives, bowl and fasteners. High-quality models make less noise without losing their power. Professional blenders are not quiet, but some models come with special noise-absorbing hoods (for example, Blendtec Professional 800). Blenders with tritan bowls tend to be a little quieter: tritan does not amplify, but absorbs vibrations. Due to their compactness and low power, personal blenders make less noise than professional models. nine0003

    Additional options

    When your child is older, you may want to please him with other dishes: frozen berry sorbet, nut paste, vegetable milk. Yes, and it will be useful for mom to restore strength with a glass of green juice. Choose from models that are suitable for different tasks: with medium power, special modes or additional knife blocks (separately for grinding dry and wet products).

    What other nuances to consider? nine0013

    Models to look for

    Stationary blenders have more options than personal blenders. However, in a fundamental moment, they lose: they will not be able to cook a small portion of baby food (the products must at least cover the knife blades for normal grinding).

    Another aspect is mobility. For regular trips to your parents or country house, a portable personal blender is more suitable.

    Personal and stationary models complement each other in the kitchen, so ideally use both. But if this is not possible, choose the type that best suits your needs and lifestyle. nine0003

    The Hurom BL-C01 blender is a novelty of this year from a Korean company that has been known on the market for more than 45 years. Portable model, which is convenient to take with you when traveling with a child. Two tritan cups of 350 and 600 ml allow you to prepare small portions of purees, soups and smoothies, as well as easy storage of the product, thanks to travel lids.

    Tribest Personal Blender Glass PBG-5050 is one of the latest developments of the company, a personal, but at the same time quite powerful blender (as much as 500 watts). The model is suitable not only for purees and soups, but also for homemade sorbets, nut milks and healthy smoothies. And three glass bowls with lids of 240, 480 and 720 ml allow you to quickly chop and easily transport the right amount of baby food. nine0003

    Tribest PB-350 is a versatile and compact model, a real classic that has proven itself in the market. The blender is equipped with two glasses (for whisking and chopping), as well as 120, 240 and 350 ml glass jars for easy storage (and preparation) of even the smallest portions of baby food. The model is equipped with automatic and manual pulse control mode, as well as two knives for comfortable grinding of liquid and dry textures.

    BlendTec Classic 575 is a classic stationary model from a well-known American manufacturer. Equipped with blunt blades made of reliable stainless steel (10 times stronger than blades from other manufacturers), which cannot be cut when disassembling and washing the blender. Sufficiently powerful (1560 watts) and durable model combines two types of control (4 modes + pulse). The blender is also equipped with a self-cleaning function for more comfortable use.

    Learn more