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Beech-Nut Baby Food Heavy Metals Suits Must Await FDA Action

The Food and Drug Administration—not a court—has the primary responsibility to evaluate heavy metals in baby foods, a federal judge said, dismissing proposed class suits against Beech-Nut Nutrition Co. for the time being.

Plaintiffs allege Beech-Nut didn’t adequately test its products for heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, didn’t disclose their presence in its products, and continues to sell baby foods with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals that can cause developmental harm.

The suits, pending in the US District Court for the Northern District of New York, were among many proposed class actions against baby food companies that followed a February 2021 House Oversight subcommittee report that found seven brands of commercial baby food contain heavy metals such as arsenic and lead.

A recent Bloomberg Law investigation showed that all but one of 33 baby food products purchased in stores and online contained at least two of three heavy metals: lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

Beech-Nut consumers said they overpaid for the products and sought money damages. The plaintiffs sought to stop Beech-Nut from selling any baby food unless all heavy metals are removed or it makes “full disclosure” on product labels. They also sought to keep the company from suggesting the foods are safe for consumption, and an order requiring Beech-Nut to test its finished products.

But resolution of the claims depends on technical and policy considerations within the FDA’s field of expertise, Judge David N. Hurd said in his Jan. 20 ruling. He dismissed the cases without prejudice.

Contrary to plaintiffs’ assertion that this case is a “garden variety” false advertising case, their claims repeatedly assert that Beech-Nut’s products are “unsafe” to consume and that it is the products’ underlying toxicity, not the label statements themselves, that cause any alleged injuries, the court said.

While the issue of whether a company misled consumers may be within the conventional experience of the court, resolving plaintiffs’ claims first requires a determination on whether the levels of heavy metals in Beech-Nut’s products is harmful, which is within the FDA’s field of expertise, Hurd said.

Such claims can’ be resolved “unless and until the FDA determines action levels for heavy metals in baby food,” he said.

Additionally, food safety standards are within the FDA’s authority and discretion. Congress has delegated to the FDA the responsibility for protecting public health by ensuring the safety of the food supply, Hurd said..

The FDA has confirmed its intent to establish reference levels for exposure to toxic elements from foods and provide action levels for lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, the court said. The agency is currently is working on its action plan, which identifies the steps it will take in the coming years to reduce exposure to heavy metals in baby foods, the court said.

Gerber Products Co. also won a recent dismissal motion based on deferral to the FDA, as did Sprout Foods Inc.

Plum PBC got a proposed class suit dismissed by a federal court in New Jersey, which said plaintiffs lacked standing to sue because they couldn’t show that they were financially harmed by their purchases. Plum still faces a proposed class suit in the Northern District of California.

Scott + Scott and others represented the plaintiffs. King & Spalding represented Beech-Nut.

The case is Thomas v. Beech-Nut Nutrition Co., N.D.N.Y., No. 1:21-cv-00133, entered 1/20/23.

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beech nuts, raw, dried (en)

Health and nutrition facility

Institution health and nutrition

Health and Nutrition Institution


In autumn, beech nuts - beech fruits, cover the forest soil. They are highly nutritious and have a nutty flavor.




macronutrient carbohydrates 37.35%


Macronutricient protein 6.91%


Macronutricient fat 55.74%

ω-6 (LC, 18.4G)

omega-6 fatty acids, such as linolenic acid (LC)

: ω-3 (Alk, 1.7g)

Omega-3 fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)


The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in total should not exceed 5:1. Link to explanatory text .

Here the ratio of essential linoleic acid (LA) is 18.39g and essential alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) 1.7 g = 11:1
Total ratio of omega-6 = 18.39 g and omega-3 fatty acids = 1.7 g = 11:1.
On average, we need about 2 g of LA and ALA per day, from which a healthy body also produces EPA and DHA, etc.

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    © CC-by-sa 3.0, Rasbak, Wikipedia Ripe beech nuts in shell on the table - Fagus spp.

Beech nuts (chinariki) are the fruits of the common beech ( Fagus sylvatica ). Triangular small beech nuts are usually located two in one cupule and are surrounded by a brown shiny shell.

General information:
Beech gives beech nuts only after 40 years, and the harvest is especially rich after a dry, hot year. Harvests are often interleaved, which means that a good year is followed by a small harvest of beechnuts. Beech nuts ripen in September and October.

Beenuts are an important source of nutrition for animals, but people also use this fruit in times of famine. Today, beech nuts can well enrich the autumn diet. They can be cooked deliciously like chestnuts, hazelnuts, acorns and other prefabricated fruits, or eaten to replenish energy reserves while walking through the forest. nine0003

From Wikipedia: Beech nut is the fruit (seed) of broad-leaved trees of the Beech genus of the Beech family ( Fagaceae ).

Nutlets acorn-shaped, trihedral, 10-15 mm long, with a woody shell, collected in pairs or four pieces in a 4-lobed shell called a cupule. The surface of the fruit is smooth, light brown, shiny. The kernel is white, sweet in taste .

Caution should be exercised when eating raw beechnuts. Their slight toxicity is explained by the fact that raw nuts contain alkaloids and fagin (from Latin Fagus - beech, another name for trimethylamine). Roasting or heating quickly for a few minutes destroys these toxic substances. nine0003

In addition, beech nuts contain oxalic acid. This can also be one of the causes of ailments after consuming them in large quantities.

Culinary uses:
The fruit is edible after toasting. ... A coffee drink is prepared from roasted grated nuts. Bread and various confectionery products are baked from beech fruits ground into flour. The kernel of the nut contains up to 47% beech oil, which in terms of its nutritional qualities is a substitute for cocoa butter. It can be used in the manufacture of sprats, sardines and other canned food. ... Beech kernels are also used to make caramel filling, various confectionery products, wine, alcohol, coffee substitute. nine0003

Whole nuts can also be combined well with other ingredients and added to salads. Lightly toasted beech nuts add a delicious nutty flavor to dishes.

Once the beechnuts have been harvested, they can be easily sorted with the following trick: put the nuts in a cup filled with water and wait until the heavy, full nuts sink. At the top, empty or rotten fruits will remain floating, which can be easily caught. In addition, wet beech nuts clean better. nine0003

Chemical composition:
They are rich in fat, they contain more than 40% fat, which consists of 75% unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates. Beechnuts are high in bitter-tasting tannin and may contain the poisonous alkaloid fagin (excessive consumption of which can cause intestinal upset, cramps or diarrhea, and nausea) that decomposes when toasted.

Beenuts are very nutritious and contain, in addition to mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, also proteins, vitamins such as folic acid and minerals such as manganese and iron. nine0003

Author: Julia (Yuliya) Velitschko | Feb 12 2018

Pine nuts. Useful properties of pine nuts. How to choose pine nuts. Contraindications. How to choose pine nuts

index (GI) - 15.

Calorie content - 673 kcal.

Pine nut
are the seeds of the cones of certain types of pines.
seeds of the Siberian pine Pinus sibirica are distributed in Russia. In Russia, cedars grow in large numbers in 90,053 regions of Siberia. Nuts are popular and widely used in various fields:
medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, cooking, food industry.

Useful properties

Pine nuts in the presence of
amino acids surpass many products. Speaking about the composition of pine nuts, in
, first of all, it should be noted the presence of
numerous amino acids, of which there are 19 types. Among them, 20%
is arginine, which is necessary for a growing organism

The composition of nuts includes:
proteins - 13.7 g, carbohydrates - 13 g, fats - 69g, dietary fiber - 4 g,
unsaturated fatty acids - 4.9 g, mono- and disaccharides - 3.6 g, ash - 2.6 g,
water - 2.3 g, starch - 1.4 g. Vitamins: beta-carotene, PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9,
C, D, E, K.
Macro- and microelements: phosphorus - 575 mg, potassium - 598 mg, zinc, calcium, iron,
sodium, copper, magnesium, selenium, strontium, cobalt. The high biological value of
is due to the high concentration of vitamins B1, E. Vegetable protein
is ideally balanced and similar in composition to human protein, so it is easy
is absorbed by 99%.

How it affects the body

Since ancient times,
pine nuts have been famous for their beneficial properties. Nowadays, they are no less popular,
, as they contribute to the healing of ulcers, wounds, hemorrhoids, abscesses,
help to eliminate inflammatory processes. I improve the cleansing process, remove slags
and toxins, restore the acid-base balance. They alleviate the condition with
diseases of the kidneys, joints, and digestive organs. Block negative reactions
in the form of heartburn and gas. They have analgesic, astringent and wound healing properties

The use of cedar seeds
has a positive effect on the state of the nervous and cardiovascular system, they are
beneficial in ischemia, atherosclerosis, anemia, duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcers,
urolithiasis, various types of allergies. Nuts are useful for the growth and development of a child's
organism, as well as for beriberi and dysbacteriosis. Help with psoriasis,
diathesis, eczema and other skin problems. nine0003

Pine cake is a product of cold oil pressing, it is a valuable dietary product
. It has a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism,
body performance.

Pine nut oil regulates cholesterol levels, normalizes
the functioning of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, improves blood composition and promotes "cellular respiration",
stimulates the brain and sex glands.

Cedar flour - effectively helps with exhaustion. With its help,
the body is easily cleansed, the well-being of patients improves
during the rehabilitation period after long-term illnesses and serious pathologies. It helps to increase
lactation, scarring of stomach ulcers, strengthen the immune system, eliminate nervous disorders
. It has a positive effect on the condition of the lungs, kidneys, blood composition
, helps with high acidity.

How to choose the right

Buying pine nuts,
, preference should be given to factory packaging, which indicates the date
of manufacture and the expiration date. The quality of a bulk product can be determined by
smell and appearance: no rancidity and no signs of mold damage,
fungus and insects. The peeled beans should be pale yellow in color and
have a bright taste. Roasted looks more oily and has a rich taste

Storage methods

The presence of a large amount of oil
makes pine nuts a perishable commodity. Not
is recommended to be stored in the open air and light, so you should keep
product in the refrigerator. The peeled seeds will retain their useful qualities for 3
months at a temperature not higher than +5. Unpeeled - 6 months, frozen
- 1 year.

What goes with it in cooking

The unique taste and aroma of
pine nuts add refinement and piquancy to any dish. For
culinary purposes, they are used in the preparation of salads, sauces, side dishes,
meat and fish dishes. nine0003

Pine cake is added
to desserts, creams, fillings, vegetable and fruit salads. Confectioners successfully use cedar flour for
creation of cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins.

Healthy combination of products

Pine nuts
are deservedly popular with vegetarians and nutritionists. Despite the high
calorie content, they are part of diets for weight loss, as they contribute to the production of the "satiety hormone"
and enrich the body with protein and useful elements. nine0003

In small portions
nuts serve as a vitamin and nutritional supplement to
rice, oatmeal, millet, barley, wheat porridges, as well as to salads and various meat and fish
dishes. The product is combined with muesli, honey, cheese, figs, dates,
prunes, cottage cheese.

Pine nuts
are used as a healthy substitute for vegetable cream or milk. To do this, the
peeled nucleoli are crushed and poured with boiling water, kept on a steam bath or in an oven
. It is recommended to use with cottage cheese, and cereals. nine0003

For those who follow the
caloric intake, it is not recommended to abuse this product. On day
, you can allow no more than two tablespoons of peeled nuts and preferably
should be consumed in the morning.


Precautions in
obesity and liver disease. Not recommended for individual

Use in medicine and cosmetology

Traditional medicine
successfully uses essential oils of pine nuts and extracts from seed cake. At
based on them produce drugs for the treatment of angina pectoris, arrhythmia, ischemia, anemia, atherosclerosis, cholelithiasis
. Used to stimulate the immune system, prevent and treat
neurological diseases, stomach ulcers, gastritis, metabolic disorders
, impotence.

Extracts, infusions, decoctions and raw nuts are popular in folk medicine
. Tinctures help with
gout, rheumatism, metabolic disorders, beriberi.

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