Beech nut baby food samples

A Beech-Nut Love Story

Dear Beech-Nut,

My name is Trish and I recently adopted a beautiful baby boy named Harry. I have been waiting so long to be a mom and he is the most wonderful gift. As he gets to be the age where I will start adding baby food to his diet, there is only one choice: Beech-Nut. I am writing to tell you why Beech-Nut is the only option for our family.

Our family history runs deep with the original Beech-Nut Factory in Canajoharie, N.Y. Harry’s grandfather, Donald, worked summers at Beech-Nut from 1951 – 1954 delivering supplies, while he was a high school and college student. Harry’s great-aunt, Dorothy, worked at Beech-Nut in 1944, during World War II. She worked for a secret project that Beech-Nut did “on the side” for the federal government. Beech-Nut was commissioned to assist in the war effort with a special electronics project using microfilm. The workers were cautioned never to discuss what they did, not even with locals.

Harry’s great-grandmother, Helen, worked at Beech-Nut over a 40-year period. In the 1920’s, Beech-Nut gave away beautiful, tin boxes decorated with images of the Canajoharie, N.Y. valley. Helen packed these boxes with products (many no longer made by Beech-Nut today) for big customers as Christmas gifts from the company.

During WWII, Beech-Nut needed women to work because so many men went to war. Helen worked in Ration K, preparing food in cans and packages for soldiers throughout WWII. I am proud to say my grandmother was a part of this important war effort.

One really interesting thing Harry’s great-grandmother did during her time at the factory was testing baby food jars. I am sure today you have more high-tech ways to do this, nowadays, but Helen would hit the tops of the jars, one by one, with a wooden drum stick. One could tell from the sound it made if a jar had spoiled!

Back then, people who worked in the baby food section also worked in a conveyor belt setting, picking out the bad fruits and vegetables. My father fondly remembers standing behind the workers with his buddies so they could eat the sweet pears that were discarded!

Harry’s great-great uncle, Ray, worked in the Beech-Nut his whole adult life, except for four years when he fought in WWII, from the 1930’s until he retired in the late 1960’s. He worked in Store One, where my dad worked, and later worked maintenance. Our cousin, Janet, worked for a long time making gum at the factory. Our cousin, Bill, worked a long time for the Beech-Nut and retired from there. He worked at Plant 2 near Fort Plain making hard candy.

Harry’s great-grandmother retired on a pension and lived her final years in Arkell Hall in Canajoharie, the home once owned by the Arkell family, who built Beech-Nut. When my dad graduated from high school, he won one of the Arkell College Scholarships. I will someday share this history with my son and explain to him why he only ate Beech-Nut baby food when he was a baby!




Homemade Baby Food 101 - Beech-Nut

Moms and dads, this is a pep talk. You can make homemade baby food! And it doesn’t have to be a big production, a separate meal, or require a second freezer. Make a little bit at a time, or plan for a big batch, but give it a try and you’ll see that it’s really easy to do. Still don’t believe us? Check out these tips for a little inspiration (all things we kept in mind when we designed Beech-Nut foods, inspired by homemade!).

Forget the Gear

If you know your baby is ready for solids, the good news is that you probably have most of what you need to make homemade baby food. You can make puree with a food processor, a quality blender, or a handheld/stick blender. Heck, you can mash it up with a fork if you want!

Once you’ve identified the best food-musher in the kitchen, all you need are ice cube trays (we like the silicon 1 oz cube versions), freezer bags and a steamer.

Find Some Time

We hear you laughing…but hear us out!

Make your meal prep their meal prep: If you’re making veggies for dinner, chop up a few extra and put them in the steamer for a small batch of puree.

Take advantage of the grandparent visit: First, take a shower! Then go to the store, and don’t forget to keep it simple, stick to one or two ingredients. Pro move: get one for steaming, one for baking, and cook them simultaneously to save time.

Now Make It

Homemade baby food is more or less this simple: bake or steam fruits and veggies until they’re tender. Puree in a blender (or whatever you’re using) until you get the right texture for your baby, adding water or breast milk to thin if needed. Serve it then & there* or pour into ice cube trays & freeze.

Get Friendly with Your Freezer

Transfer frozen cubes to resealable bags and label them with the contents & date because YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER THIS and all food looks really similar in frozen cube form. Food will keep in the freezer for 3-6 months, and a full 1 oz. cube = 2 Tbsp. When you’re ready to reheat, take what you need and let it thaw in the fridge or throw it in the microwave* because no judgment here! You made homemade food and are already basically Supermom or Superdad!

That’s it! You’re ready to make your own baby food. Start with a simple single ingredient like sweet potato or carrot, or try an easy recipe with a blend, like our delicious Pineapple, Pear & Avocado Puree recipe. Either way, you’ve got this!

And when you don’t got it (we understand, life happens), you can always call for backup by choosing one of our homemade-inspired jar purees from our Naturals or Organics line. Two of our favorites: Naturals Beets, Pear & Pomegranate and Organics Banana, Cinnamon & Granola.

*You probably know this, but we have to say it anyway: Always check the texture and temperature of your baby’s food before serving to make sure it’s not too hot and doesn’t contain any lumps that could be choking hazards. Make sure you’re feeding age-appropriate baby food and always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Code OKPD 2 - Deciphering, Wands and Restrictions of

Oil Other Oils and their fractions refined, but not subjected to chemical modification

Classifier OKPD 2 9000

Code 10. 41.59.110 9000 9000

Deciphering: oil vegetable vegetables: vegetable vegetable vegetable vegetables other and their fractions refined, but not subjected to chemical modification

Comments: the classifier does not contain comments on this code

Old code:

Record in the classifier OKPD 2 with code contains 42 clarifying (subsidiaries) code: .59.113 ∙ Refined watermelon oil and its fractions ∙ Refined babassu oil and its fractions old code — ∙ Refined boleko oil and its fractions ∙ Borneo oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Book oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Vinogradsky oil and its faction Refined 9000.41.59.119 ∙ Vishnovy ∙ Refined walnut oil and its fractions ∙ Refined jojoba oil and its fractions old code –

10.41.59. 123 ∙ old refined castor oil and its fractions 19.1720003 ∙ Kedrovoy oil and its fractions Refined old code - ∙ Cocum oil and its faction Refined ∙ Konophopolnaya oil and its faction Refined Old Code - ∙ Coriander oil and its fractions refined ∙ Crambe oil and its fractions refined ∙ Sesame oil and its fractions refined old code — ∙ Leshchinovoy oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Flax oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Lyalalemancium oil and its factions Refined │ of the nuclear power ∙ Refined mango butter and its fractions ∙ Refined almond oil and its fractions old code — ∙ Refined oitisik oil and its fractions ∙ Palmoyard oil and its fractions Refined Old Code - 15. 42.12.130 ∙ Permilium oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Persian oil and its fractions Refined 9000.41.42 refined and its fractions ∙ Refined rice oil and its fractions ∙ Refined camelina oil and its fractions old code — ∙ Sal oil and its fractions Refined ∙ Saflorovoy oil and its fractions Refined old code - its fractions refined ∙ Tung oil and its fractions refined old code — ∙ Pumpkin oil and its fractions refined Butter refined and refined0003 ∙ Ellipa butter and its fractions Refined ∙ mixtures of vegetable oils Old code - ∙ Vegetable fragranated oil purchases with positions according to OKPD 2 "Other vegetable oils and their fractions refined, but not subjected to chemical modification"

No. 0319200040918000080

230,838 rubles

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Supply of food products (other products) for the needs of KGBUZ KKKTSOMD by small businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations

Found in documents | Sunflower oil, refined, bottle volume 900 - 1000 liters. — 840 kg

UIS purchases | Request for quotation

acceptance of applications from 06/14/18 to 06/20/18

Krasnoyarsk Territory | 360878 | KGBUZ KKKTSOMD



33 168₽

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Food supply (Sunflower oil; Margarine)

| Sunflower oil — 210 pack

Sberbank-AST | Electronic auction

acceptance of applications from 06/13/18 to 06/21/18



No. 0836300000518000037

215 321₽

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Supply of food products (grocery) for the needs of Kindergarten No. 10

Found in documents | Sunflower oil refined, deodorized, premium — 226.8 l

Sberbank-AST | Electronic auction

acceptance of applications from 06/14/18 to 06/22/18

Tver region | 1252925 | MBDOU "KINDERGARTEN № 10"


No. 31806612168

29 000 000₽

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Supply of foodstuffs for the needs of the Food Combine RSSU

Found in documents | Other vegetable oils and their fractions, refined but not subjected to chemical modification

EETP Group Roseltorg | Electronic auction

acceptance of applications from 06/15/18 to 07/10/18



No. 0358300199218000018

4 802₽

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Supply of foodstuffs (other vegetable oils)

Found in documents | Other vegetable oils and their fractions, refined, but not subjected to chemical modification - 1 conditional unit

Sberbank-AST | Electronic auction

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90,000 guide to the WIC program according to West Virginia in English 2020 920

Bobovy and fish


Coffee grains

Method of use: Contrachable, Cones, Corpsy, Corpsy or City Corps or Corps. combination of varieties.
  • 16 oz bag only
  • ANY BRAND canned beans of any type, including defatted roasted beans, with no added sugar, fat, oil or meat.
  • May be low sodium or organic
  • Canned beans can be selected for dried beans as listed on the eWIC benefit balance sheet.
  • 15 to 16 oz can only
  • None

    • Beans or canned beans with added flavors or additional flavors, sugars, fats, colors, oils or meat
    • Soups or soup mixes
    • Boxes of beans; bulk or bulk beans; raw or roasted nuts
    • Baked beans or pork with beans
    • Canned chili peppers
    • Gourmet peas or beans; hummus

    Varieties such as string beans, green peas, kidney beans, orange beans, wax beans, and edamame-style soybeans are sold for monetary gain only.

    Peanut Butter

    Not available for purchase by children under 2 years of age.

    How to use:

    • Any brand of commercially prepared, pre-packaged, low-sugar or low-sodium plain peanut butter, including smooth, crunchy or extra crunchy, and coarse.
    • Natural & Organic Palm Oil Free Peanut Butter
    • 16-18 oz pack ONLY.


    • Whipped peanut butter; combinations, including those with the addition of jelly, honey, chocolate, marshmallows or flavorings; other nut butters (e.g. almond, soy, sesame, sunflower, cashew, hazelnut, etc.)
    • Low-fat, fat-free, low-carb or peanut butter
    • Roasted or honey-walnut peanut butter
    • Gourmet or deli peanut butter
    • Peanut butter fortified with nutrients such as vitamin E, DHA or ARA.
    • Custom sized pouches including tubes, slices or To Go containers.
    • Peanut butter in bulk or freshly ground
    • Peanut Butter

    X Peanut butter is not recommended for children under two years of age due to the risk of choking.

    Bean and peanut butter conversion 9


  • ANY BRAND Piece of light tuna; pink salmon
  • 5oz, 6oz, 7.5oz, or 14.75oz cans
  • None

    • Sardines or Jack Mackerel; Albacore, yellowfin, white piece, solid white, tongol, or other specialty tuna; Blueback, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, red, royal, wild or coho salmon
    • Flakes or grated; low sodium content; choose whimsical and/or solid
    • organic
    • Fish containing flavorings, spices or ingredients other than salt, oil or water
    • Gourmet, filleted, fresh, dried, frozen or smoked fish
    • Bags or foil bags
    • Individual Serving Size Packets
    • Fish and cracker combinations or fish pastes



    What does WIC expect from me?
    Buy WIC Approved Products : I will only buy products that are on my WIC shopping list with my eWIC card. I will only use these products for the person included in the program.

    Use WIC benefits correctly: I will follow the WIC program and purchase rules when using WIC benefits. I will not sell, trade, give away or trade WIC benefits, food, or formula purchased with WIC benefits.

    I will keep all receipts for food or formula that are identical to WIC-issued receipts that I buy privately: These receipts will be the documentation that I can provide to the WIC program, if required, to prove that I do not sell, trade, give away, or trade food or formula provided by WIC.

    I will not exchange mix at the store. I will return any unused formula or infant formula to WIC. I will be careful with my WIC benefits. If they are lost or stolen, I will notify the local WIC clinic immediately. I understand that I will not receive replacement benefits if they are lost or stolen.

    Attend one WIC clinic at a time: I will only receive benefits at one clinic at a time. If I move out of state, I can ask for a transfer.

    Come to see WIC: I will come to see you or call ahead if I can't make an appointment.

    Common courtesy: I will treat WIC and grocery store staff with courtesy and respect. I understand that if I, my guardian, or anyone who buys benefits on my behalf verbally abuse, abuse, threaten, or physically harm a WIC employee or grocery store employees, my family may lose WIC benefits.

    What can I expect from WIC?

    WIC Products: If I am eligible for WIC, I will get WIC benefits for buying healthy foods at the grocery store. I understand that WIC is an optional program and does not provide all meals or formula needed per month.

    Nutrition and breastfeeding information: WIC will give me advice on healthy eating and being active. The WIC program will give me breastfeeding support.

    Health Information: WIC will help me find a doctor and refer me to other services if necessary.

    Fair Treatment: WIC staff will treat me with courtesy and respect. I have the right to ask for a fair hearing if I disagree with a decision about my eligibility for WIC. I understand that I must ask for a fair hearing by writing or calling my local WIC clinic or public WIC clinic within 60 days of receiving the letter stating my eligibility for WIC. If I have any comments about my local WIC clinic, I can contact the state WIC program. Address: 350 Capitol Street, Room 519, Charleston, WV 25301. Telephone number (304) 558-0030.

    By participating in the WIC program, I understand and agree

    • All information I give to WIC is correct. WIC staff may review any of this information from time to time.

    • If I break the rules or make false statements or intentionally misrepresent, hide, or withhold facts about my WIC eligibility, I understand that:
    - I or my child could be taken out of WIC and have to pay back my money WIC for food, formula, or pumps that I should not have received or that I have sold or traded.

    • I will report any changes to my address, phone number, income, family size, Medicaid eligibility, or no longer breastfeeding immediately.

    • I allow WIC to take my or my child's height and weight, and a small amount of blood to check my or my child's iron levels. I understand that this information is necessary to determine eligibility for WIC.

    • WIC will keep information about me or my child(ren) confidential and will only share
    information needed to determine eligibility and referral to other services.

    • WIC staff may share information with my health care provider, another WIC clinic, or health, education, and social services programs.

    • My information may also be used for quality assurance assessments.
    WIC program.

    • I have been informed and I understand my rights and obligations. WIC will keep information about me or my child(ren) confidential and will only share information necessary to determine eligibility and referral to other services.

    Learn more