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6 Best Baby Food Makers of 2023

When you’re creating your baby registry, thinking about starting your little one on solid food may sound like a long way off. But, as is the case with so many things when it comes to babies (except for those middle-of-the-night feeds, of course), time flies, and before you know it you’ll be thinking of what’s on the menu for baby’s first meal.

Baby food makers are a great solution for making the process of cooking homemade food for your little one fast, simple and even fun. Here’s what you’ll want to know when you’re considering which baby food maker is right for you. Let’s get cooking!

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  • Babylist’s Best Baby Food Maker Picks
  • Do You Need a Baby Food Maker?
  • Baby Food Storage Ideas

Do You Need a Baby Food Maker?

Figuring out whether or not you need a baby food maker is going to depend on your lifestyle, culinary comfort level and what existing kitchen gadgets you already own.

Skipping the jars and pouches and making your own baby food will definitely save you money and reduce environmental waste. Your role as head chef puts you in charge of ingredients and quality, and gives you free rein to get creative and experiment with fun food combos as much as you’d like.

If you’re not super comfortable in the kitchen, don’t mind sacrificing some counter space and are looking for a foolproof way to dive into making your little one’s food, then a baby food maker is a wise purchase. No matter what type of gadget you go with, the process is pretty much the same: prep the ingredients, steam, puree or chop, and eat. (Your baby will add a few more messy steps in there…so be ready with the wipes). Check out our baby food-making how-to video for step-by-step instructions.

If you’d rather skip the baby food maker altogether, it’s definitely possible to take the DIY route, as long as you have a few key kitchen items on hand. Things like a large pot, a steam basket, some type of blender (a food processor, immersion blender or standard blender will all do the trick) and even your microwave are all key when it comes to making your own baby food.

Baby Food Storage Tips

Whether you’re using the kitchen gadgets you have on hand or letting your baby food maker do the work, you’ll need somewhere to store all of that delicious food so your efforts don’t go to waste. If you’re cooking up single foods (think carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.), we recommend making a few large batches in bulk and then freezing each food in trays like the ones below. After the food freezes, simply pop out the individual cubes and store them in large freezer bags so you can defrost—and mix and match—as needed.

  • OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray
  • Mumu & Bubi Solids Starter Kit
  • BabyBliss Eco Friendly Silicone Baby Food Freezer Storage Tray

For multi-ingredient, more complicated recipes, or for storing food on the go, these storage solutions get the job done:

  • Sage Spoonfuls Glass Snack Pack
  • OXO Tot Baby Blocks Storage Containers

How We Chose Our Best Baby Food Makers

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, then took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight to tell you about the best baby food makers.

Top Chef
What Our Experts Say

The ninja of baby food makers, the Beaba is a 4-in-1 wonder that steams, blends, defrosts and reheats fruits, veggies, fish and meat in just 15 minutes. The one-handed operation means you can hold your baby, sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and make a homemade meal all at once. Its compact design won’t hog counter space and it’s truly easy to clean, even after stubborn foods like spinach or beets. We also love that the stainless steel water reservoir holds onto the condensed water, which you can pour in while pureeing to get important nutrients back into the food.

What’s Worth Considering

Looking for more? Beaba’s NEO model has a glass bowl instead of a plastic one and a larger bowl capacity (5.2 cups for the NEO versus 4.7 for the Solo) as well as a stainless-steel steam basket. For even more capacity, check out the Duo. It features two separate bowls for a total of a 9.4 cup capacity, making it a good choice for multiples or if you want to make food in larger batches.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It makes homemade baby food simple! I would probably buy store-bought if I didn’t have this. I love it even more than I thought I would.” -Anna

All the Accessories
What Our Experts Say

The NutriBullet is easy, convenient and comes with all awesome accessories to take your culinary game to the next level. There’s a small blender, portioned batch cups for grab-and-go convenience and storage options for the fridge and the freezer. Also included is a baby food recipe guide for some inspiration.

What’s Worth Considering

The NutriBullet is a blender only; there’s no steam, defrost or reheating options here. If you do want to steam, check out the brand’s Turbo Steamer sold separately.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It was nice to have. Especially with all the extras it comes with.” -Adela

Simple and Affordable
What Our Experts Say

Low-tech isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re simply looking to mash up soft foods for your baby—and you aren’t looking to spend a ton—this food masher from OXO Tot is a great option. Both the masher and the bowl have ridges to make the mashing easier, and there are even teeth on the masher that fit inside the teeth on the bowl so you can get to every last bit of food. Everything comes apart and fits inside the lidded bowl for storage and easy transport.

What’s Worth Considering

There’s nothing fancy going on here…but that’s sort of the point. And while you can just use your own small bowl and a fork for mashing, this gadget truly does make the process faster and easier. OXO also makes a baby food mill if you’re looking for another affordable tool for starting solids.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It’s a must have when introducing solids to your baby, especially when they can eat chunkier consistency! We use it every day and it can mush everything that is soft naturally (bananas, avocados, berries) or is cooked to be fairly soft. ” -Angela

All-in-One Glass
What Our Experts Say

While many baby food makers use plastic bowls, this all-in-one steamer and blender uses sturdy glass. From fruit to veggies and meats to fish, this one-stop baby food maker makes four cups of baby food in about 10 minutes with the simple press of a button. You can also choose between steam, blend and steam or just blend, and the blade and bowl are both dishwasher safe.

What’s Worth Considering

If you don’t want to spend quite as much, Baby Brezza’s One Step Food Maker Deluxe will save you about sixty bucks and does pretty much the same thing. The prep bowl on this model is plastic, however.

What Babylist Parents Say

“This baby food maker is amazing! I can make my baby food in 15 min. I’m glad I bought it. The most important of this product it’s the glass, it’s better than plastic.” -Towatei

Affordable Two-in-One
What Our Experts Say

The Sage Baby Puree and Blend is an easy, affordable way to puree. This combo includes an immersion blender (consider it your baby food magic wand) and a food processor attachment. You can pair it with storage containers (the brand makes a host of different sets, sold separately) and you’re ready to go.

What’s Worth Considering

You’ll be surprised by how handy an immersion blender is for making grown-up foods like salsa, hummus, pesto and even soups. This is a great buy that’ll last well beyond the baby food phase.

What Babylist Parents Say

“1.) Immersion blender is sturdy 2.) Jars are glass and not plastic 3.) Has different size jars for different sizes of food storage. 4.) Customer service is great!” -Aurea

The Command Center
What Our Experts Say

One machine with LOTS of uses, the large-capacity Duo 5-in-1 cooks, blends, warms and defrosts food, and can also be used as a bottle warmer and a sterilizer. What really sets it apart, though, is the ability to steam two separate baskets of food for different cook times, which ensures all the flavors and nutrition are just right. The XL steaming bowl and blender cooks over six cups of fresh food (around 25 portions!) and warms up to three bottles at once, making it a great choice for families with multiples.

What’s Worth Considering

The Duo takes up more counter space than most other baby food makers, but still has a much smaller footprint than if you had a separate baby food maker, bottle warmer and sterilizer.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It’s everything in one. Easy to use, easy to clean, space-saving on countertop, no mess when making the food, versatile—you can use it for multiple things—and it’s something that will last well beyond the baby years. Love it!” -Claudia

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The Best Baby Food Makers Make Life Easier

The best baby food makers make it simple to whip up homemade, high-quality food for your little one. Sometime between four and six months old, your baby will make the exciting—sometimes nerve wracking—transition from subsisting solely on breastmilk and/or formula to eating solid foods. Navigating baby food can be intimidating for the best of us: Should you make purées or do baby-led weaning? What should your baby’s very first food be? And do you really need a baby food maker?

While you can certainly get by without one, baby food makers make life a little easier—and for new parents, anything that makes life a little easier is worth its weight in gold. Many makers multitask, so you can also steam veggies for your toddler or make a smoothie for your own breakfast. Investing in a baby food maker means you know exactly what your baby is eating, you can save money over time, and you can get meals on the table (er, highchair, and possibly the floor) quickly and easily. Here are the very best baby food makers.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Beaba Babycook Solo
  • Blender: Bamix Immersion Blender
  • Puree Maker: Breville Mini Wizz
  • Grinder: OXO Good Grips Food Mill
  • Smoothies: Grownsy Baby Food Maker
  • Steamer: Baby Brezza One Step Homemade Baby Food Maker Deluxe
  • Masher: OXO Tot Food Masher

Best Overall: Beaba Babycook Solo

Beaba Babycook Solo


    7"D x 9"W x 9.5"H | 4 pounds | plastic

    • Works as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster in one
    • Easy to clean and store
    • Fast - makes food in 15 minutes or less
    • Auto shut-off cooking timer means there’s no need to watch over the machine

    • Pricey
    • Must descale with vinegar occasionally to get rid of mineral deposits (true for any steamer)

    Why we chose it: This awesome appliance steams, blends, defrosts, and reheats fruits, veggies, fish, and meat, making it the ideal one-and-done baby food champion.

    That means you can put in raw meat and come out with perfectly cooked and pureed food for your baby without getting any pots, pans or blenders dirty. Plus, it’s intuitive to use. “It's easy to use, virtually mold-proof, and cooks and reheats in under 15 minutes,” says Christen Costa, CEO of Gadget Review. “It also has built-in blending capabilities which make it a perfect all-in-one baby food maker.” Its compact design is great for small spaces, and it’s truly easy to clean. Bonus: its ergonomic one-handed design means you can hold your baby in one hand and prep organic baby food with the other, like the super parent you are.

    Blender: Bamix Immersion Blender


      SHOP NOW

      4.8 x 2.8 x 14.4 inches | 2.6 pounds | Metal

      • Highly durable, with two-year warranty
      • The AC motor keeps a constant, precise speed under heavy loads
      • Relatively small and easy to store
      • Stainless steel blades can blend almost anything with ease

      • Only one function - no steaming, etc.
      • Expensive

      Why we chose it: “A baby food maker can be a good choice for preparing baby food, but it has limited use,” says Colleen Colodany, CEO of, a website that reviews kids’ products.

      “Instead of buying a baby food maker, an immersion blender would do the job just as well. It has diverse use in the kitchen and does multiple things.” She recommends the Bamix Immersion Blender for its small size, ease of use, and durability. Plus when the baby has moved onto eating like a toddler (hi mac and cheese!), you’ll have a well-made kitchen tool on hand.

      This blender will become a favorite in your kitchen, for making baby food and beyond. It’s built by hand in Switzerland, and Bamix has been making excellent appliances since 1954. Found in the kitchens of professional chefs, it has three interchangeable blades and offers both power and precision, making quick work of puréeing baby food. You can purée soups, turn frozen fruit into sorbet, and whip milk into cream after your baby has enjoyed their pear purée, and when you’re all finished, it’s easy to clean thoroughly with water.

      Puree Maker: Breville Mini Wizz

      Puree Maker

        SHOP NOW

        18. 5 x 14 x 22.5 cm | 250 watts | 1.5 kg | stainless steel

        • One-year replacement warranty
        • Useful for baby food and beyond
        • Attractive design, easy to clean and store

        • Only one function - no steaming, etc.
        • Too small to make big batches

        Why we chose it: Whether you’re turning basil and garlic into silky pesto or steamed sweet potatoes into baby food, Breville's Mini Wizz will easily and efficiently do the trick.

        With its compact frame, it’s friendly to kitchens where space is in short supply. It’s also refreshingly easy to use, with ergonomic design and simple controls. The lid has two small holes in the indents on top so that you can easily add liquid ingredients as you prepare food for your family. This little food processor is well designed, easy to clean, and a great size when you only need to feed a very little human.

        Grinder: OXO Good Grips Food Mill


          SHOP NOW

          14.75 x 7.25 x 10.25 inches | 2.29 pounds

          • Can wash all parts in the dishwasher
          • Silicone coating for comfortable grip
          • Can make applesauce, marinara, and more for the whole family

          • Only a grinder - will have to cook food separately

          Why we chose it: Low tech can be a positive thing. The OXO Good Grips Food Mill is a smart choice if you’re ok with a manual option for processing food into smooth purées.

          It includes three grinding discs for fine, medium, and coarse textures, and the stainless steel inner bowl won’t stain even when you’re dealing with messy foods like beets or carrots. It’s easy to exchange discs and disassemble, and its legs fold for easy storage.

          Smoothies: Grownsy Baby Food Maker


            SHOP NOW

            0.5"D x 2"W x 2"H | 4.11 pounds

            • See-through design means you can watch food being made
            • Warming function means you can put a bottle in the water tank to warm the milk
            • Large container can accommodate a week’s worth of baby food
            • Multi-function and easy to use

            • Takes up a relatively large amount of counter space

            Why we chose it: This steamer, grinder, and blender is incredibly multi-functional—the Grownsy Baby Food Maker monitors and maintains food temperature as well.

            It’s also incredibly easy to use for sleep deprived parents: you can control the speed of its four precision blades with a handy LCD touch screen panel. It can also heat milk, keep things warm, and even self-sterilize. It’s great for smoothies as the special blade design makes it easy to turn fresh and frozen fruits into a silky-smooth consistency. Pour a satisfying smoothie for your baby, and make one for yourself while you’re at it.

            Steamer: Baby Brezza One Step Homemade Baby Food Maker Deluxe


              SHOP NOW

              • Easy to use and clean
              • Comes with three reusable food pouches and filling funnels
              • Takes about 10 minutes to make 3.5 cups of baby food - fast!

              • Relatively expensive

              Why we chose it: This all-in-one baby food maker has plenty of useful features.

              Its one-button option for steaming and blending lets you add water and food and come out with freshly steamed and puréed fruits and veggies in about 10 minutes. If you only want to steam or blend, you can do that, too. It’s an especially great steamer as its steam tank is fully accessible for easy cleaning, and it’s fast, reliable, and easy to use. It’s also great for non-baby foods: you can use it to steam pasta and vegetables, make hard boiled eggs or even soup.

              Masher: OXO Tot Food Masher


                SHOP NOW

                4.5" L x 7.1" W x 8.1" H | .42 pounds

                • Super affordable
                • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
                • Compact and easy to store

                • Only one very specific use

                Why we chose it: For those who aren’t into fancy baby food makers, this product is genius in its simplicity.

                Turn tender foods like avocado, bananas, and berries into mushy goodness perfect for babies eating (and smearing everywhere, as babies love to do). Steep sides prevent food from slipping out of the bowl while you’re using it, and teeth help scoop food out when it’s ready for serving so you won’t waste food. The already compact masher collapses into two parts for easy portability, and a 360 lid can be snapped shut in multiple positions, making it easy to handle.

                Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Food Maker


                Some baby food makers will steam, blend and purée, while others simply grind or blend your food. Decide which functions are important to you, and how much you want to invest, as the makers with more capabilities tend to have a higher price tag. 

                Your kitchen is probably already taken over by baby bottles, just as your home is taken over by baby stuff. Decide how much counter space you’d like to devote to making baby food, keeping in mind that it will be for a specific period of time.

                Is it worth it to buy a baby food maker?

                “A baby food maker is definitely worth the investment if you want to be 100% certain of all of the ingredients in your little one's meals,” says Costa. Making your own food also means you can introduce your little ones to your family’s favorite dishes, instead of being limited to the store-bought foods on offer. Another bonus: prepping your own baby food lets you figure out the perfect portion for your baby in advance, and even freeze any leftovers.

                What is the difference between a baby food maker and a food processor?

                Top-of-the-line baby food makers often include a steamer and a blender or food processor in a single appliance. In contrast, a regular food processor can make purée, but you’ll need to cook or steam the food separately. You can absolutely use a food processor to prepare baby food.

                What are the healthiest baby foods?

                Just like for adults, there’s no single healthiest food for babies. A healthy strategy is to intoduce your baby to a variety of flavors and foods. Many experts recommend starting with single foods or ingredients, like puréed squash, applesauce, mashed bananas, avocado, puréed peaches, puréed meats, and iron-enriched baby cereal like oatmeal. Your baby might start with puréed or semi-liquid foods, then graduate to strained food, and then start experimenting with finger foods. You can gradually introduce new ingredients and foods to your baby as they become more and more comfortable eating. Always consult your pediatrician before beginning solids.

                Are plastic baby food makers safe?

                Plastic is a durable, highly safe option if your product is free from BPA and phthalates.

                Final thoughts

                Depending on your budget and needs, the best baby food maker will take a lot of stress out of feeding your little one. Whether you want a 4-in-1 ninja that does it all or simply an immersion blender that can double as a tool to whip up creamy soups for the whole family, we have you covered.


                As a food writer and the mother of a toddler and a baby, I’ve spent a lot of time feeding babies and thinking about the best way to make this sometimes thankless task quick and easy.

                I surveyed fellow parents, friends, and family to see what baby food makers they swore by, then reached out to reputable sources to get their wisdom. I also read reviews from across the web and scoured Amazon reviews, too. Since babies only need specific food for a short window of time, value was an extremely important factor in putting together this list. Since parenting a baby is an exhausting endeavor, I nixed anything too complicated. The best baby food makers bring some ease into the day; there’s no room for anything that adds frustration in a parent’s life, period.

                Every product is independently selected and vetted by editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

                KP top 11 rating

                Whether you're a seasoned pro or just learning how to cook, food processors are incredibly useful tools. These machines are jack-of-all-trades that can chop and chop many ingredients, as well as take on heavier jobs like kneading dough. They're also good for light work - especially useful when you only need to make a handful of basil or chop up a few nuts.

                We have prepared our ranking and determined which models are the best food processors in 2023. Read and leave your opinion! nine0003

                Editor's Choice

                GARLYN S-500

                GARLYN S-500. Photo:

                Thanks to its power and quality, a 5in1 kitchen machine can replace several appliances at once: a planetary mixer, a stationary blender, a meat grinder, a vegetable cutter and a dough mixer.

                With its large capacity (5.5 l bowl), this model is one of the most compact and handy. The case itself is made of strong and durable metal, which is very easy to care for. High power is enough to perform all functions, and the speed of work is smoothly adjustable. nine0003

                Metal attachments will help you cook a lot of dishes and make cooking tasks much faster, from churning mousses and crushing ice to making homemade minced meat and signature cocktails.

                With high power (1200 W), the manufacturer also took care of safety, so you won’t have to worry about overloading and overheating of the motor either.

                Editors' Choice

                Key Features

                Not identified

                Top 10 rating according to KP

                1. Redmond RKM-4040

                Redmond RKM-4040. Photo:

                This machine is a multifunctional device that combines a meat grinder, a stationary mixer, a vegetable cutter and a blender. The power of Redmond RKM-4040 reaches 1200 W, which allows it to quickly and efficiently cope with the tasks assigned to it. The model is completed with a bowl which capacity makes 5 l. The device provides protection against incorrect use and overloads: if the assembly is incorrect, the device will not turn on, and it will not work if the motor overheats. nine0026

                Base Color Black
                Pros and cons

                Large bowl, metal body


                Philips HR7510 Philips HR7510. Photo:

                If there is a need for healthy homemade food, then you will like the Philips HR7510. The capacity of the bowl is enough for your family, and the power of 800 W will allow you to finish the work in the kitchen quickly. It is not for nothing that the company has created this range of compact devices specifically for those who live in the frantic rhythm of the city.

                Key features

                Power could be more

                3. Bosch MUM4657

                Bosch MUM4657. Photo:

                This model of food processor incorporates the Bosch reputation and a wide range of accessories. The device has a large bowl: 3.9 l, and it is also possible to knead up to 2 kg of dough. The kit includes a wide range of attachments: a whisk for kneading batter, a round whisk for whipping cream and egg whites, a nozzle for kneading hard dough, a universal cutter with three discs for different types of cuts and a meat grinder. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Reliability, large bowl


                Bosch MCM3110W Bosch MCM3110W. Photo:

                The Bosch MCM3110W food processor is equipped with a multifunctional knife and metal discs. With their help, the harvester carries out cutting, shredding, grater, grinding. All accessories can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher. The power of the combine is 800 W, the working volume of the bowl is 2300 ml, which allows you to cook a considerable amount of food in one cycle. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Manufacturer, design

                No overload protection

                5. Kenwood KVC5100B

                Kenwood KVC5100B. Photo:

                A kitchen machine is a powerful (1200 W) device that can replace most of your items in the kitchen. The model is equipped with a bowl made of borosilicate glass, along the edges of which there are handles, and on the wall there is a measuring scale. The harvester is equipped with a soft start, 6 speeds and a pulse mode, which you can easily switch thanks to a convenient regulator located on the side panel of the device. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Design, large bowl

                6. Redmond RFP-3909

                Redmond RFP-3909 . Photo:

                Using the device, you can grind, squeeze, beat, mix, chop or chop ingredients - just think about how many kitchen appliances you will have in your kitchen in one. The device can operate at a speed of 18500 rpm, while the power of the combine is 1500 W - it will help you make all the preparations for cooking very quickly. The dimensions of the product are 42x21x24 cm - not so much for such a functional device. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Power 1500W, high speed

                Small bowl

                7. Vitek VT-1443

                Vitek VT-1443. Photo:

                This kitchen machine is designed for mixing ingredients, preparing sauces, desserts (whipped cream, puddings, cocktails, mayonnaise), as well as for kneading dough. It is compact and fits perfectly in any kitchen, even the smallest. And the capacity of the bowl will allow you to cook for a large family of 3 or more people. But the lack of a pulse mode can strain some housewives. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Price, powerful

                No pulse mode

                8. Centek CT-1136

                Centek CT-1136. Photo:

                The work of the harvester is carried out with a high power of the electric motor of 1000 watts. Comfortable operation is facilitated by the presence of non-slip rubberized feet. The model is equipped with a metal bowl of 5 liters and a glass container for a blender of 1.5 liters. The functionality is also good - the equipment has six speeds with the possibility of smooth adjustment and operates in a pulsed mode. The device can replace your meat grinder, blender, and is also complemented by a dough attachment and a whisk. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Very powerful metal bowl


                KitchenAid 5KFP1335ER KitchenAid 5KFP1335ER. Photo:

                This model is ideal for kneading dough, whipping cream or proteins. The power of the combine corresponds to 300 W, so it does an excellent job with medium-intensity work. The food processor is equipped with a 3.1 liter plastic bowl. You can choose one of two operating speeds. The kit comes with a set of different attachments and discs, including a dough attachment, a whisk for whipping, a sharp utility knife, discs for chopping and slicing. nine0026

                Pros and cons

                Reliability, large bowl

                Price will turn many off

                10. Kitfort KT-1320

                Kitfort KT-1320. Photo:

                The food processor is equipped with a grater, a universal knife and a shredding disk. It effectively cuts, shreds and rubs vegetables for all kinds of salads and vegetable dishes. The device is equipped with a power of 500 W, with 2 operating speeds for different cooking modes. The capacity of the plastic bowl of the combine is 1 liter. The weight of the device in 2.2 kg allows you to easily move it around the kitchen (and not only) without problems. nine0026

                pluses and minuses

                Price, compact dimensions

                Small bowl

                How to choose a kitchen combine

                A couple of tips for choosing a food combine were given to us Dmitry Kravtsov, a sales consultant of the store Biluir .

                Be aware that some food processors are quite hefty machines. Make sure you have space to store them in an accessible place. And if noise is an issue for you, ask for a demo at the store first - some models are significantly noisier than others. nine0003

                Bowl capacity is the key to a successful purchase. The largest models have a bowl capacity of more than 4 liters, which is enough if you are busy cooking for a small family.

                Versatile and efficient, a good food processor will become your indispensable assistant in the kitchen. It can be used to grind cheese, make biscuit dough, baby food puree, grind spices and more. But before heading to the store, consider these factors to make sure you've chosen the best food processor for your business. nine0003


                Most food processors have only one motor speed, and some have a small hole in the top to allow easy addition of other ingredients. They usually come with a "pusher" that fits into this tube and helps you add larger items to the machine while keeping your fingers safe.

                Make sure the machine you choose has a "pulse" button for giving small pulses of power (suitable for coarse grinding or quick kneading of dough). You'll appreciate a smooth touchpad for controls that's easier to clean than raised buttons, and dishwasher-safe parts. nine0003


                Make sure the machine you choose is powerful enough to handle heavy tasks such as kneading hard dough, chopping raw carrots or chopping hard cheese. For a full-sized processor (9 cups or more), look for a motor with at least 600W.

                Size and capacity

                Food processors come in all sizes, from tiny 3-cup choppers to 20-cup versions that can function in a restaurant kitchen. Which size is best for you depends on the number of people and the recipes you want to make. Whether you're typically preparing meals for a family of four, or making dough for a single batch, an 11-cup processor is sufficient. If you frequently grind small amounts of herbs or nuts, or make small amounts of sauces, find a processor that includes a small work bowl and blade, or invest in a separate 3-cup processor. nine0003


                Some food processors come with a range of accessories designed to get the most out of your machine. They can include work bowls and blades of various sizes, discs that cut and grate products of various thicknesses. Before you spend extra money on a car with all these "bells and whistles", consider whether you will really use them.

                How to choose a food processor

                Choosing the right food processor means saving time and effort spent on preparing food, replacing several kitchen appliances with one, preparing rather labor-intensive and complex dishes, and coping with the processing of crops harvested in a country house or garden plot. Modern food processors for the home, stylish and powerful, allow you to chop, grate, mix, prepare dough, they work with products of any consistency - liquid, soft and hard. Devices manufactured by well-known large companies are distinguished by multifunctionality, convenient control, and the availability of additional devices that expand their capabilities. nine0003

                Types of food processors

                Before proceeding with the selection of a model, you need to understand exactly what operations your future kitchen assistant should perform, and what exactly will be especially important for you - for example, kneading dough, chopping vegetables or making baby puree.

                Inexpensive and compact mini-harvesters are very similar to stationary blenders. They also include a base with a control panel and an engine, a bowl with a tight lid that is installed on the base, and a multifunctional knife used for mixing and chopping products. nine0003

                Full-size food processors can look like stand mixers: they come with a large bowl and a lifting head with interchangeable attachments. The number of attachments is much larger than that of a mixer - in addition to a hook for kneading dough, kneading and whipping attachments, the set may include an auger attachment for chopping meat, a grater, a glass for a blender, etc.

                Selection criteria

                Power is the most important parameter that determines the speed of processing, the duration of continuous operation and the range of products that the device can handle. Depending on the type of combine, the power can vary from 200 W to 2 kW. The power of mini-combiners is 200-400 W - enough for chopping meat and vegetables, as well as preparing mixtures or sauces. Multifunctional large devices usually have a power of 500-800 W: they are able to grind the hardest products, up to coffee beans. Devices with a power of over 1000 W are usually classified as semi-professional. nine0003

                Expert tip: you can choose the power of the device, guided also by the size of the bowl: for example, to mix the ingredients in a small bowl with a volume of 1. 5-2 liters, 300-450 W is enough power, and for a bowl of 3-4 liters, you need more power - up to 800 W.

                The volume of the bowl is another significant indicator that is selected based on the composition of the family and the planned use of the combine. Combines with a small bowl with a volume of about 1-1.2 liters are enough for one or two people, they are also purchased for certain tasks - for example, for preparing baby formula and mashed potatoes, which must certainly be fresh. A bowl with a volume of 2-4 liters is suitable for regular use in a family of three to four people: this volume is considered the most popular. Bowls with a volume of 5-6 liters are used, for example, for kneading dough and preparing fillings for large volumes of pastries, for creating a large number of homemade preparations. nine0003

                No less important is the material from which the bowl is made. Budget models have a bowl made of plastic - for example, polycarbonate. Such a container can be used for storing food in the refrigerator, as well as for heating in a microwave oven, but it is considered to be rather fragile.

                Stainless steel is recognized as the best material for the bowl, which is durable and resistant to any kind of impact. It can grind and mix both cold and hot foods, but it is not suitable for use in a microwave oven. nine0003

                Tempered glass is an environmentally friendly and easy-care material. Such containers can be placed in the refrigerator and microwave, used for processing products of any temperature. Their only drawback is their brittleness under strong mechanical stress.

                Expert Tip: Be aware that the bowl should not be filled completely: it should be no more than two-thirds full to prevent splashing.

                The number of speeds and the possibility of their convenient adjustment allows you to determine how well the device will cope with the processing of products of different degrees of hardness: the more modes, the more accurately you can choose the speed in each case. The number of speeds for various models can range from 2 to 20 or more, but not all are usually used. For a quick short-term increase in speed, combines are equipped with a turbo mode, or intensive. Another mode - impulse - allows you to accurately dose the effect on products: the combine works only when the user presses the button. nine0003

                Expert Tip: Choose premium models that feature smooth speed control and can shut off when overheating and trying to process too hard food.

                The number and purpose of nozzles determines the "skills" of the combine. The composition of nozzles can be very different depending on the brand and type of combine. Among the most popular are:

                • Kneader for soft and batter dough, e.g. for pancakes, muffins or biscuits; nine0667
                • Hook attachment for kneading dense doughs, such as dumplings, as well as thick minced meat;
                • Whisk for beating eggs, cream, creams;
                • Spatula for stirring boiled vegetables or for kneading yeast dough;
                • Graters with holes of various diameters and shapes for grating and chopping raw and cooked vegetables, cheese, fruits, boiled meat, eggs;
                • Meat grinder - auger or centrifugal;
                • nine0666 Attachment for dicing vegetables and preparing salads;
                • Citrus juicer for making juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons;
                • Grating discs for Korean-style carrots and cabbage shredders;
                • Blender attachment for smoothies and mousses.

                The dimensions and weight of the food processor are of particular importance if the kitchen is not too spacious. A larger device, as a rule, has more impressive functionality and is often equipped with a larger bowl. However, when choosing, it is worth comparing the dimensions of the device and the possibility of placing it in a particular kitchen. A mini-processor with a bowl capacity of about 2-3 liters, for example, can reach a height of 42-45 cm, and a width and depth of about 20 cm. Large food processors with a bowl of 4 or more liters at the same height can have twice greater width and one and a half times greater depth. In addition to the dimensions of the device itself, you should pay attention to the length of the cord. A sufficiently powerful device is not recommended to be connected to the electrical network through an extension cord, so it is better to choose a model with a cord no less than 1 meter long. nine0003

                Expert Tip: Choose food processors with a mechanical control system that allows you to set the speed with a rotary switch and buttons. Premium-class models with electronic control and display are also quite reliable.

                The control system, mechanical or electronic, allows, first of all, to set the speed of rotation of the nozzles. The control panel may also contain buttons that allow you to select one or another mode of operation - in this case, the rotation speed will be set automatically. In addition, by pressing a button, you can activate the functions of heating the contents of the bowl, turning on the turbo and pulse mode, and in some models, the timer function. Premium level devices can implement the function of saving the selected parameters and combined control to select manual or automatic setting of operation parameters. nine0003

                Like any powerful device, the food processor is equipped with a whole range of security measures to protect it from damage. In most models, measures such as:

                • protection against switching on when the bowl is incorrectly installed or when the lid is not tightly closed: in this way the part cannot fly off during start-up and injure the user;
                • overload protection for automatic shutdown of the device when the engine temperature rises; nine0667
                • soft start for engine safety;
                • anti-vibration feet for stability of the device on the surface of a table or cabinet.

                Additional features that expand the functionality of the combine are offered by almost all manufacturers. Each brand makes its own improvements: among them are:

                • Built-in scale to determine the weight of food after placing it in the bowl;
                • Lid with large filling opening; nine0667
                • Convenient level marks on the surface of the bowl;
                • Self-cleaning mode of the bowl, which allows you to pour detergent into it and in a few minutes get rid of all dirt, even difficult to remove;
                • Dedicated cord and accessory storage compartment;
                • Free recipe book and dedicated smartphone app.

                Customer review: "...didn't think a food processor could do so much. Now we only make noodles at home, we cook minced meat, Korean carrots. The car is heavy, but even better, very stable.” nine0639

                Top manufacturers

                Food processors are produced by many well-known companies that produce small kitchen appliances. Let's dwell on some of them.

                KitchenAid is a world-famous American company whose range is particularly rich. In its catalogs, you can find all types of food processors, from mini models to large devices with the ability to simultaneously grind and heat food. Inexpensive mini-harvesters weighing only about 3 kg in a plastic case with a 2-liter bowl have 3 rotation speeds, grater discs with holes of different sizes, a dough attachment, a utility knife. Large premium-level combines in a cast metal body, with a steel bowl with a volume of 4.5 liters, allow you to heat the contents up to 140 degrees. They are equipped with an electronic control system with a display and a programmable timer. nine0003

                Customer review: “...I immediately chose a model that can cut vegetables, chop cabbage, rub carrots. Now there are no problems with pickles, sauerkraut, I cut everything for borscht in five minutes. If you are used to making blanks, make sure you have a grater and a knife for slicing.

                Maunfeld is an English brand that produces inexpensive and high-quality household appliances, including food processors. These devices with a pleasant price-quality ratio are distinguished by a very large bowl volume - more than 5 liters - and high power up to 1400 watts. A successful design allows you to use a glass jar attachment, like a blender, and an auger meat grinder. Despite the rather large dimensions, such harvesters weigh only 7 kg. The only drawback they can be considered is that the case is made of plastic. nine0003

                Bork is a well-known international brand that produces premium products. Food processors "Bork" are compact multifunctional devices in a metal and plastic case. In addition to the main bowl with a volume of 2 liters or more, they are equipped with an additional capacity of 0.6 liters. Electronic control and high power up to 1000 W allow you to easily and quickly chop, mix and whip, as well as cut food in 24 different ways.

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