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40 results

Baby Mum-Mum Organic Combo Rice Rusks 72 Pack


Rafferty's Garden Mini Yogurt Drops 8g


Little Quacker Organic Rice Biscuits Strawberry 40g


Kiddylicious Banana Puffs - 4 Pack



Strawberry Yoghurt Rice Cakes 30g 1-5 years




Wafers Raspberry16g 4 Pack


Rafferty's Garden 12 Months+ Strawberry Yoghurt Buttons


Kiddylicious Veggie straws - 4 pack


Baby Mum-Mum Organic Rice Rucks Blueberry and Carrot - 36g



Only Organic Blueberry & Purple Carrot Rice Cakes 20g




Kiddylicious Strawberry Puffs - 4 Pack

$5. 50

Baby Mum-Mum First Rice Rusks Apple & Pumpkin 36G


Only Organic Vegetable Macaroni Cheese 220g Kindy 1-5 years


Only Organic Vegetable Chicken Risotto 220g Kindy 1-5 years



Rafferty's Garden Prebiotic Pumpkin Spinach Pasta Bake 120g


Rafferty's Garden Tuna & Vegetables 120g


Rafferty's Garden Blueberry Sticks 15g


Only Organic Banana Biscotti 10+ Months 100g


Only Organic Creamy Rice Pudding 120g 8+ months


Kiddylicious Cheesy straws - 4 pack


Baby Bellies Carrot Puffs 12g


Baby Mum-Mum Organic Rice Rusks Sweet Potato & Carrot 36g



Kiddylicious Strawberry Wriggles 4 Pack


Baby Bellies Berry & Apple Softcorn 8g


Whole Kids Organic Soft Cereal Biscuits 6 Pack - Spelt and Apple


Baby Belies Apple & Cinnamon Puffs 12g

$1. 70

Baby Mum-Mum Premium Rice Rusks Banana 36g


Rafferty's Garden 12 Months+ Apple Fruit Snack Bars


Only Organic Teething Rusks 6+ Months 100g


Rafferty's Garden 6 Months+ Banana Milk Teething Rusks


Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks Vegetable 36g



Little Quacker Organic Rice Rings Pumpkin & Carrot 5 Pack





Little Quacker Organic Rice Rings Blueberry 5pk





Little Quacker Organic Rice Rings Mixed Vegetable 5pk




Mum-Mum Plant Based Rice Rusks Strawberry 36g


Wafers Blueberry 16g 4 pack


Only Organic Chicken Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Rice 120g 8+ months

$2. 10

Rafferty's Garden Apple Sticks 15g


Rafferty's Garden Natural Mini Yoghurt Drops 8g


Organic Mini Bites Oat & Banana 4 Pack 80g


Baby Bowls, Cups & Cutlery | Baby

138 results


Tommee Tippee Easigrip Antibacterial Self-Feeding Weaning Spoons 6m+ 5 Pack




Munchkin Stay Put Suction Plate



Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder 4m+




Munchkin Love A Bowls 4 Pack - Multi



The First Years Take & Toss Bowls & Lids 6 Pack




Hello Sunshine Messy Mat


Green Grown Toddler Flatware 16 Pack - Assorted*



Dymples Bowl and Spoon Set - Assorted*

$3. 50

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons 6 Pack


Beatrix Potter Section Plate with Suction Base


Disney/ Pixar Toy Story Reversible (2 Sided) Plate



Dymples Freezer Pots with Tray



Tommee Tippee Transition Cup 180ml 4m+ - Assorted*




Paw Patrol Bowl - Blue


Paw Patrol Melamine Plate - Assorted*



Tommee Tippee Weighted Straw Cup 240ml 6m+ - Assorted*




Philips Advent My Grippy Spout Cup 300ml - Assorted*



b. box Sport Spout Drink Bottle 450mL - Assorted*



$4.40 Training Cup 240mL- Assorted*


Dymples Sports Sipper Cup with Straw



Dymples Soft Spout Cup - Assorted*


Take & Toss Straw Cups Marvel Superheros 3 Pack


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The First Years Mickey Mouse Section Suction Plate - Blue


Disney Frozen Glitter Fun Float Sipper Cup


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Disney by b. box Replacement Straw Set - Assorted*


Disney by Sippy Cup 240mL - Toy Story 4 Woody



Dymples Non Spill Rim Plate



Dymples Non Spill Rim Bowl



Dymples Fork & Spoon - Assorted*



Dymples Small Bottle with Non Spill Cup & Hard Spout



Dymples 2 Handle Soft Spout Cup - Assorted*



Dymples Straw Sippy Cup - Pink



Dymples Bottle with Non Spill Cup & Hard Spout


Nuby Silicone Animal Mat - Assorted*


Minnie Mouse Spill Proof Cups 3 Pack


Peter Rabbit Sectioned Plate


Cars Reusable & Recyclable Spill Proof Cups 3 Pack


Nuby Sipper Cup 240mL - Assorted*


Paw Patrol Toddler Fun Float Sipper Cup - Blue


Paw Patrol Toddler's Sectioned Plate - Assorted*


The First Years Paw Patrol Flip Top Straw Cup 296mL


The First Years Minnie Mouse Flip Top Straw Cup - Assorted*


Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons 4 Pack

$12. 90

Munchkin Miracle 360 Degrees Cup 296mL - Assorted*



The First Years Reusable & Recyclable Straw Sippers 296mL 4 Pack




Philips Avent Sippy Cup Spout 1-Pack 260mL


rating of the top 10 Russian and foreign brands with reviews according to KP

Goods for children are always under special quality control. Including food. After all, food for a baby is not only a way to satisfy hunger, but also acquaintance with different tastes and a guarantee of healthy development (1). Today there are many different brands. Among them, we selected the best manufacturers of baby food, based on the reviews of parents and expert opinions.

Rating of the top 5 Russian baby food manufacturers according to KP

There are many popular brands among Russian manufacturers of baby food. Basically, various purees, juices, cereals and dairy products are presented on the market. There are also formulas for babies, but in smaller quantities. The popularity of food is due to high quality and rather low (in comparison with foreign analogues) price.

1. "Agusha"

"Agusha". Photo:

Agusha is one of the most popular manufacturers of baby food in Russia. The trademark appeared in 1992 and has a wide range of products for children of all ages. Newborns are offered powdered milk formulas, babies from 4 months - a variety of purees, sour-milk products, water, older children - ready-made cereals (both dairy and non-dairy), juices, fruit drinks, compotes and fruit bars for a snack.

Thanks to the availability and variety of products, the manufacturer is confidently holding onto the Russian market. The safety and quality of Agushi is also confirmed by some neutral studies. For example, fruit cottage cheese, as well as kefir from this brand, received the highest rating from Roskachestvo (2, 3).

However, some parents are confused by the rather high price of certain items.

The main characteristics
Manufacturer Pepsico Russia
Assortment puree, Dry Milk mixes, porridge, fruit bars , recommended ages C Founded 1992
Pros and cons

There are mixtures in the product line; a wide range of.

High price for some items.

2. FrutoNyanya

FrutoNyanya. Photo:

FrutoNyanya baby food brand products are distinguished by a wide range and wide distribution in stores. Among the products of the brand you can find: a variety of cereals (with additives in the form, for example, pieces of fruit or without them), vegetable, fruit and meat purees, water, dairy products, juices, fruit drinks and nectars, snacks. For children prone to acute reactions to certain products, a special line of hypoallergenic food is offered.

Some of the brand's products have received high ratings from Roskachestvo, for example, biocurd, buckwheat porridge (4, 5).

Nutrition from this brand is designed for both the first complementary foods and for babies after a year. The composition contains salt and sugar, which are not recommended for children under one year old.

Main characteristics
Manufacturer Progress
Assortment purees, drinks, soups, snacks, cereals, snacks, water
Recommended age from 0 months
Founded 2000
Pros and cons
There are hypoallergenic products.

May contain allergenic ingredients (eg sugar).

3. "Grandmother's Lukoshko"

"Grandmother's Lukoshko". Photo:

The manufacturer has been present on the Russian market since 1999. The main product is a variety of purees, which are available in glass jars and soft packs. For example, apple puree from this brand received the highest rating from Roskachestvo in all analysis criteria and was awarded the Quality Mark (6).

For older children, prepared meals, meatballs, healthy snacks such as fruit lozenges and biscuits are available. Also, "Babushkino Lukoshko" produces children's herbal teas. Salt in some products is not always welcomed by parents.

The main characteristics
manufacturer "Sivma"
Assortment puree, finished lunch, drinks, fruit pastures
Recommended age from 4 months
Founded 1999
Pros and cons

Relatively low price in the segment; varied products.

There may be undesirable auxiliary components in the formulation (eg salt).

4. "Subject"

"Subject". Photo:

"Theme" offers products for children from 4 months to 3 years. The assortment includes a variety of meat, fish and vegetable purees, dairy products, ready meals and juices. But fruit purees are not presented. Packaging 一 is one of the distinguishing features of the brand. Thanks to special tin cans, the products are reliably protected from sunlight, which prolongs the shelf life. Also, many products of the brand are available in non-spill packages, so it is convenient to take them with you on the road. According to the results of the research, cottage cheese and juice "Theme" received the highest rating from Roskachestvo (7, 8).

5. Diaper

Diaper. Photo:

All ingredients for production are supplied from our own farm. The manufacturer claims that thanks to this, it is possible to set fairly low prices for products.

The potential buyer is offered fruit and vegetable purees (some with cottage cheese), soups, various juices and fruit drinks, as well as water. Some of the products are hypoallergenic. The composition does not contain unnecessary components: salt, sugar and preservatives. Meat and fish products are not represented in the product line.

The main characteristics
Manufacturer "Gardens Podonya"
Assortment puree, cream-soups, cereal
Recommended age C 40 months of ° Cite. 2005
Pros and cons

Low price in the segment; simple and clear structure.

Lack of meat and fish products in the assortment.

Rating of the top 5 foreign manufacturers of baby food according to KP

There are many foreign companies that produce baby food on the Russian market. A century of history, many years of experience and a good reputation helps to supply the market with quality products, which are preferred by many parents.

1. Gerber

Gerber. Photo:

The assortment of the American manufacturer includes products for children from 4 months. In supermarkets and online sites, you can find vegetable and fruit purees, cereals, healthy snacks, juices, and desserts (cottage cheese treats, smoothies, and others). Hypoallergenic food is also provided. For example, dairy-free buckwheat porridge of this brand is highly appreciated by Roskachestvo experts, who noted the safe composition of the product without dangerous and harmful substances, including no added sugars (9).

The manufacturer claims that the high prices are due to the corresponding quality, which is ensured by strict standards and adherence to technology.

The main characteristics
Manufacturer Nestle
Assortment puree, porridge, snacks, desserts
Recommended ° from 4 months from 4 months СО 4 months of from 4 months of
Founded 1927
Pros and cons

Hypoallergenic products; natural composition; high quality.

High price in the baby food segment.

2. HiPP

HiPP. Photo:

German manufacturer's products are suitable for children from birth. Infants are offered hypoallergenic powdered milk formulas enriched with vitamins. For feeding - various purees, cream soups, cereals, and as a snack for older children - snacks and dairy desserts.

Meals are made exclusively from natural ingredients, without added sugar. The high price, according to the manufacturer, is due to the use of special technologies and high-quality products.

The main characteristics
9 months 9 months 9 months 9.0025
manufacturer HIPP
Assortment puree, cereals, drinks, snacks, dry dairy mixtures
Recommended age
Country of origin Germany
Founded 1957
Pros and cons

Natural composition; There are baby formulas in the assortment.

High price of products.

3. Fleur Alpine

Fleur Alpine. Photo:

Natural baby food of premium quality. The range includes purees, cereals, cookies and juices - both regular and for children prone to allergies or intolerant to gluten. In addition to the usual products, the manufacturer offers olive oil (from 6 months) and sauces (from 3 years).

From time to time, the products of this brand come under the attention of experts from Roskachestvo and Roskontrol. For example, Three cereals porridge showed excellent results: a good composition with dietary fiber and no foreign impurities, the appropriate taste, color and smell (10), and buckwheat porridge meets the advanced standards of Roskachestvo, except for the increased protein content (11).

Not all products on the official website can be purchased in a regular store. However, they can be purchased on marketplaces.

High price; Not all brand products are easy to find on offline sites.

4. Semper

Semper. Photo:

The Swedish company offers a wide range of products for children of all ages. Dry milk formulas are suitable for newborns, and there are even specialized ones that are best used for constipation. Some of them are designed for babies older than six months. For crumbs older than 4 months, the manufacturer offers a variety of vegetable, meat, fish and fruit purees, cereals, juices and children's tea with vitamins. In addition to the usual products for children, there are wellings — oatmeal and multi-cereal porridges with natural additives, cookies, and meatballs.

Roskachestvo examined this brand's applesauce and, apart from its high carbohydrate content (higher than indicated on the package), found no drawbacks (12). In addition, some purees contain starch.

The main characteristics
° 0 months0025
Manufacturer Hero Group
Assortment Dairy mixtures, puree, cereals, drinks, cookies
Recommended age ° 0 months
Country of origin Sweden
Founded 1963
Pros and cons

There are mixtures in the product line interesting combinations of flavors.

High price in the segment; the presence of starch in the puree; the product according to BJU may differ from that stated on the package.

5. Heinz

Heinz. Photo:

American food company offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. There are fruit, vegetable and meat purees, cereals (dairy and non-dairy), soups and drinks. As a healthy snack for babies from 5 months, special cookies are suitable, and fruit and cream puddings will be a great dessert for older children. You can also find a special vermicelli that will suit crumbs from 6 months. The manufacturer's porridges received the highest rating from Roskachestvo (13). However, some products contain sugar and starch, which many parents of babies do not approve of.

The main characteristics
C C C 9 months .
Manufacturer Heinz
Assortment puree, soups, vermichel, pudding, cookies, tea
Recommended age USA
Year of Manufacture 1869
Pros and Cons

Product contains prebiotics; affordable price in the segment of baby food from foreign manufacturers.

Some products contain sugar and starch.

How to choose the right baby food

A child's menu may differ from another baby's diet, not only because of age, but also due to health conditions (for example, a tendency to constipation or a dairy allergy) and personal preferences. However, the first thing to consider is age. It’s also important to keep in mind that your baby’s diet should be free of added salt and sugar (14). Certain positions deserve some explanation.

Milk formulas

Designed for feeding babies. In fact, they are designed to become an alternative to mother's milk. For the full development of the crumbs, it is necessary that vitamins and trace elements are present in the composition.

Canned puree

Introduced from 4 months. There are fruit, vegetable, meat and fish options. Combinations are also possible. For the first feeding, it is recommended to choose one-component purees from vegetables or fruits.


Porridges, as well as mashed potatoes, are recommended to be offered to a baby from 4 months. Thanks to the special processing of cereals, baby porridge is easily boiled, which significantly saves cooking time.

Nectars, juices

You can give your baby juice or nectar from the age of 4 months. As long as it doesn't contain sugar. If available, it is better to wait at least up to 1 year.

Reviews of doctors about manufacturers of baby food

一 Baby food is becoming an object of special attention on the part of the state and parents, 一 says pediatrician Ekaterina Mikhaltsova . - The main advantages of industrial products and dishes are ease of use, balanced composition and minimal cooking time. However, you must strictly follow the age recommendations and cooking rules indicated on the labels.

- Dairy products and baby food in particular are complex production products where quality control is essential at all stages. Therefore, it is better to trust large manufacturers, - explains sanitary doctor Nikolai Dubinin . - It is important to pay attention to the composition and, before offering the child, taste the food yourself. In general, doctors agree that commercially produced baby food is no worse than home-cooked. And some are even better, due to supplements in the form of vitamins and trace elements.

Popular questions and answers

We answer the most common questions about baby food together with pediatrician Ekaterina Mikhaltsova and sanitary doctor, epidemiologist Nikolai Dubinin.

How to choose food for the first feeding?

Pediatricians recommend starting the first complementary foods with vegetable puree. Fruits contain a large amount of fructose, which can irritate the lining of the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, the parent himself can boil and grind vegetables to a puree-like consistency, but it is easier to purchase products in the store, since baby food is made in compliance with special technologies, taking into account all the rules and regulations.

Another question is how to choose a brand among such a variety of baby foods. The best solution is to stick with a well-known brand. Large companies care about their reputation, and therefore strictly follow all established quality standards and do not violate production technology.

The next step is to study the information on the label, make sure the quality, evaluate the following indicators:

Natural composition. Preservatives, salt, sugar and other ingredients should not be present in the composition (at least in products for children under 1 year old).
Consistency (grinding quality). A good puree should be smooth and without lumps.
Multi or single ingredient . The first puree should contain only one ingredient. The child should get used to a certain vegetable, after which it will be possible to introduce others, adding each one in turn, so that the baby gets used to everything individually.
Hypoallergenic product. Formula must not contain ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.
Package integrity . It is important to inspect the container in detail for dents, scratches or cracks (chips). Tightness must be observed. Don't forget to check the production date.
Appropriate for the age of the child . The age for which this or that product is designed is usually indicated on the packaging in compliance with the recommendations of pediatricians.

When all these factors are taken into account, it can be said that the product is really suitable for the child and will not cause side effects (15).

Which of the Russian manufacturers should I pay attention to?

Baby food brand Agusha has been producing products for over 30 years. The assortment has everything you need for a complete diet for kids: dairy products, cereals, fruit, vegetable and meat purees, juices and compotes. The company produces safe, hypoallergenic, complete nutrition for children of all ages. High-quality substitutes for breast milk and subsequent complementary foods are also produced. It is also recommended to pay attention to the manufacturers "FrutoNyanya" and "Theme".

What composition should healthy baby food contain?

When choosing puree in jars, pay attention to the composition. The ingredients should be natural, a good option (especially for younger kids) if the puree is a one-component puree - a fruit or vegetable plus water. Please note that the product does not contain salt, flour, starch, dyes and preservatives, and is not too diluted with water. The vegetable itself may contain starch, but its additional additives are very undesirable.


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Top 14 baby food manufacturers


The author of the article: Elena Viktorovna

*Overview of the best according to the editors of simplerule. ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Baby food is a source of energy that a growing baby needs. It contains useful substances for the development of the body and strengthening the immune system, and also ensures the transition of the child from breastfeeding to adult food. Our experts have studied the reviews and research of independent experts to prepare a rating of the best baby food manufacturers.

Baby food recommendations

Quality nutrition is the key to your child's health. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, always pay attention to the composition. In addition to the main product (vegetables, meat, fruits), water, olive oil, cereals, probiotics and rice flour are allowed, which is added to obtain a homogeneous and thick consistency.

Useful tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Prohibited Ingredients . The composition of products should not include: GMOs, artificial flavors and dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, palm oil, flavor and aroma enhancers.

  2. Types of food. Baby food can be hypoallergenic, therapeutic or prophylactic. It is recommended to choose them after consultation with a pediatrician and on his recommendation.

  3. Packaging. Available in glass or plastic. Both formats are convenient, but soft pouches are easier to take with you (for example, while walking) and do not require the use of cutlery.

  4. Variety . If the baby’s menu up to 6 months is quite monotonous, then as he grows up, he needs more different nutrients: proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats.

  5. And most importantly, always read the label of cereal, puree or other baby food . It always indicates the age from which the use of the product is allowed, the full composition, expiration date and storage conditions.

Rating of the best manufacturers of baby food

Rating of the best manufacturers of baby food one Gerber 5.0
2 Semper 4.9
3 Humana 4.8
four Fleur Alpine 4.7
5 HiPP 4.6
6 Bebivita 4.5
7 Heinz 4.4
eight Izbenka 4.3
9 Nutricia 4.2
ten Grandma's basket 4. 1
eleven FrutoNanny 4.0
12 Agusha 3.9
13 diaper 3.8
fourteen Topic 3.7


Rating: 5.0

The first place is occupied by the manufacturer Gerber (USA), which for more than 80 years has been making sure that kids get the best. In Russia, the product range is represented by 60 items, including fruit, fruit-cereal and vegetable purees, as well as juices and desserts.

They are available in jars (80, 130 and 190 g) and in soft packs (90 g), which are convenient to take with you for a walk. The great advantage of this brand is that the percentage of meat is indicated in meat purees and it is quite high - 60%.

Most vegetable purees are one-component, so they are good for starting complementary foods. All fruit formulations include vitamin C, which is beneficial for the immune system of babies. The advantages of many mothers include natural taste and smell, the absence of synthetic additives and a large selection.


  1. convenient packaging,

  2. natural taste,

  3. without GMO,

  4. dense consistency.


  1. high price.


Rating: 4.9

The manufacturer Semper (Sweden) offers premium baby food adapted to any age. The assortment includes vitamin teas and juices, dry mixes, fruit, meat and multi-cereal purees, meatballs, etc.

It differs from competitors in that the products are recognized as environmentally friendly and meet international quality standards. Does not contain GMO, sugar and glucose. The only exception is blueberry puree, which contains sugar.

From useful: Semper baby purees have different packaging, so you can choose the format that is more convenient for you: 90, 125 or 190 g. In reviews of vegetable purees, cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini are recommended for the first feeding.


  1. complete power line,

  2. interesting combination of flavors

  3. without preservatives and fragrances,

  4. balanced composition.


  1. high price.


Rating: 4.8

We added baby food from the Humana brand (Germany) to the rating because it contains iron, iodine, lactose, as well as a complex of vitamins A, D and C. They contribute to the proper development of babies and strengthen the immune system.

A big plus is that the Humana brand formula is as close as possible to breast milk. A separate nutrition line has been developed for premature babies, as well as for those who are intolerant to cow's milk.

The reviews write that the mixtures of this brand quickly and without lumps get divorced, and children eat them with pleasure. They have a thick texture, uniform color and pleasant taste, do not cause constipation. Many give them from birth on the recommendation of pediatricians.


  1. affordable price,

  2. easy to breed

  3. complex of vitamins and minerals,

  4. sugarless,

  5. does not cause allergies.


  1. not found.

Fleur Alpine

Rating: 4.7

Organic baby food from Fleur Alpine (Lithuania) is suitable for babies from birth. It is designed for children with gluten intolerance, as well as allergies to cow's milk protein. Contains no added sugar and is suitable for toddlers.

The line includes a large selection of vegetable and fruit purees, but only in soft packs of 90 and 120 g, which are convenient to take with you. The composition includes 100% fruit, without the addition of starch, water, flour and synthetic vitamins.

Fleur Alpine pumpkin, carrot and pear purees are perfect for the first feeding. The reviews write that they often take them with them as a snack for a walk. The benefits include a pleasant taste, texture and smell.


  1. organic puree,

  2. without GMO,

  3. large selection of flavors

  4. based on goat milk.


  1. There are no mixes in the line.


Rating: 4.6

Organic nutrition from the HiPP brand (Germany) is great for starting complementary foods. All products have a very worthy composition without starch, sugar and salt. Vegetable and meat purees include a little rice flour, which improves the consistency. The content of meat in meat purees is 40%.

Ready meals are presented in the form of liquid cereals, soups, meat and fish dishes, nectars. There are dairy and non-dairy products. All of them are very high quality and easy to prepare. Problems with the tummy and stool do not cause.

All purees have a balanced composition, including calcium, folic acid, fiber and vitamins C, PP, K. They strengthen the immune system and are an excellent source of energy for children who are constantly on the move.


  1. uniform texture,

  2. gentle production mode,

  3. natural composition,

  4. does not cause allergies.


  1. the price is above average.


Rating: 4.5

The next place is occupied by nutrition from the Bebivita brand (Germany), which does not contain dyes, gluten and salt. It has a homogeneous consistency without inclusions. It belongs to low-allergenic products because it does not contain milk protein.

The reviews say that these are delicious and ready-to-eat dishes. They are available in convenient glass jars (100 g). The composition of most purees is rich in iron, useful for blood formation and mental development of children.

Minus - a very low meat content (only 8%). For such a price, you can find more balanced products with a high meat content from other manufacturers, so we recommend only vegetable and fruit purees from Bebivita.


  1. low allergenic product

  2. completely ready for use

  3. rich in iron.


  1. low meat content.


Rating: 4.4

Among all manufacturers, Heinz (USA) has the widest selection of cereals: dairy, whole grain, low-allergenic, dairy-free and even drinkable. In addition to cereals, the brand's assortment includes mashed potatoes, vermicelli, mixtures, biscuits, tea and puddings.

Heinz has a special line designed for older children. For example, cereals with coarse grinding, which help the child move from baby food to the general table. The product line also includes meat (60% meat content) and fish dishes.

The composition of the products includes natural ingredients and prebiotics. The reviews say that they are very tasty and nutritious. Thanks to the large selection of flavors, you can always choose different products. A big plus is the convenient and airtight packaging.


  1. hearty foods,

  2. hypoallergenic formula,

  3. with prebiotics

  4. convenient and beautiful packaging,

  5. a taste that kids love.


  1. high price without discount.


Rating: 4.3

Baby food from the Izbenka brand (Russia) is presented in VkusVill stores. The line is small, but all products are tasty and natural. They contain organic ingredients, so they are good for starting complementary foods.

Vegetable and fruit purees contain only the main ingredient (apple, pear, banana, etc.). The manufacturer claims that all products are made in season from fruits of their own production, which are previously tested for radiation and nitrates.

The content of meat in meat purees is 51%, which is quite a lot. The pluses in the reviews include affordable cost, pleasant taste and thick texture. The downside is the complexity of the purchase, because you can find products of this Russian brand only in company stores.


  1. low price,

  2. natural composition,

  3. seasonal fruits and vegetables,

  4. high meat content.


  1. a small assortment

  2. Sold only in branded stores.


Rating: 4.2

High quality, pleasant taste and affordable price are the main advantages of products for children from the Nutricia brand (Netherlands). They are designed for babies from birth to 3 years. The most popular products are milk mixtures of dry consistency.

The company offers several product lines: "Baby", "Baby" and Nutrilon. The latter differ in that they contain the nutrients necessary for the healthy development of premature babies, as well as babies with digestive disorders.

Products do not contain sugar, preservatives and dyes. On the contrary, they contain vitamins and microelements (iron, zinc).


  1. a wide range of mixtures

  2. hypoallergenic products,

  3. affordable price,

  4. help with digestive problems.


  1. awkward packaging.

Grandma's basket

Rating: 4.1

If you are looking for inexpensive but high-quality baby food, we recommend the products of the Babushkino Lukoshko brand (Russia). The line includes vegetable, meat, fish and fruit purees. Nutrition is available in jars (100 g) and soft packs (90 g).

The composition of all products is good, nothing superfluous. In vegetable purees, only the main product and water, in fruit purees - only the main product, in meat purees, rice flour is added to thicken the consistency. However, the percentage of meat in the composition is not indicated.


  1. low price,

  2. soft texture,

  3. without salt,

  4. additional packaging protection.


  1. Not all flavors are to the liking of children.


Rating: 4.0

The main advantage of FrutoNyanya baby food (Russia) is availability. It can be found in almost all stores and at an affordable cost. The manufacturer's product lines include a large selection of meat, fruit and vegetable purees, cereals and other products.

Most of the products of this brand are perfect for the first feeding, there are no complaints about the composition. They contain only the main product, in meat purees - in addition to the main product, rice flour, vegetable oil and water.

All nutrition is available in jars (80 and 100 g), as well as soft packs (90 g). The reviews say that there are often discounts on these products, so you can buy them cheaply. The pluses also include vitamin C in the composition and a pleasant texture.


  1. low prices,

  2. large selection - more than 250 items,

  3. natural composition.


  1. not suitable for babies from birth.


Rating: 4.0

Nutrition from the Agusha brand (Russia) is suitable for babies with sensitive gastrointestinal tract and a tendency to allergic reactions. The range is represented by fruit purees, cereals, juices, snacks and drinks, including purified water, which can be given to babies without boiling.

The advantages of mashed potatoes include a dense and thick consistency, so they are nutritious and saturate well. Many products contain natural grains, which makes them even more beneficial for a growing child's body.

In the reviews they write that they choose Agusha products for convenient packaging (even juices and water are produced in sealed bottles) and a favorable price. As for the minuses, there are no vegetable or meat purees in the assortment.


  1. affordable prices,

  2. thick texture,

  3. with natural cereals

  4. benefit for the child.


  1. limited choice.


Rating: 4.0

Fruit and vegetable nutrition from the Spelenok brand (Russia) is designed for children in their first year of life. It does not contain sugar, dyes and flavors. Produced from organic fruits and vegetables, most of which grow in the Volgograd region.

The main advantage of this brand is the use of modern production technologies (for example, gentle sterilization). This guarantees the preservation of the taste and appearance of natural products, and also prevents any bacteria from entering them.

The range of the brand includes only juices and purees. Quality is controlled by two licensed laboratories operating at the plant. However, starch was found in this brand of zucchini puree, despite the fact that the packaging is labeled “no starch”.


  1. affordable price,

  2. soft texture,

  3. kids love the taste

  4. does not cause allergies.


  1. no fish and meat products,

  2. starch was found in one of the products.


Rating: 4.0

The rating is completed by the Tema brand (Russia), which produces dairy products for children and meat purees. They are presented in sealed tin cans (100 g). Raw materials for their production are supplied from the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories.

The composition is worthy: the main product (about 40% of meat), rice groats, water and sunflower oil. Good for first feeding babies. No extra ingredients: sugar, salt, flavors, starch and gluten.

Judging by the reviews, the best choice would be mashed chicken, rabbit and turkey. The price is very affordable, the products are presented in many stores. In general, tasty and natural products that children like.


  1. availability,

  2. sealed packaging,

  3. high meat content

  4. good taste and smell.

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