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  • Retreatment Botanics Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate 100ml

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  • The Jojoba Company Radiance Boost

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  • Botani Olive Skin Serum (15ml)

    I got this in the Christmas pack so use with the face mist and moisturizer. Very happy with all my products. You only need a few drops so don't be put off by the small bottle. Works well with my skin and very light feel.


  • Boody Women's Classic Bikini Underwear - Light Grey Marl

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  • Boody Women's LYOLYTE Hi-Cut Bikini - Nude 6 - XL

    Definitely a win, look great, super comfy. Discreet seams. Haven't had them for long enough to test how long they last but seem quality.



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toys, organizer, spice set

Perhaps, in every house where there are small children, a lot of jars of mashed potatoes are collected. You can safely send them to storage, throw them away, give them away, but it’s better to make something useful out of baby food cans. We present to your attention a selection of the most interesting ideas.

Household use

It is not good to litter the space in the house when there are empty baby food jars on hand. Use them to store small items. nine0003

    • Small items storage. It is convenient to store small items in glass jars: beads, beads, buttons, screws, nails, bolts. Through the transparent wall you can clearly see what lies inside. For convenient use, you can make holes in the covers and attach them to a small board with screws. Jars with small things are screwed to the lids and can be hung as you like.

    • Spice containers. Fans of spices and various bulk additives will certainly appreciate the idea of ​​​​using baby food jars. The lids are very easy to make holes for any spice. Containers with the same decor look stylish: you can stick a label, fabric, paper, beads, sparkles, twine on the lid and glass. And there is another option to decorate the jars with acrylic or make masterpieces out of them using polymer clay. nine0012

    • Pincushion. Making it is quite simple: you need to cut a piece of foam rubber to fit the size of the lid, cover it with a beautiful fabric and glue it to the top. The jar itself can be decorated with decorative elements: lace, ribbons, beads, rhinestones. Inside it is convenient to store threads, buttons, a thimble, and on top - needles and pins.

To quickly get clean unlabeled jars, you can use a hair dryer and a sponge with vegetable oil. First, the area with the sticker warms up, and it easily lags behind. Then the adhesive residues, if any, are wiped off with oil with one hand movement. nine0003

4 ideas for playing with children

No matter how much parents want to surprise their children with a newfangled expensive toy, kids often prefer simple household items - cups, spoons, pots. Do not hesitate, a toy from a baby food can will certainly interest your little one.

    • Jars with sound. The game is suitable for children under 2 years old. Banks need to be completely painted over and various objects should be poured inside. For example, put sand in a yellow jar, small pebbles in gray, ringing coins in red, a plastic toy in orange, buckwheat in green, etc. At first, the child will turn his head, determining where the sound comes from, and then guess what's inside. When he gets older, with the help of such a toy it will be possible to learn colors. nine0012
    • Sensory toys. The development of the child occurs, including through touch. By touching objects different to the touch with the tips of the fingers, the baby learns the world around him. Sensory toys stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for speech and thinking. Making them from jars is easy. Fill them with cotton wool, cereals, sand, flour, salt, coins and let your baby explore. Of course, under supervision.

  • Sorter. Many toddlers like to insert one object into another. Cut a slit in the lid of a bean jar, put a plate of beans next to it, and your child will occupy himself, and for a long time. nine0012
  • Cute animals. Or you can make a series of fabulous toys out of baby food cans. Ears of colored paper should be attached to the lid, paws and a tail (of a hare, bear, fox, wolf) on the sides and bottom, and draw a face on the glass with paints. Eyes made of beads or coffee beans will look original.

Use for decoration

The undoubted advantage of baby food jars is the same shape and size. From them you can make a set of original decorations for the home. nine0003

  • Candles.

Jars are very easy to turn into decorative candles. Place a thick thread in the lid and fill it with melted wax. Inside, you can put sparkles, shells or drip a pattern of colored paraffin. The jar itself will find application as a candlestick. Paste it with a pattern, and the light from the flame will sparkle with mystery.

  • Christmas toys.

Round baby food lid is a great base for a New Year's toy. Make a hole in it for the thread and color it. nine0077

  • Snow souvenir.

The jar, cleaned from the sticker, should be filled with various small items: plastic snowflakes, pebbles, shells. To keep them from moving, you should use superglue. And you can leave the filler movable - as you wish. At the second stage, sequins, glitter or chopped rain are poured into the jar, and it is filled to the top with water. It remains to decorate the lid, and possibly the jar itself. A fabulous winter souvenir is ready! And in a similar way, you can make an aquarium for a toy fish. nine0077

  • Decoration stands for the holidays.

Cans make stable original coasters that will decorate any holiday table. You need to make holes in the lids, fill them with sparkles and put the chosen decor: numbers on sticks, initials, funny pompoms, flowers.

Interesting dishes in jars

Why not use baby food jars for their intended purpose? Try rolling food into them.

  • Jam.

Small baby food jars are a great idea for those who eat a little bit of jam. For many in large jars, it hangs for a long time in the refrigerator and sours.

A definite plus - you do not need to roll up such containers with a machine. When tightly screwed on the lid, they are airtight. The only thing is that the jars need to be sterilized and pour hot jam.

Not all baby food jars are suitable for seaming, but only those with tight-fitting lids. More than others in the reviews, jars of the Grandmother's basket trademark are praised. But "Agusha", "FrutoNyanya", "Gerber" can sometimes let air through. nine0003

  • Preparations for the winter for children.

Having plenty of empty baby food cans is a great excuse to start making your own puree. Home-made preparations are no worse than purchased ones. Choosing vegetables and fruits for purees on their own, mothers do not have to worry about their quality.

  • Sorbet.

In small jars it is convenient to freeze and serve berry dessert to the table. Any seasonal berries and fruits will do. The recipe for 500 grams takes 30-50 grams of sugar and 50-150 ml of water. Then the mass is boiled or whipped in a blender, poured into containers and, after cooling, placed in the freezer. Stored up to 6 months. nine0077

  • Original serving of sweets for children's table.

Instead of a classic cake, children can be served puff desserts arranged in 3-4 tiers. Layers of ice cream, chocolate, cherry syrup with sprigs of mint look beautiful. Most importantly, eating such a treat is very convenient, you do not need to chop anything.

Baby food cans can and should be put to good use. At a minimum, it is convenient to store various trifles in them: seeds, coins, beads, spices. And you can turn them into a stand with a beautiful herbarium, plant cacti and do much more. Show your imagination or use the suggested ideas! nine0003

Five affordable options for seed storage

Once you have purchased and prepared the seeds of your favorite varieties for the next summer season, it's time to think about how to organize their storage. Five simple ideas will help protect your seed from the elements and provide easy access to your seed collection.


  • Organizer with small compartments
  • Baby food tins
  • Sealable bags
  • Paper envelopes
  • Divided file binder

Organizer with small compartments

A similar type of container is sold in sewing stores, on the Internet at AliExpress and Ozon. You can find them in the "Organizers" or "Storage Cases" sections.

This case is quite easy to make with your own hands.

You will need any cardboard box with a lid and thick paper to divide the internal space into cells. nine0003

Baby food jars

In glass jars with a screw cap, the seeds are reliably protected from moisture, so in winter they can be placed not only in the apartment, but also in the country.

But there is one important nuance here: only well-dried seeds can be placed in such jars, otherwise mold will appear.

Containers with metal lids also reliably protect grains from small pests and rodents.

Sealable bags

Small plastic zip bags will take up the least amount of space in your storage.

The fastener consists of two plastic strips, one of which is pressed into the other, preventing the contents from spilling out.

Advantages of zip bags: wide range of sizes, ease of closing, reusability, low cost.

Paper envelopes

This is the simplest budgetary way to store seed. All possible options will do: small souvenir, postal envelopes, wrappers from tea bags, homemade from newspapers or old notebooks. nine0003

Seeds in paper packaging should be stored in a dry place. Envelopes can be waxed for additional moisture protection.

Having previously divided the seed by type and manufacturer, the bags are fastened with an elastic band or a money clip.

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