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Buying Guide 2022: Best Baby Food Makers (Pros + Cons)

Making your own baby food is a cost-effective and easy way to give your baby delicious homemade food from the start! In our buying guide, you will find our recommendations for the best baby food makers, nutritional tips when using a baby food maker, frequently asked questions, and how to store baby food.

Medically reviewed and co-written by Jamie Johnson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and Lauren Braaten, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT).

Baby Food Makers

Feeding your baby can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Just when it seems like you’ve got the bottle or breastfeeding figured out, you realize it’s time to start offering your little one their first bites of real food. Which might get you thinking…should I invest in a baby food maker?

First of all, modern baby food makers have come a long way from the very first models. Most brands come with multiple functions all in one machine, which saves you time in the kitchen. Second, baby food makers can definitely save you money. While store-bought baby food can be great at times, the cost adds up. Making your little one’s meals with a baby food maker allows you to make larger quantities and a variety of foods easily.

Third, using a baby food maker gives you peace of mind, because you know exactly what ingredients are going into your baby’s food. You can even introduce your baby to the same flavors and foods that the whole family is eating. And finally, baby food makers can make more than just baby food. Use it to chop and prep vegetables, make dips, or reheat chilled foods.

Reasons To Love Baby Food Makers

  • Saves money – the cost of store bought baby food jars and pouches adds up quickly, but a baby food maker gives you large quantities of homemade baby food at a fraction of the price!
  • Saves time – many baby food makers have multiple functions (steam, cook, blend, reheat, defrost) all in one, which means less pots, pans, and bowls to wash!
  • Provides quality and healthy food for baby – you get to control the ingredients for baby’s very first foods
  • Ability to customize – you can get creative and make delicious combinations of purees or pureed table food that family eats. No more bland baby food!
  • Can be used to make a variety of foods for the whole family – steam veggies, rice, pasta or make applesauce, mashed potatoes or soup. Baby food makers are actually very versatile!

Best Baby Food Makers

  • BEABA Babycook Neo
  • Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker
  • NutriBullet Complete Baby Food Making System
  • QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker
  • Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker and Storage Set
  • Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor
  • BabyMoov Duo Baby Food Maker 6 in 1
  • BEABA Babycook Duo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Nutritional Tips Using a Baby Food Maker

  • Using frozen foods is totally fine- some (like blueberries) can be even more nutritious than the fresh.
  • Try to combine iron rich foods with vitamin C rich foods for maximum iron absorption.
  • No need to add salt or sugar but don’t be afraid to add other spices for a variety of flavors.
  • Honey and cow’s milk should be avoided until one year.
  • You can use fresh breast milk or formula to puree foods for added nutrients.
  • Wash and peel produce and remove seeds/pits before cooking.
  • Make sure the texture and temperature are appropriate for baby before serving to avoid choking risk or burning baby’s mouth.
  • Make sure to clean all parts of the baby food maker that come in contact with food thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy a baby food maker?

Depending on your needs and goals, a baby food maker can definitely be worth the cost. Modern baby food makers are very efficient at whipping up a variety of tasty and nutritious purees. Many baby food makers are created with busy parents in mind, so built-in timers, one-handed prep options, and a variety of functions all in one machine make preparing meals for your baby easy.
In addition, baby food makers can be used for making more than just baby food purees. Use it to steam veggies, rice or pasta, make mashed potatoes or applesauce, or reheat chilled foods.

Are plastic baby food makers safe?

The main concern with plastic baby food makers is that they can contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical produced to manufacture epoxy resins and harden plastics. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves very low levels of BPA as safe, there are many articles and studies available that discuss BPA’s possible connection to negative health effects. If you have concerns about plastic baby food makers, it’s best to discuss them with your pediatrician.

Which baby food maker brand is best?

There are many high-quality baby food makers on the market, so no matter what you’re looking for (from built-in timers to manual controls, from glass to plastic bowls, or from small to large capacities and beyond), you can find a brand of baby food maker to fit your needs. For a solid overall brand, we love BEABA (we chose two of their products for our list!). BEABA’s products consistently receive high marks from consumer ratings and reports.

How to Store Baby Food

After making baby food, you’ll need to freeze it, as baby food does not last in the fridge for more than 2-3 days. Frozen purees should last in the freezer for 2-3 months.

  • After making your puree, let it cool until just warm.
  • Spoon the puree into your choice of baby food storage container.
  • Cover your container with a lid or plastic wrap, and place in the freezer.
  • Let the puree freeze completely before you crack the purees out of the tray and place the cubes into plastic freezer zip-lock or stasher bag. If using jars, the frozen purees would stay in the jars.
  • Label each bag or jar with the name of the puree and date you made it.

Addiontional Tools Needed

  • WEESPROUT Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray – great 10 sectioned baby food tray that holds 1. 5oz each, but has a 1 oz fill line for smaller portions. Is made out of premium food-grade silicone and has a plastic lid for easy stacking. These trays or worth their price and I would advise that you get a couple of their fun color trays so you can easily stock up on your homemade baby food.
  • WEESPROUT Glass Baby Food Storage Containers – I absolutely love these jars! You get 12 colorful glass jars that hold 4oz each. Great for storing baby food purees as well as yogurts, overnight oats, chia seed pudding for toddlers and kids. While the price is a little high, you will get many years worth out of these jars. Well worth the investment for me.
  • OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – a great smaller set that contains 4 – 4oz PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free jars and a storage tray. A great space-saver system that helps keep your jars of baby purees organized and tidy. Plus, you can easily stack more trays on top of each other if you need a bigger freezer stash.
  • Stasher Bags – these silicone reusable bags can hold your frozen cubes of baby food purees.
  • ZipLock Bags – another option for storing your frozen purees in.
  • Highchair
  • GOOtensils
  • Bowl or sectioned plate
  • Bib with catch pocket
  • Reusable pouches

Want to learn more about how to store and thaw baby food? Then read my guide on Best Baby Food Storage Containers (plus, 6 Tips on Thawing and Freezing).

Baby Food Maker Tips

  • Make sure to wash all parts of the baby food maker that come into contact with food after each use.
  • Cutting ingredients into smaller, similar-sized pieces will ensure that food cooks evenly.
  • While blending, if the puree is too think, you can add in the reserved water or fresh breast milk or formula until you get your desired texture.
  • Make sure to let the machine run long enough while blending (usually 1-2 mintues) so you get a smooth and creamy puree.
  • Because the baby food maker is steaming the food, there might be some hot condensation on the lid when you open it. Handle with care. And be sure the baby food maker is sitting on a surface that can get wet.

Key Features

This unique baby food maker is the only one with a glass bowl, if you are looking to avoid plastic products. Four settings allow you to steam, cook, blend, reheat or defrost all in one appliance.

  • Environmentally friendly glass bowl & a stainless steel steam basket
  • Easily accessible reservoir
  • Unique blend feature controls the consistency
  • Patented steam cooking system
  • 5.2 cup dishwasher safe bowl
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free

Why our Experts Love It

The patented steam cooking system turns off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your baby’s food. In addition, the steam system uses 50% less energy and water while making 33% more food.

Pros + Cons


  • Four cooking settings in one appliance
  • The reservoir has large opening for easy cleaning
  • Larger cooking capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The blade is safely designed to be removed with a single touchpoint


  • More expensive compared to other brands
  • Plastic lid and handle can get very hot to the touch after cooking
  • The white color option may stain easier

Parents Review

Overall this blender is well worth is cost and the money saved on buying baby food is certainly regained! The glass option was also a great upgrade as we try to avoid using plastic, especially at high temperatures!

BEABA Babycook Neo

A beautifully designed and unique baby food maker that allows you to steam, cook, blend, reheat and defrost all in one appliance. Comes in four choices of color options.



Key Features

This compact baby food maker automatically steams and blends in 1 easy step. You can make up to 3 cups of homemade baby food in the same bowl with the push of a button.

  • Viper blade blends food to the perfect precision
  • Steam tank is fully accessible for easy cleaning and water tank is removable
  • Bowl and blade are dishwasher-safe
  • It comes with three reusable feeding and storage pouches, and an easy-to-use funnel

Why Our Experts Love It

Baby Brezza makes an intuitive baby food maker that is easy to use and clean. We love the LCD control panel and the variety of recipes and tips for cooking that are included.

Pros + Cons


  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Suction cups on the bottom help it stick to the counter
  • Dishwasher safe bowl and blade
  • BPA free


  • Lid gets very hot if using the steam option
  • Holds less food than some brands

Parents Review

I was so intimidated to make my own baby food but this product makes it so easy! I’m happy saving money and my baby is happier to try purées that aren’t typically available in stores. He’s a huge fan of Brussel sprouts and blueberries!

Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker

This sturdy and compact baby food maker is a breeze to use, steaming and blending with the push of a button. The dishwasher-safe bowl and blade make clean-up equally as easy!




Key Features

This adorably designed baby food maker allows you to prepare, store and freeze food quickly. The NutriBullet comes with perfectly sized storage cups and a tip-proof tray to keep food organized.

  • Includes 6 storage cups with date ring lids, storage tray, silicone freezer tray with lid and recipe book
  • Batch bowl and cups are made of non-toxic, BPA-free, super-durable plastic
  • Dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup

Why our Experts Love It

The NutriBullet’s cute design and variety of accessories make it a fun and affordable way to make nutritious baby food. It’s an affordable baby food maker for the functions it provides.

Pros + Cons


  • One of the most affordable baby food makers on the market
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Comes with storage cups, tray and recipe book


  • Functions include blending and making purees, so you will need to pre-cook most foods before blending
  • Holds 32 ounces, which is less than some baby food makers

Parents Review

I love this to make my baby’s food! It’s super cute and it works! I love the little containers that comes with it to make for easy storage! Buy it!

NutriBullet Complete Baby Food Making System

An affordable and easy-to-use baby food maker. The NutriBullet consistently makes smooth purees without the hassle of putting together and taking apart multiple pieces.




Key Features

This mini baby food maker packs a punch with four powerful functions in one compact appliance. You can steam, blend, reheat and defrost healthy homemade baby food in just 15 minutes.

  • Made from safe materials – BPA, lead and phthalate free
  • Shatterproof and compact design
  • Innovative one-handed controls
  • All components are dishwasher safe

Why our Experts Love It

We love the prep blade, because it makes it fast and easy to quickly chop and puree a variety of foods with the press of a button. This little, but mighty baby food maker gets the job done!

Pros + Cons


  • Includes 4 cooking functions in one
  • BPA, lead and phthalate free
  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some reviewers have noted that the connection for the blade and bowl is fragile
  • Holds less food than some brands

Parents Review

I love this food processor so much. I have made various baby food with vegetables, fruits and meats and my baby really enjoy them a lot. Additionally, I can also use this item for adult food such as soup. Super easy to use, easy to clean and no need large space. What I spent for this is totally worthy!! Oh, it says ‘mini’, but you can make reasonable portion of baby food for more than three days.

Crystal Kim
QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

This compact baby food maker comes with four different functions all in one appliance. Its innovative and easy to use design helps make a variety of delicious purees.



Key Features

This complete baby food system set includes a 2-in-1 immersion blender and food processor, steamer basket, glass baby food jars, and storage containers. It comes with an erasable marker to make it easy to write down the date and contents of the baby food jars, and measurement marks make for easy portion control.

  • Baby food maker attachments, steamer basket, and glass jars are all top-rack dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with two different blades to blend foods of all types with ease
  • Glass jars have a food-grade silicone O-ring in the lids that provide an airtight, leakproof seal to keep food fresh in the fridge, freezer, or on-the-go
  • BPA, Phthalate, Lead, and PVC free

Why our Experts Love It

We love the Safe Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker and Storage Set because it has the functionality of being a hand blender AND a regular blender. Its quiet design and variety of accessories make it a worthwhile investment.

Pros + Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Options to blend with immersion blender or food processor depending on needs
  • Includes glass food jars and storage containers
  • Mixing blades made from durable stainless steel
  • Most parts are dishwasher safe


  • Electric blender wand is hand-wash only
  • Functions include blending and making purees, so you will need to pre-cook most foods before blending

Parents Review

I LOVE THIS!! We made 10 different baby food purées today and this got them to the perfect consistency. It works with all types of fruits and veggies! If you’re thinking of making your own baby foods, this is the perfect tool for you! Works better than a normal blender.

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker and Storage Set

This baby food maker and food storage set includes everything you need to steam, blend, and store homemade food. It’s a top choice for on-the-go blending, because it can be used in almost any container with very little mess.



Pottery Barn

Key Features

This mini food processor is a solid alternative to the bigger and fancier baby food makers. A 3-cup plastic work bowl with a handle and stainless steel blade gets the job done easily and quickly.

  • Chops and grinds with patented reversible stainless-steel blade
  • Simple push-button control panel with two powerful processing options
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup; spatula included

Why our Experts Love It

We love the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor because of its ability to quickly handle small batches of food and its versatility in the kitchen. The compact design is easy to store on the counter or in a cabinet.

Pros + Cons


  • Very affordable
  • Touchpad controls are easy to use and clean
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • BPA Free
  • Compact design
  • Can be used for a variety of food prep


  • Not as quiet as traditional baby food makers
  • Cannot make larger batches of purees due to smaller size
  • Does not have an option to steam or cook raw foods

Parents Review

Great little machine that chops or purees so quickly. Very easy to clean with the blade that lifts out without getting your fingers near it. I got this because it has a glass bowl and my others were plastic and they ended up with scratches.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor handles a variety of food preparation tasks including chopping, grinding, puréeing, emulsifying and blending. A great choice for a baby food maker “starter kit” for those not wanting a more expensive product.




Double Baby Food Makers

What’s the difference between a typical baby food maker and a double baby food maker? Double (aka ‘Duo’) baby food makers are known for their larger capacity and multifunctional design that allows you to make up to one week’s worth (or more!) of fresh and nutritious food in minutes. Double baby food makers have the ability to simultaneously steam and blend food, saving you valuable time in the kitchen.

Key Features

The BEABA Babycook Duo 4 in 1 comes with two large graduated bowls, so you can make two big batches of different foods at the same time (holds over 9 cups total!). Its efficient design allows you to steam cook on one side while you puree on the other side.

  • 4-in-1 baby food maker steams, blends, defrosts and reheats food
  • 9.4 cup capacity with two 4.7-cup bowls
  • Patented steam heating system with stainless steel water reservoir
  • Spatula, mixing lid/smoothie filter, and recipe booklet included

Why our Experts Love It

We love the BEABA Babycook Duo for its ability to prepare double the food at once and save time in the kitchen. It steams and blends foods perfectly.

Pros + Cons


  • Four cooking settings all in one appliance
  • Removable cord for easy storage
  • Auto switch-off and beeps when done
  • One-handed operation
  • Double safety lock on bowl
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free


  • More expensive compared to other brands
  • Compared to the other BEABA product on our list, this one does not have glass bowls

Parents Review

Holy grail of cooking healthy baby food and snacks for the whole family. This does it all. When baby’s appetite grows, you’ll be happy you got this model. It saves you time on cooking a variety of meals. 

Lisa T.
BEABA Babycook Duo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

If you are looking for a baby food maker that can do it all, this one is a great choice. Provides great flexibility for busy kitchens and families!




Key Features

This incredibly versatile baby food maker is an all-in-one design that cooks, blends, warms and defrosts food, AND can be used as a bottle warmer and sterilizer. Its large capacity saves time by making up to 9 cups of food at once.

  • Includes 2 steamer baskets
  • 3 speed blender is easily programmable for various cook times
  • LCD display is fully programmable with audio alerts
  • Comes with a spatula and 100+ free recipes to guide you though baby’s first meals!

Why our Experts Love It

We love the BabyMoov Duo Baby Food Maker for its multifunctional design and its 3 different blender settings, so we can get perfectly consistent purees in minutes. It’s a space saving machine that is sure to have plenty of longevity in your kitchen.

Pros + Cons


  • 6-in-1 functions reduce need for separate appliances and saves space
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA, lead and phthalate free


  • More expensive compared to other brands
  • Steamer and blender containers are made of plastic, not glass

Parents Review

Honestly hands down a greatly made product. With my first son I always had trouble prepping his food to make purée. Now as I make food for my second kid, babymoov has make it incredibly easy. Steam food with their guide is quick. You really set it and forget it. And when you are ready, you transfer it over to the blender and purée. The fact that it’s all in one compact system declutters my counter. I love that I can steam two items at once and cook rice at the same time. I no longer have multiple pots running all at once. It’s been amazing and highly suggest families to get one. Buy it early on to really make good use of the functionality.

Jaclyn Dinh
BabyMoov Duo Baby Food Maker 6 in 1 Food

The BabyMoov saves time in the kitchen and gives you more time to hang out with your little ones. It’s the only baby food processor with 6 different functions: steam, blend, sterilize (up to 3 full-size bottles), defrost, reheat, and warm bottles.




10 Baby Feeding Products to buy before Starting Solid Foods

last updated: by Kalyani

Starting solids is an exciting milestone for you and your baby. You need some essential tools for preparing your baby food, plates, bowls, cutlery also some more tools to feed your baby comfortably safe. However, it can also be challenging to know what to choose, especially when you’re overloaded with more baby feeding products available in the market.

Worry not, Here is the list of feeding products (with product links to buy to online) to start your baby on solids!

Here is the video for the list of 10 baby feeding products

1. Steamer/Pressure Cooker

You can cook your baby food in different ways. Below are the best methods and products which ensure a minimal nutrient loss.


It is the best method for cooking most of the baby food because it ensures nutrition preservation. You could invest in buying a steamer basket or baby food steamer depends on your preference and budget.

Baby Food Steamer:

There are a lot of baby food steamers and conventional steamers available in the market. I used Philips Avent steamer and blender for my baby, and I found it useful. It steams fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. It also blends the steamed food to your desired consistency. You can also use Philips Avent steamer and blender to make juices and milkshakes.

Steaming with Philips Avent combined steamer helps to retain essential nutrients a way better than usual conventional steamers because the juices that are released from the food during the steaming phase are preserved (which are evaporated in typical steamers) for mixing back into the food during the blending stage. Here is my review of the appliance and how to use Philips Avent steamer and blender for baby food.

Buy It: Philips Avent Steamer Combined Blender

Food Steamer:

You can also use regular food steamer to cook baby food with steam heat.

Buy It: Pristine Stainless Steel Steamer

Steamer basket:

The steamer basket is another option to steam baby food. Place the steamer basket in a pan/saucepan and add only enough water to create steam. Cover and cook until tender.

Buy It: Vremi Steamer Basket 

Pressure cooking:

Pressure cooking is one of the readily available means of cooking baby food, and efficient as only less water is used.  You can directly place the peeled, washed and cut vegetables in a bowl and put them in a pressure cooker with less water. Prefer buying a small stainless steel pressure cooker for baby food.

Buy It: Prestige 2L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 

2. Blender/ Mixer Grinder

Baby blenders/small food processors:

Blenders are quite essential for the first few months when you are starting solid foods. They do an excellent job of pureeing or mashing foods. You could be able to blend a small amount of baby food such as vegetable purees, fruit purees, shakes, homemade health mix powders, soups, mincing meat, etc. using the baby blenders/small food processors.

Buy It: Philips Avent Steamer Combined Blender

Normal Mixer Grinder:

You could also use regular mixer grinders. However, make sure to use a small jar that comes with the mixer grinder exclusively for baby food.

Buy It: Preethi Mixer Grinder

Hand Blenders:

These are portable, easy to use and affordable options for preparing baby food.  You can hold the hand blenders in your hand and blend merely over a bowl.  Also, it occupies less space compared to huge blenders/food processors. The only downside of hand blenders is cleaning, which can be a little tricky process.

Buy It: Morphy Richards Hand Blender

3. Saucepan and pans 

Saucepan, pan, and pots can be used for making all kinds of porridges, soups, dry roasting the cereals, nuts, dals, and grains to make powders. Especially saucepan is useful for making a small amount of baby food. Avoid nonstick pans and aluminum cookware for making baby food as they are not safe.

Buy It: Prestige Saucepan

Buy It: Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Buy It: Prestige Fry Pan



Cleanliness and hygiene are essential when you make your own baby food at home as the baby's immune system isn't fully developed during the first year, and the little tummies are vulnerable to infections.  Sterilizing will ensure that your baby remains protected from tummy upsets and diarrhea. We definitely can't create a 100% sterilized germ-free environment; still, we can make sure basic hygiene by sterilizing the baby feeding utensils properly.

Not all feeding equipment needs to be sterilized, but be sure to sterilize the baby bowls, cups, spoons, and food containers. There are different types of sterilizing equipment are available – e.g., microwave sterilizing, steam sterilizing, etc. You can also use simple hot water pot sterilizing, fill a pot with lots of water, and immerse all the baby feeding equipment completely, then cover and boil for 10 minutes. Before you sterilize, clean the feeding equipment thoroughly.

Buy It: Philips Steam Steriliser

Buy It: Prestige Pot

5. Baby bowls and plates

Baby Bowls

Feed your baby with small unbreakable bowls. There is a variety of bowls available in the market. You could also use silver utensils for baby feeding if followed in your family's tradition.

Plastic Bowls: Buy small colorful plastic bowls that are baby-friendly and BPA free when you start. Bright colors capture the baby's attention to eat the food. Make sure the bowls are freezer safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Buy It: Munchkin Bowls

Travel Bowls: Bowls with lid are useful during travel as it's easy to take meals with you on the go.

Buy It: Littles Bowl


Suction Bowls: Suction bowls keep your baby's food in place, it's useful if your baby has the habit of throwing foods. You can stick the suction bowl in a table or high chair.

Buy It: Avanchy Suction Bowl

Stainless Steel Bowls: If you are avoiding plastic, buy small stainless steel bowls.

Buy It: Home Bargain Stainless Steel Bowls

Baby plates

Plates may not be useful until your baby starts to self-feed. Once the baby started to eat by herself, serve meals for your little one with the handy Divided Plates with two or three sections which ensure the food not to get mixed.

Buy It: Munchkin Plates

Buy it: King International Steel Plates


6. Baby spoons and fork 

Baby Spoons: Begin with a small, bright-colored, soft-tipped, shallow, short-handled plastic spoons that are comfortable for you to hold and gentle on your baby's gums instead of silver or stainless steel spoons as the baby's gums are sensitive. Gradually you can shift to a slightly larger deeper and metal spoons. Short handled spoons may interest a baby when she starts feeding on her own.

Buy It: Chicco Spoon

Baby Fork: Buy only baby-friendly forks that have broader prongs with rounded edges which prevents injury of the baby.

Buy It: Chicco Fork


7. Baby Cups

Sippy cups can be introduced to the baby at six months while giving water/juices.  It helps make the transition from bottle to open cup more comfortable. Once your baby is doing good with a sippy cup, use an open cup by one year.

Choose a spill-proof sippy cup with a soft free-flowing spout and grip handles, which assures to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout and makes it easy for baby to hold.

Buy It: Philips Avent Cup


8. Bibs 

As the mess is unavoidable during baby feeding, Bibs is a necessary feeding supply for your baby. It protects your baby's dress. There are many types of bibs available such as cloth bibs, plastic bibs, silicone bibs, full sleeve bibs, etc. Look for a bib that is large in size, waterproof and easy to clean. Start with cloth bibs, as your baby grows and becomes more independent, consider a plastic/silicone bib or a bib with sleeves.

Buy It: Quick-Dry Bibs

Buy It: Summer Infant Plastic Bibs

9. High Chair & Booster Seats

Hight chairs are another convenient and safe feeding essential for your baby as proper positioning is crucial while feeding the baby. High chairs ensure the baby is sitting upright and strapped. Start using high chairs only when your baby is sitting on her own without support. Always supervise your baby when sitting on the high chair as they may get poorly injured if falling out from it.

There are many types of high chairs are available in the market. Choose a high chair that's comfortable and easy to clean with wheels, footrests, wipeable cushion, detachable trays, and adjustable height settings. Basic model plastic high chairs are budget-friendly.

Buy It: Luvlap High Chair

Booster Seat high chair

A booster seat is a seat that fits on your regular chair or dining room chair. It allows your baby to sit with the rest of the family during mealtime. You can buy a booster seat separately or opt for a booster seat high chair. Booster seat high chair can be transformed into a booster seat for your table when your baby passes the high chair days. The main drawback of the booster seat is the baby may feel less comfortable compared to the high chair.

Buy It: R for Rabbit Booster Seat High Chair

Buy it: Fisher-Price Booster Seat

10. Miscellaneous

Other than the above-mentioned list, you may need a few other items such as vegetable masher, splat mats, whisk, strainer, sieve, peeler, and knife for making baby food.

Buy It: Ganesh Vegetable masher

Buy It: Bumkins Splat mat

Buy It: Cielo Whisk

Buy It: Elephant Strainer


Buy It: Taj Sieve


Buy It: Chef Pro Peeler


Buy It: Amazon Knife


Share your favorite products for starting solids with the baby!

  • All information provided is intended for informational and educational purposes only.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of any information or advice contained here.
  • The information provided here are guidelines and doesn’t replace medical advice.
  • Some photos included in this post are from Amazon.
  • Opinions and suggestions about the products are 100% my own. Kindly do your own research before buying it.

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  • Features of a multicooker for a child
  • Advantages
  • How to choose a good device
  • Pot volume
  • bowl cover
  • Power
  • Clear and simple control
  • Special modes and functions
  • Adequate security system
  • Additional accessories

If your family has small children, the multicooker becomes an indispensable kitchen appliance. It allows you to cook a new fresh dish every time. Multicookers for baby food retain the maximum amount of nutrients, you can sterilize baby dishes and much more.

What to look for when choosing an appliance to easily and quickly prepare healthy meals for the little family members?

Multicooker for baby

The multicooker for preparing baby food is not too different from standard appliances, but there are still differences.

First of all, it is the size of the pan. If the bowls of "adult" multicookers most often have a volume of 5-6 liters, children's models rarely exceed two liters. This is enough to cook several plates of delicious baby porridge at once.

Another important difference is the special programs and functions that can be used to prepare dishes from the children's menu. These include:

  • "Cottage cheese";
  • "Steamed dishes";
  • "Milk noodles/porridge";
  • "Yogurt";
  • "Pasteurization/Sterilization".

Of course, the "adult" multicooker can be equipped with the same functions. But since children's models are much smaller in volume, you will be able to cook food much faster. In addition, you will spend much less electricity and can save.

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Multicookers for baby food are a significant time and effort saver. Every mother knows how difficult it is to prepare a full meal when there is always a child nearby. It requires your attention all the time and there is no time left for cooking at all. Now you will not have such problems. You will be able to load the products indicated in the recipe in the morning when the child is sleeping. It is enough to set the "Delayed start" mode and the multicooker will prepare a nutritious soup for dinner or fresh milk porridge for breakfast.

The children's menu in the slow cooker will allow the baby to eat the most healthy and varied dishes. The unit will do good service to nursing mothers. Most often, they are also forced to follow a special diet.

A good multicooker for children has a non-stick coating. In this case, it will not have to be washed with detergents. Simply rinse the bowl with water and wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

The "Auto keep warm" mode keeps food warm for as long as needed. You don't have to reheat dinner many times. In addition, many of these units are so compact and convenient that they can be taken with you on trips. Most often, such multicookers can be connected to the car battery through an inverter. Even in nature, your child will have warm porridge or nutritious vegetable puree for dinner.

Using the "Yogurt", "Homemade cottage cheese" or "Pudding" modes, you can diversify the children's menu as much as possible. You also don't need to purchase a bottle sterilizer or warmer. Such functions are also available in the children's multicooker.

How to choose a good appliance

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Before choosing a slow cooker for making baby food, try to think about exactly how you are going to use it. Going to the store, pay attention to the following parameters:

Pot volume

Children's menu units usually have bowl sizes from 1.5 to 3 liters. It all depends on how many people you plan to cook for at the same time. Please note that there is practically no difference in dimensions between these options. Both three and one and a half liter multicookers will occupy almost the same place in your kitchen.

Bowl cover

Do not use Teflon-coated bowls to prepare baby food. It is better to give preference to ceramic, marble and other bowls with a neutral layer. When heated, they do not emit any harmful substances and food for the child will be as safe as possible.


Although all small multicookers do not consume too much electricity, you should not buy super-economy options with a power of 200 watts. You won't be able to do anything good with it. The optimal power level of a children's multicooker is 600–800 watts. Such indicators will allow you to diversify your child's menu quite a lot.

Clear and simple operation

If you plan that the device will be used not only by you, but also by a child of school age, make sure that the unit's menu is as simple and clear as possible, in a language familiar to the child.

Special modes and functions

We talked about their availability in sufficient detail above.

Adequate safety system

The system must have a special valve to release steam and protect against accidental burns.

Optional accessories

The set of equipment for a children's slow cooker most often includes various measuring spoons, cups for making pudding or yogurt, a steaming net, tongs, oven mitts and handles for safely removing the bowl, recipe books.

Of course, multicookers for baby food are incredibly convenient. They greatly facilitate the life of a young mother and allow her to devote more time to communicating with her child. But only you can choose whether to give preference to a small "children's" model or purchase a full-fledged device for the whole family. Enjoy the shopping!

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  • Multicooker for baby food: selection and reviews

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    A multi-cooker is a useful and quite compact device that will allow mom to cook almost any dish from the children's menu. But how to choose the right model?

    Photo: Author: Jim_Filim.


    • Benefits
    • Varieties
    • Table of required modes
    • What is important when choosing?
    • Overview of popular models
    • Parent reviews


    • Save time. Every mother knows that with the advent of the baby, free time disappears without a trace. The slow cooker allows you to save precious minutes, and even hours, by greatly simplifying the cooking process: just put the products indicated in the recipe in a container, and the device will extinguish or fry them on its own.
    • The non-stick container of any modern multicooker is easy to clean: nothing sticks in it, so it is enough to clean the walls and bottom with a soft sponge and wipe the entire surface with a dry towel.
    • The "Delay start" mode is remarkable in that you can put food into the appliance in advance, and cooking will start at the right time. At this time, you can sleep, go to the shower or play with the child.
    • The "Auto Keep Warm" feature keeps food warm for as long as you need it without having to reheat dinner.
    • Save money and space in the kitchen. A multi-cooker for children with a set of necessary options will eliminate the need to buy a sterilizer, a yogurt maker, a pressure cooker and a bottle warmer.
    • The Baby Meal function allows you to quickly prepare baby food. However, the slow cooker will also provide healthy and tasty food to nursing mothers who are forced to adhere to a rather strict diet.


    • There are two types: regular and pressure cooker. The multi-cooker-pressure cooker has a steam valve that allows you to regulate the pressure and maintain the temperature up to 115 ° C. As a result, the cooking speed is significantly reduced.
    • Devices are also divided according to operating modes. But, as a rule, the functionality of any multicooker is much wider than can be understood from the labeling of the buttons or a brief technical description on the manufacturer's website.
    • Today on sale you can find the so-called children's multicookers, and ordinary adults. The differences between them are in the volume of the bowl and power.

    Key multicooker features for new parents:

    • "Rice" - allows you to cook pasta, dumplings, pilaf, dumplings, potatoes and vegetables;
    • "Buckwheat" - suitable for cooking any cereals;
    • "Steam cooking" - the mode is convenient for heating ready meals;
    • "Baking" - suitable for browning meat, vegetables or fish;
    • "Stewing" - can be used for stewing meat and vegetables, preparing children's soups, jelly and baked milk.

    Many devices have additional functions for milk cereals, yogurt, baby food, etc.

    Table of demanded modes

    Mode name Features What to cook
    Buckwheat Cereals requiring long cooking time: hard rice, buckwheat, pearl barley, millet. Legumes (peas, beans, chickpeas) - it is better to soak before cooking overnight.
    Pilaf Automatic mode. In the last 10 minutes, crisp frying is activated. Pilaf, baked potatoes, fried dumplings, as well as cereals that boil quickly: soft rice (for example, arborio), buckwheat, corn grits, etc.
    Milk porridge min., suitable for whole grains) or manual. Milk porridge made from whole grains of oats, rice, ground barley or corn grits, millet, pureed soups with a short cooking time.
    Steam cooking Uses a special simmer container. You can cook 2 dishes at the same time. Vegetables, fish, manti, dumplings and dumplings, steamed eggs.
    Baking Operating temperature 180°C. Suitable for baking and roasting. Operates with the lid open. To get a crust, the pastry is turned over. Baked goods (pies and mannas), fried meat, meatballs, fried potatoes, soup fries.
    Simmering For long-term simmering at just over 100 °C. Stews of meat and vegetables, soups that require a long cooking time, jelly.
    Soup Can be combined with steam cooking. Until the water boils, the heating is maximum, then it decreases. Soups, compotes, minced meat dishes - meatballs, hedgehogs, soup base (if there is no “Baking” mode).
    Multicooker You can set not only the cooking time, but also the temperature. Suitable for experienced housewives and proven recipes. All meals, including homemade yoghurts.
    Roasting High temperature to brown. Fish, meat, cutlets, potatoes.
    Simmering Similar to braising. But with a more complex program designed for long cooking. Jelly, home-made preparations, baked milk.
    Paste Divided into 2 steps. First, we pour water and wait for the signal from the device, after which we start the products. Macaroni, sausages, dumplings, dumplings and other convenience foods.
    Reheat Not to be confused with the reheat mode, which starts automatically when other modes are completed. Any food that needs to be reheated.

    What is important when choosing?

    There are a few key things to consider when buying a multicooker.

    1. Bowl capacity. For small portions or baby food, a slow cooker with a bowl of 1 liter is suitable. It is better to entrust the preparation of dishes for a large family to a large device with a bowl of up to 6 liters. Please note: the smaller the vessel, the faster the food is cooked in it.
    2. Power. Average: 600-800 watts. It depends on the cooking speed. But due to the frequent use of high-power appliances, the electricity bill also increases. Therefore, for baby food, you can take a weak device. Looking to feed the whole family? 650 W will be enough for a company of 4-5 people.
    3. Cooking programs (usually 5-10). For young mothers, it is very important that the steaming and stewing functions are available. It is desirable that a mode suitable for milk porridge be present, as well as the "Baby food" option.
    4. Additional features. For mothers of infants, the following will be especially useful: delayed start, sterilizer and automatic heating. A slow cooker with such functions will allow you to sterilize and warm the bottles. And thanks to the delayed start, you can take a nap next to the baby while the device prepares your next meal.
    5. Security. A good unit is necessarily equipped with a sealed valve to protect against burns. Choose a slow cooker with a gentle steam release system.

    The kit may also include nice little things: a recipe book, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, a steamer insert. But the more modes and additional inventory, the higher the cost. Don't forget about it.

    Overview of popular models

    There are quite a few multicookers for baby food on the market today. Consider the most popular models for moms.

    • Philips HD3060. The model is distinguished by a small bowl (only 2 liters) and low power (330 W). There are cooking modes: scrambled eggs, cereals, pastries and yogurts. This children's multicooker also has a delayed start function, manual operation, cooking time adjustment, automatic food heating, touch control. Two protection systems are installed: from network failures and blocking from children. The kit includes: inner removable lid, carrying handle, cups for yogurt.
    • Redmond RMC-01. Compact device of low power, equipped with a two-liter capacity. Of the additions useful for parents: the “Sterilizer” function and a book with children's recipes, spoons for liquid food.
    • Marta MT-1960. More suitable for those who plan to cook for the whole family. The device has a power of 700 watts. And it has modes of stewing, baking, frying. But it also allows you to cook healthy children's food, as there is a double boiler mode and cooking various cereals.
    • Redmond RMC-011. This model is an electric pressure cooker that can cook almost any baby food in minutes. Specifications: 2L bowl, 350W power, monochrome LCD display. Of the features: the device can be connected to a car cigarette lighter. A great option for those who like to travel with children. There are functions of delayed start and auto-heating. The number - 7 basic modes - includes: stewing, cooking soup, baby food and yogurt.

    Parents' comments

    Sergey Morkovnikov, Novosibirsk.

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