Elephant baby shower food

10 Fun Elephant Baby Shower Food Ideas


Got an elephant themed baby shower coming up? Be sure to dish out these AMAZING and SUPER tasty treats that your guests will go crazy about! I’m telling you, these are fail-proof dishes to include in your menu that I’ve personally tried and left everyone wanting for more. One word of advice, though. Make enough for everyone because you can expect a second, third, fourth helping from the ladies because of how super irresistible these elephant baby shower treats are!



For an elephant baby shower, coming up with appetizers for the event should be simple. I recommend sticking to small, bite-size pieces. I mean, aside from being kind to your hips and calorie-counting sesh, appetizers are naturally just finger foods anyway! So keep it simple but super tasty at the same time!

A few of my favorites include the elephant peanut butter sandwich, which basically just means an elephant-shaped cookie with creamy peanut butter in the middle. It’s healthy, easy to make, and so freakin’ yummy!

Another classic no-fail appetizer is the elephant pops. So you have your tiny ball of chocolate, and shape it into an elephant since you have a theme in mind. Slide a toothpick into the chocolate ball and there’s your sweet and tasty elephant pops for the party!

Third cool idea is pretty simple, but irresistible. I just serve some peanuts for the elephant themed baby shower. Peanuts = elephants. Get it?? So yeah, you can have your choice of flavored peanuts such as spicy, sweet, salty, or garlic peanuts. Super yum, super easy to make, super yummy and healthy!


Baby Shower Main Entrees


Now here comes the most exciting part – the main entrees for your elephant baby shower. Time to fill up those bellies, but yep, giving mommies a yummy option without throwing right out the window those days spent counting calories!

A couple of my suggestions:

Elephant Pizza:


It’s pretty much self-explanatory… And super hard to resist! So you have your elephant-shaped bite-size pizza, put the toppings on it, such as cheese, pineapples, pepperoni, bell pepper, olives, the works! Serve it hot and fresh and expect the whole thing to be gone in minutes!!



Elephant Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches:


Use elephant shaped cookie cutters to make fun cutouts of your PB&J sandwich that will perfectly match your theme! You can even use some organic pink or blue food dye to make the peanut butter match your color scheme!


Baby Shower Desserts


From savory and sweet main entrees, give them something refreshing and satisfying for the dessert! My top picks are the following:

1. Ice cream cones

So if you’re having a pink elephant themed baby shower, serve pink ice cream, and I’m thinking something like strawberry or raspberry flavored ice cream. If it’s a boy baby shower, then you’ve got your blueberry ice cream cone to dish out for the dessert. Cooling and so yum!





2. Mini Doughnuts


Make your own mini doughnuts and be as creative as you can get! Maybe shape your tiny doughnuts into little elephants and serve them up after your main dish. So delish!




3. Chocolate Bars

This one’s pretty easy to make and bound to be a blast! You’ve got your melted chocolate bars, shape them into elephants, then cool them to form these into – yep, you guessed it – elephant chocolate bars! Great way to feed that craving for something sweet and chocolatey!





4. Elephant Baby Shower Cupcakes

  Then of course, there must be something for that weight-watching sweet tooth, right? Cupcakes provide the perfect alternative to the traditional elephant baby shower cake, since they are small, easily made or bought, and usually have a few less calories. Make those cupcakes a variety of things such as chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Now, where did the “elephant” part comes in? Use cupcake liners with elephant designs, and there you go! Easy and super duper cute!

Baby Shower Drinks

Last but not the least, we have these refreshing drinks for you!

1. Blue/ Pink Margarita

I know the mama-to-be can’t have something alcoholic, but I’m sure the ladies are waiting for this one! So dish out your own cocktail blend of margarita and color it pink or purple depending on the theme (baby shower for girl/ boy).





2. Pink/Blue Lemonade

  It’s easy to make, and yep, alcohol-free! It can’t get super fuss-free to make since you can even get a mix at the grocery store if you want it super simple or just use berries to add color and some vitamin C to the drink. So super perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best baby shower food ideas for your elephant themed baby shower! If you’ve got questions, please shoot them to me and I’ll be sure to give you more tips and tricks for the most successful and super perfect party! Enjoy!

How to Throw an Amazing Elephant Themed Baby Shower

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Throwing Elephant Theme Baby Showers are perfect for welcoming baby boys or girls! The great part about having a baby shower theme in mind is that you can quickly start collecting ideas on how to incorporate them all.

This fun and simple guide will not only give you plenty of adorable ideas on how to have an elephant theme baby shower, but we’ll also show you how to do so easily on a budget as well. 

There’s no reason to break the bank and add a ton of stress during a time when the focus should be on happiness and celebrations! 

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Table of Contents

How To Throw An Elephant Baby Shower

It’s no surprise that baby showers require a bit of planning, but how much planning is there really to do? Before starting anything, understanding the true meaning of what an elephant baby shower is is key.

It’s evident that elephants are going to be a large part of the focus, but what else does that mean? Planning a baby shower with elephants as the focus means that you’re going to have fun making all the plans.

Elephants are adorable and cute and are a perfect way to make a baby shower gender-neutral. You can easily use an elephant baby shower theme as a way to celebrate boys and girls, both! 

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What To Serve at an Elephant Baby Shower

While it’s true that people will come to the shower to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival, they’re also going to show up with an appetite! Some shower food ideas include:


Peanuts (the perfect elephant food!) 

Animal Crackers

Safari snack mix (basically a trail mix that has fun animal shapes in it!)

Main Entrees

Circus foods are on my brain for this fun theme! 

Hot dogs

Corn dogs



Cotton Candy

Elephant Shaped Cookies

Nutter Butter cookies (because they look like peanuts!)


Orange punch (elephants love eating oranges!) 

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Shower Invitations

Here are a few of our favorite Elephant Baby Shower Invitations. There are so many cute ideas here for boys or girls!

Shower Decorations

Here are some of our favorite Elephant Baby Shower Decorating ideas:

Elephant Baby Shower Games

These are just a few fun games for your baby shower. Feel free to add to the list!

Cute Sayings For An Elephant Baby Shower

While calling it an “elephant baby shower” is totally fine, there are some other really fun, cute sayings to throw into the mix!

Join us in welcoming our “little peanut.”

“A little peanut is on its way!” 

You can have cute signs made with the saying or add the phrase to your invitations as well. 

Final Thoughts

Throwing a themed baby shower is always an exciting time! You can easily customize the shower to be for a baby boy, a baby girl, or both!

Planning ahead now will save you a ton of time and stress in the future and make it a much more relaxed atmosphere for everyone as well.

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