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Feed Baby Pro - Baby Tracker 2.0.4 Apk Full

All features in Feed Baby Pro are available to you with Feed Baby Pro . You can use Feed Baby Lite the same way you normally do to ensure that no data is lost after installing Feed Baby Pro. Sync can also be used in Lite to allow you to start synchronizing between Feed Baby devices!

The #1 Paid Medical Mobile App in More Than 20 Countries, including the USA UK Canada Australia, India

featured on Google Play's home page, under Apps For New Parents and Welbeing Apps

Feed baby is available on iPhone via the Apple App Store. Search Feed Baby Tracker on iTunes.

Feed Baby Pro must be installed on each device that is synchronized. Feed Baby Pro can be installed on any device that syncs.

You can track and monitor all aspects of your baby's development and growth as a breastfeeding mom. Keep track of all aspects of your baby's breastfeeding growth and development, including bottle and breast feedings.

With just one touch, easily record your breast/bottle/SOLID feedings.

Record daiper movements (pees/poos), with just one touch

- Device to device synchronization among any number of devices

Easy to record and track your baby's growths (weight, height, and head circumference).

Record your Baby's Sleeping Sessions easily with one touch

Record your pumping sessions easily

Easily continue the last recorded feed. This feature is not available in Lite.

Easily Pause current feeds (non available in Lite).

You can easily add medicines and make medication records to track all your baby's medications intake

Record your Baths Diary Entry Activities etc

Record 2 Babies only available when Feed Baby Pro has been installed

Twins Support!

Daily Summary Screen that displays ALL activity for the day

Timelines allows you to see all your activity across several days, so you have an easier understanding of the patterns of baby's activities

WIDGETS are widgets that allow you to access important features on your home screen

Your Android Wear smartwatch can be used to control Feed Baby. Your Android Wear smartwatch will allow you to see instant updates about your baby's Feeds Diaper and Sleep habits, as well as Pumpings.

Feed baby automatically restores data if the database is corrupt.

You can easily add notes to Feeds Diapers or Sleeps

Lite does not offer graphs or charts that can be used to visualize feeding patterns.

You can customize the theme/skins. You can choose your favorite color scheme to feed baby from either Dark Knight Baby Blue, Vintage Pink or Vintage Pink. More themes are on the way! (Not available in Lite

You can export your complete Feeding History in a CSV file, and send it automatically to any email address. It can be printed for analysis or by your doctor. This feature is not available in Lite.

Feeds display a full screen clock so that you can see at a glance how much time has passed between feeds

- Your entire history can be viewed and accessed.

For better visualization, individual feeds can be grouped into Feeding Sessions automatically

You can set up fully customizable notifications so you don't miss any feeds or let feeds go too long. This feature is not available in Lite.

You can edit each feed to make changes in the past, such as changing start/end times or bottle quantities.

For bottle sizes, it supports both oz. and ml. Just enter your preferences in the Settings

Regular updates and support available. Feed Baby is fully supported. We offer email support to address any issues or questions.

Feed Baby | Breastfeeding app and Baby Tracker app for Android and iPhone

Feed Baby | Breastfeeding app and Baby Tracker app for Android and iPhone

Feed Baby

Available on both Android and iPhone/iPad



  • #1 Medical app in over 80 countries including the United States, UK, Canada and Australia
  • Over 1 million downloads
  • Average rating of 4. 56 out of 5 stars
  • Featured in "Apps for new Parents" and "Wellbeing Apps" on the Google Play store
  • Featured in "Parenting Apps" and "Apple Watch - Lifestyle" on the Apple App store

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"Feed Baby was created when my first child, Sophie, was born 5 and a half years ago. We needed an app to help track her feeds and growth and none of the apps at the time on Android were easy to use."

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About Us

Baby diary + feeding APK (Android App)

Your reliable assistant in caring for your baby! Feeding a newborn, introducing complementary foods, baby's height and weight, sleep tracker and diaper changing mode in one application. The birth of a baby is a new stage in the life of every family, a child's diary will make his beginning easier and calmer.
With our baby tracker, you can take care of your baby, easily sticking to the schedule.
✔️ Select breastfeeding mode and record every breastfeeding, mark single breastfeeding or both breastfeedings nine0003 ✔️ Track bottle feeding
✔️ Start complementary foods and measure the type and amount of solid food, record menus and keep a food diary for your baby
✔️ Express milk on time, note each pump and volume
✔️ Follow the schedule to change the diaper in time, the tracker can mark whether the diaper is wet or dirty, or both :) Know how many diapers the newborn required per day
✔️ Record baths, temperature measurements, walks and medicines nine0003 ✔️ Keep track of the schedule of the day and the sleep of the kids - for this, the application has a convenient sleep timer
✔️ Measure your baby's height and weight with the baby growth tracker. You can keep a diary at least every day, all data is saved
✔️ Add individual reminders for each event to your calendar - simple or recurring
✔️ Register and track the activity of several babies, the baby may not be alone. There is a mode of twins!

Newborn feeding timer and baby sleep tracker appear in the notification bar so you have easy access to the app. nine0014

Caring for a baby in the first year of a baby's life can be challenging, exhausting and challenging, especially for first-time parents. The birth of a child changes everything, a baby or baby becomes the center of the life of parents and especially mothers. A newborn baby needs the most basic things for the first few months, his life revolves around a schedule of meals, sleep, diaper changes and occasional or scheduled doctor visits.
It can be difficult to remember the last time you changed a diaper or fed your baby. The Baby Diary + Feeding application helps you do everything on time and not miss important events in your child's life, set up and set the daily routine for your baby. Use reminders to change diapers, track your baby's sleep and feeding times, and use the saved time for your baby's development. The tracker will give you peace of mind and will greatly facilitate the life of a nursing mother, because the status and activity log will always be at hand. Your child or your children will receive the care and attention they need. nine0003 Record your child's height and weight to make sure they are eating properly and are gaining weight at a normal rate.
The application is simple and convenient to use, baby care becomes easy. Just press the right button when the baby is hungry and you start feeding or when you put your baby to bed, change diapers. The entire history of your child care will be safe and close access so that you can show the necessary information to your pediatrician or use it to adjust the daily routine and development of the child. nine0003 Send us your comments and suggestions! We want to make the application as convenient and useful as possible.

With our baby tracker, you can take care of your baby and easily stick to your schedule.

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Breastfeeding. Diary - Download Android APK



Description Breastfeeding. Diary: baby care👶

Babycare diary:

▪️ Breastfeeding a newborn baby

▪️ Baby Care

▪️ Baby Feeding and Sleep Diary

▪️ Baby Development

pumping. In the application, you can save diaper changes, sleep periods, schedule weighing and measure the growth of your baby up to a year and after.

🍼 In the program you can:

✔️ Keep a schedule of feeding the baby with each breast separately or together if the baby is not full at one breast

✔️ Take into account bottle feeding if you practice artificial feeding

✔️ Record the introduction of complementary foods in the child's diary - what and how much he ate your newborn baby

✔️ If you need to express milk, you can indicate how many milliliters and from which breast it was expressed

✔️ When changing diapers, you can specify whether the baby peed or pooped, or all together :)

✔️ You can always see how many diapers were used per day

✔️ Your baby's height and weight can be measured at least every day!

✔️ You can set reminders for each event - periodic and easily customizable

✔️ Convenient feeding and sleep timers

✔️ Colorful graphs of baby feeding, growth, weight, sleep and diaper change. They will perfectly complement your baby's development diary up to a year and after

✔️ Child development diary will always be at your fingertips and will not get lost unlike paper notes

📈 Charts:

✔️ Height and weight

, number and duration of feedings by day

✔️ Feeding for babies

✔️ Frequency and duration of sleep

✔️ Diaper use by day

✔️ A full rainbow of colors in your child's development charts!

Simply press the appropriate button at the start of each feeding and other activities. And the history of child care will be securely stored, and you will receive a detailed diary of mom and baby with convenient statistics by month, up to a year and after a year. All of this information can be helpful in establishing a daily routine for your baby, visiting the pediatrician, reviewing the introduction of complementary foods, and also for the further development of your child. nine0003

Other functions:

- Baby: feeding and development by months


Giving birth and caring for a baby is a difficult and responsible period in the life of any woman. We hope that taking care of your newborn baby every month will become easier and easier for you with this free app!

Breastfeeding. Diary: baby care👶 - Version 4.17.0


Other versions of

What's New You can now enter fractional values ​​in Complementary Feeding Improved the application's behavior when editing breastfeeding. Fixed chart errors that occurred at the border of the day. Fixed errors in the "Mode of the day" and "Daily summary" charts Many other improvements

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