Feeding baby while driving

Newborn Car Seat Safety | Infant in Car Seat

As the due date for your little bundle of joy gets closer and closer, you’re likely starting to realize that there is way too much to do, and you’re running out of time to prepare. It can be difficult to prioritize all the different massive changes to your home and life! It’s an exciting, but stressful, time.

One thing that should be at the top of your list is getting a car seat. This absolutely must be taken care of before you go into labor. It is never safe to have a baby, a toddler, or any child under four feet nine inches tall in the car without some sort of car seat. Newborns in particular require rear facing car seats. This kind of vital safety requirement is not something you want to leave until the last minute.

When to Install a Car Seat During Pregnancy

Purchasing car seats doesn’t have to be the very first thing you do, but you might want to start saving up for one as soon as you know you’re pregnant (or make it a baby shower request!). The most important thing to keep in mind is that your car seat should be installed and ready before you’re far along enough that labor is imminent.

Every state in the U.S requires that babies be secured in car seats. In order to be in compliance with state laws, hospitals will often require car safety seats as part of their discharge policies. Hospital staff may be required to actively observe the baby in a safety seat that meets regulatory standards before discharge can be completed.

That’s why you need to have a seat sorted out before you’re likely to go into labor. The last thing you want is to be stressing about finding a car seat when it’s time to head to the hospital for delivery. The ideal time is anytime before active labor becomes an imminent risk.

Baby Proofing the Car Checklist

Getting the family car ready for baby is more involved than buying a car seat. If your vehicle is older, and doesn’t have certain safety features, you may want to think about trading it in for something slightly more modern. There are several key safety features you may want in a car for transporting children.

  • Child locks: These have been installed in American cars by default for decades. Unless your car was built before the 80s, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s good to double check.
  • Auto reverse windows: These windows are sensitive to objects in their path, and will reverse course if touched while moving. This will help stop little fingers from getting pinched!
  • A good safety rating:  Safety ratings are issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Pay specific attention to the location of accessible safety seat latches.
  • Advanced front and side impact airbags: These go along with a vehicle’s safety rating; better airbags could save lives!
  • Interior trunk release: This is a release mechanism inside the trunk of the vehicle. This is important because children are generally curious by nature, and in the past have been seriously injured by trapping themselves in a car’s trunk.
  • Rearview camera: This safety feature helps prevent collisions while you’re reversing, and will allow you to see if there are any little ones running around behind the car.

You’ll also want to make sure you have appropriate emergency kits on hand for different situations. A good emergency kit for breakdowns and accidents is a necessity, but specifically for a baby, you’ll want to keep a kit with all the things you might need on the road in a pinch. Diapers, wipes, and ziplock bags for soiled diapers and clothing items are all a good idea.

If you use formula, a bag with unopened packs of formula, baby bottles, and water, is ideal. If you use a breast pump, you’ll want to make sure you have all the sterilized pump items, as well as pump car charger.

It’s also a good idea to pack extra clothes for multiple weather conditions. Be sure to update the car baby emergency kit appropriately as your baby grows!

Baby on Board Decal

This is an important addition to your vehicle. There can be stigma surrounding the “baby on board” signs, but when used properly they are very helpful. Their purpose is twofold; to inform other drivers to treat your vehicle with care, and to inform first responders of the presence of a baby in case of an emergency.

It’s important to remember not to obstruct the driver’s view with signs, so place the sign out of the way. Only use the sign when the baby is actually in the car.

Car Travel With Baby: Safety Tips

Here are some general tips to help in preparation for travelling with a baby on board. Babies make travel more complicated, but with the right preparation and know-how, the trips can be less stressful for everyone involved, including you and your baby!

How to Keep Your Baby Cool

  • Sun shades: you can get shades for the inside of the back windows to help keep the sun out of the baby’s eyes, and it also helps to limit the buildup of heat from direct sunlight.
  • Car seat covers: can be useful in preventing car seats from heating up too much.
  • Park in shady areas: when you pile the family out of the car, try not to leave the car in direct heat. That way, when you come back, the car won’t feel like a furnace when you first get in. It goes without saying that you should never leave children or pets in the car unattended.
  • Keep them hydrated: check on your child’s hydration regularly. When they get old enough to hold a sippy cup and drink by themselves, make sure they always have a water cup when they’re in the car to self-hydrate with.

How Long Can a Newborn be in a Car Seat?

Newborns should not spend very much time in car seats. This is because their bodies are very early in developmental stages, their spine is still developing, and their breathing may be weakened during prolonged periods of sitting upright. A two hour rule of thumb is recommended for babies; no more than two hours in a 24 hour period.

As children get older, this rule of thumb can be relaxed. The two hour rule is still a good one to follow, however. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a break every two hours on long road trips, to get out of the car and stretch out the body.

Feeding Baby in a Car Seat

Ideally, feeding your baby in a car seat is something you want to avoid. If it’s something you need to do, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Don’t feed baby while the car is moving. Bottles become projectiles in the event of a crash. Motion sickness is something to consider as well as choking hazards while a vehicle is in motion.
  • Don’t feed babies solid items of food that could be choking hazards, like grapes, in the car.
  • If bottle feeding, attend to the bottle; don’t just try and prop it up.
  • Try to protect the car seat as much as possible from getting messy. If it does get messy, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions carefully.

With the right planning and the right things on hand, travelling with baby doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. Just remember that safety is non-negotiable, and a little extra effort makes a huge difference.



Can you feed a baby in a car seat while driving?

My husband and I are going to see his parents next month, and we’ve decided to drive. We have a new baby, though, and we don’t want to have to stop every couple of hours to feed her. Can’t I just feed her in the car seat while my husband drives?

Sarah Gray · Answered on Mar 29, 2022

Reviewed by Shannon Martin, Licensed Insurance Agent.

When you have a lengthy drive, stopping every few hours for any reason may sound like a major downer. But feeding a baby in a car while driving comes with its fair share of dangers, and stopping every few hours to stretch your legs and rest is a generally good idea when you’re on a road trip.

That said, if you need to feed your baby when there aren’t any stopping points available, make sure to stick to the following guidelines to keep you and your baby safe:

  • be sure you’re buckled in
  • keep your baby in an **upright position **
  • never prop the bottle up—This can be very dangerous if you find yourself in an accident.

Be warned that motion sickness is a real thing, so don’t be surprised if your desire to save a few minutes leads to an emergency car clean-up.

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MORE: 8 pro tips for long car rides with kids

Road Safety

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    29A 1-year-old American woman has been sentenced to three months of house arrest and a $300 fine for breastfeeding a child while driving at a speed of 100 km/h.

    Katherine Donkers was pulled over by police on a high-speed highway in Ohio after a witness called a woman driver with a small child on her lap. Not only was the woman breastfeeding the baby, but she also talked on the phone and took notes on a piece of paper that she pressed to the steering wheel. nine0003

    Katherine herself does not admit her guilt and claims that she fed her seven-month-old daughter on the instructions of her husband, who thought that in this way he could save time. She does not see anything reprehensible in her actions, since her religion prescribes to obey her husband in everything. In addition, Katherine stated that only her husband, as the head of the family, can punish her. Both spouses belong to a sect called the First Christian Fellowship for Eternal Independence.

    The verdict passed by the court outraged Miss Donkers, who called it absurd. "The evil of tyranny is seen only by those who resist it," Katherine added. nine0003

    based on Ananova

    how to feed children on the road - magazine Behind the wheel

    Children have their own opinion on this matter, but you and I must find a compromise between "feed" and "do no harm. " This is all the more important during the pandemic and the hot season.

    It's hard to imagine a family summer vacation without trips - to grandma's in the village, to the dacha, to a picnic, to the forest for mushrooms or to the sea across half the country. When traveling with children, you will have to “refuel” them with “fuel” much more often than a car with gasoline. nine0003

    The diet during a trip depends not only on the age of the child, his health and the financial situation of the parents, but also on the distance of the trip. When going to the dacha, take water and, for example, cookies / apples in case of traffic jams. An excursion to another city (and a trip over three or four hours) will most likely require a stop for lunch.

    Chew in the cabin?

    Related materials

    10 ways to entertain your child (and yourself) on the road

    It is easier and more difficult with older children who eat ordinary "adult" food than with infants. By experience, only those who are prone to seasickness suffer from lack of appetite on the road. Lucky people who don't know what motion sickness is, take a road snack as an opportunity to pass the time, knock extra ice cream/chocolate out of their parents, or try something new. nine0003

    Advice: don't follow the lead of "blackmailers" and don't let them chew anything while driving: you can choke, bite your tongue, bleed - in general, hurt yourself. And, by the way, to force you to unscheduledly spend money on dry cleaning of the salon. And we definitely don’t need crumbs on the seat and sticky fingerprints on the windows.

    And in the cafe?

    If you decide to refuel in a cafe, you should not choose heavy fatty dishes, minced meat, salads with mayonnaise. It is clear that many people prefer to eat fast food on the road. OK, but keep in mind that it's much safer to grab a bite to eat at a well-known chain place than a tasty-smelling shawarma. And in any case, sweet soda should be left out of brackets. nine0003

    Doctor's recommendations

    Elena Shabanova — children's nutritionist, nutritionist, healthy lifestyle consultant:

    Even on the road, feed your children in a balanced way. The main strategy is not to take sugary snacks and drinks. As a result of insulin surges, the child becomes capricious, it is difficult for him to sit still, he will constantly want to eat and again ask for fast carbohydrates.

    Dairy products eaten in the car/bus always give bloating and colic, chips and fast food load the pancreas. nine0076

    Don't overdo the nuts, they are quite hard to digest food - a handful a day is enough.

    Try to add vegetables and lettuce to every snack if you can buy them along the way.

    Before the trip there?

    If the child is not seasick, the answer is obvious. A light breakfast that ends half an hour before departure is a great solution. If you leave in the evening - a full lunch. Include proteins, fats, and whole grains in this meal. But it is better to refuse soup. nine0003

    What to eat/drink to prevent seasickness?

    It is traditionally recommended to drink acidified water. Small sips, not allowing the child to drink a large amount at once, to prevent vomiting. You can put a sour apple in a nibbler for a baby, and let an older child suck on a slice of tangerine.

    What is there at bus stops?

    Related materials

    The wife and child are swayed in the car. 11 ways to avoid the problem

    Stock up on healthy snacks from home as much as possible: nuts, carrots, cucumber, apple, whole grain bread, instant cereal (such as flaxseed) without additives, dried fruits, coconut oil or ghee (can withstand storage without refrigeration), do not forget a thermos with herbal tea or decoction of chicory / rosehip. nine0003

    If the path is not short, buy sliced ​​cheese, vegetables, leafy greens in shops along the path, but not products from the "bad" list below.

    And of course, be hygienic.

    What can and can't you eat and drink on the road?


    You can

    Sandwichs on whole grain


    Dry fruits (including porridge)

    Meat and vegetable puer (baby food)0003

    Soluble porridge without additives

    Carrots, cucumber, apple, bell pepper, chopped by sticks

    Sweet snacks



    Smakes and Military Military Military Military Military and Military Military mixes (cheese - with caution)

    Meat products, sausages / sausages

    Doshirak / mashed potato concentrates

    Prepared fruit purees with added sugar

    - Our boy in the car (Mitsubishi Outlander) can get sick, especially in traffic. Therefore, we try to leave early, when there are fewer cars on the roads, and traffic jams, as a rule, do not happen, and Ilya can sometimes sleep - he does not rock anyone in his sleep. We don’t eat in the car, we prefer a roadside picnic with ordinary homemade food: sandwiches, apples (especially dried ones) or other not too sweet fruits, tea from a thermos. If the road is long, we stop at a cafe. We try to choose simpler dishes: pasta with cheese, mashed potatoes with boiled chicken, cucumber salad, compote. We have already seen that such food is well tolerated on the road. nine0076

    When Ilyusha was a baby, a plastic bib with a curved edge helped us a lot: the car is clean, the clothes do not get dirty, and the child seat is in order. But a couple of strong plastic bags from the "fountain of spray" are always ready!

    Mom's life hack

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    You won't be distracted: 8 useful car accessories for kids

    If there is no refrigerator bag, put the sandwiches in a tight bag next to a plastic bottle of water that has been in the freezer overnight. For half a day of cold from this "refrigerant" is usually enough even in the heat.

    Learn more