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I don’t know what I did before the One Z Pillow.  Honestly.  It was about how many pillows I would need to steal from my husband in order to get Ruby in the position she needed to be to nurse as well as making myself semi-comfortable while doing so.  Now, I just need this One Z Pillow.  The back support is amazing.  One of my favorite things is the fact that it clips around you and you can tighten it so that everything feels secure.  Now, when I nurse, it is easy to get my daughter in the position she needs to be and stay comfortable at the same time.

I have back issues and always need a pillow to support my back so I can feed comfortably.  The One Z eliminated the need for more pillows.  It is fuller than the other nursing pillows I have used which helped keep baby in a more comfortable position.  My older children also like it because they are able to hold the baby, properly supported, without a pile of pillows around them as well.   We like our One Z pillow and wish it would have been available when our older kids were babies!

The One Z Pillow is amazing!  I have twin daughters, so I have the Twin Z as well.  However, because of allergies, I was only able to tandem nurse for 6 months.  When I looked to see if there was a single baby “Z” pillow – I was so glad to see there was! The one I have is waterproof, which is EXCELLENT because my babies, even at 9 months, are still spitters.  I use the pillow for both nursing and bottle feeding, and it’s seen its share of messes already.  They simply wipe right off – which is so much more convenient than removing a washing a cover every time. I have back trouble and it’s really painful for me to hunch over to nurse my daughter when I don’t use a pillow (or when I use other popular nursing pillows).  The back support with the One Z pillow is great – I have used it in bed, on the couch, at the table, on the floor – and am able to support myself easily. In addition, I love how cozy it seems for the babies – it seems to angle in so my girls are right up against me, and I’m not afraid they’re going to roll off (as I often am with the other popular pillows). I HIGHLY recommend this pillow for anyone nursing a singleton (and the Twin Z for anyone nursing twins!!!) and I will share my thoughts with anyone who asks!

The One Z pillow has been a LIFESAVER. After trying countless nursing pillows unsuccessfully, I luckily came across the One Z pillow. I had been experiencing back pain and eventually occipital neuralgia (nerve pain) from being hunched over nursing. I would use multiple pillows to try to position my baby girl correctly to breastfeed. The One Z got rid of the need for extra pillows as it has support for the baby and my back all in one! I especially recommend it for women that delivered via c-section. My daughter is now 8 months old and I can place her in it so she’s in a comfy position with her toys and books around her!

So happy you guys finally made the Twin Z for moms with 1 baby! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! So super comfy and I love that I can cuddle my little boy Travis on it. I think we could both fall asleep! LOL

Finally finally finally!!! I found out about the twin z pillow(the sister pillow to the one z) about a year ago when I visited my best friend who had twins. It was amazing. I knew I was trying to get pregnant and went to order a single nursing pillow from the same company. Unfortunately, at the time they didn’t make them. So….I wrote a letter begging for them to create one. I even said pretty please. Long story short, a few months ago I was contacted by twin z pillow. They told me that they are getting ready to release a new nursing pillow for moms of one baby!!!! Dreams do come true!!! They asked me if I would be a tester for them. Yes!!!! Perfect timing because I had just had a baby. I had been using the boppy, and it wasn’t very comfortable at all. It was flat, too small, and worst of all….had no back support for me. Well….my sample pillow came within 2 days. My life had changed!!!!!! This is the best nursing pillow. No comparison at all to the boppy. The pillow is fuller, fits perfectly, and has wonderful back support. Since it’s buckled around your waist, you can even stand up and nurse without having to hold the weight of the baby. Anyone who comes over holds the baby in it. My grandmother heldy sweet baby for an entire hour. The pillow holds the weight of the baby and your arms don’t get tired at all. It’s truly a miracle nursing pillow. I know I sound crazy, but this one z pillow has made nursing so much easier, so comfortable, and just plain relaxing. Another awesome thing about this pillow….it’s made in the USA. Always good to support our country. This WILL be the baby shower gift I buy for every single mom

I had purchased the Twin Z Pillow 2.5 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins. I LOVED it! So, naturally I was EXTREMELY excited when I heard about the One Z Pillow being released around the same time as I was due with my singleton boy. I could not be happier with this product! Makes feeding time a lot easier and more comfortable for momma! The back support makes all the difference in the world and Thomas thinks it’s pretty comfy too, as he is now lounging in it. Thanks again for another great product!

The One Z pillow has been a LIFESAVER. After trying countless nursing pillows unsuccessfully, I luckily came across the One Z pillow. I had been experiencing back pain and eventually occipital neuralgia (nerve pain) from being hunched over nursing. I would use multiple pillows to try to position my baby girl correctly to breastfeed. The One Z got rid of the need for extra pillows as it has support for the baby and my back all in one! I especially recommend it for women that delivered via c-section. My daughter is now 8 months old and I can place her in it so she’s in a comfy position with her toys and books around her!

I was having a hard time finding just the right positions at home to nurse, constantly stacking and restacking pillows and found my boppy pillow to only cause me pain as it created poor posture trying to bring baby to the right position. I went online in search of a solution and found the One Z Pillow.
My first impression when it arrived was that it was way too big, but the second I tried it out I forgot all about that. I love that one arm folds up to provide back support and it buckles around the waste to keep it from shifting. No matter what position I put baby in, he seems perfectly comfortable. He’s easily at the right height for me and can stretch out so his stomach isn’t awkwardly crunched while nursing. I can finally sit back and relax. We’re both comfy and happy now. 

My clients LOVE the pillow, they really love the pillow. It has been so helpful for touchy feely children. They love the shape, the snugly feeling and the fabric. I will certainly be recommending this to more clients 
who I think will find it helpful. 

I just wanted to thank you for designing this wonderful twin pillow! My twins are 9 months old and I think this is our best purchase so far. We use the pillow for so many things such as nursing, bottle feeding, and for a comfy place for my twins to relax (or to “read” books like in the picture!).
I have recommended this pillow to two fellow twin moms and they have been so happy with their purchase, too! Thanks again! Kristina

My twins just turned 6 months and I am still using my Twin Z pillow every day. I tell every new twin mom I meet that the one piece of equipment that is absolutely essential for newborn twins is this pillow. Such a great idea and so comfy for little ones. Truly a life saver for feeding both girls at the same time. Kate

Thank you, Michelle! I just purchased a pillow, and I can’t wait to see my little boys on it.. A friend of mine just gave me an EZ 2 nurse pillow (I think that’s what’s it called, something like it), and I still made the investment with the Twin Z pillow because I’m so excited about all of the other uses for it beyond breastfeeding.  I’m very frugal, so that says a lot about how I value your product, when I’m foregoing a free nursing pillow for one that was $89!  🙂  Thanks for the free shipping. That’s awesome!  Karen

Just wanted to send an update that we still get daily use out of our Twin Z Pillow for our girls! They are now sitting on their own wonderfully, and I really believe the pillow has something to do with it! If they are laying in it they propel themselves up and if they fall back again they just bounce right back up! Now they don’t need any help sitting! Being that my husband works crazy hours and I have to take care of them a lot by myself, this pillow has really been a lifesaver! I attached some newer pictures of my girls! I really can’t thank you enough for this awesome pillow 🙂 Nichole

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Arm pillow for nursing and motion sickness (lace)

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for children and mothers

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The pillow for feeding and rocking on the arm will become an indispensable assistant in a family with a newborn or a baby up to a year old.

Suitable for both mum - during breastfeeding, and dad - while carrying or rocking.

  • prevents excessive sweating or irritation;
  • With your hand out of the pillow, you can easily transfer your baby to the crib if he falls asleep;
  • pillow is comfortable for feeding in different positions;
  • can be taken with you on a trip or on a visit;
  • double-sided.

Composition: 100% cotton, filling - holofiber.

Size: 21*22 ​​cm

Washing and care: Hand or machine wash at 30-40 degrees.



Purpose :

  • Nursing pillow

Item Feature:

  • Affordable price
  • Various uses


  • 21*22 ​​cm


  • Cotton 100%
  • Holofiber

Usage :



Suggested gender for products, these are recommendations, you can choose any color you like, it will suit any gender of baby


  • Girl
  • Boy


Recommended baby age for using our products.


  • 0-3 years


At what temperature can you wash


  • 30°
  • 40°

For whom

Target audience


  • Baby
  • Mom

Arm pillow for feeding and motion sickness

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